23 thoughts on “James DiEugenio: The Vietnam War and JFK's Foreign Policy

  1. CORRECTION In the image captions, I mistakenly labelled Edmund Gullion as a French diplomat. Gullion was not a French diplomat. He was an American diplomat who spoke French.
    Visit James' website, Kennedys and King https://kennedysandking.com
    Transcript https://kennedysandking.com/videos-and-interviews/the-vietnam-war-and-the-destruction-of-jfk-s-foreign-policy
    MP3 https://archive.org/details/JamesDiEugenioTheVietnamWarAndTheDestructionOfJFKSForeignPolicy
    Jim's Four Part Series https://kennedysandking.com/reviews/ken-burns-lynn-novick-the-vietnam-war-part-one

    Bill Colby Church Committee Interview http://ourhiddenhistory.org/jfk2017-files/JFK-July_2017_Release-Formerly_released_in_part-4of4/DOCID-32423407.PDF

    Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World
    Betting on the Africans: John F. Kennedy's Courting of African Nationalist Leaders
    The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles
    JFK: Ordeal in Africa
    JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power

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    Gulf of Tonkin Documents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZkCULVFCrU

  2. also in '68 Carlos & Smith protest at Mexico City Olympic podium, murder of Fred Hamton & Mark Clark by same (infiltrated) Chicago PD, major US interest in Maharishi & Ravi Shankar music, Switched On Bach, Say It Loud released by Mr James Brown; plus I believe murders of Groovy & Linda in NYC, some sort of hippie speed scare story before Manson came along

  3. Hồ Chí Minh warned Sainteny at the failure of the peace talks in Hà Nội in 1946: "You will kill 10 of our soldiers, we will kill in exchange only 1 of yours. But you will lose and we will win this war!" The Americans did not want to learn the painful lesson of the French and repeated the same unbearable humiliation! The more powerful ones had the clock and the weaker ones had time. The ones had no patience, while the others were ready to fight for 10 years or 20 years or more for their freedom and independence

  4. Great video, but I never hear him mention, throughout several lectures, that the motivating factor for Lansdale and Dulles , et al, after the French were defeated, was to keep the opium routes open and flowing for the druglords who were mainly the CIA. After all, it was the CIA that was caught stuffing the returning bodies of soldiers with drugs.

  5. I always liked Mr. DiEugenio, now I love him. Thanks for this amazing interview my friend, it answered so many questions about the origins and reasons of that bloody beyond comprehension conflict but in the end, what can you expect from a permanent war economy if not… wars! Rose🌹

  6. I just read a great investigative journalist article in an old Saturday Evening post magazine about the Black market in the Vietnam war. The war over there was a lot more corrupt than I ever imagined.

  7. lansdale was a cia operative.
    just look at his uniform.
    he is wearing rank of 2 star general ,,, with 3 or 4 ribbons?
    how in the hell does a general achieve 2 stars with 3-4 ribbons?
    well, the USAF gives him the rank, but even the USAF frowns on "stolen valor"

  8. The truth rears its head, now we know why the movie JFK pissed off the powers so much, they tried their best to hide the truth about Vietnam. When do you think it was they realized Kennedy was right, man that had to grind on them, they didn't have the intelligence to see it Kennedy's way, JFK hadn't the knowledge how to quell their insanity. It seems they were all crazy & hellbent on destroying the world, JFK saved us all I thought Kissinger was an old man as a kid. Where did all these broken English Sec. of states come from ? Can't imagine spending even 10 seconds in one of those cages how cruel is that. Kennedy saw America's chance to win the worlds respect for independence of their own, but he was killed and of course we blew it, now were hated the world over because of these people and their policies.

  9. Mosaddeq's highly controversial referendum of July 1953 proposing to dissolve Parliament??? Sounds like very democratic dictatorship.

  10. Yes, the CIA pulled its coup d'etat but it took a Lyndon Baines Johnson and his corrupt side kick Hoover to pull it off. If JFK didn't have Johnson as his vice president, the coup might not have taken place or possible. The CIA is our Hitler, executing world domination activities without oversight.

  11. So glad I've found your FANTASTIC channel, I'm thrilled to discover all these interviews and podcasts. 👍✌

  12. Really great interview James must have a photographic memory just a wealth of knowledge and great questions by the interviewer

  13. The best declassified summary of the Americanization of the war I've heard. Jim Dieugenio's delivery has never been better.

  14. Fletcher Prouty sent a copy of one of the '3 tramps' photos from Dealey Plaza to Victor Krulak. Krulak identified Edward Lansdale in the photo.

  15. Very well researched and stated.
    I remember much of this, reading about it, even watching it on the nightly news (amazingly enough), back in the sixties and seventies.
    How far from truth this country has come. Ken Burns IS a disappointment.

  16. I've listened to a few of Mr DiEugenio's interviews, and the one problem I have with him is the partisan view he expresses. I won't get too detailed as to a few questions I have are, but I would note that the most honest way to discuss the debacles of the last 30 years would be to say that from Reagan to present the foreign policy has been drafted by unelected bureucrats, and contrast president Kennedy's a great deal. It's almost as if since his death the foreign policy of the US is not dependent on who is occupying the office of the presidency.

  17. This piece was awesome. I enjoyed and listened twice. The JFK RFK MLK topics are the best. Give us more!
    Thanks for sharing.

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