ISIS Loses Ground But Spread of Ideology Remains Strong

ISIS Loses Ground But Spread of Ideology Remains Strong

members of the Syrian democratic forces fired towards bargains of the last remaining in clave of the Islamic state American back militia is reportedly planning to assault the area in the coming days it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have a hundred percent of the Caliphate but I want to wait for the official word this mean the war against the once-mighty organization is over probably not it just means it is now changing its pattern the coalition's hard-won battlefield gains can only be secured by maintaining a vigilant offensive against them now largely dispersed and disaggregated Isis that retains leaders fighters facilitators resources and the profane ideology that fuels their efforts the danger now comes mostly from the Islamic states foreign fighters and many of them are from Western countries and they will carry their skills in ideology back home president Trump called on his European allies in each way to take back their eyes fighters and put them to trial at home or else they will be released the US and Europe seemed to have a common interest here there is however a major point of disagreement between Washington and Brussels regarding the American future role in Syria president Trump hopes to get the American troops out of the area as soon as possible but European leaders see this as a grave mistake and so do most analysts with the American troops on the ground actually are the only guarantee that we have an instance here to stabilize to stabilize eastern Syria all the countries who funded all said that they will fund stabilizing eastern Syria they post their money now long fought war against Isis in Syria in Iraq may come to its end with the upcoming liberation of van gogh's but as it seems the end of one war will also be the beginning of the next one Jonathan Raghava I 24 News

6 thoughts on “ISIS Loses Ground But Spread of Ideology Remains Strong

  1. Of course the ideology will still be there but have all their forces been defeated (I understand there will still be attacks)

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