It’s not “your choice” ft. Anna Strasburg | #TruthStraightUp

It’s not “your choice” ft. Anna Strasburg | #TruthStraightUp

♪ Strasburg: “My body, my choice.”
This is an argument that I constantly hear in the “pro-choice” debate.
These women believe that it is their body and that not even the
government should be able to tell them what to do with their body,
especially when it comes to carrying a child nine months through pregnancy.
The truth of the matter is that from the moment of conception,
the human being is a distinct person that deserves a right to life.
At the moment of conception, all 46 of their chromosomes are already
in place. That means it is already determined what color hair they’ll have,
what color eyes they’ll have, what height they’ll be, and so many
other factors. Another interesting question to ask this lady as this
baby develops inside of her and she says, “My body, my choice,” is,
“Do you have four arms, two hearts, two sets of lungs, and four feet?”
The obvious answer is, “No.” There are two bodies: her body
and the body of the child. ♪

54 thoughts on “It’s not “your choice” ft. Anna Strasburg | #TruthStraightUp

  1. How come the baby can't say what about my body, if a woman want to murder her baby, she should be charged with murder and go to jail

  2. I really don't mind these leftwing racist dirtbags killing their offspring. At this point I'm willing to sacrifice a leftwing democrats baby to keep their numbers down.

  3. We are strting to learn why women were oppressed and silenced. They have a poor moral compass. Not all of course. The baby cries my life, my choice.

  4. If a prenant woman is killed by someone, the attacker's get 2 murder charges….it has already been proven in court many times this way that it is a human in there.

  5. The 'my body my choice' argument also implies a 'mother' can torture a baby inside her. Even kill the baby for fun. This is why it is a sick and flawed argument.

  6. The far gone left is insanely emotional about over protecting everything, except this. It requires thinking and personal responsibility.

  7. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦Listen to yourself. You Holly Rolly Nut Jobs care until their born then point and judge government efforts to help and protect children. Christans under attack "GOOD" mind your business TAX free church grubs!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  8. A woman who cherishes the child inside her is a real woman. A woman who kills her own child is not a real woman, she is barely human. All baby killers need to be put on a public register and kept away from decent folk.

  9. Those who have their baby killed after conception has taken place is as guilty as the butcher who does the butchering..

  10. Anyone who is Pro- Abortion is able to defend Abortion because that person him/ herself was not aborted…..Oh the irony!

  11. Pregnancy is a social construct , it’s a spectrum and if FLUID ! It’s non binary!! There are 73 different types of pregnancies …
    stop pregnancyphobia !!

  12. Fuck yeah! I don't believe there should be a minimum age for a driver's license or to purchase alcohol either. Who are we to decide for others!?

    Trump Train! Tooooot toooooot!!!

  13. The chromosomal argument against abortion is so very, very dumb.
    Except for the gametes (sperm and eggs) every cell in your body has 46 chromosomes.
    Those cells are not people.

  14. It's not about their body either. The right to do with their body as they choose is getting body peircings, or tattoos or implants in their head. They aren't doing anything to their body they are doing something to someone else's body. All abortion really comes down to is that I am not ready and this will really destroy my life. Well then stop fucking

  15. i am a Libertarian, and I believe it is a woman 's choice ,, I dont believe abortion should be used as birth control,, or late term abortion … abortion is not for me, but for someone to tell a woman regardless of her situation what she can and cannot do ,, forget that,, rape is real ,, incest is real,, and quality of life and poverty issues are real,, and abuse is real,, and last Birth control and sometimes that doesnt work,, I believe it is a private matter, and not up for debate .. Rowe V wade..

  16. If it's a my body my choice, is it moral to drink while pregnant? To smoke cigarettes? Do drugs? Why would that be immoral from such perspective?

  17. Life begins at the moment of conception is a religious opinion , not a legal status in the US. The states that have begun starting with a heartbeat is a good first step since the lack of one is the legal definition of death in the US. Therein lies the answer to solving this…you must change the law. Good luck since the US is legally agnostic….just sayin.

  18. My body my choice? How is a "cluster of cells" with a distinct DNA, so by definition a well defined human being, part of your body? "Because it is inside my body", ok so if i eat you now because you are inside of my body that doesn't mean I just killed a person and i should go to jail?

  19. Think about it if you kill a pregnant woman they charge with the death of two people not one, and doctor who performs an abortion at a hospital by law have to file out a death certificate for the baby they just killed.

  20. intuition
    Woman grows 2nd person within so not one body nor one chooser.

    Feminist cultural-Marxism
    Woman grows more cells and chooses to eject them

    Which is moral in reality?

  21. I'm ok with "safe, legal, rare".

    The trouble is, it's not rare anymore. We are below population replacement thresholds.
    Were killing ourselves off while the rest of the world over populates untill they become a flood.

  22. Young women's hearts have waxed cold. Women have multiple choices. Pills, Patch, Rubbers, Sponge, Shots, IUD, Cervical Cap, and keeping your legs closed. A rape victim is given the morning after pill. The one choice no woman should have is premeditated cold blooded murder.

  23. When a woman allows a man to PENATRATE "her body" and drop off a bit of himself, then it's not 100% "her body" anymore now is it.

  24. How about we excuse men who rape because after all, his body his choice. Or I can give your infant niece a piggyback but then dive into a lake, my body my choice. What a stupid argument!

  25. The way i respond to "My body, my choice" is that yes, it is your body, therefore it is your choice to PREVENT PREGNANCY if you dont want to get pregnant. If you did not want to be responsible to prevent pregnancy but you got pregnant because of your irresponsibility, then you essentially "made the choice" to get pregnant. Now you are pregnant and that baby has a right to life.

  26. the same people who cry "my body my choice" when it comes to abortion are the same people who think that vaccines should be made mandatory for everyone or that we should have universal healthcare in which the gov makes all your medical choices for you. And yet they fail to see the irony or the hypocrisy of that.

  27. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ What else can I say argue that point pro-choice!!!!!!

  28. I have to contradict that. "my body, my choice" is the right argument.
    What the people who make the argument but misunderstand is that it was the woman's choice to spread her legs. They consciously made that decision because it is their body and their decision.
    As far as abortion is concerned, it's not just about your body and the developing human being. Even the father has to be heard, because it's his baby, too. Just do not want to hear the feminist. Equality between women and men only if it benefits the woman. Otherwise, men are mercilessly over-advantaged.

    (Please excuse my bad English, because that's not my native language, so I had to use the Google translator.)

  29. Yeah their body their choice but if someone wants to take drugs in their own body their arrested yes why is it only their body because their women abortion is murder plain and simple but is being endorsed by media and governments so let's all start a campaign if you want to take drugs your body your choice fair is fair

  30. 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!' There are direct repercussions to abortions, and they are passed on, to succeeding generations.

  31. No one has unlimited bodily autonomy. Just ask the convicted rapist, pedophile, serial killer, etc. What we may do with our bodies is limited at that point at which we violate the natural rights of others to life, liberty and property.

  32. The only reason for abortion is if a woman needs to run. From animals. From war. Famine. Disease. Natural disaster. 99% of the women just Want to clean the clog from the drain so they get back to partying.

  33. Notice that the Left called Vietnam vets "Baby Killers" as a slur…
    A short while later, the Left promotes actually killing babies…

  34. What I hate is when they say "men dont have a say in this". Of course men has something to say, a woman needs a man's love juice to make that baby, its just as much his as it is hers. It pains me to hear that feminism denounces men from expressing their opinions. Try to do that in Norway and you'll get your balls removed by the public (probably not)

  35. People should have a right to choose, no-one can say otherwise.
    But they are also obligated to live with the outcomes of the choices they make.
    That is basically what pro-choice means to me; "Yes, I will argue for your right to choose. But don't expect me to be happy about the choices you make and don't expect ME to pay for YOUR mistakes."

  36. Isn't it funny how the left love telling everyone that they have no say over them. Yet it is the left that actively tries to take guaranteed rights away from the right. And my opinion on abortion is that as long as my tax dollars are spent in any manner to support abortions then I do have a say on it

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