50 thoughts on “Italy's populists reach for power – Five Stars for Rome | DW Documentary

  1. Welcome back to Freedom Italians never look back. There is a wolf in our midst and wolves are cunning.
    Be vigilant my Italian brethren.

  2. It's just admirable how they appeal to people, they don't seem to be arrogant like the establishment parties!

  3. Italians need to start making Fiats and Ducati motorcycles and exporting them not driving Volkswagens. . Also, why the empty beach with garbage all over, get moving and make Italy great again.

  4. never been so proud of a government….5 stars our savers….bye bye berlusconi, hope they will put him in jail as soon as possible…a person that allowed mafia entering in the government, put his friends in parlament that covered him 20years, things are gonna change

  5. its not the immigrants thats the problem it s germany and merkel,and i know about one million italians live in germany maybe more should go and see how germany feels

  6. Italia needs to use this populist movement not as a new form of government but to regain sovergnity to become…


    ..Once again, eternally !


  7. They want to introduce UBI, government training programs AND cut taxes? Yeah, good luck with that. Have fun with your bankruptcy Italy.

  8. As Italian I can say this documentary is quite accurate except, in my opinion for one thing. The " Lega " also called " Lega nord " is not a far right party. It was born mainly to respond to the requests of noth Italy about fiscal autonomy and autonomy in general. Now, in fact, they are approving a job reform with limitations to not stable job conctracts, that's quite a left measure. And another law the want to approve is about the autonomy of three nothern region of Italy, Veneto, Lombardia and Emili Romagna.

  9. Italy does not want to become Deutschlandistan or Svenkistan. Thank You! Italy. No Saudi mosques in Italy.

  10. Italy has potential to become a influential player in the European Union, but lack of competent politicians, high corruption and a weak rule of law makes the country go dowhill, also it was not only the Euro that broke your economy, but the greedy of American banks. I have my critics against the union(like how they don't give a fuck to border security, and are dominated by crazy leftists, but to blame everything on the EU is just dumb and ignorant. Use the virtue of Machiavelli my fellow italians!

  11. How interesting is it that there was NO single mention of one of the most weighing socioeconomical problems, that has perhaps been a burden in disguise yet around Italy for centuries — IMMIGRATION — since I am a millennial and came to this world just in the late nineties. As far as I can argue as a proud Afroitalian though, such issue has for a fact been and still is only second to declining jobs opportunities and unemployment in Italy!

    Che sfacciataggine e mai questa, si parla di riformare un intero paese, ma che si dice invece della riabilitazione e giusta integrazione di persone che sono fuggite dal loro paese natale, immigrati, per ottenere opportunita migliori di vita; non dimentichiamoci che persino gli italiani stessi se la sono svignata in America precedentemente, in cerca di una vita migliore e di tranquillita. Berlusconi non ha fatto altro che concedere il permesso di soggiorno a quelli che se lo sono guadagnati se non meritati, ma ora BASTA. Purche corrotto fino al midollo, molti gliene sono grati, compreso i miei genitori. Sono Italo-africano/Afroitaliano, nato, stato educato e cresciuto in Italia, ma ora piu che mai ce bisogno che la costituzione italiana (impressaci tra i banchi di scuola) contenga anche leggi che tutelino pure noi "altri", gli esculsi. Che pur essendo cresciuti in Italia, rimaniamo sempre e comunque messi in secondo posto; prodotto della diaspora Africana. Ecco appunto perche me ne sono andato, malauguratamente.

    Sper comunquesia con cuore ed animo, che l'Italia possa raggiugere una nuova svolta realmente innovativa e riesca, una volta per tutte a perfezionarsi in modo ragionevole e proficuo per ogni nazionalita che desidera entrar a far parte di questo popolo di brava e tollerante gente. Io rimango un orgogliosissimo Marchigiano! Evviva l'Italia, but please get a move on in reforming your government and its constitution along with constituents.

  12. GOOD FOR YOU ITALY!🇮🇹🇮🇹🎉🎉Europe take note!!

    Get rid of all illegal immigrants. They are invaders.
    Migrants who comes to a country LEGALLY are okay to stay. Follow the country's laws.

  13. Wow, i'm actually amazed. You're one of the (very) few information sources that made a quite faithful portrait of the Five Star Movement. This, to me, is what i mean by"Journalism".

    Thank You and greets from Italy.

  14. The rise in nationalism around the world is in part due to the sterility of religion these days, now that religion is generally powerless/voiceless in an ever increasingly scientifically defined world, the religiously defensive have taken to nationalism in an attempt to find a voice.
    I believe this to be erroneous & of limited value.

  15. Out of the EU and back with the Lire!!! Check out how Italians have been turned into slaves by the European Union, pull up: Luigi Fogli!

  16. They say that M5S is extreme. What I see is that the only extreme policies they have is immigration and their sometimes anti-science view on vaccination. The anti-science view on vaccination can be fixed. For immigration, so what? Italy should not be required to take all the migrants from Africa and Syria.

  17. Populist? The most anti-mafia government ever here around … please just study better. Das is freiheit , kein media terrorismus bitte. Wie lieben der deutsch brudern und schwester aber warumm immer sehen und hoeren falsch zeitungen und fernsehen?

  18. They need a Sovereign Fiat Currency to pull that off. It would be almost impossible under the (real) Debt slavery of the EU.

  19. The fascism that is sweeping the globe is simply unbelievably terrifying. MADE MORE SO due to the willingness of people to forget that fascism ALWAYS, 100% of the time, ends in mass slaughter and here we are embracing this idiotic fallacy? Just make sure to strike off Italy as places to visit, it is no longer a safe nation now that it has fallen to fascism YET AGAIN!

  20. Its not going to work. Greece has chosen an extreme party to become their government, in the end, that government bowed down to the antics of Brussels and become its servant, prolonging the crisis of Greece economy till today. This new Italy government does not seem eager to leave EU and they are hoping to exact their national promises and changes to EU while continuing to be a part of them. As a result, they will suffer the same fate as Greece.

  21. Germany's economy lives from ransacking the southern countries that are in the Euro. The end of the euro will mean a systematic disaster for the german economy: they will have to close enterprise after enterprise, because they will loose the artificial increase in competitivity that they receive from the euro.

  22. The Italian people is angry from the dictatorship from Brussels this European union work only for Germany the dream of Germany for conquest the intere Europe is over dear Germany Italy is not slave of the EU

  23. Well the 1% wage a war on everyone else and now they got a war they started. This time however the 99% is shooting back. They should be afraid. Very afraid. If Germany insist on Austerity they can have it and shoved it down their own asses. Reform the Euro or Italy will destroy it once and for all.

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