Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? – 8-Bit Philosophy

A cop pulls you over for speeding — Fascist! A security guard tells you “no smoking here” — Proto-Fascist! An Apple Store employee won’t
give you your rightful applecare refund — Diet Fascist! In today’s news cycle, no person is
called a fascist more than this man: Donald Trump. If a substantial number of educated people agree that he’s a fascist, why hasn’t this whistleblowing changed his political momentum? Why has he been able
to shake it off like it ain’t no thang? Perhaps it’s because most people
don’t really know what fascism is. The Oxford English Dictionary defines fascism as: ‘‘An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.’’ Hmm. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So let’s consider the historical etymology
of fascism — that starts with the early Roman Republic. The heads of the republic — the praetors, consuls, and quaestors — were protected by bodyguards called lictors. When they walked through the streets, the lictors waved a sort of ‘‘whacking stick’’ called a fasces, made up of a bundle of birch rods tied together with red chord. As a metaphorical object the fasces represented
the different social classes tied together, working towards a common goal. As individual
birch rods they’re weak, but as a group they’re stronger than their individual parts. Like One Direction. Still perplexed? Don’t feel bad. Italian
novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco, who studied language and lived under Mussolini’s reign, agrees that the concept of fascism is confusing. Fascism is a fuzzy term. Given that there is not one unifying principle or ideology, it’s hard to pin down. For Eco, there are certain sufficient qualities that fascism contains. Conveniently, he lists fourteen of these tropes. Such as: Fascists don’t take kindly to criticism. “Digusting reporters, horrible people.” They appeal to nationalism
through xenophobia. “He’s a Mexican! We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.” They’re built on a frustrated middle class. “Middle income in this country is being decimated. Fascism gains steam through selective populism — minority rights are given up for the larger group. “Total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” Newspeak, or simplified, digestible ways of communication rules fascist discourse. “We’re gonna to win for the country. We’re gonna to win, win, win, and we’re not stopping.” “Who likes me in this room?” The point is not that Donald Trump is a fascist,
dear viewer. The point is: does this checklist even help? Has our liberal use of language
robbed serious words of their power? In his essay “What is Fascismm,” English writer George Orwell argued that fascism, as a word, is pretty much meaningless. Even
if people could decide on a working definition, it’s overused and watered down: it’s used
as a favorite attack from the left to mean anything from a shrewd venture capitalist
to a person overly concerned with grammar. They’re just sort of insults that people
throw around willy-nilly. The larger issue is that, when we divorce history from the discussion — when people think it’s okay to call a police officer, a telemarketer,
or the PTA president a fascist — we remove the historical significance from actual political
movements. It belittles the actual suffering that occurred
from the pairing of Hungary and Gyula Gömbös, Romania and Ion Antonescu, Austria and Engelbert Dollfuss, Italy and Benito Mussolini, Spain and Francisco Franco, Croatia and Ante Pavelić,
Argentina and Juan Perón, Chile and Jorge González von Marées, Portugal and António
de Oliveira Salazar, Norway and Vidkun Quisling, and Germany and Adolf Hitler. News stories that say things like: ‘‘Neo-Nazis
worship Taylor Swift as an ‘Aryan Goddess’ who’s turning America on to fascism — here’s why” may seem cute. Perhaps it’s humorous to call Obama a fascist or heroic to put a
sticker on your guitar proclaiming that “‘this machine kills fascists,’’ but it is distanced from the reality of fascism. ‘‘Fascism’’ as a term has lost its linguistic umph. The same way it isn’t shocking to hear a person called a racist or a sexist on the daily. When phrases that have significant historical and cultural power become just another catch phrase due to overuse, they lose their power. When we don’t respect the words that we
use, the power they hold, and the history they contain, people stop caring. These words
are of no use to anyone as swear words. Even if Trump was an actual card carrying
fascist, could we call him out on it? Or have we come to the place as a society where we are completely deprived of the tools to effectively criticize? So dear viewer, have we robbed
ourselves of the ability to stop the next fascist dictator?

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  1. "have we robbed ourselves?"
    Yes, and its your fault on the left, good job idiots, though I guess thats just what communists do.

  2. Fascism is also a socialist system in which the means of production is controlled indirectly by the state.

    No mention of that crucially important fact?

  3. Yes a good half of society has rendered itself useless when trying to criticize certain things. A lot of words have been overused to extreme extent that it is quite literally rendered the words meaningless. The left and their continued protests at Berkeley are a good example. You can't simply go round for claiming everything is sexist, racist, or homophobic and have people take you seriously or even consider yourself a moral Arbiter of any kind when you so haphazardly attack things. If anything it makes you look psychopathic.

  4. President Trump is an intellectual giant of the business world. President Trump is right. Stupid lazy millenials don't like to hear the truth. They are weak and stupid.

  5. Google added the term right-wing to the definition of fascism around the time of the 2016 election. I checked 3 other dictionaries, Websters. Oxford, and American Heritage, none included the term right-wing in their definitions.

  6. What has me worried is fascism in our university, no longer do you have an opinion.
    Here is an example.

  7. I heard that fascism is a mechanised and industrial sub type of feudalism, with different social classes that people are stuck in…

  8. I like how the comments section completely proved your point, as both left and right start yelling these words at one another.

  9. One could look to Giovanni Gentile (being that it was his whole deal) for a pretty good rundown on what fascism is. However, I think calling him, or Mussolini for that matter, is quite a stretch.

  10. It's ironic that in this video they decided not to educate people on the matter of what exactly Fascism is – withholding actual, scientifically valid definition.

    Instead of intensional definition specifying all the necessary and sufficient conditions, the essense of Fascism, ways to tell Fascism from other types of government, we got silly and useless extensional definition – thoughtless enumeration of Fascist regimes with zero analysis.

    And that's understandable since it is basically taboo and heresy in US. Because, you know, once you learn the definition of Fascism, you might start questioning whether US is a pretty much Fascist country. And that kind of crimethink can't be allowed, right?

    Fascism is a Reactionary Anti-Communist Capitalist Statist oppressive regime. And/or ideological basis to build one.

    Everything else is derivative or circumstantial. Black, Asian or Jewish Fascists are just as Fascist as White Supremacy Fascists.

    Hillary Clinton, her Wall Street / corporate / MSM backers and the Faux-Left are the best representation of bona fide Fascists we have in US today. But both parties are, fundamently, more or less Fascist parties.

    Is Trump Fascist? Sure. Way less than Hillary, though. And who said Fascists do not compete with each other – they do.

  11. 3:22 SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGED ANTE PAVELIC?! God damn I didn't think anyone knew about that since no one ever gave a fuck…

  12. Down voting just because you said peron was a facist when he was not, showing you did not check shit before making the video.

  13. In case you’re wondering, the United States is currently expressing about 10 of the 14 characteristics of fascism. The other four are present, but to a lesser extent

  14. I agree that the word 'fascist' is overused, but Trump definitely fits the definition, so to use it to describe him would be correct. What is incorrect is when people use the word to describe neo-liberals, and conservatives, (they're still shitty but they arent fascists)

  15. Fascism is a good thing. People have been fooled into thinking it's an insult. Calling someone a fascist is a lot like calling someone by any other ideology — a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Christian, a Muslim, etc. etc. It's only actually insulting to the person if that person considers it insulting because, otherwise, it's just a fact. If someone called me white, a Christian, or a fascist, I wouldn't be insulted because they'd just be stating facts.

  16. The narrator sounds a lot like The Narrator in The Stanley Parable. I had to go down into the description to check who it was.

  17. the ad at the end is so ironic. squarespace will not fend off fascists. in fact, one of the biggest critiques of liberal capitalism is that it slides towards fascism easier than sliding left or staying put. Philosophy Tube has a good video about that in his critiques of liberalism

  18. The problem is that so many people like fascism and want a fascist dictator, even if they vehemently deny it.

  19. Whatever exact adjective you use to describe Trump's politics, similarities can – and should, in many cases – be pointed out between current and past political trends. Insofar as they are pointed out in a way that presents both the similarities and the differences in accordance with the history. I'd contest to calling Trump a literal fascist or racist. Other connotations that express the similarities in a nuanced way, however, are more appropriate, e.g. Trump is a crypto-fascist or racist-opportunist.

  20. WTF Wisecrack. Why on earth did you label Perón as a fascist. People, really, try to get informed about him and about Argentine history.

  21. Neo-marxism is so hell bent of grouping people most of the labels they use have lost the original meaning

  22. I've noticed that, post-2015, definitions of "fascism" became lists of vague attributes that can be attributed to the vulnerable dark side of spiritually unremarkable people in general.

  23. This video spent too long on the definition of the word instead of properly analysing Trump's politics.

  24. A: Fascism has many schools of thought and we have different interpretations of what to do. I personally believe we should strengthen the individual and form a collective of individuals through free trade.

    B: Hitler was not a Fascist, He was a Nazi.

  25. Ah wisecrack – a video title offering a political stand, and a video that moralizes about how we've broken the legs upon which the premise stands.

    One should expect nothing less with a name like wisecrack. No Right Answer, no risk, no stand against the tide of insufferable anti-intellectualism.

    *Just another clickbait title*. 8-Bit philosophy has gone downhill.

  26. I always thought fascism was any form of government were the elites use force and emotional manipulation to strip civil liberties from their citizens.

  27. Nothing is more annoying about fascism other than the fact that there is hardly any agreement on what the hell it is.

  28. Michael Mann provides perhaps a great definition of fascism, but only covers the European fascism of the 1930s, 40s and 50s: "fascism is the pursuit of a transcendent and cleansing nation-statism through paramilitarism." He highlights 5 terms in his definition: nationalism, statism, transcendence, cleansing and paramilitarism. The great thing about Mann's work is that he reviews numerous other definitions of fascism, and points out that fascism, for example, does not have a systemic ideology, like Marxism.
    With the political science and sociological literature, we needn't go to an oxford dictionary (far too vague definition, and poor starting point). And the example given of 14 qualities is not parsimonious and it is unclear how many of them a leader must meet in order to be a fascist. What if they meet only 3? Or 7? Or 13?
    Also, the strictest sense of the word only applying to Italy under Mussolini seems fairly useless, especially given the spread of fascism throughout Europe and even other parts of the world, like the southern cone in South America. If they share important, clear commonalities, why does only one case get the label?

  29. Facism is like Communism, but there in classes. Giving complete power to state, and obident to the state, it's another totalarian system.

  30. It's official.  Books and evidence are piling up every day.  Check out Timothy Snyder's "The Road to Unfreedom".  In truth the far right has existed in the US for a very long time.  They have never accepted that the civil war is over and their ideology and policy is sick and inhuman.  Their ideas are deeply rooted and growing stronger.  Fascists in the US have been strengthening connections with Putin’s Russian oligarchy for some time now.  They want to destroy our free and open system along with the middle class to create a corporate welfare state of massive inequality and zero social mobility.  The US is drifting farther to the right every day.  If you value your freedom, the start learning your history for real (that means reading books by historians not watching propaganda) so you can learn the truth and vote for politicians that are not liars, traitors and thieves.  Without the historical knowledge you will fail to understand politics.

  31. Hey Amigos at Wisecrack! We have an endless list of fascist dictators in Argentina and you picked an elected president (Juan Domingo Peron) who gave people many rights we still enjoy today. Was he a fascist? Depends who you ask. However, we have had far worse and probably better picks would've been Videla or Galtieri. These two were de facto presidents while we had the "disappearance" (and of course torture and murderer) of over 30000 people, repression of social protests, censorship in various disciplines of the arts, no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, etc. I can write all day about the atrocities committed by the last dictatorship. The point is that even though Peron wasn't the best, he is far from being a ruthless dictator like Videla.

  32. I believe there is nearly no German who can relate to this explanation. Because only Anglo-Saxons (or only North-Americans?) seem to use the word fascism (and Nazi, by the way) so, so very loosely (and thereby belittle it, as pointed out in the video). In Germany the only people called fascists are Hitler and Mussolini plus their followers.

  33. Great video 👍😁 very objective!!! I wish the networks were objective. maybe without all their biases, we wouldn't have this much hate in our socio-political climate.

  34. We're mostly children and adolescents, politics are mostly not our concern. And no, he is not a fascist. He has opinions, and he's outgoing with his opinion. He never silenced those who disagreed with him. Honestly, the Oxford dictionary has a bias. Fascism is actually leftist… A lot of medias are calling him a "fascist, liar," and all that junk though is he silencing them? Can he silence them?
    Fascism today: "Hey, you can't say that that's homophobic you Nazi, that's racist, that's bigot, that's xenophobic!" Even if they simply disagree with it, and it really isn't that racist. Trump never silenced a minority or news outlet.What is Sharia law? What's "political correctness?"What did "Nazi" mean? Oh yea, National Socialist! And how are they Nationalists? They wanted to conquer and unite the world, sounds more like globalism to most of us. The Soviets denounced fascists, though they were truly fascistic themselves: they denied the people freedom of speech. What did the NKVD and KGB do to people who said something against the USSR? How much censorship and tyranny was there?
    Alright, chill and have fun, folks.
    Wisecrack, thank you for truthfully covering this topic. Nice creative artwork, makes it easier to target younger audiences and simplistic for younger folks to digest.

  35. You can just look up the doctrine of facism by Benito Mussolini it's free here is a link.

  36. So, fascism is a term that shrouds the unsolvable dilemma of the negatives versus the positives of the power in numbers? Fascism is the obverse of the positives of unification?

  37. Trump is a Fascist, this video dances around the point in order not to antagonise deplorable assholes who voted for him.

  38. I don't say I think Trump is fascist, but I think this video is a bit wrong. We might have overused fascism a bit, but a lot of facist government did not instantly start by rounding up people to do genocide. Hitler got elected democratically. For a pretty long time 3rd Reich was considered a cool country by the West.

    Overusing it too much is bad, but at the same time, before Hitler started being really genocidal a lot of people would think calling him a facist would be wrong.

  39. You explained it yourself. Trump is elected in democratic election, fascism is a dictatorship. Leftists are using insults with the most shock value like there is no tomorrow, then cry like little snowflake bitches when their insults loose all its power.

  40. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's a motherfucking duck. Arguing whether it's a mallard or wood duck is besides the point and deliberately obscurantist. Quack quack motherfucker: Trump is a Fascist.

  41. jew is that guy with the cannon btw ,they dont get along with no1, always screaming and being paranoid for percecution ..And they have a point . They are right to be paranoid…

  42. Decir que Perón fue Fascista, y no nombrar a Rafael Videla, creo que hay algo que pasó por alto,va creo yo

  43. I agree that people use the word for anyone they don't agree with. The same could be said for the right, calling anyone on the left Communist/Socialist without even knowing what those words mean and sometimes using them interchangeably. Using those words merely as insults take the meaning out of them. The more we educate ourselves the better off we will be. But how do we educate ourselves in a world full of misinformation that is easily accessible sometimes more so than actual, objective truth?

  44. 2:24 onward is elegantly put forward an amazing explanation/detailed description / demonstration… of what is happening in this weird era of politically charged social construct of this world…onehunna

  45. dont worry america is buit to prevent fascism. all the founding fathers agreed that the people should own guns and overthrow the american government if it turns fascist. also trumps term is only gonna be another 5 years tops so if he tries pullin some Palpatine shit, he aint gonna get far.

  46. Sooooo….despite there being a Doctrine of Fascism written by the founder of Fascism we''re still going to pretend like it's a loose term?

  47. yes people actually listen to that lists

    in chiles theres also aguirre cerda and argentina is full of them (there were even a gencide there)

  48. Yes Trump and his supporters are fascist–the whole right in America is.

    It's a very broad term… This guy's a dumbass too, doesn't know wtf he's talking about…

  49. Gotcha. I will be careful with my words from now on and not forget their historical meaning. I don't want to lose the "oomph" when I criticize the real deal, like Duterte.

  50. Boy howdy, has this not aged well, asking "is Donald Trump a fascist"… allying with our enemies, putting children in cages, committing impeachable offenses in the middle of other impeachable offenses… all for personal gain and/or to satisfy his own desires or those he is beholden to…

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