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  1. Some of his core make me question. They want the best for their community, they’re seemingly proud of their religion, yet you have guys with cut hair and trimmed beards and no turban.

  2. Kudos to Jagmeet though in how he handled the meshuga woman at a gathering of young Sikhs.
    One woman asked whether or not Canada was ready for a Sikh PM. I agree with what he said that polls show yes.
    If he was a common sense kind of person I’d support him, but sadly he’s a clueless socialist.

  3. “He’s the kind of guy everyone looks at as an older brother…”, too bad he’s a clueless socialist.

  4. “The question of, ‘is Jagmeet a separatist’, these are questions that wouldn’t be asked of someone of Irish decent.”
    Within 52 seconds (the intro to this biography), he already made himself irrelevant. The Bloc Québécois aren’t of Irish decent but they from time to time spoke of separating. Just like a typical leftists he resorts to playing the race card! How out of touch can he get! I’m a millennial, a racial minority, and thankfully a common sense conservative. It’s utter nonsense for him to make such a statement. It’s an absolute travesty, also an absolute senseless act to play the racial card. Like pretty boy Justin, he’s the wrong man for the job!

  5. I know this is a serious topic and this video was very interesting but am i the only one who thinks this guy is radiating SOOOOO much confidence like wow he's so attractive!

  6. Sikhs are the biggest double faced people on the earth.
    They will justify violence from their community and cry for centuries for violence against them.
    So the terrorist Bhindrawale is glorified by them.
    They treat migrants in punjab like dirt while begging for equal rights in Western countries.

  7. Ask him about his khalistani supporters who blew up a airplane killing 350 people. Never trust a guy who believes in sky fairies(God).

  8. Exactly your community,no religion in politics!!! and for that I would never vote for him we need strong leaders not religious preachers, religion has harassed people kind for far to long we want real leaders not religious political ideology party leaders.

  9. Man.. this guy is an inspiring being and a very genuine epitome of Sikh. But he has to answer that question.. You cannot be secular for one state and non secular for another. Being an Indian sikh, i must say that we have been at the end of major atrocities and impacts that plague us till now from the 1984 riots, preparators of whom still roam freely in the street. Those innocent human lives lost still demand a voice for justice no doubt. They must be brought to full justice of law and with immediate effect. But again, the fact that i being from India itself do not want a separatist state for the sake of our people, and have somebody in Canada pitch for it as my right doesn't appear correct. Many other sikh people might be of the other view but at the end of the day, we being the warriors and having a rich history and culture that was created by being part of a multi lingual and multi cultural place that is India, and were known as its protectors should not put such demands now. Rather it's high time now to bring our own people to justice

  10. politics isnt for the meak….no one should be judged on skin colour race…etc….but on his policies .I do not agree with his policies ..but he seems fair minded and open to questions……that is the main thing

  11. Jug-meet brings a plethora of Colorful Turbans to the Canadian Political Landscape, the importance of which is not lost on the sophisticated voters of Ethnic Enclaves that our policy of Multi-Culti Diversity has fostered.

  12. I am so thankful to CBC for letting the whole Canada know about the 1984 Sikh Genocide by the government.

  13. sikh and islam are totally different traditions .. islam is abrahamic (closer to christianity and judaism) … while sikhi is dharmic (closer to hindu, jain and boudha)

  14. he cant be secular in canada and extrimist is india! he has got charm but he should clear his stand regarding his relationship with india

  15. This man knows how to fool the Canadians. Respect outsiders give them citizenships give them jobs give them land but never make them the head of your house.

  16. Interesting to learn that this Lion of the Punjab found his courage and motive from the horrendous act of majoritarian India – the genocide of a minority.

  17. Nothing but respect for this guy. He’s been through a lot and especially the fact that he refused to take off his turban and he kept going amidst the racism and discrimination. Strong brother over here 💪🏼

  18. An awesome Indian version of Justin Trudeau… we are gonna pay for their immigration and refugees policies in the next 50-70 years! God bless Canada!

  19. He's Sikh and Sikhs are more like Muslims both carry violent ideologies , yeah !!! You can say that he's good guy but all bad guys pretend to be good.

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