Is there bias against Asian Americans voters in American politics?

Is there bias against Asian Americans voters in American politics?

welcome back to problem-solving politics I am your host Cardon Ellis with Cody do Oracle hey everyone and a lot of people have come and asking us do you think America is quote ready to vote for an Asian president and I thought it was kind of interesting question the term ready as though I don't know to me I just think yeah of course we're ready at least Millennials are we live in a meritocracy we haven't cared that's only like boomers and stuff but anyway it is interesting diving into the data of Asian Americans the Asian American electorate and whether or not Asian Americans generally favor Democrat or Republican candidates and how in my opinion they are woefully overlooked in American politics and there was some real census data and election data to prove this so before we get started I'll just point out this reminds me very much of in 1960 the big waspey question for all the white anglo-saxon Protestants was what are we gonna do with this Irish Catholic and a lot of people say oh that was kind of like prejudice or you know anti religious nearly racism right but when in reality the the big question amongst many of the pastors at the time was well you guys have a pope and Pope's weigh in on moral questions and oftentimes moral questions are political questions and if you really believe the Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth will you be following the will of the Pope more or the people more and and and that was a reservation that a lot of people had which is a really interesting moral question to ask about somebody who's going to become the leader of the free world so if you could pull up this clip really fast Cody he actually I believe it was at the rice hotel if I'm not mistaken in Houston Texas brought most of the biggest pastors of the time of all of these Protestant faiths together to actually give a speech where he pretty much pledged allegiance to the United States of America saying any kind of influence from the Pope would be welcomed as wise advice would be considered inappropriate as political direction and basically won over the whole entire audience and they all loved him in the end becoming one of the most resounding ly popular presidents of all time so I think right now we're actually kind of noticing a similar situation just by virtue of the fact that I was asked the question I was asked and we're gonna bring up two articles here one from the Washington Post and also Gallup data okay when Mitt Romney ran there was a very similar question is America quote ready to vote for a Mormon or a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and there was a lot of data on phone polls about people's perceptions towards such so first we're going to go back to actually the Gallup poll and when polled about the presidency and some of these polling questions go back to the 1950s all right the simple question was asked if your party nominated a quote generally well qualified person for president who happened to be blank would you vote for that person and the following was filled in would you vote for well full qualified candidate there was Jewish would you vote for one there was an atheist one that was black one that is Catholic one that was gay or lesbian a woman Hispanic Muslim a socialist an evangelical Christian over the age of 70 most recently probably four aoc under the age of 40 and then finally Mormon what I found hilarious Cody about this whole study is that since and some of these go back to 1937 they were asking would you vote for a Catholic president back in 1937 and in 1958 asking about a black or 1937 a Jewish president all the way up until 67 69 2012-2017 but nowhere in this list is asian even though they represent a huge chunk almost a tithe of our population almost a tenth of our population somewhere officially around about six percent of our population is Asian yet they were asking would you vote for a Hispanic for president long before Hispanics had a bigger market share shall we say well I mean 2007 is another long room well you have that specific question yes but I'm talking about some of these questions date back to the 30s I mean we never had a 6% population it's still but it's still been 12 years since they basically asked about every large ethnic group in the nation and they love stationed off but it is it is weird as you can see they added a Muslim in 2012 socialist dozen 15 so they've expanded over the years for this Eliza percent of the u.s. population is I believe Asian right or nine percent its 5.6 according to the census of people that just purely identified just as Asian and there's about another two percent of people that are mixed-race that it could be considered partly Asian and then another less than one percent of people that kind of draw the line between Asian Pacific Islander and so on and so forth right so it's safe to say less than ten percent but my question here and what kind of stood out to me was isn't it kind of odd that for example they've been asking would you vote for a Mormon for decades even though Mormons are less than 1% of the population of America yet Asians who are six times that they're not even asking the question which to me would be evidence of the fact that they never thought it was possible or would happen or there had to have been some kind of bias there because scientifically it's unavoidable the percentage of America that has been Asian for multiple decades this isn't this isn't like you know a new demographic that just popped up I mean we had heavy swathes of Japanese people building railroads in the western United States throughout the 1800s well Chinese well oh yeah sorry you're right Chinese I apologize so anyway um we're now going to head over to the Washington Post one thing I want to show really quickly as you're speaking about earlier I mean just in general I think any group of people in this country like doesn't make any sense for a politician not to would address that group in some level and any political party you think any group regardless 1% is something those are people in the countries or citizens you know stuff kind of matters what is fascinating to me according to this is an article from USA Today in 2018 or 16,000 18 exit polling showed that 77% of asian-americans voted for Democrats uh-huh which is kinda interesting to me it's again a very large motor broke but I think that's one thing though I've noticed in general the Democratic Party and I don't even I could probably both parties do this but they take for granted blocks I mean this if 6% of the population votes to you 77% of the time in the last election that's something to recognize the citizens those are your constituents the people you represent you know what I mean so what is weird to see so little in this article they do mention that in the 2020 election I believe there's a representative they speak with mrs. mang and she says that they seem to be getting a little more response from the party but still yeah you would think a demographic that large Andrew people that big that have you know a say in these elections that are citizens of the nation it is weird to see so little emphasis put to the point where Gallup hasn't even bothered to ask another thing it's kind of fascinating if you look at the numbers in that Gallup poll since the 70s for pretty much every question they asked it's about 80 percent average of people who would vote for you realize there's no way nobody's cared for 60 years it's been a while since you would see like a 30 like I think it like what if so they asked if you vote for a woman in 1937 it was very low but I mean like since the 70s it's actually been pretty high um worth noting since the 70s the only you know president we've had that would be Brock Obama everyone else would be fairly similar to or related you know I mean so it's like I mean they'd look a lot like Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Hickenlooper Budaj exactly yes okay that's not an old or a new problem I'm just saying it is kinda interesting to see it people but open to it for 30 years but as far I think the bit the big thing there though and I don't want to spoil too much here but I think I don't know of America I don't know whatever be ready to vote for any America was ready to vote for Barack Obama he didn't matter what race he was I don't think that well they were ready to vote for a candidate like him well anybody against George Bush with how unpopular have so many family members that were Republicans that voted for Obama because they believed in him and liked him but I think America always candidate I argued on Obama's behalf many a time with my grandparents actually it was really funny and I actually remember writing my journal when Barack Obama was was elected I had not voted for him I'd actually voted for Ron Paul in that election I'd gone libertarian grassroots yeah grassroots revolution with the love spell backwards but anyway I do remember saying hey there's a positive feeling in the air power one here in Los Angeles was blasting Tupac's lying about America one day having a black president and you know there was a lot of positivity of course it ended not how it started but I do remember there being that positivity there okay so anyway this David Baylor author of this Washington Post article brings up some really intriguing points that I thought was worth investigating because yes I agree with you Kody the Democrat Party has a huge problem of taking entire demographics for granted one of them was the white blue-collar worker which shifted wildly towards Trump and that makes sense because they had stopped courting these demographics and even Ethan Smith on ESPN said something very wise he says I don't understand why we vote 98% Democrat how can we complain that we are a marginalized people that are not represented in government properly when we vote almost 100 percent of the time with one party that sends a message to the Democrats that hey you don't have to work for our votes don't worry about us and then it sends a message to the Republicans that hey you can't get our votes don't worry about us so how can we say we're marginalized in the case of Asians I don't think it's as ideological as much as David Beiler brings up a really interesting point here geographical ok and what he says is basically here's the principle demographics of the Democrats blue-collar white Democrats who voted for I'm sorry who ended up voting for Trump women who fueled the suburban revolt of 2018 black white voters who in high turnouts helped reelect and elect the first time Donald Trump and the quote long-awaited Latino surge however Asian American voters despite being the fourth largest racial group in the United States and having a very quickly growing American population faster than any other ethnic group and despite being wildly Democrat 65 percent of asian-americans are Democrats or lean towards a Democrat Party while only 27 percent identify as Republican they're often relegated to quote at best a footnote and conversations about national politics and then he brings up an extremely interesting point the vast majority of Americans live in the following States California Oregon Washington wildly Democrat never gonna flip those okay Illinois good luck doing anything Republican there Virginia Delaware Maryland New Jersey DC New York City Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the exception of Alaska and Nevada which is indeed a swing state and then I believe some people would consider one of those on the eastern seaboard natural swing state they're kind of crunched into oh and Hawaii of course which has the highest percentage they're kind of crunched into states where it's like we don't need you you know we don't need to court you we don't need to specify you however I notice I think there's actually a surge on the Republican side because we're seeing tons of especially korean-american candidates here surging in California for example down in down in Orange County there was the famous case of what was going to be representative Kim who actually won her election but then when all the harvested ballots come came in they actually had to bring her back from Washington and say actually you lost once we counted all the mail-in ballots and now your competitor is going to Washington but she did all of her press conferences in both English and in Korean so I definitely think that to maintain relevance the Republicans have to go after more of the Asian population and I don't think they're necessarily just in the bag for somebody like yang just because he is Asian and I do think America's ready whatever that means because we never cared in the first place I think it's kind of a stupid premise but it was the excuse to dive into the data on American Americans here and I have noticed the yang gang is wildly diverse but we have noticed an inordinate excitement level on behalf of Asian some of our first donors were actually Asian if we want to be judgmental by the names we couldn't pronounce that's it and they're totally awesome and they engage like crazy on all of our forums and all of our chat rooms so I thought it was interesting seeing what all of the what all the data suggested about how parties kind of use and court this demographic and how it's risen is one of the most successful financial stories in America but not one of the most successful political stories in terms of representation because like for example Mormons less than one percent of population are 2 to 3 percent of Congress you know like 4 percent of the military you know wildly over-represented in most branches of government and so I you don't know if you necessarily notice that exact same phenomenon the Asian side but here it's suggested it's actually Geographic and not necessarily ideological am I am I going wrong here Cody I mean it's it is also tough to say especially us living what we do in the Los Angeles area I believe Los Angeles is like one like the third or fourth largest Korean population outside of Korea I believe San Jose is one of the largest filipino populations outside of the philippines as well yeah we have more Ecuadorians that live here then it is kind of different people in California because like I said like we there is a very it's very there a larger share to present larger share of the percent of people in California other parts of the country I mean like you look at as you could say kind of geographically there's a giant area in the Midwest but again like I don't think any political parties you take any demographic for granted it's kind of ridiculous to me when you think about it is 2% of the population that's that's enough people we're talking about a large enough volume of people where it's like you should probably hear them out figure out what their what their you know issues are and work with it is weird to me that for example is that Gallup hasn't even bothered to ask and seven others knowing is that they didn't ask Hispanic until 2007 I think Muslim to 2012 but still I mean it's we're still waiting for 60% of the population to get some representation in this poll as far as did you vote for a president from this descent also I brought it up before uh one of the things I've noticed difference between America and Europe Europeans when they say Asia they generally refer to the entire conflict continent all the way to like India and Pakistan and stuff whereas American Johnny think of Asia is just kind of like the the far eastern Asia China Southeast Asia Japan stuff like that so that's the other thing interesting to me too I love Asian they don't ask about any other they were asking about like the Indian subcontinent they really just do leave off a very large portion of the planet and those poles but well the fact that the Gallup poll did leave out Asians to me it doesn't make sense of because since the 30s they were asking would you vote for a president that is Jewish yet historically Jews have only been one to two percent of America I mean I looked it up right now and currently they're at 1.4 percent of the American population so it's like why are they asking about a 1.4 percent of the American population you know what I'm saying while they're leaving out the six percent what are they asking about Mormons 0.8 percent we brought it up before as well there's the scandal on Ghana I believe at Harvard with a mission who actually would dock man well nobody did this sleeve a popular comments before I do wonder if part of the kind of more progressive identitarian left the movement Asians in a lot of ways do kind of disprove some other arguments cuz I get there 6% is a minority group they're one of the smaller minorities in the nation and by and large Asians do very well they go too big they do very well on testing when it comes to getting into college they do very well financially they're very successful people so it's a lot of the arguments for a lot of the kind of more progression alike that terian movements they have to kind of like I said in the case of Harvard punished Asians which i think is really unfair and I think that's one thing that it's kind of have to bring it up cuz people brought up in the comments before I'm like yeah like you look and it's like realistic like why aren't they champion this ethnic group that you know comes from like I said Asia is a very big place when you say Asians are speaking if you don't want engage people people on South East Asia people in Japan that have been doing very well in this country opening businesses becoming you know politicians I mean look at the heads of laudably see these tech companies so I'll go from India and other parts of like will be considered Asia so it was really weird to see that entire continent just kind of left out in the political discussion currently in an America it's really weird to me as you kind of already think about it that they is a very large group people just kind of left out we just don't talk about them as far as as far as racial groups it's like well there's kind of like a couple I'm gonna talk about Asians it is well they just got a move apparently they just have to have a mass exodus to swing state and they will get courted those are the most densely populated states States people in general living outside of Texas Florida those are generally speaking that the states people live in California New York if Asians want to control America they just got to move to Des Moines Iowa and New Hampshire those first states that caucus in the presidential election and they will swing American politics for the next two decades am i right like I said one thing you can look right now like by and large people people of Asian descent are very successful in this country you can say they're already kind of I don't the work taking over but yeah like it's a group it's an ethnic group that's doing very well right now it's a wildly successful American dream general migration I mean I believe the only um the only non-white owner of an NFL team I believe would be a sort of Asian descent like just I think I've gone I think he's Indian I don't know call me on that but I believe these from India so yeah it just is it is a little bit frustrating sometimes like I said with your Los Angeles I've always known a bunch of people mostly no you're the minority man I'm saying I know we are we're listening mainly creams I'm here and it's kinda interesting to me that you see like when it comes to politics by and large they really did just kind of get ignored no one bothers to even kind of pander to them but there's nothing it's like they literally are left out of the discussion that is kind of a I know the word for of unfair but just bizarre Ryu al-azhar yes why leave oh do people like that just out of the discussion that's all I just I don't Jenny it does not make sense I would court them like crazy if I were a Republican and charge to the RNC or if I were a Democrat in charge of the DNC anyway we'd love to know what you guys think please give us your opinion do you think Asians are treated quote fairly do you think America is ready for an Asian president so on and so forth like opine subscribe share please this is problem-solving politics

30 thoughts on “Is there bias against Asian Americans voters in American politics?

  1. Yang has to be resonating with people I mean just look at the average like to dislike ratios on damn near any yang related video I don’t even think iv ever seen a video with more dislikes than likes.. I could be wrong

    Iv been talking to people at work about yang and even commenting #yangang on random videos I watch weather it’s a gaming vid or a music vid or even an anime vid 😂 trying to get his name out there we need him

    Yes some of his policies I don’t like to much but as iv always said if you like everything some one says they are BSing you

    Only thing he has changed his stance on was the freedom dividend that will now stack on top of SS which honestly I like it wasn’t a bad change

  2. America needs a young mind to run the office in order to keep the country and its people sane! Andrew Yang is the answer!!!!

  3. One of my best friends is South Korean and he doesn't care about politics at all so that could also be the reason :3

  4. Not that he needed to convince me anymore but any presidential candidate who has a goal to
    Eliminate The Penny
    Has my vote xD

  5. Asians dont stick together like other groups. I never heard an African American disrespect another just because he's from another part of Africa. Do British whited hate on German whites? Rarely. Asians, on the other hand dis other Asians all the time. We're only about 6% of the population, but unfortunately, we fight amongst ourselves. Chinese hating on Filipinos, Japanese hating on Indians… Will other Asians vote for Yang? I dont know.

  6. Asians have the mentality of no one is going to help you because our government failed us. So we don't expect anyone to help us. So we tend to stick together with family and support each other shut up and grind it through.

  7. I never bring up my race when it comes to politics, since I despise identity politics to an almost unhealthy level. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to hear about a Chinese American (not just Asian American) opting for presidency. Suddenly, a guy who could be a distant cousin of mine (I'm also American-born Chinese with parents from Taiwan) is shooting up the ranks in polls across the country purely due to his pragmatic solutions to so many socioeconomic issues in the US. At first I didn't take him seriously and figured he'd be the first to drop out of the race, but then I looked into what he was actually advocating. The man must have been putting this plan into action for a long time, I have to respect that.

    It has no bearing on the discussion, but I have to admit I'm actually proud a math nerd is gaining momentum this quickly. Naturally it'd start with the nerds on the Internet, but that he's poking around all over the place is definitely helping push it along.

  8. Asian logic, become a large portion of tech & engineering, law, medical fieds. Secure financial base, then start "infiltrating" politics.

  9. not only Asians but children where million of them live in trauma. Billions of dollars could have been invested in them to improve their mental health but if they are not 18, they are useless to politicians trying to get elected.

  10. It's because Democrats can't use Asians as examples of how minorities are being oppressed by whites. Asians exceed whites in wealth, education, well-being, etc. Blacks have been monopolizing on white guilt for decades. Plus, Asians are the minority of the minorities, and politicians only care about the numbers. Have you noticed you see more Asians on commercials, and even on movies? That's because largest immigrants are Asians now. They have the market for companies to start caring. It's all about the numbers, my friend.

  11. Asians are forgotten because they don't speak up. They don't take the time to scream or yell about their problems, so people just carry on like nothing happened. For example, they are majorly shafted about this whole university ordeal. If things are fair, they would be occupying most of the top tier universities. But they deal with it and work even harder to try and beat the system.

  12. Thanks for covering this topic. If I wasn't already subscribed, this video would have made me smash that subscribe button 👊

  13. We're starting to see a big push from Yang and his team for Phone Banking (getting yang gang to volunteer to call voters with guidance and resources from the campaign)

    If you support Yang and want to see him succeed, please use your platform to plug being a caller. ITS MORE IMPACTFUL THAN DONATIONS.

    Include it as a boilerplate at the end of videos, if even one person decides to join it may be the difference between 1 and 2 % in a qualifying poll.

  14. If Yang becomes president, it's mainly because of younger Americans and their open minded, not so much with older generations of 50 and above

  15. Asian, female, short, tall, rich, poor, Black, White, age. IMO none of that matters today. Get the best brain in office. Yang2020.

  16. Hollywood has discriminated against Asians for decades, but only recently have given them their own shows, movies and non stereotypical roles. Their excuse was that Asian actors don't generate enough ticket sales.

    They try only the All American Girl show in the mid 90s. It failed so they point to that and say see there is not enough interest in all Asian casts. But how many all white shows have been allowed to fail, yet they don't say look how many white shows have failed, guess people aren't interested white actors. Asians were always portrayed as the foreigner or the enemy due to WWII, Vietnam war and Korean war.

    Of course this all began to slowly change after 9/11 where the Arabs became the new enemy. So I think an Asian President is possible since most of the WWII generation have mostly died already and middle easterners took the role as the enemy.

  17. Answer is no. I suspect part of the reason so-called "liberal" stations like MSNBC has been slow to like this guy is because he is Asian. Asians in general don't fit the liberal narrative of the oppressed minority who are perpetually downtrodden. Liberal politicians typically can't pander to them so they don't even try for this reason. Republican politicians don't pander to them either because Asians as a whole tend to vote Democratic. Asians get into elite universities on their own merit without affirmative action, they equal or exceed whites in household income. Other minorities resent them, and many whites feel threatened by them. That irks liberals and conservatives alike.

  18. Asian voters are not being overlooked. They are receiving as much attention as their voting efficacy which is minimal

  19. Chinese here.

    One thing I want to say in defense of Hispanic and Black is that compare to Asian Americans, the reason they do poorly is because they were brought into the State with no wealth centuries ago. When we talk about Asian Americans nowadays , we usually refer to those who migrant with money, aka investment migration or those who come here to continue to study in university (usually in STEM and business field). Those people are the top percent from their home countries, so it is unfair to compare them to Hispanic and Black who were very poor when they first entry the State, especially for Black, who were brought into the State as slave and being discriminated both socially and systemically.

    But one thing that are different in (especially East) Asians and Hispanic and Black is their priority in education. Asian heavy value education, as they consider it is the most important way to enhance their social economic status. Those Chinese in China town may speak no English, but also would sacrifice all they have to send their children to go school university. Same as other Asians.

    Hispanic and Black in the other hand less value education compare to Asians, but also they are usually living in poorer area, and public school funding is supported by property tax. So combining these two factors, they are harder to have good education and change their future. In my opinion, the reform of public school system to provide better pre college education to minority is more important than AA, but no one seems to talk about it.

  20. It's part society and part asian americans fault. Im happy more of us are putting themselves out there to show america we exist. Not all asians are doctors, tech, guys, lawyers or the high end jobs. Many asians just normal guys working the same 8-10 hour jobs like everyone else. It's also just as bad for dating, most woman dont see Asian men as sexy. Like i said we as asians need to change peoples mind. As to when people think of Asian most Americans think about East Asian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. The light skin asians. Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Tibetan and pacific islanders are least thought about. The dark skin asians. If you dark it means you a field worker which is looked down on in Asia. I find this thought process appalling. Alot of these southeast and Pacific islanders end up in the hood and struggle to get out too. These are the real forgotten asians. To my asian yanggangers we need to be more assertive in politics, dating and life. To my short brothers no matter the race, be confident and get in the gym. I'm only 5'2 but people give me the respect of someone taller cause of personality and cinfidence.

  21. The moment policy applies to Asian. Housing renovation, community center, etc.

    black/white/latin: “Oh whatever, the Asians said they don’t need that, don’t want that.”

    How are Asians treated in politics?
    Unequal Attention/resource/budget.

    No outreach.
    No budget

    Just look at 20 Asians and see how prosperous they are… look at the communities
    … look at the businesses and organizations

    Media loves ignoring Asians and focus on other races

  22. Felt a bit strange to hear you guys say refer to Asian-Americans so often as just Asian. Just as strange feeling I suppose would be to refer to an African-Americans as an Africans. Awesome discussion though, big props from an Asian Australian that watches all your content.

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