It’s Over: Mueller Disaster ENDS Dem’s Hopes for Trump Impeachment!!!

It’s Over: Mueller Disaster ENDS Dem’s Hopes for Trump Impeachment!!!

all right there everyone the Muller disaster has officially ended the Democrats long-standing hope to impeach President Trump have to be talking about on today's video but before we do if you have not already done so make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button to be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel where we daily analyze current events it allows us some super awesome conservative trends so you can live out your values impact lives and change the world and speaking of the world changing particularly for Democrats I don't know how many you know I can't even count how many pundits most of them are thoroughly left-wing globalist I don't think I could count how many of them have come out saying today that any hopes among Democrats have a possible impeachment of this president have been completely and totally dashed that's of yesterday as I'm sure you all know former special prosecutor Robert Muller bable and Bob testified before Congress yesterday and to call it a total dud would be an understatement not only were there no new bombshells no new information that would incriminate President Trump but Muller himself just came across frankly as incompetent he often sputtered he looked confused he often didn't know what was in the report he needed questions constantly repeated everyone's admitting that from an optics vantage point it was an abject disaster for the Democrats our video yesterday reporter on Chris Wallace of Fox News who I believe was the first pundit it was around noontime to come out and say what a complete total debacle the whole Miller testimony was turning into and we predicted that he would be the first of many many more of the same assessments and boy were we right of anything if anything I'm actually stunned at just how overwhelming the response was from our media elite over and over again you heard it Terry Moran over at ABC News Trump impeachment is over okay AFP Trump gloats as Malaga's Dems little support for impeachment Politico headline impeachment drives slowed by Muller stumbles Democratic strategist Doug Schon molar testimony won't lead to impeachment Michael Goodwin over at the New York Post molars testimony equals end of any Trump impeachment talk now of course there were headlines that came out this morning that were most likely written on Tuesday all right the day before Mueller's disastrous testimony that say things like Muller testimony fuels impeachment debate and they almost bizarre other-worldly CNN Headline Democrats debate next steps on impeachment after Muller hearings I mean they're actually rooting for this over at CNN they're rooting for the Democrats there they might as well be rotting on the Democrats I think since such headlines are more the personal projections of these far left wing radicals who were disguised as journalists and pundits but make no mistake they know they'll play out this Kabuki theater for the time being but make no mistake they all know there really is no way in hell either the center of the American people are gonna support the tent to impeach President Trump after such an embarrassingly incompetent performance like what we saw yesterday from bumblin Bob and as a result the media leader utterly besides themselves today okay again you know they look like it's the day after November 8th 2016 right you remember that they all look like they were attending a funeral well look at him today right and it's of course because they were attending a funeral they were attending a funeral for the left-wing globalism so here we are again today and the important point I think we need to make here is that the comparison with election night is not too far off pundits in the corporatist globalist media know how hard it is to defeat a sitting president for reelection it's literally only happen to color a couple of times in the last century Americans like to give their president a chance and that involves two terms or multiple terms of your FDR right the only exception this rule or Carter and bush senior both of whom were overseeing disastrous economies Hoover right Americans like to give their presidents two terms and these pundits know it and they know it'll be next to impossible for this current crop of Democrats to come anywhere near close to defeating President Trump and the dirty little secret is that each of the candidates knows that as well they're all running for the presidential nomination just as a status stunt to widen their social and political bandwidth from within their party so the corporatist globalist media knows that their last best chance of getting rid of trump has just collapsed now I mentioned Michael Goodwin over at the New York Post he has an excellent point in his piece on this he notes that Muller's bumbling was actually rather instructive because it reveals that he was most likely just a figurehead in all of this Muller was a figurehead for an investigation that was carried out by a bunch of pro-hillary anti Trump zealots that Muller himself had assembled and Goodwin sites and Andy McCarthy over at National Review who has detailed how these prosecutors were primarily people who had in fact donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats and were big supporters of the Democratic Party remember Muller had to remove the FBI Peter um agent Peter struck because his blatantly partisan bias against Trump which became public knowledge now he didn't do the same with all the other operatives within his legal team like Andrew Weissman and others who were solidly in Clinton's camp and this is where the whole bizarre notion of Muller's report in his public comments just after the reports were released that Trump was in no way exonerated by the report that's where this comes in remember several Republicans pointed out to Muller prosecutors either file charges or they don't all Americans are presumed innocent until actually proven guilty in a court of law no government official let alone a special prosecutor exonerates anyone we are not guilty until proven innocent and the fact that the Democrats are silent on this is an indicator they have completely abandoned constitutional law I mean completely we all knew that but I mean you can't have a more stark example of how radicalize the leftist Democratic Party and the corporatist globalist media become when not only do they not call out Moeller on this you sir nor any other government official have the power to exonerate anyone in this nation right not only did they fail in their constitutional responsibilities here but both the Democrats and they're willing accomplices in the media actually have gone so far as to trumpet and celebrate and promote the notion that Trump was not exonerated right these are not our friends this is why Trump calls the news media the enemy of the American people and he is right to the extent that they peddle blatantly unconstitutional notions like this refusal to exonerate the president and speaking of the media it was clear from the get-go that Muller's team and the media were joined at the hip throughout all of this remember the FBI raid at Rogers stones house at 4:00 a.m. wasn't it interesting that CNN and CNN alone was there before the FBI arrived with cameras set up and everything Muller was asked about who tipped off CNN among his staff and he refused to answer and his Goodwin notes here from start to finish this was a clear coup attempt by the swamp Trump was targeted by partisan law enforcement officials and media elite would absolutely no business being on this case and it were aided and abetted by this dishonest media elite and despite all of this they could find absolutely nothing worthy of a criminal charge the cloud of impeachment has finally been lifted and with it an unleashed president Trump ready to do battle in 2020 now before you go I just put up a video earlier today on the president Trump's absolutely soaring poll numbers in the midst of all of this and why he's getting some his highness polling yet I think it'll make your day so click on the thumbnail at the top right of this video and I'll see you over there god bless

39 thoughts on “It’s Over: Mueller Disaster ENDS Dem’s Hopes for Trump Impeachment!!!

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  2. I'm confused, what happen with the part when Muller is asked if Trump should be imprison and he says yes, and then he was asked again "should Trump be prosecuted after his term?" And Muller answers Yes

  3. Who the fuck you try in to convince? Nothings ended pislosly stated she's not done. That terrorist kunt will not quit until her ass is hanged. So gitmo the kunt. Waterboard it and hang her racist ass

  4. I think that Mueller is secretly disgusted with the democrats and purposely fumbled thru the hearings to derail democrats effort to hurt Trump.

  5. Let's be real about this, the democrats were successful with all this B.S. – they have managed for 3 years to keep this hoax of hate going – non stop news… it worked better than they ever dreamed, they took back the house – Trump needs to win in 2020 by a massive landslide and Republicans need to take back the house to send a LOAD AND CLEAR message to the democrats that their games and the path they are on is simply not acceptable to the VAST majority of citizens and when they win they need to 1st and foremost deal with the education system turning out little marxists followed closely by social media and also immigration – SOOO everyone watching this you MUST put your money where your mouth is an donate to someone running for the house and by all means to Trump – a message needs to be sent they cannot ignore.

  6. God did it…DO NOT MESS WITH GOD..He can destroy democrats and their billionaires supporters…! REPENT NOW…!

  7. They are still trying. They refuse to vote on the new trade deal. Everytime Dems. take control of Congress, the economy slows down. If they voted on the trade deal, it would grow even faster. If they lower interest rates, it will be worth the wait. Republicans can pass it after they take back control of both houses in 2020.

  8. You can watch the entire day's testimony yourselves. Don't allow other people to tell you how it went. Watch and judge for yourself. You can also get a copy of the Mueller report at any book store. In fact, Mueller's testimony was a disaster….for Trump. The day after, impeachment investigations began in earnest. with the support of a majority of Democrats AND Republicans.

  9. Mueller ASSEMBLED the report based on the garbage fed to him by the garbage he recruited for his team. They wanted to frame Trump, but they were not able to come up with a believable set of lies to convince anyone of guilt where no crime existed. Except NOW crime exists. On the part of the dems. OBAMA and CLINTON (both of 'em) are guilty as sin, although they are just puppets and the investigation needs to keep going.

  10. May I just say be extremely carefull when saying things 2020 is all Trumps hes got it in the bag. The fact is anything can happen. Remember 2016 HRC's camp thought it was in the bag. If people think its won already then they may stay at home instead of going out to vote!! And the world really dosent want that to happen now do we. I wish I could vote for big Don but im British in the UK so sadly I can not.

  11. Hi from the uk. The Demorats could alway's try to impeach Trump for making false claims about illan Omar marrying her brother!!!
    Oh no wait they can't because its true………….LOOOOOOOOOOL

  12. It didn't really end because they are still trying to come up with something, to make something out of nothing.

  13. His deputy Weissman apparently knew 10 days BEFORE the investigation began that the dossier was fake. And the SOLE rationale for the investigation was the fake dossier.

  14. and yet….they are saying they are going to still do investigations on this crap. They have nothing. Now they are seeding the idea that the next election will be influenced heavily by Russia….and that Trump is an unindicted criminal. Crazy talk…but guess all they have.

  15. This is a darkening world and in fact we are all living in end times, yes, i agreed president donald trump might not be perfect, but please don't forget only Jesus Christ is perfect and we all make mistakes and many many stupid mistakes in our lives. Now that america finally have a president who is really working to do something for the better good of the american people (unlike those former ones who only play lip servies), but lot of others are constantly attacking him, what's wrong with this strong nation america, life too comfortable and too good for them such that they are endlessly playing politics games is it?? GOD, please guide us and lead us, i think we reach a stage where people are confused and struggling, we are no longer gracious and attack each other for reasons that even ourselves do not understand.

  16. The investigation was done with a stack deck of drooling democratic prosecutors and still couldn’t even find an actionable crime. The left is intent on creating or inventing an issue with total disregard of justice and democracy but now they are seen for what they are in the light of day. Some people need to be in jail that started this and I can’t wait to watch them squirm.

  17. The majority Americans said NO IMPEACHMENT already, those democrats either deaf or don't read English! Probably later!


  19. More then anything, convictions of the Criminal Democrats involved in the fake Russian hoax should be that they are required to individually pay back to us Americans who have been violated the millions of dollars they caused us to have to pay. Us Americans meaning " they ARE NOT!!!!".

  20. At this point, I have seen 8,000,000 videos exactly like this one. Prepare to be amazed at how stubborn, desperate, and crooked the Democrats are.

  21. Mueller is washed up! What a waste of time and tax dollars! We the people! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Wrong. They won't give up because they still have the media to lie and say Trump did things he didn't do. That and they will just try to kill Trump or steal the election. This won't end. Things will escalate now.

  23. you need to compare this to history repeats! THE WILD WEST good vs bad POTUS will rally good people it took time but settlement of west happened. democrats slavery, KKK jim crow, war after war, johnson killed kennedy nothing happened, fbi and cia involved, how many bad things come from democrates? if you make a list?

  24. The problem is the Dems don't know it's over. They're dumbasses. It won't be over as long as Gremlin Nadler is in there

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