Italy Is Trying to Criminalize Migrant-Rescue Boats

Italy Is Trying to Criminalize Migrant-Rescue Boats

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46 thoughts on “Italy Is Trying to Criminalize Migrant-Rescue Boats

  1. Regardless if the migrants wee to be granted stay or deported. Isn't it important to rescue them first?

  2. Italy is saving our societies from an never ending influx of african migrants.
    We don't want them here in europe. Our peace is broken, the migrants are a heavy burden to us.
    Salvini is the best!
    This guy fled war in cameroon? There is no war, he could have gone to any other place in cameroon, cameroon is big. Then he fled libya? Who are you kidding? First he went there voluntarily. I am sick of this blatant lies that only stupid activists believe. These guys are normal migrants nothing else. Please send them back where they belong!

  3. Illegal migration has always been criminal. What you're doing is blatant disinformation.

  4. THOSE ARE REAL ASYLUM SEEKERS!! Not like freeloaders at Our boarder. If you don't know the difference….I pity you.

  5. Totally FAKE!!! Don't believe this, Italy is saving and hosting more migrants than any other country in the EU. The boats that get stopped are involved in a criminal human trafficking activity as proven multiple times from investigations and a massive case is going on for this. We're trying to unveil the obvious that France is doing the worst crimes in Africa, Germany is continuously trying to destabilize our country and economy and criminal Non Governative Organizations are in close relationship with the traffickers and "philanthropists" who pay them have the disruption of our country at hearth. Why all this? Because here the government we have right now spawned from the people ideas and they call it populist to minimize the importance and the impact that it has. The media is generally trying to obscure and ridicule when too obvious facts that confirm this large criminal setup, VICE is coming out now with this absurdly fake claim a little too late. The people woke up and know what to do and what to believe, realizing that is the case that all conventional media outlet support this scheme because it's easy not to change thing for real and probably monetary interests have them tied to certain agendas. The problem is not saving lives here is the new fake alternative VICE shit trying to skew the audience view on something that needs a different type of attention. Look at Mohamed Konare and Contra FCFA the fight against the real problem that creates migrations from such a rich land which is Africa. Don't believe this bullcrap people get informed and unsuscribe VICE for this act of misreporting facts.

  6. Just came here to see if there still a bunch of racist in the comments who dont care if people are drowning. Did you ever see the bodies of dead children on mediterranean beaches? And your still against rescuing? Oh your calling it trafficking now and then its ok to let people die?
    Its just sad. Cant believe there is even a discussion about it. Youall got bloody hands

  7. I'm reading the comments and clearly adults have left the room.

    We are having a heated argument between either letting them all in or else shoot them. Seriously?

  8. This is terrible. How can they do this to the migrants? The government should have a free ferry service operating instead, so that all who want to come over can do so. These migrants deserve to be given homes, food, education, and everything else they ask for.

  9. Italians used to complain all the time when I lived there about the refugee’s who would take a knife to their blow-up boat and sink it so the coast guard would have to rescue them and take them to Italy. The refugees didn’t care if t hey had kids on the raft.

  10. If italy did the right thing by admitting their invisible friend in the sky is scam-based fictional cartoon character, don't they realize how much easier it would be for the migrants to admit that theirs is also fiction-based too? (Follow the money)

  11. This is the most toxic comments section I've ever seen… The World has no hope with so many bigots inhabiting it..

  12. They legalized robbery, called it belief. They believe that by letting other 20,000 people drown, that that doesnt mean that they are sociopaths.
    Italy is famous for their religious narcissism, as are the migrants. Religious narcissism is why all those deaths occur and the reason why the migrants were trying to escape sociopathic religious narcissists in the first place. Religion$ are a over trillion dollar per fiscal year prophetable industry.

  13. Some of these comments are really disturbing. Even illegal migrants are people that have human rights and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect even if they look different, speak a different language or are accustomed to different cultures.

  14. Vice is completely misrepresenting this situation. Why they're so insanely pro psychotic, full-throttle, unchecked, illegal immigration and open borders is beyond me.

  15. Europe please think about your own people before these economic migrants! They are going to destroy Europe! Your women will live in fear! Young girls will be raped! No go zones will lead to civil war! Wake up! It might be to late! You have a major fight on your hands! Maybe if you ask nicely Poland will help you deal with this because they know what’s happening and refused all migrants in favor of their own people

  16. Good for them! I bet they are getting sick of being invaded and than getting called racist! War is over and Italy (and Europe) are full! Western countries can’t take the whole world in! Those people need to work on fixing their own country and Europe should help support them in their countries

  17. There are criminals. Maffia is coordinate this action to take €€€ of EU. For this poor people! 20€ for 1 day pro 1 man. And they costs 1.5€ . Maffia hold 18.5€. And you help maffia!

  18. If you don’t come in a COUNTRY LEGALLY YOU WILL BE SHOT!
    simple as that.

    You want asylum, go through proper channels! Fuckers

  19. Reading the comments on this video helps you understand how the US sent back the SS Saint Louis with 1000 Jewish refugees on board back to Germany in 1939.

  20. Thank you Vice for reporting what the mainstream and right wing media will not report. As always I love how you trigger those who wish to remain ignorant and spread ignorance. Keep up the great work.

  21. Escaping persecution is not illegal, aiding people is not illegal, closing your borders to people that are seeking aid, not illegal just deplorable and underlying nationalism. The excuse of revolution is bullshit, unwarrented fear of competition for status.

  22. The rescue mission would be infinitely more cost effective if they picked up the migrants boats nearer to were they set off, and safely returned the people to the nearest dry land

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