Is Taiwan a country… or part of China?

Is Taiwan a country… or part of China?

This is island Taiwan, its political situation
is bit… complicated. A slightly oversimplified way of looking at it, would be that Taiwan
is either its own independent country… or part of China. But the reason that’s oversimplified is
because Taiwan isn’t a separatist movement. Taiwan doesn’t want to secede from China…
because from Taiwan’s perspective… they ARE China. Well, at least constitutionally
anyway. Taiwan’s official name is: the Republic
of China. Whereas the country that’s generally referred to as China is: the PEOPLE’S Republic
of China. To fully understand the situation we need
to go back to the end of the 19th century when the last imperial dynasty governed China
– the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty encompassed all of what is
modern-day China, Taiwan, and Mongolia, as well as parts of several other bordering nations. In 1894 began the First Sino-Japanese War
between the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese Empire, which primarily took place in Korea
and Taiwan. At the time, Korea was governed by the Joseon
Dynasty, which was a client state of the Qing Dynasty. The war ended just one year later with a decisive
Japanese victory which resulted in the island of Taiwan being annexed to the Japanese empire.
The war also brought an end to the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and guaranteed their complete
independence from China. Japan officially annexed the Korean peninsula in 1910. In 1912, after millennia of imperial rule
in China, the monarchy was overthrown and the first Chinese republic was established:
the Republic of China. Sun Yat-sen was made provisional president in Nanjing, but Yuan
Shikai had already assumed power in Beijing because he was in command of the Beiyang Army,
the largest military in the nation. So to avoid conflict, Sun agreed to accept Yuan
as president. As president however, he abused his power which led to a failed revolution
in which Sun fled to Japan. As president, Yuan dissolved the Chinese Nationalist Party, and in 1915, declared himself as Emperor of China, as he attempted to restore the monarchy. His death one year later began what became
known as the Warlord Era in Chinese history as the country became fragmented into different
factions. In 1917, Sun Yat-sen, generally considered
the founder of the Republic of China, returned from exile to re-establish the republic. He
revived his nationalist party, under the name of Kuomintang. The government was established
in the south of the country, as the north was dominated by warlords and the imperial
Beiyang Army. Sun Yat-sen wanted to unite the country under
one government. However, he lacked the military power to take on the warlords. After help
from the West was refused, assistance came from the Soviet Union. In exchange for their
military assistance, they asked that the Kuomintang cooperate and ally with the much smaller Chinese
Communist Party. The Warlord Era came to an end with a two-year
military campaign called the Northern Expedition. However, before this military campaign was
complete, the alliance between the nationalists and the communists began to fall apart after
the death of Sun Yat-sen in 1925. The Kuomintang party split into two separate
right- and left-leaning factions. With the left-leaning faction moved its capital to
Wuhan. The original, right-leaning Kuomintang party, now led by Chiang Kai-shek, took control
of Nanjing, and declared it their capital. The Chiang nationalists, sought to purge the
communists among their ranks, and in April of 1927, in what became known as the Shanghai
Massacre, thousands of communists were executed by nationalist forces. The left-leaning Kuomintang faction which
broke away, also began executing communists, and the party ultimately collapsed, leaving
the original party as the sole legitimate government of China. The execution of communists ended their alliance
with the Soviet Union and led to the start of the Chinese Civil War between the Nationalists
and the Communists. The war began in August of 1927, with the
Nanchang Uprising, and founding of the “Red Army”, the army of the Communist Party,
with Mao Zedong as commander-in-chief. 4 years later, in 1931, with the civil war
still ongoing, the Empire of Japan sought to use the war as an opportunity to expand
their sphere of influence by invading China. The Japanese Imperial Army invaded the east
coast of China and occupied Manchuria, as well as other nearby lands. Japan installed
their own puppet government and fighting continued, although didn’t escalate into all-out war
between the two nations… until 1937, when it did. Now, since the initial invasion back in 1931,
the civil war in China had continued. Many nationalists had called for a temporary truce with the
communists to defend China against the Japanese. However, Chiang Kai-shek, the Kuomintang leader,
refused, and he wanted to continue the war against the communists. This changed in 1936 when he was kidnapped
by one of his own commanders, who forced him to agree to a military alliance with the communists
as they fought Japan, their common enemy. The Second Sino-Japanese War escalated as
Japan pushed into the Chinese capital of Nanjing, and massacred tens of thousands of civilians
and soldiers. In 1941, with World War II ongoing, Japan
carried out a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. At this point, the United States were not
at war with anyone, but the Japanese launched the strike to try and prevent the US from
interfering with their wars in the Pacific. The attack caused immediate declaration of
war by the United States. American involvement in the war would ultimately lead to what ended
World War II in the Pacific Theatre. In July of 1945, in the Potsdam Declaration,
the Allied forces called for Japan’s “unconditional surrender”. In August of 1945, the United States dropped
two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just days later, the Japanese accepted the
terms of the surrender. Part of the surrender agreement included that
Japan return sovereignty of all lands that they had gained through warfare. However,
this didn’t just include territory they had gained during World War II, this included
their annexations of Korea and Taiwan several decades earlier. So the island of Taiwan, taken from the Qing
Dynasty by Japan in 1895, was to be returned to China. After the war with Japan was over, the Chinese
Civil War started up again in 1946. The nationalists and communists only ever had a very loose
alliance against the Japanese, and the fighting never completely stopped.
The Soviet Union backed the communists while the United States backed the nationalists,
in what were the early years of the Cold War. Despite having a superior number of soldiers
and equipment, the Chinese Civil War was decisively won by the communists as they captured more
and more land, pushing the nationalists further and further back until 1949 when the Kuomintang
government retreated to the island of Taiwan. This effectively ended the civil war, although
no official peace treaty was ever signed. Later that year, the Communist Party proclaimed
the People’s Republic of China. Meanwhile, the Kuomintang government, the Republic of
China, and the still internationally recognised government of China, was exiled to the island
of Taiwan. Over the course of the next few decades, international
recognition began to shift from the Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China,
and in 1971, with UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 the People’s Republic of China were
recognised as the legitimate government of China. Although the United States had voted against
the resolution, the US broke off diplomatic ties with the ROC in 1979. The same year,
the PRC attempted to open up comminution with the ROC, with a proposal known as the “Three
Links”. This however, was completely rejected by the ROC, who responded by adopting the
“Three Noes” policy: no contact, no compromise and no negotiation. This policy however, had to be revised in
1986, when a China Airlines 747 aircraft was hijacked by an ROC pilot, when he changed
its course to Guangdong, and defected to the PRC. This forced the ROC and the PRC to communicate
with each other. In 1992, the two governments met, coming to
an agreement that was known as the “1992 Consensus”. The consensus being that both
sides adhere to the One China Policy. The One China Policy is the belief that there
is only one China, and that Taiwan is part of China. However, both sides see themselves
as the legitimate government of China. Both sides of the Taiwan strait agreed that Chinese
Unification was the eventual goal and that the current situation was only temporary. Before the 1990s, Taiwan had been a one-party
state, with the Kuomintang party as the government. In 1996, Taiwan had its first presidential
election, although the Kuomintang stayed in power. However, in the year 2000, the Democratic
Progressive Party were elected into government, and today are the more dominant party, having
won the 2016 election. The DPP do NOT agree with the One China Policy and reject the 1992
Consensus. They also not do support Chinese Unification and strongly support the idea
of a Taiwanese identity. The DPP believe that Taiwan already is its own independent country. The Republic of China has a very ambiguous
political status. It’s not a member of the United Nations, and very few countries officially
recognise them as a country. That being said, many countries do have unofficial, de facto
embassies in Taipei, and vice versa. So officially at least, Taiwan is not a country,
but in every practical sense of the word, it is. They have their own government, with
their own president, which has jurisdiction over the whole island of Taiwan. They have
their own military, issue their own passports, and they even also take part in sporting events
such the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup… however, they participate under the deliberately
ambiguous pseudonym of “Chinese Taipei”. Now you might be thinking, well Taiwan quite
clearly is a country, so why not just make it official? Why not just declare independence
and change their name to the Republic of Taiwan or something like that? Well, there is support
for Taiwanese independence, but it’s not something that has a huge amount of support,
and this is because of China. While many people may support the idea in principle, in practice
it’s something that can be quite dangerous because China is hostile towards the idea
of Taiwan becoming an independent nation because according to the PRC, Taiwan is “an inseparable
part of China’s territory since antiquity” and have threatened to unify China and Taiwan
by force if necessary, should Taiwan try to pursue independence. So unfortunately, resolving Taiwan’s political
status is something that could be incredibly difficult, or even impossible for the foreseeable
future. The two ways to resolve the dispute both seem unlikely to happen any time soon. The first, unification. Taiwan unifies with
China. This is unlikely because neither side would be willing to give up their claim as
the legitimate government of China, and after being separating for several decades, their
populations are very different people. Second, independence. This may seem like the
most practical approach to solve the dispute, but with China being hostile to Taiwanese
independence, it’s just too dangerous as something that could be realistically considered
at the moment. So the third and most likely scenario: the
status quo. In today’s geopolitical climate, this seems like the only realistic option. So hopefully now it’s clear why I said at
the start of the video that saying Taiwan is either its own country, or part of China,
is oversimplified. It’s a much more complicated issue than that. So obviously there’s not
yes or no answer to the question “is Taiwan a country?” because it depends on who you
ask, and how you define a country etc. etc. Taiwan has a long and complicated history
that has brought about this ambiguous political status that it has today. A political status
that challenges the very meaning of the word “country”. However, everyday life in Taiwan
is generally unaffected and it operates like any other country in the world. The people
of Taiwan live their lives just like any other people, the majority of whom consider themselves
Taiwanense, and the ambiguous political status has very little impact of their day-to-day
lives. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that almost
every other country in the world must play along with this façade that Taiwan doesn’t
exist and that the issue is generally swept under the rug rather than being discussed
or debated, simply because it’s a controversial topic and can be uncomfortable to talk about. Thanks for watching.

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  1. If General Grant and Stonewall Jackson faught more efficiently and successfully hold (let's say Florida and Georgia) part of the United States and never surrounded till present time. The situation would be quite similar.

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  5. I think Taiwan has as much legitimacy to be called a country as does Communist China as they both came into being at the same time as a result of a civil war. But the reality is that Taiwan is a minnow by comparison to today's China. But there is little difference in people's lifestyle and culture between the two. Only the political systems differ. I can well imagine the two merging incrementally and peacefully and successfully as Chinese communism inevitably becomes less authoritarian. This assumes Trump and his attack dogs don't employ gun boat diplomacy and create unnecessary provocations as they are doing all over the place in the meantime.

  6. Nice video.
    Except one thing to mention, the official name of Taiwan is Taiwan, ROC, meaning Taiwan is part of ROC, more specifically, a province. So, of course Taiwan is not equivalent to ROC. In ROC’s constitution, mainland China which is controlled by CCP is also part of ROC, but cannot be controlled by ROC right now. ROC controls Taiwan Province (Taiwan Island) with Penghu Islands, City of Jinmen and city of Mazu in Fujian Province.
    But the area and population in Jinmen, Mazu and Penghu Islands are not comparable to those in Taiwan Island. Thus politicians put almost all effort on people in Taiwan Island (Taiwan Province) to get most votes with least cost. Consequently, it seems Taiwan is equal to ROC, which is a misunderstanding.
    Taiwan is part of ROC, thus China. Thus PRC claims Taiwan is part of PRC, although it cannot be controlled by PRC right now. For our Chinese, when referred internally, PRC or ROC is more like an era than just a name of some country.

  7. Taiwan: I have ties with Kong Hua School!
    China: No u.
    Kong Hua School: Shut up already! You're both having ties with me!

  8. Taiwan is an independent state, with its own elected president, its own elected legislature, its own constitution, currency, armed forces. Taiwan is not China.

  9. Taiwan is in any real sense spoken or not its own Country, no matter the spin. After such a length of separation, Taiwan has shown no desire to be absorbed into the Mainland. How does the threat of force………. its a Marriage, she wants a divorce but you want the Marriage. If she seeks divorce, not needing your Consent and you threaten her because of it.
    Thats not simplify the situation, that is the reality. "You are mine, and you are never leaving ME, you hear me. Try getting that divorce without my signature and I'll kill you"

  10. the world only recognizes only one China, so Taiwan is part of China forever, no doubt. 国民党当时被共产党打败了,所以台湾自然也是中共的领土。

  11. That question was entirely muddied when Chiang Kai Shek took Taiwan away from the indigenous Taiwanese as a refuge from Mao. Chiang was most certainly Chinese; the Taiwanese most certainly were not.

  12. Army, currency, government, recognition of passports, control of territory and boarders – all these things prove Taiwan is an independent country – period.

  13. At least we both commit that we are Chinese. It doesn't matter it's PRC or ROC right now. Separation is intolerable.

  14. Taiwan is no more part of China than the USA is part of the United Kingdom – Same Language similar cultures but separate nations.

  15. They need to destroy the (CCP) Chinese Communist Party government they need to declare it a criminal organisation like they did to the SS after WW2 ban all there logos,ect the CCP its the worst government in the world mass surveillance of all citizens, so called re-education camps ( Tourture Center's ) and kill there citizens to sell organs to rich people and no religious freedom only allowed to go to state sanctioned religious centers and now social credit score. You are now given a lower score if you have friends or family the CCP does not like /or if you pay your bills late /or e ven get parking or Jay walking tickets the more serious the more points you lose and low points you can not travel overseas or fast rail probably even public transport /and you can only buy certain foods and that's if you're score is not to low and there is alot more stuff that is worse just ask anyone that use to live and don't have any family there if they still have family they say it's great because they are so scared the CCP will find out and give there family bogus charges so they go to jail

  16. Taiwan has been an integral part of China since ancient times.

  17. 此生瞧不起台灣 台灣人願意給美國的狗當狗,是何其賤畜。建議中國人民解放軍武力統一臺灣。我們不要這群狗雜,建議壞的全部消滅 我們要的是台灣島及相關海域

  18. From my perspective as a 66 year old man here in America, it is my opinion that Taiwan is like a girlfriend of China's who no longer wishes to date China but China is an arrogant bully who refuses to Let Her Go.
    He cannot stand it because he thinks he is being shamed by Taiwan not wanting to be a part of communist China.
    I feel that China should have let them go a long time ago and not try to force that relationship. Had China played it that way there is an excellent probability that mainland China and Taiwan would be great Partners albeit two separate countries.
    I had a girlfriend once when I was a teenager who was mine all through High School but when it came time for her to go away to college she broke up with me.
    Of course that really hurt me because I thought we would be boyfriend and girlfriend forever and maybe even get married someday.
    But instead of acting like a child I swallowed my pride and my tears and I told her most sincerely that I understood why she felt that way, that I had enjoyed my time with her and that I hoped we would continue to be friends.
    Well here it is many many years later and we are still the very best of friends.
    So that is my advice to China. Let Her Go and be good to her. Cast your bread upon the Water as it says in the Bible and I believe that what seems to be a loss will actually turn out to be a great investment someday.
    Is this not what Sun Tzu would have said?
    Please, let there be peace now. Far too many people have been hurt on both sides. Let Her Go.

  19. the status quo is : technically, Taiwan (ROC) has been a independent country with its own government for 108 years. Following the economic growth in Chia (PRC), part of Taiwanese people enjoy making easier money from China(PRC). Due to the similar culture and language, it's easier to start business relationship with China(PRC) and easier to obtain benefits. Therefore, those portion of Taiwanese choose to ignore the military threaten from Chia(PRC). Moreover, Chia(PRC) keeps bullying Taiwan(ROC) by claiming shamefully Taiwan(ROC) belongs to China(PRC). Now most Taiwanese recognize Taiwan(ROC) is a independent country and making money from China(PRC) maybe is okey but not willing to be "Chinese". More and more Taiwanese celebrities claim they are "Chinese" just because they are under pressure from many website rexxards who have glass heart. They just want more RMB so they lying to themself by saying those shits to satisfy "Chinese".

  20. Hurmmm interesting.

    Usually country recognized by their name or land name. But for taiwan and china cases, their been recognize as party name.

    PRC – mainland china
    ROC – taiwan china
    So that is why taiwan is part of china but at the same time they have their own goverment and fully control on the land.

    Its a country yet at the same time a province. Brilliant 😂

  21. does Taiwan have their own country constitution that guide the country laws and rules that are different from other countries of the world including china.

  22. One stupid program on which is asked one stupid queation the answers to which has to be numerous and of differing opinions , but all of which are immaterial and of no relevency. The material matter is the background of this program and its motivation. Idiot.

  23. Simply put, this is the state of Civil War between two regimes in one country.
    The Communist Party of China used to be the anti-government armed regime of the Republic of China and the former central government of China

    Now The Communist regime is the central government of China ,The Republic of China regime is now an anti-government armed group in China,

    In any country, there is a hostile relationship between government forces and anti-government forces, but it is a country

  24. The island that has the nick name taiwan…. well the native (aboriginals) population are not Chinese and have lived on this island for over 50,000 years. In fact some of the tribes from this island migrated to other islands and are now called Hawaiian, Tonga, Samoa, etc. So, how can Ching give this island to Shimoseki when they hadn't conquered the island from the natives in order to give it to the emperor of Japan (Shimoseki)? When the R.O.C. toppled the last dynasty and set up their constitution, they did not include taiwan, Penghu, jiman, etc. Because it was part of Japan at that time. When the Japanese attacked the Americans and they defeated the Japanese, they actually gave the Japanese citizens two years to return to the main island of Japan. The KMT was asked to temporarily safe guard the island, but do to the civil war in the R.O.C. …well… they had a place to escape to. And some of their troops were left in Thailand, still waiting to go back. It was big news in the news awhile back. And in 1951 there was a treaty signed in San Francisco in which the Japanese official turned over management of the island to the USMG. (United States Military Government).
    So if you want to be technical. The country that defeats or conquers the land is the own of land acquired in war. If America never got involved in the war, I have a feeling that there would be no R.O.C. or P.R.C. today. It would most likely be all part of Japan. Anyways, don't take my colorized version of the facts, look up the treaty of Shimoseki and the 1951 San Francisco treaty. And if these islands were part of those ancient dynasties, that would mean that there never were aboriginals on this island, only Chinese. And if they considered the aboriginals (Malay Polynesians) to be their people from Ancient times, then Hawaii, Somoa, Tonga, etc must belong to the P.R.C. because they are from aboriginal tribes that migrated from this island nick named taiwan. And just for fun… the word taiwan actually means outsider (foreigner) in one of the aboriginal languages from this island. The Japanese and Chinese used Chinese Characters to represent the phonics of the aboriginals, because they don't have a writing system. So, every time a Chinese person that lives on the island calls themselves taiwanese, they aren't lying, becausee to the aborignals they are outsiders. ha ha ha Nothing wrong with being Chinese, but it still makes me laugh how many don't know they are calling themselves outsiders in one of the aboriginal languages from this island. O.k.peace out.

  25. This is what i've learnt from the high school history class, very objective… Not like Taiwan. They don't even give a Chinese History, they only teach "Taiwan History" lol…. what a shame!!!

  26. People, land and sovereignty constitutes a country. So, by definition, Taiwan should probably be recognized as a country. It’s only a matter of how to name it.

  27. Lmao. Imagine America had a civil war and one side lost and fled to Hawaii and claimed to be its own independent country. Is Hawaii still part of America? Yes. Problem solved

  28. It is very unpleasant to talk about it because China will kick the ass of who refuse to admit Taiwan is part of China.

  29. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China.
    Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China.
    Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China.

    Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China. Taiwan is, no doubt, a part of China.

  30. All of this mess can be attributed to the Japanese. If they did not invade China when Chiang Kai Shek was consolidating the nationalists, KMT might still be in power today. But since these barbarians of the east came and cause the KMT to fight on two fronts. It is pretty much GG for KMT. By the time WW2 is over, the KMT had lost its manpower as well as support.

  31. Same blood, same culture, same language, same skin colour, same history. I am happy as long as both side are living a peaceful and happy and healthy life.

  32. From what I could figure out and put together, the PRC and ROC are both part of China (the geographical territory) (lik how North and South Korea are both part of the Korean Peninsula) but they’re separate governments and don’t really lik eachother. They occupy the same area but have contrasting beliefs. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

  33. So sad that China didn’t get a chance to execute Evil Mao Peedong! China will be so much better without him! Taiwan is part of China yes! But not a communist China. All mainland China are been brainwashed by Mao peedong!

  34. ;: You know? What if HKong KEK's decide democraticlly that all political refugees from China mainland can come to HKong. You know, democratic and persecuted forces. Falong gong members, Oeigoers (for muslims I think they are pretty well behaved. I met refugees in Holland. Very quiet, very grateful people, small and easygoing), people fleeing from N-korea',

    You know, people with a grudge for Beijing-cuckery, and willingness to stand togehter on this last one of all Crusades.

    Who knows, at least that is what I would decide for the camera's of all msm. Then China has to invade, on camera, Kekistan EastCoast all the time when their feelings got hurt, by somebody with a different opinion, boohoo boehoo Chinese Beijing-Cuks, boohooo.

  35. Asking if Taiwan wants or should be a part of China is like asking if West Germany wants to be a part of the Soviet Union.

    The answer is a big fucking no.

  36. 台灣,中華民國。 大陸,中華人民共和國。 taiwan of China(ROC)。HK and DaLu of China(PRC)

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