Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds? GRWM

Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds? GRWM

yeah guys um social media is ruining our lives hello friends welcome back to my channel thank you so much for clicking to watch this video four cities may come in might say I kind of just wanted to talk about like just loosely my feelings on social media and kind of why I've been absent for the last two weeks I haven't uploaded a video in like two weeks now if you keep up if not like I don't it honestly doesn't really matter but I was kind of just taking a little bit of a social media break because I know it just affects me too much sometimes like sometimes it just it just affects me too much and it's gotten to the point now where I'd rather just like not be on it than to feel I don't know just some kind of weight like I there are little things that I have done and I will talk about in the video that have helped me out a lot but I just noticed myself getting really addicted and falling back into negative patterns and viewing posts and likes and comparing myself to other people and it just gets rough so in this video we're just gonna be sitting putting on some makeup putting on this look and talking about like loosely how social media affects this I'm very interested to hear what you guys think as well join the peaceful ass bitch family traveler where I try to post every Monday but I don't let's just be honest I don't post every Monday it's fine okay guys enough talking let's just jump into video let's do it okay oh my hair is a mess right now pair of the mess right now sorry my nails so is my life okay I'm gonna start with my eye makeup and I'm taking me alliant King sir John by luminous luminous puffy looks like this and then for an eye base I'm gonna be taking this liquid eye shadow from covergirl I gravitate for his liquid eye shadows because they do most of the work for you protip okay so I've been absent for about two weeks here on YouTube and honestly with Instagram to like I feel like I took kind of an unplanned social media like cleanse I wasn't really looking at anything on there wasn't posting anything just I just need a break like I needed it I honestly recommend everyone just like take a breather from social media for once in a while like a legit breather it's really hard with what I do for a living but I really need it you guys I feel like I've just been struggling a lot to think positively about being online and being on social media like I don't know what my deal has been but it's just rough like it just been so hard okay I'm gonna let this just dry for a little bit it's so pretty like Wow and do you see what I mean by it like doesn't still work for you like I feel like my shadow is halfway done now boom oh yeah I've just had a hard time like one I feel like why am I talking like I I just get into these moods around like why does anyone care what I have to say like why would I sit here and just like talk you know which I understand is unhealthy but sometimes I just feel like I feel like what I have to say doesn't really matter so why am I sitting in why am i sitting and talking to be like who do I think I am that I can just sit and talk to people I think it's like like a slight impostor syndrome kind of thing that I have which I am aware of I become aware of it so I'm actively working on it now a lot of people suffer from that just like not feeling worthy of what you do or what you're doing all of the positive messages that I get from you guys though like really kind of just motivates me and reminds me why I'm doing it because I can get in my head and just be like what are you doing sitting like why why are you doing this another issue that I have with social media like specifically Twitter and Instagram a little bit of YouTube but not so much is the the addictive aspect of it like I feel like we're addicted to something that's like psychologically just not good for us like it's just not it's not good for you I think I have the hardest time with Instagram feel like I have just a negative outlook on the platform in general because I just I feel like well I know that if you're not constantly using it then they're not really pushing your content to people because they as a business only really want to promote the people that are keeping people on their platform the longest by using their platform the most and I'm just not like I just don't care to post stories every 20 minutes I just can't I sometimes I look at people's stories and if they have too many I'm like I can't watch this I'm not gonna sit and watch this what is this and I'm not trying to like talk shit about anyone who does post a lot on stories or does use the platform a lot that's great like I sometimes Envy those people because I wish that I could bring myself to use the platform more and engage with it more but I notice every single time I try to do that and get more sucked into that my actual real life starts kind of just unraveling and like hot bits like it's like I can't do both and whenever I'm out somewhere and I'm like trying to capture it on my phone and I feel like I'm not really there in real life and I get it's like two seconds of my time to just pull my phone out and just do a quick little hey this is where I'm at and I do try to do it I really am working on doing that I just really have a hard time like remembering to do it in the first place because I'm just living my life like uh-huh and I don't want to seem like I'm complaining because it's like what are you like what are you actually upset about that you have to like post stories like get over it it's not that I genuinely just don't like feeling like I don't have control over my impulses or urges to get on Instagram or or that I don't have control over how I feel about like posting things like I definitely don't post certain things or I don't want to post certain things because I'm afraid people won't like it and then seeing that not a lot of people like it I take that personally and I internalize that a lot I know that's really common amongst a lot of people not just who do this for a living just in general like you see the number of likes you get and you like start internalizing it and just taking it personally like you feel like oh this is like a direct reflection of how people feel about me no one likes me because no one liked this photo and it seems really silly to say but that's honestly how a lot of people feel that's honestly how it affects a lot of people and it's even more difficult if you do this for a living because it does directly affect your income or your viewership like if you're not using the platform constantly you're not getting promoted and you're not getting you know advertisement and deals and money so it does affect I thank God it's not affected me in a way that I feel like I'm still doing well thank God but I know that I could be doing better if I was using it more and just just go go go go going but that shit's addicting you guys like it's very addicting and I'm I'm interested to see like the psychological effects that it's had having on our brains like later in life I feel like kids who grew up with social media it's not doesn't really make a difference because they're kind of hardwired to like they've grown up with this platform or with these platforms I do still think it takes a psychological effect on that's why you're seeing a lot of kids with depression and anxiety but for me and my generation I didn't grow up with social media so this is something that I remember a life before it and how it is now and I do think that it does psychologically affect me in a negative way unfortunately what do you guys think I'm interested to know like what you guys think or if you feel the same or if you've noticed difference if you haven't notice the difference like how often do you check Instagram or Twitter or Facebook how integral is are those platforms into your life like isn't it weird when you hear someone who's like oh I'm not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter you're like so what do you what do you do with how do you where you exist like it's just become such a big part of our culture and our society that we when someone says that they don't use it it's hard to compute like so what do you use okay so I don't know how I feel about this palette like I feel like it like it's just kind of whatever honestly I have shared with you guys on my Instagram like I talked to you guys on my Instagram about this like about how is feeling about it like the reason why I don't really post a lot of stories very often and that's why I like I I think it's because I'm not addicted like I don't care i don't i don't read comments also like that's something that i've learned that a lot of people do like i read my own comments or respond to my own comments but i don't read the comments of like other people's posts like i just don't care enough to click on it and like see what people are writing i feel like such an old lady like i feel like such a grandma about it because i do understand the benefits of it like i do see that it has created like a worldwide community of people where you would never have met someone before you've never seen someone before i wouldn't be able to sit here and do this and talk to all of you guys so i understand and I do appreciate the benefits of it as it keeps going and going they're creating just more and more ways to keep people sucked in like another thing they do is they tell you what you like and like what you want to see like on my explorer page it's completely different than what's on someone else's exploration like how do you know you're just like going like the algorithm like goes through and like sees what you like or what people who follow you like or people who have the same followers as you like so then it just keeps showing you that like don't tell me what to think or what you like I know someone out there okay sit here we go again here we go okay okay guys I'm gonna put on some liner and lashes and I'll be right back lashes are on I'm wearing the batty B lashes in the style fuck boy I really like these lashes a lot cuz they're hella curly and I do have a coupon code for you guys I will put that down in the description box did you want to try them on they're really really curly though like the one thing I might like try and do one day it's just straighten these out cuz curly lashes are good for people who don't already have crazy lashes but because my lashes are naturally curly because I'm black when I put on curly lashes on top of them they kind of like curl even more so it's like touching my eyelid which I don't love I'm moving into face makeup I'm gonna start with this primer this is the extra matte Borean skin primer just pop that right on yeah guys um social media is ruining our lives no I'm kidding it's not that bad but I do think that it is important for us to start being like aware of our habits and the way that we think about it in general because it really isn't healthy like it's really not I also I read that Instagram is well they already have implemented in other countries they've taken away the likes like number so you can still like someone's photo and you can still see how many likes you get but I can't see how many likes someone else gets which I honestly think would be really really really beneficial just for the mentality of so many people okay so for my face makeup I'm gonna be taking the Urban Decay weightless foundation I'm also going to be color correcting with the attented from my friend typica loved Ivica so I'm gonna be taking the shade called rise which is just like worn you shade you're just applying that to all my dark spots anyways I I really do think that would be beneficial for them to just take away that small feature just it would help just a little bit for people who are really addicted and put a lot of their self worth in their post or maybe just get discouraged from posting all together I know they're getting a lot of pushback right now because like influencers are afraid of you know losing the way that they earn a living which I can relate to however I think it would be nice that brands work with people whose content actually matches what the brand represents or what the brain wants instead of just solely for numbers you know so I don't think it would really make a difference because if a brand still wants to work with you and promote with you they're gonna do that it's not gonna matter it's not gonna matter if they can see your election on and you can still provide that to them like it's not like you don't know anymore it's just taking away the element of comparing yourself to other people I really really love this foundation it's very like full coverage but lightweight at the same time like huh just I feel so light on my skin I'm also gonna be taking the naked concealer and just dabbing a bit of that under my eye I'll go in the kitchen cooking right now I don't know if you guys can hear oh that's another thing that I did I recently moved all of my filming equipment to the garage because the studio that I was using upstairs is way too hot so that's another thing that's happened since I've been taking my social media Britta's a concealer this bomb girl it's gonna feel er so good a little bit a little bit love it love it love it love it love I love it love it love it love it see I think it's really nice for Facebook to take a bit of responsibility for that because I feel like they recognized that it's a problem and they're the only ones who can really do something to change it like you can of course take my route of just like not using it that much but then you know where's the fun in that I think there's something we can all do we can be aware of our habits and not using it so much and letting it dictate so much of how we feel and also the platform can take a bit of responsibility for how they've made everyone for you that's ideal like that's a win-win everyone wins some other practices that I have talked about and shared with you guys is I have unfollowed people who like just don't fit me anymore if I see their post that upsets me a little bit or I just don't get inspired by what they're posting anymore like I've just unfollowed them because we have to treat Instagram especially if you're gonna be on it often treat Instagram and Twitter as kind of like your house like you don't want certain energies or certain people in your house because they make you feel bad about yourself or you just don't connect with them or vibe with them so why continue having them on your Instagram just because it's like you know not as tangibly evident to look at it like get rid of the stuff follow people when I do get on Instagram I'm just looking at posts and people that inspire me and like make me feel good which helps and that's what you should be doing if you're gonna use it treat it like your home unless you do have crazy people in your home in which case you go hey that's cool too another issue social media creates is loneliness which I can't relate to because I do feel lonely a lot of the time like I think social media plays a role into that because we assume that we know what's going on and our friends and families lives when really we're just getting like the highlight reel which we've all I'm sure heard about at this point like we're only posting the good things about our lives on social media so we're looking at our friends and family and just seeing like oh you just bought a house that's great oh you just got married or you just had a baby oh you just I don't know what a million dollars so we're we feel like we know what's going on and our friends and families lives but in actuality we don't actually know and it makes us feel even more alone because we assume that no one else is going through what we're going through if you're feeling sad or maybe not having the best day you just assume that like no one else feels like that when that's 300 percent not true here to tell you right now girl but we don't reach out to people because then we think like oh I'm the only one who said I don't want to like make my friend who just bought a new house or just got married feel sad so I'll just be sad by myself you know just creates a cycle of really really unhealthy beliefs about yourself and about the world and we're just slowly disconnecting from people like so many people don't even know how to have like conversations with someone in real life because they're just so used to doing it over the phone like or it takes them a lot longer to be able to open up for face patter I'm gonna go on with this Laura Mercier glow powder and just kind of dust that lightly all over my face just lightly comment down below please I'm very interested to know like what you guys think do you relate to this like do you feel like your social skills have gone down or up since being on social media do you feel lonely sometimes do you reach out to your friends and family or do you feel like you don't want to really bother people because you kind of have an idea of what's happening in their life and you don't want to trouble people with your ideas like I'm really interested to know because I have definitely noticed that it has affected me just like feeling like FOMO like seeing what other people are doing and being like you know like don't get me wrong it's a lot of really positive things like social media has contributed a lot of positivity with awareness raising awareness creating representation like those are the great things that it has there's also a lot of very damaging psychological effects that it's had on us and we're all addicted we're addicted I'm an addict you're an addict we're an actually I don't think I'm not much of an addict that's kind of the problem bronzor I'm going to take my NARS contour blush just kind of tap that line I really want to try like a new makeup routine I'm going to a master class this week I'm very very excited to like I don't get a new take on my makeup I feel like I've just been doing the same kind of thing for ever okay and lastly for lips I'm going to be taking this huda beauty lipstick in the shade on e moon and this NARS a lip liner in the shade can't read that I can't read what that says nurse but I will put it down below to pop that on my lips I'm gonna go do my hair and then I'll be right back air is a bit big but it's like cute like I feel so cute alright you guys that's it for this video I hope that you enjoyed it and you learned something I don't I feel like I was kind of just like babbling I would love to know what you guys think down below or if you have any other like information on you know maybe confirming what I'm saying or even on confirming what I'm saying I love reading that stuff if you haven't already and even like to join my desk or channel I will also leave that down below as well as all the products that I use in this video so yes thank you for coming to hang out with me or you guys I love you so much and I'll see you in my next video please you

41 thoughts on “Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds? GRWM

  1. Wanted to comment, usually don't. You making comprehensive and actual intellectual content makes me feel like there is light in this very dark world. Like not everyone is a sheep. I love the videos you post because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my thinking or ways of handling things. Thanks for sharing your journey and insight in such a public way, just do you and everything else will surely fall in line.

  2. Madame, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to submerge your entire life into social media. You have a large platform and following even though you're not keeping up with the social media Joneses.

    I'm 32 years old but have had blogs, deleted blogs, had followers, deleting my accounts…bc I always feel I'm not being my authentic self. I understand some of that has to do with me being an introvert and very sensitive to the things around me. But I'm learning how to balance sharing things without feeling like I have to share EVERYTHING and be overly transparent. I am not one dimensional so I doubt I'll ever do well with a niche blog.

    I honestly think you're in a right frame of thinking…just as long as you aren't holding back out of fear or anything like that. There's still so much you can do without getting sucked in…and even when u do feel sucked in, you can always unplug. Mental health and wellness matters 💕💕

    Much love

  3. Tbh, Insta made me feel like shit. I initially followed creators and artists for inspiration, but I just felt like I was missing out and falling behind everyone. I felt so insecure and envious and I was in a terrible mindset.

  4. When you don’t have Twitter, Instagram or Facebook……I’m honestly just watching YouTube videos or on Netflix or Hulu. I have Snap but it’s kinda dead

  5. I truly think they are addicting! But like you said, it’s hard when you’re trying to get noticed on Instagram and feel like you need to be on there all the time. A lot of times I compare myself to other people on Instagram and ending up feeling shitty. It sucks. I think twitter is slightly better because people are more real but it is still addicting for me. I think breaks are really great -especially if you don’t have to use social media for your job.

    Also… I totally agree that the ‘highlight reel’ aspect of social media is SO damaging. I often times feel like I’m failing or just don’t have as good of a life as most other people.

    Actively trying to improve the negatives and use social media in a healthy way. 👍🏽

  6. I have fb & Ig… But I do not take it seriously. I post uplifting photos on both. Im not posting to be "liked" or popular. I guess because I did not grow up with it.. Its not such a draw.
    Youtube.. I like because I get inspired by the things im interested in.
    I stop alot of things over the years. I want to learn new things.. Read so my mind is open..
    Yeah do not compare. Take 4 hour breaks … Here and there.. Watch a Diy.. Movie. Listen to music.. Pastors talking about God.
    Bless be..
    Love from Southbay/Los Angeles

  7. I agree with what your saying. Me and my friends try to go out once a month, and I also go out with my little sisters or try to babysit my niece ,so my sister and her husband can have a date night. But my communicate skill already off. I rather listen than speck…but now I can stand listening to others at times ugh lol

  8. I feel you on this. It's SO negative. You can't just post something without someone challenging you. It gravitates to negative media. So negativity is put on steroids and takes over the positive. I filter my social media DOWN and still come across things I could do better off without seeing. Social media tells us we're undesirable, not good enough, laughable. And it's just not true. But constantly feeding that into our minds does unnecessary damage.
    But it's a way to make money and get connected to opportunity and easily keep up with family so…

  9. You've reminded me I need breaks. I look at Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat like once every few weeks, but Facebook is an issue for me. I'm going to take the Facebook app off of my phone for a few days and see how I feel.

  10. My Friends told me to get Social Media , Instagram, Snapchat , Twitter, Etc , I always told them why i dont want it because of all of the Drama especially me with my Looks ! It makes me very Uncomfortable…

  11. It’s so important to not live life on a piece of technology. It’s so accessible to anyone these days it seems normal when in actual reality it’s not. BUT without it I wouldn’t be able to watch you ❤️

  12. Okay so my view point is a bit different.

    I honestly haven’t really thought of social media as the cause of insecurities or issues but more of an enhancer if that makes sense. I don’t believe that social media causes people to act a certain way or can make people anything that they already are not. The main difference is that it is more out in the open now. Meaning, if you are insecure Instagram is most likely not the root cause of your insecurity however having it can definitely enhance those insecurities and give you tools to self destruct and continuously compare yourself for others. With that being said I can’t say that I think the app should take responsibility for how people choose to use it. To be honest i think it largely has to do with personal responsibility. I feel like many people use self destructive tendencies and refuse to look inwards to see why they are doing so. Social media, in the hands of someone who is already on that path, can tip the scale while not being the main cause of the problem.

  13. I left social media a while ago, occasionally I need to use it for work or school. Otherwise no thanks it gives me negative vibes it makes you compare yourself to people who are falsifying photos and posts. Thanks for the content 🌈💛

  14. Now that I've really curated my IG feed to just be about art/hobbies/people I know and actually speak to IRL – it doesn't feel so damaging. In fact it can be really cool and interesting, and I learn about events in my city. But I do find it sucks up a lot of my time in a habit-forming way that I find difficult to break out of.

  15. Social media is definitely ruining our lives lol. I had to delete my Insta for a few weeks ago just to get my mind right, but I don't mind YouTube though because I enjoy making videos without obsessing about views and likes as much.

  16. I only wanna speak for myself on Instagram and social media because I don’t wanna bash it when it works for some people. But personally I can’t use the app for more than 1 minute at I time. I only go on Instagram to message people who I don’t want to talk with over text, or when I’m seeking inspiration from a particular celebrity or YouTuber. When I go on there it’s when I have an intention to use it. That has Greatly benefited my mental health especially as its summer because I’m actually enjoying mine instead or comparing it to other people’s! 😄

  17. You hit the nail on the head! I enjoy Youtube & Pinterest but I can see Instagram going in Facebook direction and I left Facebook years ago. The same people own it and I feel uncomfortable with that. Everything is sale sale sale just like on FB. I think my exit will be coming soon and I'll keep my YT channels.

  18. Being born in 1999 I remember what it was like before social media when you’d have to call your friends on your house phone to see if they can hang out or only see them in school if they didn’t live close. And I agree with you about social media being unhealthy because I have Instagram and what’s supposed to be fun to post about your life and yourself I don’t really post at all because i’m too worried about how I look and thinking people are going to think i’m ugly or why am I posting this. And for Twitter i feel like who cares about what I think and have to say. It does make me feel isolated a little bit because I see everyone doing these awesome things and they’re doing it without me and never really wanted to do those same things with me. I kind of wish we didn’t have social media but at the same time it’s such a great thing to find people who share your interests or you find new things to try.

  19. Oh my God. These have been my literal feelings over the past couple of weeks.

    I’m on an IG break rn and I don’t miss it at all. I love not feeling like I have to report every waking moment of my existence.

  20. I'm rooming w/family acquaintances who didn't pay the wifi bill because, well, that's unimportant 😕. I live in an area so remote that you have to lasso wildlife to get to civilization.

    Guess what I did???


    I replaced the evil, anger & negativity on social media by reading Stephen King's latest book cause it was fictional AND entertaining.

    Can't be bothered with social media since it's become a source of free therapy for some folks or people showing off for no reason

    I missed you though Cyd 💙

  21. I couldn’t be a YouTuber because there’s too much pressure to stay interactive and tell your business, and keep up with the Joneses. Sometimes you just need to be off the radar.

  22. girl I agree with you 100%. when we go public places nowadays all we see is people on they phones on social media. nobody even has real conversations anymore its sick!

  23. Honestly, I think we need a therapist in order to not let Social Media negatively affect us …. Seriously!!!!!!!

  24. I grew up without social media & it came to fruition when I was in high school. I think I developed an intense FOMO whenever I saw friends hang out and posting on their Facebook pics or statuses that they hung out and they didn’t invite me. And then when Snapchat happened, it would exponentially do worse and I rejected it at first until almost everyone was using it. Then when I started using Snapchat & Insta-stories, I felt the need to post to show I have a ~~cooooool~~ life. But it’s just adding to the problem. I miss the old days when people would just be more present instead of being on their phones when you’re spending time with people.

    If social media platforms only kept the connecting & messenger parts, then that’d be good. Because social media is great when it FIRST came out by connecting people who haven’t been able to keep in touch due to living in another city or another country. But everything else, making people feel like they have to prove that their life isn’t boring, that’s just toxic because it has us feeling like we gotta constantly compare ourselves and be better or be up to date on trends and stuff.

    Hehe love you and your real talks ❤️

  25. I just looked up my classmates from highschool and what they were doing and I was bitter for about 2.5 days but, I realise that it is 2.5 days wasted cuz they're probably sad af as well but, better at hiding it.

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