Is Trump Ready for a Global Outbreak?

Is Trump Ready for a Global Outbreak?

Unlike natural disasters, where damage comes
from god-like geological forces, in epidemics, the damage comes from other people, and the microbes spreading through their blood and breath. Natural disasters bring communities together,
but outbreaks tear them apart. They make people frightened of their neighbors. To counter that, communities need clear-headed
leaders, reliable information, and a unifying spirit. Mary T. Bassett, New York City’s health
commissioner, exemplifies those skills. In October 2014, when physician Craig Spencer
was diagnosed with Ebola after returning to New York from Guinea Bassett stood out as a voice of calm. She appeared on the news, assuring New Yorkers
that they had nothing to fear from the virus. She held town hall meetings with the Liberian
community to ensure that they weren’t being discriminated against. She joined the mayor and his wife in eating
meatballs at the restaurant that Spencer had visited in the days before he was admitted to the hospital, and tweeted a photo of the meal. “There were people lined up around the block,”
she told me. “That was part of tamping down public panic
and speaking out against stigma.” Meanwhile, television personality Donald Trump
had also taken to Twitter. He called Spencer a “very SELFISH man.” He described Barack Obama as a “psycho” for not banning flights from the Ebola-afflicted countries, even though no direct flights existed. Counterintuitively, such bans actually increase the odds that outbreaks will spread, in part because they discourage health workers from
helping in foreign outbreaks, for fear that they’ll be denied re-entry. And Trump clearly felt that such Americans
should be denied re-entry. “KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!” he tweeted. “[They] are great—but must suffer the consequences.” Trump is now President. When he faces his first major epidemic, as
his predecessors have, he will likely project his impulsivity, xenophobia, and cavalier
attitude towards facts to over 52 million followers with a speed that no virus could match. The president’s readiness to buy into conspiracy
theories could sway a populace that, during the time of Ebola, were already prone to disproportionate paranoia. His tendency to label what he disagrees with
as “fake news” will zip through social media networks that are already struggling to stop malicious parties from seeding inaccurate information to vulnerable people. His isolationist rhetoric will spread among
an America already polarized by extreme partisanship, and a world increasingly given to nationalism. Such nationalism could be catastrophic because
diseases demand global cooperation. Viruses spread too easily. No travel ban will stop them. No wall, no matter how big or beautiful, will
hold them back. So the best way of preventing pandemics is
to contain outbreaks before they get a chance to spread. The U.S. cannot possibly consider itself protected
if other nations are not.

59 thoughts on “Is Trump Ready for a Global Outbreak?

  1. This horrific man is already causing generational damage to the fabric and all elements of what is the US. Just by fucking up everyday affairs completely. Unleash this bloated cauldron of malignancy on a major flu outbreak and he'll use the force to zoom in on where he can inflict most damage and unleash his inner kraken.

  2. Lol trump isn’t even ready for a common cold, theres no way he’d handle a national epidemic properly. That’d probably end up being the demise of the country/the world.

  3. Thing is, this is just a story. Just some claims. No evidence, no statistics, no facts, just a mythology, backed up by spooky music and a voice actor.

  4. Perhaps we should be more careful as to whom we let into our country? Think about it, we're more cautious when it comes to the importation of food, animals and plant life, than we are with human beings ffs. The people over at the Atlantic seem hell bent on scaring the American public with threats of deadly diseases, yet they're also in favor on of non-stop immigration from 3rd world countries were infectious diseases are rampant…

  5. You make a couple bold factual statements but offer no support, no citations… Not even below the video. Without citations we cannot easily confirm the veracity of your statements. Its like seeing someone buy a rope and a ski mask and telling you they like winter climbing, I dont know if they are going climbing or plan on raping someone…if your statements are true use citations below the video or in a 1 second screen at the end of the video.

  6. Pandemics only come when mass food shortages come and the population is borderline starving……. please get some education….. morons.

  7. Sideshow donald would move all operations too a bunker with just he and Ivanka labeling every other human on the planet expendable. He would also use an outbreak as an excuse to go full on dictator implementing martial law and death camps to exterminate all the racial groups and others he finds distasteful. Beware for real though as they're going to be building the camps for the separated children of immigrants and the US is leaving the UN Human rights council–supposedly over unfair treatment of Satanyahu's Israel… We are one national emergency away from Tyranny. The machinery is in place and the US populace os otherwise engaged in online shopping or social media there would be no easier moment in history for fascism to usurp the throne.

  8. You guys are under the impression that all pandemics can be stopped if we just remain open and work together… We'll see.

  9. It's interesting that the video addresses stigma and panic and the graphics and music are soo fear-inducing.

  10. Hey I have an idea. How about you stay away for American, Turmp is my president and I'm proud of it. He is not yours! But don't worrie snowflake if your unhappy now, your life will be getting worse.

  11. The Infection control plans are not based on Xenophobia but sound science-based practices.
    The current Pandemic "plans" for ALL countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) is to close/reduce travel.
    – These infection control plans (including Quarantine / Isolation) have been established for decades (and updated after every event).
    – I would question the skills of any emergency manager who did not agree with Quarantines / Isolation.

  12. Trump and his staffers of his administration are incapable of truthfulness and shame, so don’t expect too much (if at all) from them! Look at the “tremendously magnificent” work they have done in Puerto Rico! All he did was throwing paper-towels!

  13. U.S. people have always been manipulated through fear, very well and detailed propaganda that now it is unnoticeable for most. Unfortunately people living in the U.S. do not have as strong an immune system as others in less developed countries who have strengthened their immune system by being exposed to more non-deadly virus and bacteria.

  14. Nope, dotard will just call it "fake news" and his legion of morons will blindly listen to him and argue anyone who points out their error.

  15. I thought this was gonna be fact based but youre just assuming paranoia is a bad thing. If nobody was worried, epidemics would spread faster and further. It's your job as a leader to protect your people. It's not your responsibility to ensure other countries are safe. Nationalism is not a great evil to be feared in the way ebola or zika are, you ended the video with a completely baseless assertion that nationalism would cause other countries to be more affected? It's their duty to contain and protect withing their borders, letting people travel freely is how these things spread and kill or deform more than necessary. Terrible journalism/tabloid piece.

  16. I do love a good bit of political fatalism to start the day but what I love even more is facts backed up by studies. Conjecture is not and will never be a fact. Try harder.

  17. Just more Trump bashing. Flight should have been banned. He might have the country wrong but the flight ban right.

  18. That’s why America helped the whole world get rid off small pox, because they understand this, today’s American clear believe they live in another planet

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