J’achète ma première Bugatti

J’achète ma première Bugatti

Hi, I’m in Alsace at the Bugatti headquarters. I will introduce you to the latest Bugatti, it’s a YouTube exclusive. It’s the fastest production car in the world, it has exceeded 490km/h. (300 mph) You can buy one, just take out your credit card. It’s pretty crazy! It’s about to happen, in a few moments. So here I have a little bit of time to show you around the other cars, the most fantastic and exclusive Bugattis in the world. They are all here, I will show them to you in the next minutes. Including the most expensive new car in the world. Not bad, all of this. But to finish, this video full of records, I’m going to buy a Bugatti and I’ll show you which one. I’m going to have a little Bugatti at home. It had to happen… If you don’t know me, I’m POG and I love cars. I am also a collector, I have a few modern cars, I have 2 Lamborghinis, I have a Ferrari, I have a McLaren, I have an Audi, I have 100% gold Renault Kangoo! and I might be forgetting some. All of that is great, but Bugatti is Bugatti, Bugatti is a step up from the rest. The stuff dreams are made of. Let’s go! Want to see the most outstanding Bugattis? They are all here, it’s unique. A “110 ans”, we will start with the entry-level, still costs € 3.6 million. 1500 horses, in tribute to France. It’s supposed to be blue, blue the color of France, In fact you can’t really tell, it’s black rather. that’s a bit disappointing. But that, on the other hand, that’s lovely! Don’t forget, Bugatti is a French brand. This one is priceless, it’s the Vision GT. Look at this! It’s absolutely mind-boggling, this is a real car. It’s a mirror. No It’s not, it’s a camera. So it belongs to a Californian. As proof he actually uses it: he had to raise the car to pass the curb for his garage. As you can see, here I can fit a finger, while here, I can’t. A real car. Out of this world, but a real car. So something else, Centodieci, I’m not sure… It’s “110 ans” in Italian. “110” sorry, because it’s a tribute to the EB110. You can recognize it because of this small shape. It kind of looks like a Samurai, pretty funny. These grills also a shout-out to the EB110. What a crazy car! Let’s move on to the most expensive car in the world. A lady in black in front of “La Voiture Noire” (The Black car) For this unique car. I let you admire it. Look, the rims continue on the tires. So the most expensive new car. Small detail that makes me smile, the centered wiper. That’s how it is, you have style or you don’t. But that’s not all, you may have loved these exceptional cars, but now we will take it to the next level. Head-to-head with the fastest production car in history: The Chiron Super Sport 300+ So 300+ is for 304mph or 490km/h. I interviewed Andy Wallace, the pilot who did the run, I asked him “But why not 500 km/h?” He answered “The track wasn’t long enough, it’s only 10 km and I started braking at 8,8 km.” You can see that the car is lowered and lengthened at the back, the exhausts are ionized. The Chiron Super Sport is on sale, for € 4.2 million with a delivery in 2021. All carbon fiber… limited to 30 cars. Look, it’s a mosquitos massacre. This is the record car, it hasn’t been washed. The mosquitos didn’t have time to suffer. Inside the fastest car in history. Everything is strengthened and made as light as possible, not even a passenger seat. It does looks like a chiron, because it is one. Imagine sitting here, imagine the tunnel vision caused by a very high speed. It’s fantastic that a French brand has managed to beat this record. It will be a piece of history forever. It’s good in here! #POGATTI? In Alsace, to celebrate a new Bugatti, we drink
sauerkraut juice Brilliant! It’s good for what you have. No! It’s sauerkraut juice! I would like to know the story, the moment a guy got up and said: Today I want to drink some sauerkraut juice. Ah, it smells! What you see here is a double tourbillon the only watch in the world to have 2. In the spheres, the disc that rotates very fast is the tourbillon itself. The tourbillon is placed on an axis and three axes rotate the sphere. The only watch in the world to have this. To be honest, it’s useless, but what a beauty! Which one do you prefer? It’s extraordinary this gathering of classics beauties, mixed with the latest automotive sensations. Now we are in… Showing us the designs, the materials, it’s a real design and personalization workshop. I’m not supposed to show you this, but I’ll do it anyway. This is a corner reserved for the customers, here they have 300 miniature Bugatti Veyron, which match the 300 that were sold. Each of these Bugattis is exactly the same configuration as the actual car. Imagine the customer who comes back to the factory and sees his car in miniature, he must feel happy like a child. Okay, it wasn’t allowed but it’s done. You are one of the luckiest test drivers in the world. I’ve been driving for Bugatti since the beginning, first drive on 3th of March 2005 with the first Veyron. Since then, I drove 90% of all the cars. Of all the Bugattis built? Yes. I’ve test-driven for over 330.000 kilometers. in Bugatti cars ? Yes. Lucky bastard! Two times a week. We touch them, caress them and drive them. When I drove the first cars, we were already very impressed, going from 1001 to 1200 horses. The first “Launch Control” without traction control, smoking up the tires. Then we had 200 extra horses, a little extra GTI in the trunk. It was the first power upgrade where we said: “Wow, it’s possible to push it even further”. Now I just tried the Divo a few days ago. Yes? Woaw, again… I had a huge smile, it’s another step up, very dynamic and sporty. Frankly, we are on the right path there. It’s bonkers. All my colleagues who are lucky enough to drive it or to go on the German highway, the first thing we say: “So, how fast?” 340, 360, is normal for us. 360 km/h, is normal? Even faster, it’s allowed. When the boss says, “Steve, you have to bring a car back to engineering”. The fuel tank is full, so… We meet Porsches, R8 and so on … And yes, sorry, we are here. After use the air-brake hard, we wait for them. We hear screaming behind, they try to get closer. It’s funny, it’s great. It is these real moments that are interesting. And when we meet customers, that’s what’s crazy. We see the client and we understand why he ordered it. We see right away, “I drive on track with a Porsche Carrera.” or “I just love beautiful things”. Every Friday, an average of 2 cars are released all over the world. Then we check your social media to see where they are, if they drive it. And we say to ourselves “ah, it’s good they are driving it.” and that’s what we want to see. Seeing it in Gumball. We have stories about a lot of the cars, because sometimes they are unpredictable. It’s a bit part of the brand, I think. In addition it is all handmade here. Yes, everything is handbuilt. That’s why I have my job. You should interpret it as a good thing, what I am going to say. My colleagues, they are only human. So where leather and carbon meet, it creates noises, that’s what we have to remove. It’s one of the reasons we drive them. So yes, a robot that puts the same piece in the same place every time, he won’t make mistakes. The joke of the Monday morning… But it doesn’t matter, that’s why it’s done. That’s why we are here, quality control, to remove all those minor things. About the 490 km/h : the others are speechless. We are here, we are present and we know how to do it. We have a very special technology, very hidden, that we open. We show our underwear. And where are they going? If I’m not mistaken, we have a vehicle here that has a Skyview, A Super Sport with a glass roof. These are vehicles that will go to the United States, to Europe and the Middle East. These are customer vehicles that are waiting to continue to be assembled on Monday. This is our greatest pride, there’s the French flag, a bit chauvinistic. I understand. There aren’t a lot of Bugattis in France. No. My next test car is over there. This is the first time she’s rolling. She will have 30 to 40 kilometers on the counter. When everything is OK here, she goes to the paint shop. It rolls at a maximum speed of 200 km/h. 200? Half capacity. It must be amazing to see. It makes a lot of noise, the whole company hears despite the insulated walls, we hear it when they push it. The incredible load of turbos, torque and downshifts I’m three offices away and yet we still hear it… Anyone who avoids or minimizes road tests, are making a big mistake. It is the road that makes and dictates the law. Try it! So you’ll do everything, you would sell everything, you would sell the house. He who is passionate he has no choice, he must have it. I say you have the typical profile of a Bugatti Chiron owner. You bring a lot of joy and you will actually drive it. For sure. That’s what we like, when we see our vehicles get driven. And why this question ? Join our family. Join our family. Because, really, you are the right type of guy. We would be proud because we know that you will make good use of it and that you will enjoy it. And make others happy, show it to them and share it. That’s exactly what I love about your philosophy. I promised you, I bought a Bugatti, I’ll show it to you. She’s over there! Under the tarp. My very first Bugatti! I am very proud.

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  1. Elles sont magnifiques.
    J'aime beaucoup la Bugatti finale, c'est sûrement celle que je pourrais me payer également.

  2. quand on voit qu une TESLA roadster est encore mieux pour 172000euros je voudrais bien voir ce que ferai TESLA a 9 millions d euros, une voiture qui peut aller sur mars ????

  3. Salut pog j’ai 13ans bientôt 14 et j’aimerais avoir mon pic à moi il vaut au total 1500 € je sais que tu ne vera probablement pas ce commentaire mais si tu le vois est ce que tu peut réaliser mon rêve contact moi par mp si j’aimais tu me lis et je te remercie d’avance si tu m’offre mon ordi 😘

  4. Puisque tu aime les voiture tu veux pas acheter une jaguar et me la donner pour mon pere mdrr 😂😂 sans blagué tu compte acheter des voiture vintage française ?

  5. La Bugatti NOIR🖤 est la voiture la plus chère au monde 16 million €… Automatiquement je suis fier d'être NOIR 🖤 la couleur NOIR vaut de l'or🥰😍…

  6. Vous voulez voir une Abarth 595 LA PLUS BROYANTE DU MONDE ? Venez la voir sur ma chaine!!


  7. C’est n’importe quoi foutre autant de fric dans des bagnoles. Et pourtant je suis pas jaloux car j’en ai du fric aussi…

  8. Si jamais buggati c est italien car avant la 2 ème guerre mondiale c était italien ses juste l usine buggati et aller en France le créateur de buggati ses un italien et pog faut présicer la prochaine fois que tu essaye de dire un chiffres italien d une buggati italienne avant d ouvrir tageul que la marque francais ai Ba se record petit con que tu est

  9. pog elle est super belle ta Bugatti et franchement j'ai aimé l'intrigue jusqu'à la fin voilà une raison pour lequel je te suis

  10. Mais avec ce genre de voiture c'est impossible de rouler en ville non ? C'est tellement proche du sol qu'au premier dos d'ane elle prend un choc

  11. a ce que je sache se n'est pas la plus rapide au monde car la plus rapide au monde est la Devel Sixteen qui a atteint les 560 km/h et qui est la plus puissante au monde également elle développe 5000hp n'hésiter pas a me répondre pour me dire si j'aie tor ou nn et pk merci

  12. C'est qu'une bagnole rien de plus plus. Pourquoi sacrifier tant et faire tant d'efforts pour un tas de ferraille au rendement si médiocre.
    Le monde le la bagnole de luxe est une bulle qui éclatera bientôt quand les gents préfèrerons s'occuper de leur jardin pour nourrir leur gosses plutôt que de vivre dans le but de faire vroom vroom plus fort que sont voisin.

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