Is "The Society" Worth Watching? – Netflix Pilot Review

Is "The Society" Worth Watching? – Netflix Pilot Review

6 thoughts on “Is "The Society" Worth Watching? – Netflix Pilot Review

  1. The town in theory is located between Greenwich ct and portchester, ny. I only watched the first episode but it’s already making my head hurt. Believe it or not I can get past the storyline with the adults missing and the town being cut off. But the minor details is what’s killing me. One, why would they try and hike to new haven when white plains which is a decent big city is basically right next door and only a few miles away.. two, there are no snakes in that area that bite people. Three. No one has any drones in the entire town? Fly those babies to look around.

  2. I actually LOVED this show. I thought the story line was intriguing, and the acting was great.

  3. no adults? lol this was done already and better. its called the tribe, a new zealand show with a great theme song. and they actually have COSTUMES not just plain regular clothes cause the world was destroyed so they had to make new everything

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