37 thoughts on “Jake Tapper warns GOP politicians over Trump’s attacks

  1. Clinton News Network's Jake Crapper …. the most arrogant interruptive interviewer. He won't let anyone even finish one sentence. But that's just what DemoncRats do. They DON'T even want to hear what you have to say. KMA Jake.


  3. O well CNN will have plenty of fodder because Trump will be pres in 2024. The fools running against him are crazy and I'm independent and would consider no good choices.

  4. Just checked CNN's ratings wow they suck if you need a job better change your thoughts or you will end up like Anderson the butt pirate only worried about guys smelly asses and not procreate and make kids.

  5. Sorry Jake the snake your naisely voice is wrong like CNN's ratings. Guess you need to go back in time when bill Clinton got blowjob in my Whitehouse from young intern PROVEN. Maybe help CNN's ratings going back to Fox news for the truth.

  6. This is political commentary in 2019? I wish people could understand how pathetic this is. When we just passed the 16 year anniversary of the illegal Iraq invasion, where we remain til this day, perhaps calling out McCain's record on the Middle East is warranted. Especially at a time when so many say he's someone to look up to while at the same time supporting and propping up these endless campaigns of destruction that take American lives and money as well as other innocent life. I don't think people really care about this b.s. beef and need about it or they might think they do because this is really just reality television 2.0 at this point, pure entertainment and disappointingly scripted.

  7. Tapper is a pathetic shell of the former reporter he was once as he attempts to do Stelter's bidding enabling the likes of lemon, Cooper etc to insult and exaggerate their get Trump theme. I'm certain the money is good but you can't buy back being an honest journalist. Not as sorry as Brian Williams but from the same delusional stock, a lackey to the bosses upstairs. An American bagdad Bob carrying CNNs water. It pays well but at what price….hack?

  8. Hi Jake . Your monologue had inaccuracies , unnecessary sarcasm and classless but your audience got what you have trained them to expect . I must say that while watching CNN yesterday , I was shocked to see your hosts doing a story on Bernie Sanders not yet having released his tax returns as per the interview when Wolf Blitzer pressed Sanders to commit to a date to release his tax return . My immediate reaction was that this story wreaks of Donna Brazil or Debbie Wasserman Schultz up their dirty deeds begins the scenes like the last election where the DNC was working behind the scenes to take out Bernie Sanders so Hillary could have clear sailing . You guys are up to no good and with Bernie out raising all other Dem candidates , to be treated like this tells me he is not welcome to be the Dem candidate and you snakes are ganging up on him again ! I’m no fan of Bernie or the Dems , but you buggers continue to trample the will of the people underfoot and instead , let the direction of things be determined by a select few behind the scenes . Shame on you CNN. . Shame on you , you snivelling , whiny bastardi Jake Tapper . You are one of the worst and a great deal of the reason that your party will again be in mourning the day after Trump is re elected in 2020 . When you disparage Trump , you are mocking the people who voted for him . We don’t like you Jake . You are the opposite of true democracy . You have almost single handedly destroyed the first amendment . How about doing a story on all the hush money that has been paid by tax payers to settle sexual harassment suits anonymously . I want to know , you can’t stop talking about Trumps hush money , I want to know who in congress or the senate received tax payer money to settle these claims . Now there’s a story ! Or , if you insist on pushing for Trumps tax returns , I seriously believe all in congress and the senate should be releasing theirs . I don’t just say this in response to your pursuit of Trump , for example , the power of Nancy Pelosi to put forward Bills , Amendments , hold votes or not vote is incredible power . The Pelosi’s are mind bogglingly wealthy and are not immune to outside influence . I think all members of senate or congress should live by these rules . Something tells me that this doesn’t fit your agenda and won’t be given another thought . That is the type of thing reporters or journalists used to investigate . Not your 24/7 buffet of hate and deception .

  9. I'm looking at the 3868 comments from a march 20 post, 2 weeks and you got 3868 comments, It's gotta be so sad watching people wake up and walk away.

  10. JAke Tapper is social activist journalist…its not really journalism at all. He drips hate of the GOP….

  11. Jake yoyr so full of shit ! I seen you Sunday say you and CNN got nothing wrong in the mullur report in 3 years , lmmfao you guys redacted all kinds of shit ! Jake we know you hate trump you despise trump ! But how can you lie ,and act like your tellling the truth is beiond me ! Ok then ! Go back to your fake news bashing trump ! Lmmfao ! Im sure whatever your saying now ,is not what was said or minipulated or just made up ,or CNN asked him a question he answered and here you go ,he cant give up ! Roflmmfao ! That's how fake you are and CNN and MSNBC and Hollywood and democrates ! All fake !

  12. In fact…I haven't heard Trump say anything today or yesterday about McCain…. it's old news just like you and your organization…old.. hateful fear mongers is what you so called news journalists are….
    The Mueller report has been released… and it found no collusion or obstruction…why is Congress obstructing justice… maybe we need a report on them….

  13. And you Jake can't seem to let it go either… what about Biden and the women coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment…or the border crisis and Jake there is a crisis…human trafficking and drugs… I live on the border so I know…or what about those FISA reports being disclosed…..hmm…how about other important major news going on everywhere but none of you so called news journalists don't report on… it's only your hate for Trump… and more hate for Trump… that's all we hear from you and your organization CNN…stop with the gaslighting… BTW McCain is dead and really we are better off with him gone…. you know what I mean Jake… Tell the truth for once in your life…..

  14. We don't have to wait for tRUMP to meet his buddy Satan to express our opinion of him! He's a filthy pig!


  16. It’s so sad that we have put an incompetent individual in the most highly respected office in the world and now he is running around the country trying to revive his political status by trying to erase a honorable service of our war hero. This is insane.

  17. hey jake' i told 2 friends who told to friends ect,etc, that you are full of shit!! i didnt investigate it! just reporting the facts!!

  18. Hey, Jake, when CNN goes teets up don't apply for a job with InfoWars. They only accept real journalists there.

  19. Poll ratings are a lie economy but the poor are still poor the middle class are losing those once good paying jobs

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