ITALY: Far right + Far left TOGETHER in a coalition government? – VisualPolitik EN

ITALY: Far right + Far left TOGETHER in a coalition government? – VisualPolitik EN

You might think this is Austria, or Switzerland but what if I told you this is Italy? But… listen carefully. You’d expect for the people there to be
speaking Italian, right? Well, in this case you’d be wrong. The main spoken language here is… GERMAN! Of course, this is South Tyrol. Yes, South Tyrol is in Italy, but they speak
German. In fact, we think Italian is the main language
spoken in Italy but… nope. Italy is full of dialects and languages that
are hardly understandable from one another. Somebody from Veneto, in the North, could
hardly understand somebody from Sicily, in the South. Yes… Italy is a country of contrasts… And the same goes for their politics. Could you imagine a hard right party making
a coalition with a liberal populist one? Could you imagine a Trump-like republican
making a coalition with someone who advocates for a basic income for the poor? Well… this is pretty much what they have
in Italy. So how is that possible that right and left
can join forces to govern a country? How is this possible? In this video, we tell you the story… Italy is a country of contradictions. In one hand, it is the country where the Vatican
is: a country that maintains the respect for their catholic traditions. But on the other hand, they had Silvio Berlusconi,
a man famous for his orgies, as the prime minister for years. On one hand, they are one of the most over
regulated countries from all across Europe, with red tape all over the place. On the other hand, black economy here is bigger
than anywhere else. If this doesn’t sound like enough contradiction
to you, then check this out: Italy’s government is now a coalition of a far right wing party
and… a far left wing one. OK, is true, the 5 Star Movement is not exactly
a far left political party… at least, not in the sense that Occasio Cortez would be. But… how do you call a party that advocates
for things like a basic income for the poor or… reducing the salary of the politicians
so they can look more like the working class? Definitely, within the parliament, 5 stars
movement is as left as you can get in Italy, excluding the communist that have little influence
in politics. And how about the far right wing? The LEGA party is… also a contradiction
in itself. Now they appear as an anti immigration, nationalist
party that claims the Italian first motto. But they were born as a secessionist movement! In fact, originally, LEGA was cold LEGA NORD,
which means the Northern League. And they wanted Italy to be splitted in two
different countries. Now… they have changed their minds and appear
as the paragon of Italian pride. But hold on just a second… now you might
wonder… Why do we care about this? Well, first of all, its size. Italy is the third biggest economy in the
Eurozone and they have the worst recession. If they fall, Europe might fall too. And, if Europe falls, the rest of the world
might fall, too. But also, the case of a coalition of opposite
extremes can help as a cautionary tale for many other countries. So yes, you want to know more about Italy. So now the question is… how is that possible
that right and left could merge together? Can this strange formula succeed in order
to bring the country out of the collapse? Well, today we are going to answer to all
of this questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at the history. FROM LEGA NORD TO, JUST, LEGA As we said before, there are, approximately,
34 spoken languages and dialects in Italy. But the differences don’t stop here. You can also tell them… when it comes to
economics. Southern Italy has a unemployment rate close
to 20%. In places like Sicily, water shortcuts were
a common thing until recently. And most of the people work on the agriculture… But, oh boy, Northern Italy is a totally different
country. This is the country were brands like Ferrari
or Lamborghini were born. Cities like Milano are worldwide famous for
their fashion industry, their factories and their high standards of living. Their unemployment rate is just a third of
that of the South. And their income doubles that of the southerners. This big divide is what explains the birth
of the NORTHERN LEAGUE party in the 90s. As I’ve said at the beginning of the video,
the party was founded as a regionalist secessionist movement. The forerunner was Umberto Bossi. Originally, he just wanted his own region,
Lombardy, where Milano is, to become independent from Italy. But then , one day he thought “why not unify
several northern regionalist movements in one?” . This is how the biggest separatist movement
in Italy was born. Originally, it was not meant to be a right
or a left wing party. In fact, many of his founders came from anywhere
in the political spectrum. They had just one goal and one goal only:
split Italy in two halves. Basically, the country they want to create
was called PADANIA and it comprised all the Northern Italian regions. As any other separatist movement, they claimed
several cultural differences. But, unlike the Scottish separatism, the main
reason for this self determination movement was… money! Basically, BOSSI claimed that Rome was stealing
the money from the richer regions to give it to the poor. So they would be better off going their own
way. And believe me, when it comes to hating Italy,
he was pretty straight ahead. “When I see the Italian flag, I feel like
shitting. I use the green, white and read to clean my
ass” –Umberto Bossi Bossi went as far as declaring Padania independent
from Italy in 1996. But, look, as separatists as they might be,
this Northern League was still an Italian party. This means they had to play by the Italian
rules and run for the Italian parliament. And, in order to expand their national influence,
they became one of the most loyal allies of Berlusconi. This helped them to get very good results
because their voters could see that, despite being a regional party, Northern League had
enough power to influence politics and bring lots of perks to the regions they represented. “Wake up, Padania! With the Northern League, against the thieves
of Rome” But as influential as they could be, they
could only get as much as 8.3% of the votes. This means, it was still a small political
party… But thing changed in 2012. That was the year when Umberto Bossi suffered
a stroke and… he had to leave the party. His successor was this man you see on the
screen: MATEO SALVINI. And he had a radical change in mind for the
party. First of all, he changed the name. So it went from Northern League to just… League. And that kind of rebranding means one thing:
the party was evolving. The electoral program was not focused on the
dominance of the North over the South anymore. Finally, the enemy was not Rome anymore but… THE IMMIGRANTS! “More immigrants mean more criminals.” Salvini is working on a repatriation plan. And what happened to that anti Italian feeling? Aren’t they the biggest enemy of Padanians
anymore? Well… if you think a party cannot change
its mind from one day to the other… think twice… ‘Raise your head, Italy! I’m proud of being Italian. We are the best country in the World, we just
need a little bit of work and a little less taxes’ Matteo Salvini Boom! There you go! Now the former Northern League can apply to
all the Italian voters, both Southern and Northern. This means a bigger voting market and better
results. And I know what you might thing… can anybody
take seriously a party who can change their core ideology from one day to the other? The answer is… YES
Lega Victory at Italian elections, times are a-changing
But if this doesn’t seem crazy enought to you, let’s see the other player on this
game: the Italian populist left. Let’s have a look at it! THE BIG JOKE It’s the year 2009 and Italy is dealing
with a big crisis. The European Union wants budget cuts, and
Berlusconi and his government are in dire straits. That’s the fertile ground on which the FIVE
STARS MOVEMENT was founded. During those years a famous comedian, Beppe
Grillo, started a platform. He had little to no idea on how big his blog
and movement were about to become. Perhaps the most interesting moment of the
movement’s developing phase was the 2007 Vaffanculo day in Bologna. Literally, that meant the ‘FUCK OFF day’. It was a huge event meant to collect signatures
to change the then electoral law. They wanted to avoid people convicted of crimes
to run for parliamentary elections. But the real opportunity for Beppe Grillo
came some years later. The Italian economy was still struggling. More and more citizens couldn’t make ends
meet. And this is when Italy gets a fully technocratic
president: Mario Monti. A technocrat is somebody who claims not to
have any ideology whatsoever: just tries to solve problems and manage politics on the
most effective way. But to many Italians, this seemed to be an
imposition from the European Union, who wanted more and more budget cuts and more austerity. So this anger is what gave momentum to Beppe
Grillo and his Five Start Movement. The Movement started winning and placing its
members in regional and local cabinets. This momentum gave them the chance to run
in the 2013 general election where they were the second most voted party after the Democratic
Party, defeating everyone’s expectations. They gained more than 8 million votes. Which is a pretty huge number for a brand-new
party. The election’s results are in: huge victory
for the 5 Stars Movement. The web’s euphoria for the first party in
the Chamber of Deputies. The movement started as an anti-establishment
force and therefore at the beginning it didn’t seem to have a very detail-oriented plan. But all their work paid off and all those
voters gave them the push they needed. It was time for a detailed plan. It was time to become more structured. And then it came a big win: in 2016 Virginia
Raggi becomes Rome’s Mayor. The 5 Stars Movement conquers Rome: Raggi
elected mayor with 67% of the votes. “It’s an historic moment, the Roman citizens
have won” Their first huge win meant even more wind
under the movement’s wings. The movement’s ideology became clearer:
direct democracy as an evolution of representative democracy. The idea that the citizens will no longer
delegate their power to parties was at the base of Rousseau, an online voting platform. Through Rousseau the registered users of M5S
discuss, approve or reject legislative proposals. For example, the choice to support the abolition
of a law against immigrants was taken online by the movement’s members, even if the final
decision was against Grillo’s own opinion. Grillo, the M5S registered voters say no to
making illegal immigration a criminal offence. Another chapter of the party’s life began
when Luigi Di Maio came into power in 2017. And in 2018 he became Deputy Prime Minister
of Italy and Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies. The improbable ascent of the 31-year-old college
dropout and former soccer stadium usher is really a measure of the country’s turbulent
political landscape. And so, on one hand we have a seasoned right-wing
politician and on the other we have a 31-year-old freshman. And they were tied together in an unlikely
marriage by the 2018 election. OPEN MARRIAGE Italy is infamous for having weaker than usual
political alliances and parties. Since the country was proclaimed a republic
in 1946 it has had 29 Prime Ministers with an average government length of 2.5 years. Every election is a brand-new start for everyone. The last big change came in 2018, when a new
government was established after a very complicated post-election period. The new government is an alliance, as we said,
between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the far-right League. The populist wave split Italy in half: the
South voted for the 5 Star Movement and the North voted for the Lega, but both sides expressed
a vote of protest against more traditional parties like the Democratic Party. This new numbers show a real shift in Italy’s
electoral geography. The success of the two most anti-establishment
forces is mostly due to economic uncertainty. The outsiders have become the mainstream. Immediately after the elections, the 5 Star
Movement, the party that got the most votes needed to find a coalition party. The choice was the Lega. Italy election: Populist Five Star and League
vie for power But this marriage wasn’t an easy one, it
took 10 weeks to reach an agreement. The two parties were adversaries before the
election. But at the same time, they became the largest
groups able to muster a majority in both houses. And so, the 5 Star brought to the table their
32% and the League its 17% and the new government began. We’re now a few months in and the two deputy
Prime Ministers, Salvini and Di Maio are doing the most to fulfill the promises they made
to their voters. Salvini is trying to crack down on immigration
and to pass a flat tax rate of 15% for companies and individuals, which experts say it would
cut tax revenues by 80 billion Euros per Year. Di Maio is trying to make a huge basic income
reform happen. It’s a universal income for the poor that
would cost an estimated 17 billion Euros per year. The two leaders are basically in an open marriage:
they’re together but they’re still looking around for partners. Both parties are staying together, but they
are still trying to get the biggest political capital possible for the next election cycle. But pleasing an electorate is in itself a
very difficult feat to accomplish, even without further obstacles. La dolce vita slips away again as Italy tumbles
back into recession The country is now in a recession, just as
the Italian Deputy Prime Ministers stated that Italy was on the cusp of an economic
miracle. In 2018 the GDP decreased 0.2%. This is the third recession in 10 years, but
the Italian PM says not to worry. He stated that a recession is “determined
by the European economic cycle” whatever that means… While politicians are playing the “blame
it on the people who were here before” card, many Italians are extremely worried on how
this recession could have an impact on their lives for years to come. Italy has the second largest debt after Greece,
but its economy is eight times larger and a crisis this big could severely cripple the
Eurozone. So now the question is, is it possible to
see a similar alliance in other countries? Can this alliance save the country from further
crisis or is it going to make things for worse? Please, leave your answer on the comment section
below. And of course, don’t forget to visit our
friends from RECONSIDER MEDIA.Com, the podcast that provided the voices on this video that
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  1. How can Movimento 5 Stelle being contemporarily a liberal populist party and a far left party? Liberalism ≠ Far left politics.

    Someone here does not know enough about European politics

  2. Actually, the left and right extremes are called that because the framing is made by the elitist status-quo who claim they are the center. If you think on the elitist vs populist axis, then what you have in Italy is a populist coalition.

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    The North should have stop paying taxes to Rome, relocate the capital to Milan, thus force Lazio and the entire south to manage their own, while the North would splits into their regions and unite the federal politics into monetary (Eurozone delegate) level only, fiscally lead by regional governments.

  5. Saying the five star movement is far left is not a stretch, it’s a damn Olympic distance jump.
    It’s a stretch to call them a centre left party, I mean, sure, they’re for some weird version of the UBI, but they’re also generally anti immigration.
    Economically the Lega is further left that the five star movement. This video is based on a false premise.

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    insert Italy was bad during WW2 joke here
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  7. Just FYI: Salvini changed the name of the party from Lega Nord to Lega especially because the previous party was involved with a scandal where they have been found guilty of stealing 47M eur of public funds. Well done on the video, its a very good picture on the Maccheroni situation 😉

  8. So if the Lega would just drop their tax cuts, or don't make them as severe – you could stop immigration, and finance a UBI. Why not? Sounds at least like something doable.

  9. That statement about Czech republic is not true the party Ano 2011(populist party which can not be defined as right or left ruled by second richest man in cz) shares office with communist party and another left party Čssd. SPD(the far right one) is in opposition.

  10. I'm italian and it's not this bad lol. This government is one of the best things that happen in Italy in the last six years. Of course
    they have all the international mass media against because they are populists, but they are doing really good things, like reducing the illegal immigration, improving the welfare, cutting the taxes etc. And the fact that the two parties have different ideologies, i think it's a positive fact.

  11. Far-left is apparently UBI? Hell even some folks on the right support UBI. Milton Friedman, may he rot, supported negative income tax which is basically UBI with more steps. And as for lower politician salaries, I don't think there's many people that don't think they deserve a pay cut.

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  15. This situation is a huge red flag warning to the threat of democracy. The most notable example of this is 3 Nov 1932 Berlin Transport Company strike, which the Nazis backed the Communists. Both parties, like today, are not real partners but using each other to not only create anarchy but exploit each other. The individual parties know they cannot win in a democratic fashion. But they are about fear, disruption, and violence. The first aim – dismatling democracy – unifies extremist parties. They are happy to fight for ultimate power against other extremist powers down the road. It is democracy, social responsibility and reason/education that represents the primary obstacle to power.
    For a great (and frightening) read, try "Death of Democracy" by Benjamin Carter Hart.

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  18. I don't actually think it is that far fetched. I think the working class want Conservative social values (well maybe just less political correctness and to talk about immigration without being labelled racist) but a social democratic economic system. If a political party can combine the two in my eyes they would win throughout the western world

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  21. Italian here: the problem in my opinion is the 5 star movement, they are the ones with the crazy and stupid ideas . The Lega has proven in these past years to be a good administrator, in fact the best managed regions, as well as the most beloved governors are from Lega. They won 3/3 regional elections in these last months. In addition to that Salvini is cracking down illegal immigration just as he promised

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    The Democratic party is just an analogue of the Republican party in the context of global politics and is more similar top the Republican party more so than actual progressive parties of other countries. Only now is America beginning to embrace actual leftie politics with politicians like Warren, Bernie and AOC in the mainstream

  24. Italy is a crazy place. The contradiction between its own population just does your head in. Poverty is overbearing in some area's and staggering wealth in others. Crime families run towns and hate between different areas spans generations. I am very glad to live in Australia. Oh an to do business with atalians is taking your life in your own hands.

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  26. Neither far right nor far left.
    Lega is a right wing populist movement, quite close to the trump right: protection, aggressive response to immigration, tax reliefs policies (and he was voted too by poor people, idk why, were they informed they were excluded from the tax cut?).
    Movimento 5 stelle is another populist movement that is neither of right nor left. Policies introduced in the last year are like those new techniques that young teachers try. For example a minimal salary in case you are still searching for a job (inb4, you are very limited to many conditions) and improved age to be able to retire (maybe to reduce unenmployment in a expensive way). Still, even if those are aimed to people and not to corporations, m5s is seen by those as a quite good party for international relations, aka china belt and road.

    I didn't vote for any of those, because I thought they were trash, but they just used populism as a leverage.
    By being very informed I can tell you the m5s surprised me and did very well, and still do, while the lega is just complete rubbish.
    Even at the beginning, to not lose trust, Di Maio (m5s) went to speak to Confindustria (union of industrial entrepreneurs) and surprised me with his speech. While salvini is being always absent at work and just campaigning and people don't realize it

  27. I would say that M5S are a mixture of policies left, right and centre. It's mian pisistion is big tent even though some pro-establishment parties such as Emanuelle Macron's party is centre and big tent. Five Star Movement could be considered syncretic by it's ideologies and polciies.

  28. All this economic uncertainty is why they voted how they did and also why migrants are a no-no now. They can't afford to give jobs to migrants when you said it yourself, that some places in Italy have 20% or more unemployment. They cause crime, which means more economic uncertainty in the form of people not wanting to invest there if it's not safe to do so.

  29. I've been paying attention to a lot of international politics the one universal theme i've discovered is when times get rough, blame it on the immigrants.

  30. The Five Stars Movement is far from being a left-wing party. Even though it does espouse some policies generally advocated by the left-wing, it has also been described as right-wing due to its stances on immigration, the EU, and its membership in the right-wing Eurosceptic EFDD party at the European level. It is generally perceived as Big Tent due to its tendency to cover a large range of sometimes contradictory policies.

    Moreso, M5S also approached the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament for membership, although that ended in a stalemate. I would also caution against using the word "Liberal" in the American sense when talking about European politics since it does not mean the same thing here.

  31. In India, we had Sikh as a Prime Minister, who was sworned in by a Muslim president, in a party headed by a Christian lady of Italian origin, in a country of 80% Hindu voters.
    Still they were able to govern India for 10 years and increased GDP by 350% from $599 billion to $2.09 trillion.

  32. The lega, even to this day, is still officially called "north league for padan plain's indipendency". They just stop putting the full name on the logo (after a brief period when Salvini ran as "we with Salvini")
    If you listen the other league's politicians you'll get all the old school north-south hate back

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  34. Great video as always simon. Though, I and im sure a lot of other people would appreciate you guys posting the sources you use in the descriptions of your videos

  35. I admire you for your work to entangle Italian politics which I never understood even as an Italian because well, basically italian politics it's all a "magna magna" (eat more, eat more).

    I lost the faith in my country long ago because it has way too deep issues to solve before it grows again, and that will take many generations to come.

    Like, a recent study found that about 60% of the interviewed was "functional analphabet". Perhaps that's why it's possible two extreme opposite parties like that could have a coalition as most people really don't understand who they are voting to.

  36. Hello I'm an Indian student in Venice and can speak standard Italian.
    From North to south everyone younger than 50 can speak and understand standard Italian dialect
    Please don't spread backdated information

  37. @simonwhistler
    Can you make a vid on right wing victory in Flanders-Belgium? Yesterdays results has everyone on edge.

  38. M5S it is not far left. They just say things leftist say now because it is popular to go against Salvini so they say so, but they are everything but left. About Salvini yes he is an extreme right winger and it is the political hier of Berlusconi. Comunque spero che Salvini cada al più presto perché l'economia sta veramente peggiorando.

  39. At 7:57 he didn’t say “we’re the best country in the world.” He said: “we’re the most BEAUTIFUL country in the world.” Big difference.

  40. The problem with this discussion is in order to create a contrasting narrative they try to put the two parties into the ideological extremes of the political spectrum. When both parties are in fact incredibly similar. Both populists who came to power on an anti immigration platform.

  41. So who decides….
    What is FAR left or FAR right?
    Who is GOOD or BAD?
    Who the People should vote for?
    Who the People SHOULDN'T vote for?
    What ordinary people should be allowed to say, do and think?
    What ordinary people should NOT be allowed to say, do and think?
    When Democracy is no longer Democracy, but "Populism" instead?
    ANSWER; Political propagandists like this asshole on VisualPolitik EN.

  42. It's an idiotic and absurd alliance, much like the last 50 years of Italian politics. The Italians have wasted the past 5 decades by electing complete imbeciles with criminal inclinations sometimes and instead of being a strong, stable economy in Europe, it's barely doing better than Spain and Greece on a per capita basis. Ironically, whoever wants to fix this shit has to play along for the public's entertainment while doing the right thing in the end, which is a difficult thing to ask for. And the electorate is completely to blaim for the mess.

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  49. Oh God
    1 five star is not far left
    2 there are many dialects and are very different but they are spoken as a second language and in some region they are (unfortunately) dead
    3 the league didn't really changed much, I mean, yes if you pick up quotes from the 90s but even before salvini they were in a coalition with Berlusconi and the fascists so the separatism was kept down and with salvini it's still pro federalism
    4 the government was made after a contract that both party leaders signed, in the contracts there are written all the things that the government should do that both parties liked or are neutral on and the prime minister doesn't belong to a political party so the government is more stable than you might think
    5 both parties are euroskeptic or at least anti-EU establishment and both are anti immigration so, again it's not like two completely different parties decided to make a government.
    I definitely did not like this video, it generalized too much, you just said "far left" and "far right" without talking about a single point on their program at part from the basic income, that even that… It's way more complex than that, you also talked about the budget but you didn't talk about the whole battle between the government and bruxell and how we ended up with that particular budget, you didn't talk about the fucking immigration crisis that was one of the reasons why the center left government lost support, and in the end you make it sound like the government its almost collapsing while the league has its highest support and the government has more than 50% (in Italy you need 40 to make the majority)

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  52. Well…. It didn't work out.
    I mean, dealing with the devil never ends well
    Salvini just eat all the approval of 5 star movement and now he will end this govern to go back on vote. It's expected he will gain 35% of vote that will guarantee a solid government.

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