Is Steve Bannon a Fascist?

Is Steve Bannon a Fascist?

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump won the race for the White House by appealing to some of the very worst sentiments in America – misogyny, xenophobia and racism to name but three. For some people that wasn’t a consequence of a bad man, more the result of a candidate who’s willing to win by any means necessary it was the result of somebody who is willing to say all is fair in love war and politics, and that Trump given his career given his celebrity isn’t a racist let alone a fascist. And yet I think that kind interpretation of Trump has taken a turn for the worse over the last week with the appointment of Steve Bannon, now Steve Bannon was previously the executive chairman of breitbart news more about them in a second. Then this summer he became the CEO to trump campaign, last week Trump named him as the chief stretches prison pending administration at the White House So who’s Steve Bannon, who’s Breitbart News, Breitbart are a relatively new media organization, conservative media organization founded by Andrew Breitbart he’s since passed away he’s been replaced by, he was replaced by Bannon as the top guy. What’s their relationship to the far right well speaking to Sarah Posner earlier this year immediately following the Republican National Convention Steve Bannon said that Breitbart News is quote the platform for the alt-right, well who are the Alt-Right, well Breitbart were kind enough to pen an article, again earlier this year called “An establishment conservative’s guide to the alt-right”. In that article they identify amongst other things the leading intellectuals of this movement one of which includes one Richard Spencer. So let’s rewind a bit here, Bannon is now Trump pic, he’s his number one guy, his right hand man in the White House, he’s coming from Breitbart news, what’s Breitbart news, a platform for the alt-right who’s one of the big thinkers of the Alt-Right, a guy called Richard Spencer. So let’s go back to Spencer, what does this guy think, well he’s said and done some pretty remarkable things, I think again he’s a fascist but you decide for yourself. Here’s a quote from january 2013 in his column for the National Policy Institute, it concerns one Martin Luther King jr. and i quote: “Martin Luther King Jr., a fraud and degenerate in his life has become the symbol and cynosure of white dispossession and the deconstruction of Occidental civilization. We must overcome!” A month later in February 2013 in the same place in his column for the national policy institute, Spencer wrote and I quote: “Immigration is a kind of proxy war and maybe a last stand for White Americans who are undergoing a painful recognition that unless dramatic action is taken their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.” So I hear what you’re saying you’re going, well those two quotes – okay the guy’s a white supremacist, maybe a Tony Robinson but not a fascist – hold your horses, hold your horses Richard Spencer quote in Vice 2013 you will not believe this: “Our dream is a new society an ethno-state, that would be a gathering point for all Europeans, it would be a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the declaration of independence.” So to remind you, Bannon, Breitbart, they are the platform for the Alt-Right, they’ve identified, themselves, Richard Spencer as a key intellectual for the Alt-Right, okay? Spencer is on record as saying he’s an ethno-nationalist, he wants a country for people of European, i.e. white origin and have a constitution different to the Declaration of Independence, i.e. it wouldn’t really call for universal equality. So that’s Richard Spencer, back to Steve Bannon, by the way I don’t think there’s much difference between their two politics, I think one of them is better keeping his mouth shut masking his politics slightly better, Nonetheless, Bannon is on record as saying he thinks that there is an inevitable global holy war, right…OK this is not Osama Bin Laden, this is the chief strategist to the next president of states between the west and between Islam. Furthermore he believes that the Judaeo-Christian West as he calls it has been weakened by the cult of secularism and that it might not have sufficient strength in this impending war because of secularism, because of Judaism, because of things like feminism, multiculturalism that we might not be able to survive this global conflict with Islam that’s on the horizon in the 21st century. This is millenarian claptrap, this is complete nonsense, it’s unhinged, no other word for it and yet this gentleman’s the right-hand man for the president-elect. If you want to hear Bannon’s politics in his own words, look the guy used to do a podcast for Breitbart, Breitbart News Daily, Daily News with Sirius XM, go check it out and he used to have racist and misogynist and sexist and Islamophobes on week after week you know, really racking them up Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney, Roger Stone, so that’s cut now to an excerpt from an interview with Roger Stone and I really want to be clear, look these people have worse politics than a Tommy Robinson, they’re horrific people and it wasn’t a one-off, that was the norm in these interviews. So let’s hear Roger Stone: I’d say Trump is a pretty, a repudiation of 30 years bipartisan treason and failure, Bush equals Clinton equals Bush equals Obama equals Clinton is the same policies, immigration policies that may turn us into Europe where hordes of Islamic mad men are raping, killing pigeoning, pillaging, defecating in public fountains, harassing private citizens, elderly people, that’s what’s coming that wave is coming this way.” Now to anyone with a brain that’s racist spurious nonsense, but they’re making inroads with it right, and that’s what’s most concerning of all, Bannon wasn’t just not challenging these people, he wasn’t just giving a platforms to these people. I think it’s such a regular feature of his work, his political work over the last of couple of years, he agrees with them, he believes this stuff, this misogynistic, racist stuff and it wasn’t just him right, because like we’ve already said, Breitbart under his leadership became a platform for the Alt-Right and white supremacism generally. Just look at the tweets of their home page editor, one Kate McHugh – she’s a really really nasty person. Now look at these tweets this is ridiculous these are the kinds of statements and thoughts and assertions that should be the absolute periphery of society, as we now know they’re becoming more and more mainstream. Breitbart and its changed direction is a big part of that and Steve Bannon hasn’t just not stopped, hasn’t just given a platform to it he’s been the daddy! Steve Bannon has been the puppeteer he’s been making all of this possible. He has tried his damned hardest to make far-right white supremacist politics as popular as possible in the United States, to normalize what’s fundamentally a hateful, vengeful, disgusting, inhumane way of looking at the world, he’s making it normal, he’s made it so normal guy’s now in the White House. And just look at some of the articles that Breitbart have published with Bannon at the helm. This isn’t an attempt at politics, this is propaganda, this is about maximizing something, this is about playing on the very worst sentiments of Americans up and down the country, that’s culminated now with the election of Donald Trump, but this has been bubbling for quite a while and Bannon’s been a key player, there is a record of Breitbart doing and saying things which are fundamentally at odds with liberal democratic societies. No one has been as crucial as Steve Bannon in the last couple of years in taking a violent, peripheral politics into the American mainstream. He has been absolutely pivotal in everything that has happened. What’s more I think his politics are remarkably similar to the likes of Richard Spencer I believe both are them are racists, I believe both of them are misogynists and I believe in my heart of hearts that both are fascists. Is Donald Trump? I don’t know, I can’t answer that question, what I do know is this: if Republicans, if mainstream America doesn’t now try to isolate people like Spencer, people like Bannon, and cool them out for exactly what they are and call out the president-elect too, when he acts on their advice, then I’m not sure what the future holds for America, there’s been a debate for a very long time: is the United States a republic or a democracy? Well if the likes of Bannon and Richard Spencer get their way mark my words, it will be neither.

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  1. Surely the main worry is not that it's easy to see these people for the ism's they are, but that the majority public are so apathetic for being involved in change, that they are purposefully ignorant and willing to sit by? Kind of the consumer ideal of capitalism that you look out for number 1 and not the community you are a member of. And as a result, would a mainstream haranguing of these people just be purposefully ignored? Because if it doesn't harm "me the white person", it probably will be.

  2. The more I look into it the more it becomes apparent that the Nazis and the Zionists have been conspiring together for a long time. With the mafia on side as well it's an unholy alliance which needs to be extinguished or they'll bring the whole western world to an horrendous reproach.

  3. I find the anti-democratic anti-free-speech alt-Left more worrying; not least because they are so certain of their own Virtue.

  4. they are all bastards white supremacists, republicans liars, Trump supporters, sell out new demorats and the corporatist bourgeois. all just mechanism to divide the working class

  5. This. And people like Milo Yiannopoulos are quashing debate by constantly sending it up – ironically by seemingly using the tactics of alternative comedy and satire that have become associated with the liberal left against themselves… a joke too far? But then the establishment has always made fun of itself (Have I Got News For You) – now we are seeing I think the equivalent of Sir Jimmy Saville droping his pants in front of the public… this stuff has always been there. It's almost as though my parents generation are leap froging and crushing our generation and painting us as a faiure of liberalisation (though 'Genration X'? – we are a bit fucked up let's be honest) and informing the next for their own purposes…. which could be war for profit or just plain old madness. Edit; and brit rock band Oasis were in on it the whole time… I'm just kidding on that one. Post-fuckng Truth for fucks sake fuck. Welcome to the world of the horror film 'Mum and Dad'.

  6. Just a final thought – I'm done really: I think it is genuinely really sad.. I think that we all know that in our heart of hearts that the only way to get good is to be good: if your intention is to be bad then you're going to suck (and you may end up paying for it severely from at least regret). I think it's a crying shame that in our society at the moment that talented people are being paid to suck ass. Curruption is ruining people's potential at all levels of society. I think if people could just step back for a moment and realise then I think a lot of potential problems could be avoided. Unfortunately there are few guiding hands to help, so people are just going to have to look within themselves a lot of the time to judge what is right. There you go… that's what I think for what it's worth: I feel for even the most repugnant Alt Right – they're just human beings… they still have a chance to change before they do something unforgivable… the wind has changed – it can just as easily change again.

  7. Islam IS a (hateful) political doctrine above anything else. Islam has been at war with the West and everyone else since its creation. Why do you keep labelling people who stand up against this as someone who is a racist? you realise that part of the reason Trump won was because the mainstream wont admit that what I just said is true. since trump was candid about this people voted for him despite most of them realising he is an idiotic narcissist.

  8. well, to be honest… after you explained here who the Bannon really is… I must admit, I've become a big fan of Steve Bannon… thanks, mate.

  9. Have you even read Breitbart even once? Anyone who has spent more than 15 mins objectively researching Bannon will know you came to your conclusion that he's a "fascist" before checking the facts. Please check your facts before preaching misled information. No one wants a racist in power, but Bannon is clearly not if you are willing to be objective.

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  11. Lets be honest – the reemergence of the Right was about as predictable as night following day. Anyone with half a brain could see that wars with Muslim countries; terrorism, mass  immigration from Muslim countries, all rounded off with an economic collapse – was going to bring us to this point.  The fact that Liberals are shocked by these events – just demonstrates how out of touch with reality they are. Either that, or they knew full well this reactionary backlash was coming – they just thought they'd be able to ride it out.  Degenerate gamblers

  12. Just because a media platform reports on a group doesn't make that media platform that group. Get real. Trump and his team have done fantastic.

  13. Being racist doesn’t make you a fascist. You need to be authoritarian to be fascist. The DEMOCRATS were racist until the 1970s and most of the democratic senators voted against the civil rights movement but does that make then fascists. No they were not. And also giving someone a voice doesn’t mean you agree with them and what has Bannon said that is fascistic or racist

  14. Wait, was the Nazi party a socialist (leftist) racist party or a conservative party?, how can this guy equate racism, conservatism and fascism?.

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