38 thoughts on “Islamabad – Capital city of Pakistan

  1. I'm Indian but I don't believe that is capital of Pakistan I think it's other cities of Pakistan

  2. Islamabad is not on top of your holiday list because it may blow you off(quite literally)😂😃

  3. The best car on the streets of this bhikari mulk is a Suzuki 800😂😃… Pakistan is so underdeveloped. It's atleast 50 years behind India 😂😂😁🤔

  4. Paaaakistan zindabad 2019 come explore enjoy the foods tourism culture site seeing amazing people from all over the world are here at this min iv met people from alliver

  5. Khubsurat jgh ko rajadhani bnakr is jnnt ki jgh ko brbad kr diye.
    Kitne darakht kre honge.
    Murkho sath hi pakistan.
    Muflisi gurbat ka dusra nam pakistan

  6. Islamabad is a planned city developed after 1947. Lahore was a big city but it is very near to India. Due 2 security reasons they developed Islamabad

  7. Common pple of Pak are loving India…but Pak rulers are brutal minded…
    These Pak ruling mad mob mis using kindness of Hindusthan..
    Pakistan is the gift of Hindustan waste leaders during indpndnce struggle…. both commn hindu n muslim were cheated n killd by Congress n Muslim league ldrs

  8. Thanks allah..jinhone mujhe "hindustan" mei panah di…nahi agar pakistan mei hoti to shayad jihadi hi bani reh jati aur achi education bhi ni milta…inshaallah..proud to be an indian muslim..😘😘😘

  9. Islamabad was part of MY INDIA before 1947.But now there is full of terrirst and murders.It is happened by the help of nasty pak defence.So I am worry too much

  10. Our minds have been Being poor or rich is subjective. A pure gold heart of a poor man is his wealth.

  11. after reading so many comments i find out mostly indians are abusive, hater, ignorant and idiots, not Pakistanis. This is a video about Pakistani so if you hate Pakistan then Why THE F are you watching this video. Indians are talking about PEACE, must be joking. lolzz. These comment section tell about about mostly indians mentality. LOVE YOu PAkistan from AFGHANISTAN. DIL DIL PAKISTAN< JAN JAN PAKISTAN

  12. Stet Hotter you have confused the viewers ….. you have got Islamabad n Rawalpindi mixed up ….though both the cities are twins but there was s great difference between the two ….both of them are beautiful the difference is that Rawalpindi is very old although there are many beautiful places…. Islamabad the beautiful …

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