46 thoughts on “Is Trump a Populist Authoritarian?

  1. He’s definitely not a populist, he has actively been working against the people, and has been giving power and privileges to the rich

  2. TRump is bad blah blah blah media and elites still dont get it, the people are tired of corrupt politicians playing with the people's mandate and they want to be represented in the government by people (whoever it may be) who can advance their interests. Wake up!

  3. Dude you are just another brainwashed idiot. the left is the authoritarians. I bet you're a beta male too.

  4. The sad thing is that Trump could of easily ushered in a new age of conservative philosophy. But he ruined that with collusion with Russia. He didn't need them to win, but he shot him self in the foot. His "movement" went out with a whimper after his impeachment.

  5. No, Trump's a populist, but only a wanna-be authoritarian. But as long as the uneducated keep voting in people like him, he'll get his wish if they let him. It's what demagogues do, and who else than a rich guy who's switched membership of four different political parties seven times? The only political ideology he has is "Catchallism" or "Big Tent", whatever gets him the most votes.

    Heh, even then he was put in office by a minority of voters.

  6. You do not really understand. Hitler's Nazi party (National SOCIALIST party of the German worker) was, as the name suggests a socialist/left wing party. They were buddies with the socialist fascists of Italy and for some time with the United soviet SOCIALIST republics of Russia (until Hitler betrayed them, of course.) FDR of the USA (left wing Democrat ) was their advisor and they even supplied war machinery to Deutchland and Italia. No way they were going to come on side and struggle against the left in Europe (Good thing the Japs bombed them to wake them up about the Axis powers.

    Western democracies were built upon Judo-Christian values, but we have abandoned all that now and have invited the left to brainwash us on the media. They are even trying the internet now. Fortunately some of us are clued in to what is really coming down. The right wing around the world is getting "popular" – our numbers are growing. "Gov't by the people, for the people, etc. " Real democracy! We vote and the left is history… bad history, but not history which will repeat itself.

    Europe is about to be restored. Merkle is finished. Now Italexit, + Brexit + Polexit + Hungar-exit Austrexit …and many more coming. Trudeau will be history in 2019. We will make Canada great again. If you like the left I think Putin will welcome you. "Bye now!

  7. No doubt it will get more heated…..but maybe America needs to flush all of this out of their system……and then proceed with a colonoscopy exam to see where the good and bad tumours are…….

  8. Authoritarian belongs to the Liberal Democraps. Republicans stand for limited government. I don’t recall Trump telling me what to eat, where to sleep and what bathroom to use. It is the libtard nazis doing that.

  9. Is there a question here? All I'm hearing is the masturbatory fever dream of Trump and the 30% of the electorate he's enlisted as his minions…

  10. I wish I could say that new laws or constitutional admendments will be created to strenghen our democracy as a result of Donald's actions but I'm sure nothing will change. USA democracy is doomed.

  11. Authoritarianism actually requires the leader to consolidate political power to stay in power. Obama, Bush, Trump etc are not Authoritarians.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lclcn4SAw9c

    Putin just won re-election with a reported 74% of the vote, which the west is paining as voter fraud and manipulation… and the killing of opposition leaders, external critics, and internal journalists (not that ever happens in America) and yet he is one of the most popular people in Russia, with only a weak opposition… he is all that you have painted as an Authoritarian leader, and is the counter picture to Trump, without his deficit in the area of Charisma..
    just noticed that this video is over a 13 months old… so perhaps you need to update 😀

  13. Can you get your ideological blinders off long enough to realize that no president in our lifetime has NOT had authoritarian tendencies? Both sides of the aisle do it. Name a president who didn’t at least attempt to expand executive and federal powers, as well as use the bully pulpit.

  14. any one to you who speaks on islam is fake populist do you know why the left is losing almost every where now because the left wont touch islam in fact to stop all critic of it with your a racist witch is a straw man argument islamic terrorism is because of islam if it was not then it would be non muslims doing the attacks and in europe we have constant islamic attacks and no white school shooters so don't try straw man me the left will lose until it dishes out the law equally and realises inviting muslims full stop to the west is dumb they have more kids that us and have a backwards morality due to islam

  15. Trump may not have become authoritarian but his actions of trying to go around Congress and the asking of "loyalty" shows that he at least plays with the idea. He would rather make decisions and impose those on the govt. entities and the public rather than have his tied with laws & president.

  16. "Trump has no such record of anti-democratic measures."

    He was in office for what… 2 weeks at the point you published this?

  17. We aren't living in a nightmare world. We are living in the prelude to a nightmare world and it is preferable that we avoid it going in that direction.

  18. If the way a populist presents themselves is fake then so is the way any democrat presents themselves. Trump presented himself like a democrat to the young conservative masses, appealed to the silent majority by standing up to the backlash against him and shrugging it off like Atlas. A Titan of engineering support for himself, a revolutionary in the face of a true authoritarian regime set in place by Obama and his openly casual dislike for anything labelled [R].
    The Democrats are no different. They spout ideas about change and could care less about the people – and use the number of people they have supporting them mindlessly as a means of false interconnectedness, a false showmanship of bravado and pity for the little man. You can see it in the way they have done nothing to help the people in the past 30 years, in the way the media constantly berates and belittles and gives no chance to this president –
    Claiming that if Obamacare fails its Trump's fault because he's running the show now, giving no apology nor showing no remorse to the people they lied to about the horrible legislation in the first place – Not giving any credit to the legislators nor Obama himself for concocting the bill.

    Fuck you weakminded underhanded cowardly propagandists. You are why journalism is failing and you are doing nothing to help inform the people of the real issues without adding a personal point of view.

  19. That is not what authoritarianism means. Authoritarianism has nothing to do with multiculturalism or nativism. The only requirement is strong concentrated power.

  20. I really am offended by this. The most powerful push to support a populist in America I have ever witnessed were the 8 years of Barack Obama's tenure.

  21. hearing the voice of the people is not bad hell were a democracy here's the meaning for the people that forgot what it is "a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."

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