Is Walter running for President? | JEFF DUNHAM: Politically Unbalanced Ep. 2

Is Walter running for President? | JEFF DUNHAM: Politically Unbalanced Ep. 2

maybe I should run for president you yeah I look like Jonathan is a lover drew this bowtie Hillary and I dress exactly the same so what would be your campaign slogan I don't give a damn no you need one no that's it I don't give a damn oh wait that's already Obama's nevermind but did you see the White House Correspondents Dinner the other day where President Obama did all those jokes yeah I did I turned it on late I thought Obama was doing stand-up for Def Jam at the end of his jokes he dropped the mic and said Obama out problem is he's not he's still there Bernie Sanders has vowed to stay in the race saying it's still possible to beat Hillary wow this guy's more optimistic than when Hillary was getting married listening to her husband's wedding vows have you noticed that Bernie Sanders that keeps trying to impress the younger voters oh yeah do you see he dropped the mic too he did yeah it was at bingo night he goes these lab dishes boom Sanders out you know what the oddsmakers are certain that Hillary will get a nomination for what this actress in an email scandal Oh tell me I wrong did you know Hillary is only five years younger than Bernie Sanders how old is she 69 what I just had a picture in my head dear God art Trump's say that Hillary Clinton was playing the woman card right I think he's wrong as she's playing the woman card no the she's a woman it is amazing how Trump jumped ahead in the race so quickly that is so if you think about it there's a pretty good chance that by mid January next year Donald Trump could have access to the nuclear codes I don't have the joke for that I just wanted to listen to 8,000 folks in their pants at the same time you

44 thoughts on “Is Walter running for President? | JEFF DUNHAM: Politically Unbalanced Ep. 2

  1. Quoting some guy I saw earlier, Walter has my vote. He may be a hunk of wood with someone's hand up his rear, but aren't all politicians. I would choose Trump over Hillary any day. Someone told me to be more supportive of a woman president. I asked "Gender doesn't matter right?" and I said that's not very politically correct. I base things on merit, not who whines loudest.

  2. Mr. Dunham….would you like to meet Walter? I got him, and he is more hilarious than yours! I may sue due to personality exactness! Or settle out of court if you come and have a beer!

  3. He would be a better president then any of the democrats right now. Maybe he should run for Senate or Congress

  4. Walter, Greg House and Red Foreman. These are fictional characters I would love to have as my President.

  5. I don’t know why people think that Trump having nuclear codes is a bad thing. He’s not going to nuke some random country. “Tell me I’m wrong!”

  6. Right now, I would like to be in an alternate reality where Walter is president!
    It would beat the hell out of being stuck with 45 having access to nuclear codes….

  7. Jeff: Did you see the White House correspondent dinner where President Obama did all those jokes?

    Walter: Yeah I did I turned it on late. I thought Obama was doing stand up for Def Jam

  8. I don't have a joke for that, I just wanted to hear 8,000 people shitting in their pants at the same time.

  9. so uh, this did make me realize that trump now has access to the missile codes and now I need a new pair of pants, underwear, bed, and floor, even though I'm Canadian, the thought of trump in possession of missiles scares me, mainly because Canada gave the U.S. Justin Bieber so I'm kinda scared that trump will bomb us in an act of revenge and karma

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