Israeli Arabs: Do you accept Israel as the Jewish state?

Israeli Arabs: Do you accept Israel as the Jewish state?

Do you accept Israel as the Jewish state? Mohammad
Faradis I think it should be a binational state Because we’re both
both nations were born not born Both nations were are part of this land?
– Yes We both have … I don’t think it should
just be for one Is there anything in being a Jewish state
other than feeling not included which is what I think you are saying Is there anything about the
Jewish state that bothers you? Meaning if people said
that this is a state for Jews and Muslims, Christians, Palestinians
however you want to define yourself I don’t care Would you be okay with that? and also… Can you repeat the question, please The Jewish state means the culture of the state is
culturally Jewish There is nothing really from
Jewish law in the laws of the state but it’s true, it does not reflect
the Muslim and Christian Palestinian culture So if it reflected both,
would you be comfortable with that? I would, yes Amar
(filmed in Ramallah) Do you agree that Israel
is called the Jewish state? Yes You have no problem with that?
– No Are you Christian or Muslim
– Christian You are Christian and have no problem with that
– No I also did National Service Nice, I think it is very important For everyone But do you want there to be
symbols from your culture as part of the country? Or is it not important? Yes it’s important but I have no problem with the country I have no problem with the Jews I live with them and it’s all fine Firas
Nazareth Not really What do you mean? I prefer if we are neutral not only Jewish like a Jewish state So what would need to change
from today that would satisfy you? A lot, plenty Like what?
Give me an example I have nothing in my mind, really Ok, I will give you something The flag, can the flag stay the same? Sure, that doesn’t really matter Hatikva (national anthem)
can Hatikva stay the same? Sure (to the woman on the side)
You can say something different in a second The fact that we celebrate
mostly Jewish holidays Ramadan is a little bit celebrated
but not much It’s because we have a little population of Muslims But would you want to see
more public culture for Muslim Palestinian culture? Is that what you mean? Yes, sure Or is it just the idea? The idea that somebody said “this is the definition of the state”? Yes The idea itself The idea itself just offends you Is that what you mean?
I don’t want to put… It doesn’t offend me but it would be more satisfying or comfortable for me if it was if it was neutral and it wasn’t a “religious” country So if it showed Muslim symbols
it would also be uncomfortable? I guess Fatima
Kfar Kara No You were nodding your head “no” So what explicitly do you not want? or do you want? Everything No, you have to be specific Like Hatikva (national anthem) I prefer if we invent something for both Muslims… Arabs and Jews So the flag bothers you?
– Yes The fact that it is only a Jewish symbol on it If you added a Muslim or Palestinian symbol would that be okay? If it’s both Jewish and Arab?
-Yes Yes It would be okay
I don’t mind and adding something in Hatikva
that has something Palestinian Are you okay with that? What do you mean? If you added something in Hatikva the national anthem that has something to do with being Palestinian How much? I don’t know A line Two lines It wouldn’t be enough You want to see yourself
reflected in the society Is that what you mean? Kind of, yes Do you also understand because the majority, 80%
are Jewish do you understand their need
to see themselves reflected in the society? I understand but also we have rights Name something that you want that right to be part of the culture I don’t know I can’t really think of anything right now You guys need to think of these things Hold on I’ll wait, not a problem Sorry, I am not in the best mood right now I can’t really think (of something) It would be better if… If we had two different anthems or something like that Could that work? Two different anthems
and each cultural community has their own anthem Yes, that would be cool
– Yes, that would work That might be a compromise
that might work Maybe the flag the Jewish symbol we could do something like a symbols that is for all not only related to a religious symbol
– Yes a new thing A totally new thing Neutral You prefer a totally new thing Do you accept Israel
as the Jewish state? (from behind me)
No way Hold on So you don’t Bedouin Muslims
Beer Sheva (someone else behind me)
you say maybe yes Don’t be afraid, say what you want
It’s legitimate It’s everyone’s country
Not just the Jews also the Arabs It’s not only for the Jews but the culture, the majority are Jews so it goes by the culture of the Jews like the Jewish holidays It doesn’t mean it is only for the Jews There are also Arab holidays The Arabs also live here before Israel existed,
true or false? True, that is clear True that this country is for Israel
but this is also for the Arabs Arabs and Jews together Understand Where is the guy who screamed
“No way”? He ran away.
Oh, here you are So what did you say? “No way”. Why? It is not a Jewish state
Who said it was? It’s a Jewish state
– No That is according to it’s definition It is called the Jewish state… Like how Egypt is a Muslim Arab state Who defines it that way? Who defines it that way?
We do not Egypt is a Muslim state It has no… But there is 20% who are not Muslim there
actually less Okay 15% 15% but they are Christian So it is comparable No, it is not So why is it not comparable? Religion doesn’t decide Religion doesn’t decide Doesn’t decide what? Doesn’t decide Jews that Israel is Jewish by religion Everyone has their own religion Of course everyone can have
their own religion But the definition of the the definition of the state
is a Jewish state so why not? The country is Israeli
not just Jewish Not only Jewish Israeli! Israeli and also Jewish Why not? If Egypt can be both Arab there are people there who are not Arab there are No, this is a state for the Palestinian nation and the Israeli nation We define ourselves as Palestinians but live within the state of Israel Clear? So how do you call the
definition of the state? The state of Israel As long as the national anthem
doesn’t speak to me I am not talking about the national anthem That’s a different issue According to the national anthem
this state is only for you and I don’t belong to this country Okay, true It’s not that you don’t belong but you are not mentioned I cannot recognize that national anthem until they change the anthem then it cannot be also my country Right? Natcho Captain of the Israeli team
didn’t sing the anthem because that anthem doesn’t… Nachum? Natcho I don’t know him He is Circassian He didn’t sing the national anthem and he is the captain of the
Israel national (soccer) team In the last game He didn’t sing the national anthem because the anthem doesn’t speak to him It speaks only to the Jewish people As long as it only speaks to
the Jewish people you define this as the Jewish state but I don’t For me it is not Omar
Nazareth (filmed in Rawabi, West Bank) The fact that Israel defines itself
as the Jewish state is that okay for you? Israel, in my view, defines
itself not only as a Jewish state but as a Jewish and democratic state It is a paradox In my view, it is impossible Jewish state is nationality, religion
on the one side how can democracy be consistant
with the declaration of Jewish state and on the other hand democratic “Democratic”
I don’t know Give an example how it impacts you Look First, there are many laws that show the discrimination
between the Arab population and the Jewish population between Jewish and Arab citizens For example, the Law of Return from 1950 It gives a right for any Jew
from anywhere in the world to immigrate What about the Palestinians that emigrated in 1948? During the occupation What is called the Naqba Yes, 1948 How is that consistant There is discrimination in the
Law of Return That is not democracy It is impossible to speak
about democracy if we start with the Law of Return Let’s take the flag The flag speaks only to the Jews There are also Arabs here who want to be equal in rights The name “Knesset” the parliament of Israel is a name and tradition
from the Jewish religion which also shows the nationalism and the
Jewish religion that supersede democracy It’s impossible to form democracy between
two populations that are in conflict between them There are all sorts of examples of discrimination Discrimination all over the place That’s it In budgets, everywhere I am an Arab Israeli citizen that has an Israeli blue ID card and a Jew is an Israeli citizen
with an Israeli blue ID card and there is discrimination between us Nancy
Arara No I am okay with it being
called a democratic country but with it being called
a Jewish state, no because we have Muslims, Christians
and even atheists so I think that they should call it
just a country Do you know if it has any impact
on you that it is called a Jewish state? No But if you are abroad and someone asks you
where you are from you have no idea what to call yourself Israeli, Palestinian if you are an Arab And you think because the symbols
of the state are all Jewish that part impacts you? Yes Meaning if there were some
Muslim symbols for the state, to help you belong
that would help Yes, I wish it was bi they could have Muslim symbols and Jewish symbols and even Christians because there aren’t only Jews in Israel Do you accept Israel as the
Jewish state in it’s character? Jonny
Kfar Kanna (Christian village) It is the state of the Jews As a Christian, does that bother you? It depends more about the behaviour Ok, explain that We always here the issue of
the goy (gentile) It is the first racism in the world The issue of the gentile and the Jew Do you hear this a lot from Jews? Do you know any Jews? No, we don’t hear it a lot from Jews but it is an issue that is etched in me
when they taught us Torah the issue of the gentile and the Jew That there is a division?
– Yes It is the first case of racism in the world from ancient history That’s what all my thoughts
are based on Do you understand? The Jewish state “on my head”
(Arabic phrase) accepting the people that… What is
– Ala Rasi I don’t understand the phrase Meaning “I accept that” So you accept that the Jews… Yes, but they have to accept (me)
it is not fair that they don’t accept Adiv
Beer Sheva Do I accept it?
It’s a fact It just is There is nothing that
I can do about it If you could change it
would you and what does it mean? what part of the Jewish state
concept do you not like? I like Israel It’s a nice place It’s a good place for people
who believe in the idea behind it and most of the time, people
really accept and like the place that they live in The mentality I might (change) Explain “mentality” to someone
who has no idea what you are talking about You’re from abroad You might not be used to
the Israeli questions you get So people are a little intrusive in your life Oh man I know it well The Israeli questions would be Two things to categorize you as a person Because I don’t know who you are so I just want to put you in this place where I would like to know
whether or not you are somebody that is worth
talking to So I would ask you Where are you from? What do you do? and that’s it that’s where I categorize you in the Israeli state of mind As a Canadian who has
lived here 20 years that is so accurate
that is hilarious Just so you know, I am a Jew
and exactly the same thing happens to me and the second people have
no use for you by the way, that is on all sides whether they are Arabs, Jews, Palestinians People are like
“ok, you can leave now” and walk away Holy shit that’s essentially what the
Israeli mentality is That could change a little bit but anything else is just… So getting back to the actual question You’re okay with the fact
that the majority is Jewish and they want to define it
in a certain way I assume as long as it doesn’t
impact you in a negative way that seems logical That is a good question Meaning the state holidays are defined by Jewish culture… This is the status quo There is a status quo of specific holidays
that I cannot change but a place like this We are in Haifa Wadi Nisnas (neighbourhood) Wadi Nisnas is not a Jewish place or a Muslim place It is a Christian area So, on Yom Kippur businesses are open here
– Are they? I didn’t know that
– Yes, yes So people have their own
status quo over their neighbourhoods and districts so it is usually not that much
of an issue There is a freedom
– a live and let live Yes So even on Yom Kippur
where everything is shut down all across Israel This place can have its independence and continue to operate
as they would like to

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    I haven't seen nor heard of a Muslim state, nor a Catholic state nor a Hindu state, like Jews try to name their country a Jewish state.
    It's like trying to place a new name on the USA and let's call it a Christian state since most Christians in the USA are Evangelicals and Protestants.


  7. I like the idea of the project but a lot of the answers are very vague and sounds like the interviewer is pulling teeth to get something out of the interviewee.

  8. I dont understand this conflict anymore. Religion always creates such a mess. Why can't a country like Israel separate religion from politics? Let anyone practice the religion they want, give everyone the same rights and access to education and health care. Why do we need a definition of a country in terms of religion? Give it a try, it is just land. I do not understand human beings. Forgive and move on. "You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one".

  9. so sad christians lost lebanon. i would have let them be in charge of my country (israel) and syria as well

  10. Muslim majority countries display the symbol of Islam in their flags, even though parts of the population practice other religions…Israel is a democratic country where there is freedom of speech and religion, 79% of the population is jewish, so it´s the predominant culture and represents an integral part of the country´s identity, nothing wrong with that…Peace

  11. There can be no 'binational' state. Jews will only have full rights in a state run by Jews. Jews were always treated as abused dhimmi by Arabs. The Arabs have numerous islamic states that should suit their needs.

    Funny seeing these spoiled, first world Muslims in Israel complaining–even though they've NEVER faced the horrors that the Jews of muslim countries endured.

  12. The "where are you from" and "what do you do" is big in many parts of America too.

    Another interesting thing about America, Christmas is a national holiday. Us American Jews often eat Chinese food

  13. I know some people take your videos as inflammatory, but I think it is great to get people thinking about these political and social questions. Otherwise, they may only talk about these things in private among people who they identify racially with. This will often produce an echo chamber where negative feelings are reinforced. I hope Jews and Palestinians can better contemplate each other's feelings and peacefully settle their differences one day.

  14. I wanna know Adiv. Proud to call him a fellow Haifan! 🙂

    If all Arabs thought like him, we'd have peace by the end of the day.

  15. Very impressed with a lot of the respondents, even the ones who were more rejectionist and critical. Great video!

  16. Outsider's perspective here but whouldn't a 2 state solution be optimal? The jews have their country, palestinians have their country, kick out the zionist settlers in the west bank and let things cool down for a while?

  17. who ever made the question, have not read history after WWII and why was the purpose of forming a Jewish state! In the 70's there was immigration as well to the Palestinian territory from other Arab countries! Everybody decides where to live; if you don't like it go another place where your culture is majority! Canada someday would have a problem because their main minorities don't have the same religion or values as the Forefathers of Canada who were from European Immigrants!

  18. Interesting project. In this video, you asked everyone if Israel is a Jewish State. Well, that is a misleading question, because Israel is not a Jewish State. Israel is a State for Jews, built by Jews and governed by a population whose majority is Jewish. The Torah does not dictate the law. There is a separation between religion and state in Israel. Asking people if they accept Israel as a Jewish state is an incorrect line of questioning, because again, Israel is not a Jewish State. All this line of questioning can lead to is misunderstanding and creating conflict, where none actually exists. As if we need more conflict!
    Please, do everyone a favor, and go ask those same people if they accept that Israel is a State run by civil law that protects all of its citizens, inhabitants and guests?
    Ask them if they accept Israel, even if it is a state which was founded in order to assure that Jews would not have to live as oppressed minorities being endlessly scapegoated, and being targets of the most heinous crimes against humanity, without any ability to return to the Jewish people's historic homeland?
    Ask them if they accept Israel as a state, or do they think it is right that Jews should have no country to call home?

  19. I get the feeling the people interviewed are rather suspicious of the whole project. That is the reason they are tongue-tight.

  20. Many of the flags with the symbol of a cross. Did anyone from the Jews there want to add a magen David? It's all just a matter of identification to accept that this is a Jewish state for all its citizens

  21. Omar, from Nazareth, whose interview begins at 9:33, is a very articulate Palestinian who is also an Israeli citizen. He seems very Jewish, if I may say so. He is obviously not among the fanatics who want to "drive the Jews into the sea" – but he makes a number of salient points as to why Israel is not a Democracy for All. If Israel were to make a few, cosmetic compromises, She could have her cake and eat it too. First, embrace the Palestinians as their Brethren in Abraham; Second, compromise on the Flag, add a couple of verses to Hatikvah, And – most important – Draft a Constitution & Bill of Rights that Everyone can get behind.

  22. that last guy is clever!! I'm also from haifa (and am jewish) and our city is known as a city of coexistence, this is the city with the biggest variety of religions- christians, muslims, jews, druze, etc.

  23. ~10:30 It's not a paradox, discrimination of minorities is completely in line with democracy.

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    How jews and Christians lived in Muslim s countrys (middle east, north Africa).
    How Muslim & jews lived in a Christian country.(Europe).
    So one f***ing Jewish state is what the world thinking about.
    It doesn't mean another religions can't be in Israel.
    They can do everything like a Jew .(they have all the rights and they don't do anything for the country).Jewish soldiers protecting the citizens of Israel Arab ,Jewish all together.
    so why wouldn't the arab go to the army and protect their home cuz eventually it's their home too. Israel has all kind of people.

  25. These Palestinians that stayed and agreed to become a part of Israel in 1948, have a very different mentality than the Palestinians who left to attack Israel and watch it get destroyed and either became refugees in other Arab countries or that like in Gaza or West Bank.

  26. Corey asks two very important questions at 2:50. First, "The Flag. Can the Flag stay the same?" Second, "Hatikvah? Can Hatikvah stay the same?" Corey asks the question again, at 4:50 rephrasing it in terms of adding a verse or two to Hatikvah. These are very important Questions. Thank you. Corey. The man who is sitting by his storefront brings up the same issue at 8:35 concerning the National anthem, Hatikvah. For him, it is not "his State" until the National Anthem speaks to him. These exchanges got me to thinking about the possibility of someone in Israel conducting a friendly competition centered around the composition of those two additional verses to "Hatikvah" – the National Anthem… Here is the link:

  27. The last guy was good and I bet you his Christian,how come Christians can live anywere and with everyone in the world?

  28. I would like you to ask Jews,everytime the Temple was destroyed the people sinned,why did God allow the temple to be destroyed
    the second time,is it maybe the rejected there Messiah?

  29. 11:40
    An arab israeli has an Israeli blue ID card
    A jewish israeli has an Israeli blue ID card.

    where is the discrimination here? I cant see it.

  30. What kind of Vicious question!!! ISRAËL. IS a State. recognized by 33 Nations ( including Russia mind you ) what game are you playing motherf……er. ! Israël doesnt care about Boeing acceptés by anybody !!

  31. It amazes me that all these people don't realise they are all decended from old Israel the man who took all this land originally. Their DNA is the same. Wake up ! All Jews are Israel [the man ] but all Israel's children are not Jews -they are only 1/12th. Evil is killing your family with genocide . True EVIL !…..Maranatha Shalom.

  32. There is no such thing palastinians a made up nation that want recognition lol, these guys live better here then eny other muslim country so just say thanks and enjoy your rights.

  33. There are Muslim countries with Their symbol on their flag and also they praise their God in anthems.

    So many counties in the world represent as Muslim countries, there's only one nation which is Jewish and people already have a problem with it

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    •In this order.

    •that's it. Any being who is not Jesus Christ Christian, does not have any Ruling Authority or powers (or competency) whatsoever, anywhere in, on, or all around Earth, nor anywhere in infinite omniverses, &all of their pretending to have so, is what is truly "all in vain".

  36. Also Jesus Christ appeared in the 1980's to the Caucasian Human Gentile Protestimoniant Jesus Christ Christian woman, who went on to give birth to The Eaglet of Rome, The Rightful Heir of Napoleon Bonaparte, The Human Gentile Jesus Christ Christian King of Rome, &also the 1/2brother of The King of Rome, the born with hair as gold in color as gold, (-1%) ashkenazi JEWISH, Jesus Christ Christian Messianic King of Israel, The King for all manKind, so this is The Ruling Authority on Earth currently, under King of all Kings Jesus Christ.

  37. Nation states democracies are paradoxical in nature, by definition.
    They are a historical anachronism that needs to become a thing of the past.
    Not because of the Illuminatti, or the Sorros, or any other moronic conspiracy theory, but because it is a necessity for humanity to move forward.

  38. what about the fact that in the old testament, the fundamental basis of all abrahamic religons, the land of israel is denoted as the jewish homeland? every christian muslim and jew surely has to agree with this as it is the crux of their religion

  39. italy is a catholic state, france is a catholic state, russia is an orthodox state, turkey is a muslim state, saudi arabia is a muslim state… what is wrong with israel (the ancient jewish homeland, just like ancient greece for the greeks reestablished in 1830) being the jewish state? there are 50 muslim states in the world. why cant there be one jewish state in the historical jewish homeland?

  40. I think the first guy is so sweet. He looks so sad. I think its unfair to have people born in other countries push out people who lived there generations because of as much 1% genetics. Imagine if Canada or America was called an European State, or Christian State. But I am Canada, so the whole concept of one race or one faith state seems racist or exclusive. Would nobody getting exclusive claim on religious sites. After all, its human history. It be really good to teach pre ww2 history of the area. Maybe no state should be called on race or faith state? Its better to not mixed eligion and goverment. When its mixed freedom is never possible.

  41. The more I learn, the more it concerns me that Isreal is same as South Africa during appartide. Maybe the Bible is not perfect, and the Bible's impact is creating a vechicle to used to push out all non-jewish . I wish I understood the issues better.

  42. The guy saying may have a good point of Jew and gentile being the first racism in history. But I am sure racism was before that.

  43. Maybe its a good thing Christmas break turned into Winter break and other such changes maybe they are very good for Canada. 😊

  44. Down with Israel ✌️✊ 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  45. I like the 2 Israeli Arabs. Having 2 anthems is a clever out of the box thinking idea.

    I suppose it's kinda like America? It's a predominantly Christian country but there is room to include other religions holidays

  46. 5:20 Move to Saudi Arabia( probably your Utopia) and bring up the topic of "your right" when I see a woman with hijab talk about rights it just…. Never mind…

  47. Corey you are a racist trying to entrap the Palestinians. Why don't you go ask the Jews about they would achieve peace. Most if not all of the Jews want to eliminate the Palestinians as the Palestinians want to eliminate the Jews.

  48. Stop the settlements and let the Jews an Arabs have equal rights. Unfortunately neither side wants peace.

  49. Loved the video, loved the guy at the very end, he was very thoughtful before making statements. Overall great job on these interviews!

  50. The woman in 4 minute dont know a shit the tikva written in the middle of the holocaust and were found in a house

  51. Oh, good, so you have 22 countries. And you have problem with 1 jewish country………you should just kill yourself. Shame on you,

  52. Take Belgium for example: 1 federal state, 2 regional states also with a national anthem and flag for each region and also a national flag as well. If the national symbols are neutral and each region adds some cultural things it still is better than what is happening today

  53. May G-D our father bless and protect Israel 🇮🇱 and all our family all over the world conservative reform and orthodox Amen

    14:22 this is a fact no body can change it

  54. Thanks for this wonderful series!! A chance to get to know a wide range of Israelis – Jews, Arab Israelis – and Palestinians.

  55. 🧡🇮🇱🎏 DAVID’s PROPOSAL 🐡 6:10 ⚗️

    Why not a flag showing
    A goldfish in a bowl?
    Now rusing, all unknowing,
    Toward emojis… that’s MY goal…

  56. Arab christian have been brainwashed by believing jews as Gods.. tats why they got no problem by supporting jewish state..

  57. france is getting lots of muslim refugees, so lets change the flag of france and the national antheme for them


  59. An observation from an American Jew after watching a number of videos: You name the ones where you interview Jew's as "Istaeli", while the ones where you interview Israeli Muslims usually labeled "Palestinian". To fully follow your premise, shouldn't you call them "Israeli Jew" and "Israeli Arab" or "Israeli Palestinian"? Excellent points are made in this one about Hatikvah and the Flag. I wonder if a stanza can be added to Hatikvah about Palestinian aspirations? Thanks for the videos.

  60. The Jewish are majority because Israel killed most of the Palestinians then put them in secluded areas!!! The same thing happened to the Native Americans, killed them took their land then oppress them whenever they dare to ask for their rights!!!

  61. I'm trying to make a parallel with Brazil. We have a vast majority of Christians here (80%+), national holidays are mostly Christian holidays, we have for decades the inscription "God be praised" in our currency and a crucifix hangs on the walls of the Parliament. As a non-christian, these don't really impact my life negatively. In fact, gradually some events that originally had religious origin such as the Carnival or the June Festivities start being assimilated and transformed into national folklore. The real danger is when religion (or any type of identity) starts to drive the actions of people in power. During the presidential run, our president Bolsonaro had "Brazil above all, God above everyone" as a slogan, he ranted against the minorities, threatened leftists and now intends to put an "extremely Christian" judge in the Supreme Court. That's alarming. That's what IMO really hurts secular democracy.

    I'm sure that the situation in Israel is far more complex than ours. I really enjoyed how Omar (09:32) developed his ideas on the matter. It must be difficult for an Arab Israeli to feel represented there. I understand that it must be similar to what I felt while living in the UK for a year: I knew I was an "outsider", I didn't understand or feel included in all the cultural aspects. The difference is that an Arab Israeli also sees that land as their home, so it would be close to feeling like a foreigner at home. Thanks for the video, Corey 🙂

  62. These are reasonable people with reasonable disagreements expressed in a reasonable way. Compare how they speak and think with how the Palestinians in the West Bank speak and think. It is night and day. That is why the Israeli Arabs and the Israeli Jews have peace, while the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli Jews are at war.

  63. Wake UP. Blood war, sorry to say must end bloody. The Only answer is Jesus , The book of Psalms chapter 118 verses 22 – 24 turn to him. Who is him ? Answer > Exodus chapter 3 verse 14

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