Is Trump a white supremacist? Chokwe Antar Lumumba says yes.

Is Trump a white supremacist? Chokwe Antar Lumumba says yes.

Finally, Mayor Lumumba, this climate today,
what we’re just coming off of last weekend, these two mass killings. In El Paso, a white supremacist apparently
releases a manifesto talking about the “invasion.” You have President Trump repeating those words
thousands of times this year alone, just in his campaign ads in January and February, apparently, 2,200 times using this word “invasion,” then going after congresswomen of color, going after Congressmember Cummings after his house was invaded by an intruder. You have President Trump saying, “Aw, too
bad,” in a tweet. Can you talk about white supremacy? You are a longtime activist. President Trump, do you see him as a white
supremacist? I do. I do. I return to the statement that I made when
we initially started our discussion. I think that we have to reflect on where the
soul of this nation is. You know, America is infected with a disease,
and that disease is called racism. It often is utilized to support economic benefits
of corporations, the economic benefits of those who use such divisions in order for
their personal profit. And I think that we’re seeing a president
who exacerbates that, a president who is incited by that. And so, we have to really reflect on where
the soul of this nation is, when he has the slogan that he wants to “make America great
again.” When we reflect on the labor policy of this
nation, not only what we’re seeing today — we think about the Africans that were
snatched off of a continent to work for free — my ancestors — when we think about all
of the oppressive conditions of dehumanizing and pushing away unions, this country has
had a long-standing labor practice that is just despicable at best. And so, the idea of “make America great
again,” we don’t see a country that has gone wrong, in my opinion; we see a country
that has never been right.

71 thoughts on “Is Trump a white supremacist? Chokwe Antar Lumumba says yes.

  1. Lies lies and more lies. The Russian lie didn’t work so now it’s the fake race card. Trump was never called a racist until he ran for office against the Democrats. All of you who pushes this lying crap are nothing but scum!

  2. I could not agree with this man more. Trump is a white supremacist. He tolerates the presence of people "snatched" from Africa. Stealing people is wrong. These stolen people must be returned to their home in Africa NOW to end this social injustice. If this man is still in the US tomorrow it proves Trump is a racist.

  3. Trump? The Democratic leadership seems to have no problems handing over the keys to the democracy to Trump and his "acting" government and right-wing courts.

    Why has Trump been allowed to go on for so long, when he already been passed having the most corrupt administration in history? White America hides behind Trump and politics, and POC have to pay for it.

    Just the fact that he raids the very working people who pays the supposed welfare to farmers because of his terrible trade deals One of the biggest shams and outright racist policies of abuse and trafficking of people.

  4. Insofar as Donald Trump can form from his fog of narcissism any kind of ideology, yes– he is a racist and a white supremacist.

  5. Why is anyone continuing to ask this question? Yes. He is a racist. PERIOD. The question should be what are we going to do about it? It's time to stop talking. The time is long overdue for action.

  6. Donald Trump Is A Racist 2nd But An Aspiring Imperialist 1st….What He Is 1st Is More Dangerous That Him Being Racist..He Cares Nothing About White People Either.

  7. SEE THE NETFLIX ALT RIGHT FILM THEY ARE all white supremacist including the insane American renaissance who want to divide America into sections based on race

  8. If the answer to the question “how the heck did America end up with a white supremacist President” is that its institutions, made of and for “elite” but savagely mediocre white dudes, on both sides, couldn’t consider the possibility of it happening here because they were to supremacist themselves, dismissive of women, minorities, anyone different…all the people who were exactly the ones who were always going to be able to warn the best of white supremacism…then the next question should be obvious.
    On one level, it’s simple: what are we going to do about a white supremacist President? But on another level, it’s more complex: can the very institutions that failed to protect America from a supremacist presidency because they themselves were little balls of misogyny, racism, xenophobia…supremacy…begin to understand the ironic, bizarre, upside-down mess they’ve created…and be a little bit wiser, better, fairer…so that we have a functioning society again? And yet it’s also unfair to describe this President as a white supremacist. Not because it’s unkind, but because it’s too kind. The President routinely demeans women, he’s a classic misogynist. He genuinely appears to be full of a kind of bottomless hate for everyone, that’s calling being a predator. He’s never met a crony he wouldn’t reward, that’s kleptocracy; he’s installed his family in high office, that’s nepotism; he’s happy to abuse the powers of his office to savage democracy, that’s authoritarianism. He’s not just a white supremacist. The only thing he appears to believe in is the rule of unrestrained violence, the dominion of the strong over the weak, and people like that are rightly called fascists. I'll leave it at that, judge for yourselves.

  9. Who gives a F what Chokwe thinks?! He could think we're all aliens, but doesn't mean he's right. Opinions don't equal facts..

    P.s. Maybe we are all aliens 😜

  10. Democrats use White supremacy and racist on every Republican since Pres Reagan…. Just like Fred Flintstone used 'yabba dabba doo'. I thought a racist was more like the Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia when he wears 'blackface' .

  11. This is disrespectful and insulting and cheapens "white supremacy" and allows real supremacists to come out of the closet. And Amy ignored the mass shooting in Chicago…. keep up your dog whistles.

  12. FYI, There are more then 9 million slaves in Africa Today 2019. Why don't you focus on that? You people say you hate Trump yet you can't shut up about him, you must really love him deep down inside.

  13. Theres no such thing as white supremacy, its an invention of the left. If you dont agree with lefty policy you get branded a "white supremacist" but the left has over-played the race card so much people dont buy it anymore. Immigrants and refugees flee "minority" countries to live in the west. Western countries like the US are the only countries that respect human rights and equality.

  14. I don't know. He called Lizzy Warden Pokohauntess, and that doesn't seem racist. It is hard to tell if Trump uses racial slurs.

  15. There were also mass shootings in Dayton by Antifa, and 17 mass shootings in inner city violence during the same week. Yes it is true that white supremacy is a problem, but it is just one slice of the problem pie. And NO, Donald Trump is NOT a white supremacist. That is a lie, a smear and slander for political purposes. Chokwe Antar Lumumba is a race baiter.

  16. GEEE IDK IIISSSS HEEEE???? what a brilliant question, ive not pondered it. lemme get back to you, I shall have to review the record. what the FUCK media

  17. Obviously, its nearly impossible for him to avoid saying something racist, stupid and or offensive. If scum like that can become president, anyone can.

  18. No echo chamber here…no echo chamber here….no opposing viewpoint…no opposing viewpoint….no apparent bias…no apparent bias….

  19. Ok because they "know" that as much as he is a russian bot aye?

    Dont ever again accuse others of the lack of facts. Its this kind of pathetic "journalism" that will get Trump re-elected by landslide. When will you ever unterstand?

  20. Bernie Sanders: " White People don't know what it's like to be Poor". Joe Biden : "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as White kids". Folks, their Logo isn't a DONKEY for nothing. Welcome to the Party of "Dumb Privelege". At least Trump is an equal opportunity offender.

  21. What's the point, then? What do the words Democracy Now even mean? The defeatest sentiment expressed in this clip is yet another threat to the American Experiment. There are two propaganda outlets that I dislike, Fox "news" and this one. Of the two DN is worse, because FN viewers are, generally speaking, uninformed and lack a so-called Higher Education. The viewers/readers here are far more likely to have graduated high school and probably most have some type of college degree. (So much for the value of a college degree.)

    There isn't even a place on Democarcy Now's website for comments or discussions. I believe one should be better informed after watching a network that has as lofty (intentionally impossible mission statement) goals as DN. If you look at their site, you'll find every conceivable world challenge expressed. The unrealistic scope makes the network as grandious in nature as the 60's TV show's Green Acres newspaper, The Bugtussel Gazzette and World Gaurdian.

    There isn't any reason why DN can't make the scope of its mission a possible one, such as making the United States a better country. One doesn't/can't do that when one has given up on the experiment – or never believed in it in the first place.

  22. America’s biggest problem is the social divide and one that prevents an economic consensus creating
    Pressure for government support of labor unions, cooperatives and collective bargaining rights.
    This one issue could elevate social standing and eliminate the need for the nanny state.

  23. The Eurotrash who invaded this country were the original racists. The day they invaded was the last good day in this country.

  24. That's why he threatened Sweden with consequences over ASAP rock? Is that why he's LOWERED black unemployment rates to lowest in history? Was it pardoning that dead boxer to clear his name from the wrong he did? Your guests were the ONLY RACIST featured in this video…..🤯 And here I used to think you guess did fair news…..

  25. Republicans, what is the proper "political etiquette" in response to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton?
    The usual republican talking points that avoid taking responsibility for refusing to ban assault weapons and then blaming it all on video games and the need for better mental health?

    Proper "Constitutional etiquette" is to allow the full Senate to vote on:
    > a Supreme Court nominee;
    > a bipartisan gun bill.

  26. White supremacist?

    The USA has deep and fundamental urgent problems. It doesn't take a genius to recognize these. It does however need an understanding of a wider context.

    Does Trump use his experience and knowledge to try and address this? Yes! But he is found wanting. As businessman and as politician. Why?

    Trump's 'strategy' is very predictive and transparent. His claim to keeping his opponents in the dark is delusional. Trump is an open book. Not Shakespeare. One with pictures and connect-the-dot puzzles.

    1.Trump's strategy is to define a 'problem' according to his definition. He frames the problem. Chooses the words to describe it or not to describe it.
    2. He creates the environment and context of 'problems'.
    3. He sets the agenda how the 'problem' should be addressed eg talking points, time frame, what, when, where, how, who.
    4. He isn't interested in solving the 'problem' that he originally created — it is his playground — it is the reason why he is president. The reason why he is still president of the USA.
    5. Unexpected and real problems are framed and described not as problems. Trump doesn't have the ability or the integrity to face reality. This is why Trump is a different person when he goes off script, when he isn't in telepromt mode, when he is faced with real people in real suffering with real emotions. That is when Trump exposes his emotional 1770 airports, his Don Quixote windmill giants. And goes where he is safe: Me, me, me, me…
    6. His whole regime is subservient to him as he has effectively silenced dissent and alternative opinions with 'you are fired'-threats via his tweets.

    Trump is a master in controlling the political agenda. Not only in the USA, but also globally where he has to promote his interests. His skill in dominating how conflict — real, potential or as threat — is focussed on how these conflicts are structured by rules that suits him. The main objective for Trump is to exploit preferred kinds of conflict enabling him to create a competitive advantage, to create a monopolistic position and to mobilize bias in the 'management' of these 'problems' with the effect that he determine what is 'in' and what is 'out' — his own preferred problem priorities as opportunities!

    Indeed, he who determines what politics is about — and not about — runs the country!

    Central to Trump's 'problem management' — and the creation of 'problems' — is the wish for personal gain and advantage through the artificial manafactured 'problem'. A 'problem' that is manufactured mainly by a appeal to a perceived 'unfairness' in the distribution of resources.

    The manufacturing of problems is always and exclusively triggered by the following 'triggers': technological changes, ecological changes, natural disasters, imbalance in distribution of resources, unanticipated human events, innovations in weapons technology, patterns of world allignment, international conflict, and war. This is Trump's playground!

    Trump's cynical 'policy' is to create a link. A link between these triggers and a 'grievance' or 'problem' which transforms the issue into an agenda item meriting attention — legitimizing his jurisdiction and governmental authority.

    Using Twitter as medium Trump is able to expand the 'issue' to an attentive public using messages that are specifically aimed to be: ambiguous (reaching an expanded public), socially significant, non-technical, lacking a clear precedent.

    Where Trump experience push back or is confronted with his 'manufacturing of problems', his approach is primarily to discredit the person or group if he isn't or wasn't able to co-opt these persons or leaders. Critique is eliminated through a 'You're fired'- management style.

    The language used in expanding the 'problem' to his base is through symbols that provoke strong positive or negative reactions that arouse concern, provoke action, dissuade opposition and project a 'strength' of commitment and support. The 'problem' has become visible, the problem has become reality a-la-Apprentice Reality Show!

  27. You are inciting violence against Trump!
    It’s not racist to criticize politicians of color!
    You people are just as low as the racists!
    You’re no better than the racists!

  28. It's not that some people can't see if Donald is racist it's that they Refuse to see it. Anyone who defends him has some amount of racist ideas within themselves. No one person considers themselves racist. Only through self reflection can one see we all have some trace amounts of this negative trait. It's a matter of not letting it take over your own better judgment and seeing it for what it is and understanding It Is an irrational mindset that needs to be purged for the betterment of society.

  29. It's funny how people think slavery is over lol. Debt Slaves are the best kind because you can tell them they are free and to fight for FreeDumb lmao

  30. If being a realist and telling it like it is if that's racist then I'm one too… This narrative of no borders is absurd putting non citizens above citizens is absurd. I'm not saying white supremacy doesn't exist America has been very racist. The democrats are racist the party that's been holding minorities back since slavery.

  31. Trump goes after every person white, black or brown, man or women he feels is corrupt -So Not Racist
    Martin Luther King's niece says Trump is NOT a racist – think that says it all!
    Ilhan Omar said people should be 'more fearful of white men' – er I think that's racist!!!

  32. We’re waaay past that point. The only thing Trump needs to do now is to accidentally stumble into a supersonic.50 cal bullet.

  33. Nothing but propaganda of Trump being a white supremacist. He was never called a racist ever till he ran and won the election. So wtf happened? He became a racist out of nowhere because? If you keep saying enough over and over again that he is a racist some people might believe it and it is working because their are a lot of sheeple out there. Also, how and when did America become more racist? So Obama left office and all of a sudden America became a raging racist country again like really guys. This guy saying this country so racist doesn't make it so, and if it is why do people around the world still try to come here if it is so racist.

  34. Vampires (egos) judge, depreciate, diminish and hate human beings (hearts) to manufacture "entitlement' to do ugly things to them. But White Supremacist is the wrong word. "White Inferiorist' is the correct word.

  35. He wants the kkk votes that's it stop giving it ammunition by advertising for the kkk vote, people will die and you are partially responsible he isn't bothered either way as long as he gets what he wants, being racist is a bad moral and ethical decision do you actually equate donald trump with the words ethical and moral, honestly the kkk is never going to hear a report about racism and think to themselves these coloured burnings, white hoods and nazi symbols might be racist I think I'll change my vote now how about you report his economic failings instead

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