25 thoughts on “'It's all acting': NGO exposed teaching migrants how to trick ‘f***ing stupid’ EU border guards

  1. so NGO is slang for jews using your money and generousness to destroy you and your nations ,while laughing at how stupid you really are THEY ALREADY REPLACES YOU

  2. These treasonous organisations are a threat to national security so can be classified as terrorist organisations and should be persecuted under the full extent of the law… tq lauren for exposing these commie parasites…

  3. LS, i have a really strong feeling you are going togo out of your way in spite of your busy schedule to thoughtfully answer my communique (all right it's a YT comment but it helps to think posh) ok? How come it's only the caucazoids who are charged with extending property towards the brown brothers, would be nice to see a few sisters once in a while, they're like magical unicorns, talked of but rarely seen. Is it too much to ask China, Japan, Russia to take a few refusylum seekers Japan has a low birth rate, China loves being crowded and could use more crowding, Russia, well they have Siberia w no one home that's just for starters. Mexico&Latin America can take a bunch bc once they teach em Spanish they'll blend right in, right? I have no grudge w the ppl of the little book, it's not the Bible but it's got it's moments I especially enjoyed the story about this beautiiful virtuous desert princess who is promised in matrimony to a despotic king, he must be fat or something bc she no want, now a fly despot w some game would've been in like Flynn but this king didn't know she had a better king waiting to rescue her when he got his paper right. Night after night he would waddle up to her harem quarters and try getting smoody but she had game and would chat him up giving him all the palace gossip and make up stories about how great sex was going to be if he could take things slow, like reeeal slow bc she had to keep these little stories up for at least 1001 nights in Arabia til Ali baba

  4. still no CANADIAN or AMERICAN media have reported or mentioned Lauren great video
    wonder why… ARIEL RICKER is Jewish.. our media is owned by JEWISH… facebook..
    they want to replace you

  5. Why is this North American grooming illegal immigrants to abuse EU asylum system. Arrest her for people smuggling

  6. the ngos nongovernmental organizations are the ones who are sneaking all the hordes of foreign Invaders and illegals from Africa and the Middle East up into Europe to help genocide the white Europeans for their kalergi plan

  7. Multi-decade jail sentence in harsh conditions for this inbred cow for her treasonous acts! Disgusting creature! Regarding Advocates Abroad, something similar, to make her company.

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