10 thoughts on “Is SWEDEN Socialist?

  1. Interesting video! Sweden seems to be a place where there is some of everything!
    On the other hand, right wing Americans call a lot of things "socialist", without realizing they benefit from these things: health care, concept of "weekend", social security benefits, public facilities like highways, libraries, etc. If we didn't have those, we would miss them a LOT!

  2. The outtakes at the end are so funny!
    It's fun when a person can laugh at himself or herself because no one is perfect and funny stuff can happen and we can just enjoy it.

  3. In other words, Bernie Sanders would be a pretty run-of-the-mill left-of-centre politician in Sweden and most of the industrialised world – perhaps just one of the more honest ones. 😉

  4. It is really provoking when people promote this free health care thing. We are paying more taxes than many many countries. In a way, we are indirectly forced to pay a health insurance monthly. It is just that someone else is paying the bill that’s issued after each doctor visit. Even for the people on social welfare, it is tax payer money that settles these. In the USA, it is just a different loosely coupled system, that is more transparent I guess. However, I am not promoting any system by any means. I am just saying that it’s not as charitable as people advertise it, and that we need to get the facts straight.

  5. So it sounds like you’re mixing communism and socialism in terms of what each means. Communism is a political structure built upon socialism and socialism is an economic structure. Communism cannot exist without socialism. Socialism can exist without communism. So basically, Sweden is socialist to an extent. Public ownership of companies is socialism. The fact it’s not in your constitution means you are not communists. Congratulations lol (I’m a political scientist from America so I do know the difference)

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