JAMAICA NEWS July 30, 2019, politics | culture | sports | regional & more

JAMAICA NEWS July 30, 2019, politics | culture | sports | regional & more

this is the news on PVC Jay and Carol Francis the Bank of Jamaica BOJ has inked a deal with the Bank of International Settlements bis FX global code also present for the signing was the heads of the Jamaica Bankers Association and the Gambia Association of Jamaica this means that every authorized foreign exchange trading entity in Jamaica has signed on to the BIS code the BOJ is currently implementing the foreign exchange code of conduct to introduce standards to the market on fairness transparency and driving industry consultations on forward market contracts the Central Bank plans to introduce an FX trading platform in the second half of 2020 which the bank will own and operate it will also manage the enrollment of all authorized dealers and large cameos that will trade on the platform as well as large value non-financial suppliers and users of foreign exchange the operations of plied Jamaica Airways has been taken over by a team of investors the new owners who took over the operations last Friday from ghani's operators Paul and Roxanne reefs have promised to address issues affecting the carrier including the payment of salaries ticket refunds and the payment of outstanding debts plans are reportedly underway for flights to resume in September fly Jamaica airway started operating in 2013 however the carrier was grounded following an accident at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on November 9 2018 the 757 Boeing aircraft destined for Toronto Canada encountered difficulties and made an emergency landing with more than 100 passengers on board in March the airline made all staff positions redundant then chairman and chief executive officer Paul Reis said that this was due to the lack of planes to carry out operations and the failure of the company to recover in the aftermath of the November emergency landing on Friday the Senate approved the 90-day extension of the state of emergency soé in three western parishes Sen James Westmoreland and hannover until October 28th Minister without portfolio in the ministry of economic growth and job creation piloted the bill in the Senate as a Senate we have despite or sometimes opposing views being able to achieve a consensus in moving forward to implement measures that are effective in taking control of our spaces and saving lives undoubtedly mr. president these measures of which we seek support may very well create some hindrance but more importantly they have been proven in this judicious balance to exceptionally save lives we have to focus on some opposition senators were hesitant to support the SOE extension among them lead of opposition business senator Donna Scott motley and at a rate it is going it seems that when I do write my memoirs I will have a list of the times that have had to compromise my own beliefs in trying to assist the government in charting a course where to compromise the Constitution daily simply because I don't see any choice simply because I don't see another way simply because there's a dearth of ideas and all we can do is pull from the toolbox something called a state of emergency thirteen votes supported the resolution one declined opposition senator Katie Knight and six members were absent however 14 votes were needed to pass a resolution the passing vote came from an unlikely source senator Lambert Brown one of the government's harshest critics this SOE was declared by the Governor General in April 30 and extended by three months weeks later by both houses of parliament 1 billion dollars has been allocated for the rollout of the housing component of the Hope program this was disclosed by Prime Minister angel' Holness in an address at the handing over ceremony for the latest national housing trust housing development in kits and towns and Catherine according to mr. wholeness the government has successfully completed the administrative element of the housing component of Hope and is ready for the official launch indigence know the nhd has a program where persons who do not qualify based upon income can get a benefit from the nhd and that program works well it's not a large program and it is geared to that segment of the market that really has no income but persons who are trying the government through the hope a program will utilize public resources trustees persons who are struggling those with irregular income and also those who are unable to afford their own home the Prime Minister underscore the point that the 1 billion dollars would be spread equitably across all constituencies through an application process he is optimistic that the intervention will improve the living conditions and family life of the beneficiaries the government is not blind to it and the government is sensitive to it and the government will act and is doing the best it can to ensure that the houses that we build the solutions that we provide are not only for those who can afford it and for those who are working and for those who are upwardly mobile but when we move Jamaica from poverty to prosperity it is for everyone for the rich and the poor we are rising the tide for all boats in the harbour every single job Kahn must feel that there is something in the government's program that reaches out to them and is designed for them specifically the 2019 national festival song competition was a closely contested one the 11 contestants vying for over three million dollars in prizes gave very energetic and strong performances that had a crowd in attendance at the Ronnie Williams entertainment center on their feet it was a big performance by loaded ego that saw him walking away with the coveted title of winner of the 2019 national festival song competition as the performance songwriter loaded eagle whose real name is rousing dial also walk away with the top prize of two million dollars he won these sectional prizes for best performance and best vocalists which carry a cash award of $300,000 each big up Jamaica will become the soundtrack but to make us 57th anniversary of Independence which is being celebrated under the theme one nation one people second place winner was Ali blessed with Queen Jamaica J Smith was third with his entry embassy appointment Smith also cup the sectional award for most popular on social media the dawn Scott Memorial Award for 2019 was given jointly to Judith salmon and Shoshanna Weinberger the award which comes with a monetary prize is a private initiative sponsored by the new york-based internationally known art critic art historian and curator Edward Gomez it's the honor the memory and legacy of his close friend and colleague Jamaican artist Allison dawn Scott the award is funded by Gomez and Don Scott's daughter shahi Scott a Kingston based businesswoman and film production specialist miss salmon and Miss Weinberg are also two of the over 60 artis participating in the National Gallery of Jamaica summer exhibition 2019 the show opened at the National Gallery on Sunday melandsam Wells has more in this report visitors to the National Gallery of Jamaica summer exhibition were mesmerised by the over 97 works of art on display across six galleries most of them are being displayed for the first time I saw my exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to really get a sense of what what types of new emerging arts and ideas are happening who are the names that we should be looking out for what are the forms that are now being created by artists of the current generation so over on my left I have a pink gouache on an collage on paper joined by Shoshanna Weinberger one of the interesting things about her particular subject matter is that she is very interested in bodies and a lot of her works tend to depict these grotesque sometimes this figured figures but the figures have a kind of pride to them they are bossy in the space and so tropical time is the name of this one so even though you're really just gets in the sense of maybe head here breasts wings and a lot of a lot of on hips and middle section but there there's a kind of brushless to the work and that is typical of Shoshanna Weinberger's work this is one of two pieces that she has in the ng genome exhibition right beside her we have some merit Ansley who is one of our more traditional but very experienced painters sameer is known for producing portraits of black women in almost hyper detail but she also does a lot of still lifes as well and what's interesting about her still alleges that she monument Eliza's them they're usually very very large and very very detailed and I mean for me as a curator was interesting kind of putting these two together where you're seeing an older more established tradition being juxtaposed against a newer approach to image making the richness of Jamaica's collective memory is clearly visible in the works on display this is Lucia Junkers the Yoruba blues from the Abba Kuta Nigeria to advocate a Jamaica and it's essentially 20 embroidery stitches hand-on on people which was dyed in natural indigo Lucille is essentially a textiles researcher and artist as well she has focused a lot of her research on indigo dyeing which is a tradition that was practiced very heavily in Jamaica in fact indigo dye was one of Jamaica's exports particularly during the slavery period and so she's kind of looking at it know as a waning skill she's looking at it know as a waning skill she's also considering the type of needlework patterns as another set of skills that are dying out in Jamaica so this whole I mean this is just part of a much wider exploration that she has done but those are some of the types of connections that she wants to bring to public awareness through her artwork some of the textile traditions and dying traditions that are no women in the island renewed artist Laura faci uses mixed-media recent figures who would infer bit in our work entitled sixty two men and sixty three women to construct a sense of a shared past da graffiti of course is a renown sculptor she's also our regular exhibitor here at the National Gallery this piece is almost in dedication to the sixty two men and sixty three women who were slaves on the plantation that she no calls home and in fact just behind the boat you're seeing a supersize ledger this is a ledger that her family had researched and essentially found the names of the 62 men and 63 women along with the horse and the corn the goat and the other livestock that were there so not only are you getting names but you're also getting the prices that were attached to them so how much this person was how much bones this person was worth versus some pearls versus someone else and I mean this is a very personal work for Laura because it's about her whom Mon 20 where she lives in Shenzhen in terms of the total set up we would call our work like this an installation meaning that it's not a two-dimensional work all right only it doesn't only have two dimensional components it has our three-dimensional components as well and it takes up space so Laura has essentially included are juxtaposed the super-sized ledger with dugout canoe and it would appear that this cannon was essentially dug out of a tree trunk and that tradition also comes out of our time our tradition as well they used to use the big countries and dig dig the trunks out or hollow the trunks ultimate boats and she has put this canoe on top of a pile of limestone so it gives you that sense of voyage of sea of travel but when you look inside the canoes there are small statuettes of 62 milf occurs and 63 male figure and those such words you can speculate to be a representation of the people that are registered on that lid on the ledger behind and it's an interesting juxtaposition because normally we don't always know the names of the slaves who are forefathers but here one person has been able to kind of go into that history and actually put a name to all those persons so even though when you look in the board statuettes are almost identical in terms of the male and female figures but they have an identity when you look at the ledger the exhibition features works in all kinds of media by 60 artists some are very graphic on display are prints paintings sculptures ceramics film and photographs exhibition was not only advertised artists who are locally based but we also advertise to Jamaican artists our Jamaica are artists of Jamaican heritage who live overseas in our – forum and this is a photograph done by one of them this is mr. Jeremy Watson was born in Canada and he graduated from the Rosedale Heights School of Arts in 2017 and he studied photography film graphic design and dance his work centers on positive depictions of black bodies and culture and he – that he expose the meaning of blackness in the Western world name of this work is called I've already there are two submissions by another artist from our Jamaican diaspora this is mr. Hasani clucksten and he was born to a Jamaican mother in US Virgin Islands the piece on the left is angry black woman a right to be hostile and the one on the right is called bogey note one of the interesting things about these particular works is that they literally they are very unusual because they don't at all fall in the tradition of sculpture that we are accustomed to in Jamaica not only in terms of you know well primarily in terms of the expression so it was interesting to see this person submits the judges saw this work they were really enamored by it and they felt that you know there needed to be an opportunity for artists to kind of push this kind of extreme expression of note is the number of fiber and textile based designs on display the physicality flow and beauty of the textiles were noticeable it really says something about how we even think about what the high arts of our Ireland are because people tend to think about paintings and sculptures and maybe to an extent ceramics as being the fine arts of Jamaica but we have very rich textile traditions here and we really really like the fact that so many of these artists are a part of the show the show which celebrates the creativity of Jamaican artists is open to the public until October 2019 art of my job as researcher is that I have to look into these various images and pull various inferences from them in order to develop our in order to reveal the narratives of our country that are present in these works some of them are abstract some of them are realistic but one of our duties is to translate the language of art into the language of everybody else and so it's important to not only highlight the images we'll highlight the accomplishments of the persons who have developed these images and really see them as national contributors the collective memory of Jamaica is represented in our art as much as it is represented in our music and our literature and it's one of the reasons why we have an institution dedicated to just that reporting for the news on pbc Jay our Maryland Samuels in regional news Trinidad and Tobago is featured in a Netflix documentary called the great hack the documentary takes an in-depth look into data research company Cambridge analytical the company accused of harvesting information from millions of Facebook users Trinidad's attorney general Forrest aller re says the government is seeking evidence from Cambridge analytical whistleblower Christopher Wiley Mis Wiley's attorneys in writing two hours have indicated his willingness to assist trinidad and tobago in identifying in open forum the culprits behind cambridge analytical who are culprits who sat in the last government structure the Attorney General underscored the gravity of the matter Trinidad and Tobago features as the genesis of Cambridge analytical in the period while mrs. Prasad visesa was the prime minister of this country Netflix is now sending out its program its completed product to the world at large the government is engaged in a joint select exercise chaired by Minister Hines the office of the Attorney General has for the last year-and-a-half been engaged with attorneys at law for mr. Wylie this is not just small stakes there's very large stakes with international repercussions in multiple jurisdictions in the United States in the United Kingdom I can tell you know publicly I myself attended the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom and sat together with law enforcement agencies including the FBI the Department of Justice the British various departments of justice serious crime office etc the Information Commissioner we had a full participation meeting Trinidad and Tobago under the people's partnership government is alleged to have engaged these services of the controversial company the allegations have been dismissed by then Prime Minister Kamla Prasad we say sir the belize government has lodged a strong protest with the government of Guatemala following a confrontation between the Belize local defense force and the Guatemalan armed forces on this our tuna River the incident was videotaped and the Guatemalan armed forces are seen and heard claiming ownership of the island and River this is a of the Guatemalan Armed Forces telling the Legion Wilma and six others the star soon island and river is for Guatemala he tells me that they need to produce documentation to traverse the river why will we have a paper for our own country this belongs to Guatemala well as far as we know this belongs to Belize but you won't let us go up this river devouring incident unfolding on July 23rd when Maria attempted to escort members of the Saracen tomash Institute for indigenous management's a team to Black Creek to investigate the illegal logging of timber by Guatemalans the group of allegiance approached the Forward Operating Base and requested an escort to proceed into the star soon River a few minutes of the search tool to Guatemalan gunboats filled with armed guatemalan soldiers searches after the villages when we got to the BDF peace they told us we could go ahead and proceed about ten minutes after we were on the river we heard the sound coming when we look back it was the bottom Alan armed forces they came and they stopped us and you'll see in three instances where they stopped us we explained to them we were in Belize secondly you'll see where they tried trying to sink or boat is a matter of fun the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now lodging a strong protest to the Guatemalan government CEO in a minister of national security Felix and Rica's save the Bolivian government describes this latest incidents as quote very disappointing and demonstrates bad fit at a time and both countries have made significant progress and moving towards a permanent solution to the long-standing on found a territorial claim unquote we are disappointed is what happened we really thought that since we had move forward with countries that move forward as a whole year go bowling the dispute they would have been a bit more mature in the way holding handling that didn't happen and so we are asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express in a strong way that we are disappointed in what happened what American sovereignty over Belize as an inheritance from Spain conflicts between belizean and Guatemalans exist on both the sea and land they range from illegal fishing illegal settlements illegal farming poaching of wildlife illegal harvest of forest products illegal settlements robberies ambush attacks on the believes and military and murders on both sides of the border in a ceremony filled with symbolism Cubans celebrated the 66th anniversary of the assault on two Garrison's which paved the way for the triumph of the Cuban Revolution the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Raul Castro rose from the president of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Diaz canal better movies presided the celebration of the 66th anniversary of the assaults on the moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrison in 1953 these two revolutionary actions open the gateway that led to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution the first of January 1959 the venue of this yearly commemoration took place in the Cuban province of grammar in the city of Miami precisely this city in the 19th century during independence war was burned down to ashes by its inhabitants so as to avoid the town from falling in the hands of the Spanish colonialists during his closing speech the president of Republic of Cuba Miguel Diaz Canelo among other important issues stated that due to the United States policy Cuba has had losses of over four billion three hundred and forty three million u.s. dollars between March 2018 and April 2009 the scale highlight that Washington intends to blackmail Havana for its own changing position of principles and denounce the return of the Monroe Doctrine and aggressions against the constitutional government of Venezuela direct from Cuba Richard Richards canal Caribe in sports we look at gymnastics Jamaica's artistic gymnast Lanisha Francis is optimistic that she will secure a medal at the Pan American Games currently underway in Lima Peru Francis and her team kiara Richmond and Olympian Tony and Williams along with male counterparts Reese Beckford and Caleb Faulkner are already rewriting history as the first to represent Jamaican artistic gymnastics at the games the British born Francis the most experienced member of the female team qualified for both the beam and all-around finals with an impressive showing on Saturdays opening day of competition she enters today's all-round medal event as he number eight ranked a competitor the all-around final is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center and that's our news and sports thanks for watching join us again tomorrow same time same place for more right here on pbc J the people station

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  1. Very sad, lady senator have to bow. At the same time you need to be genuine in your decisions. You cannot let persons who do not care about Poor Jamaicans lead you in the wrong direction. SOE is like slavery. People are still being murdered obviously SOE is not the answer to crime.
    When will the chains break from our hands and feet?

  2. The minister without portfolio looks more like the prime minister of Jamaica rather than Holnes looking like the prime minister of Jamaica. Minister without portfolio got his hands in everything that drives Jamaica education housing Financial everything he is the prime minister. When is the people of Jamaica going to wake up and look at where they are going I know they say keep your head down on the plantation and mind your own business. but don't Jamaicans are too righteous too strong will to bend like this.

  3. Every single Jamaican descendants of slaves should own a piece of Jamaica.
    Jamaica should belong to the black people that's the only way to repair the damages of slavery not to mention the past 40 Years of America and its allies Financial aggression towards Jamaica. That means their own land where they can build your own house, plant crops raised animals, and live like humans. not living slave quarters, that's what's being built two bedroom house for a family that's slave quarters. The rich that was profit that will profit or the whites and none blacks that will be brought into Jamaica to be given homes, and lands freely the non blacks that Holnes is bringing in they will own Jamaica, and that is unjust. Jamaica should be owned by the people that fight for freedom, and Independence in that land the black people. End American prison for profit slavery in Jamaica. Restore Jamaicans human rights.

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