Is Ripple XRP The Golden Ticket To Financial Freedom?

Is Ripple XRP The Golden Ticket To Financial Freedom?

hey guys what's up it's dusty here back with another crypt of video in two days we're going to be giving away $500 worth of crypto if you still want to enter that giveaway all that you have to do is comment something down below and make sure you press the like button on this video right now another $500 giveaway that we're doing is on my second channel called dusty and all that you have to do is subscribe to this channel and once we hit a thousand subs we're gonna be giving away so you have quite a good chance to win right there now guys today I have a very special video on ripple and exort be the reason for that it's because I really spent the last 12 no I think it's 11 hours here behind this screen looking up articles looking up papers reading through everything and I've definitely found a lot of stuff but one thing that I saw returning many many times over and over again was tweets that look like this one right here this is from ripple Panda X or P and it says looks like many people have already realized the power of power piggie by a bit true it's been almost two weeks since I'm trying to get more extra P into the power piggie program and I was like alright this is a scam what the frig err they talking about is this like another big connect 3.0 is this another you know what is this what are they talking about here the first two or three times that I saw it it did not pay attention to it because I thought it was some sort of scam II type of thing but then I went to check the website out and it is actually a lot simpler and better than I had expected so please hear me out to the fullest – do not go down below in comments scam or whatever as it all makes sense in the end now I went to check the website and I looked through whatever they were saying here and it is actually pretty plain simple so what they're doing here is you put an X or P and the minimum amount is 10 X or P that you have to put in and Europe I'm gonna hopefully get about seven seven point three percent prettier towards ten percent per year depending on how much of their coin you hold and that's really the trick right there right at first I was like why would they give you interest well it's basically they want you to buy the BT our coin and the more beter you have the higher your percentage goes and it can go all the way up to 10% but that's I think where the real money lies for them which is also why they are offering a program like this they don't want you to get the 7% return no they want you to get the full percentage return and also for you to hold a lot of their coin now guys if you scroll down below a little bit you can see a daily cap is set at 600,000 xop right now which is a very good thing meaning that you can't just put infinite amounts of X or P in a earn a ridiculous amount of interest no they have a certain cap which is again also a you know a plus for me if they did not have a cap would be a very big red sign but a better point for me to see is this one right here point for rewards participants will earn extra P at a 7.3 percent annual interest as a reward so for every 10,000 Xer P you put in you earn 2x or P per day so this is something that has I don't want to really state it but nearly useless so if you put in 10,000 XRP right you know you go ahead and buy 10,000 XP right now three and a half thousand bucks you're earning about 60 cent a day and you can go ahead and count that towards x 30 no per month whatever whatever whatever yeah you can calculate 7.3 percent or 10 percent a year but I don't think it's ever worth it to lock your money up in any of these places for this interest unless you have a good plan in mind like all right you're gonna stack a lot of money in here for one year to have X amount and then take it all off to you know put in your hard walls or you want to save up for a hard world so you're putting a little bit of extra into this website because they say there's no lock up so you could take your money out whenever you want again that's kind of where it becomes interesting and why I could be using it but I have yet to try it out and I will definitely report over the next coming weeks to see how it's been liking it but this message is more so for the people who have already used it of been using it or whatever how have you experienced it it hasn't been nice are there any red flags to this program because I am definitely interested in checking it out even though it's not that profitable but again that's also a plus because if were to be too profitable it would kind of look crazy but 10% a year on a critic currency investment it's def only doable I would say so again it's there's no big red flags for me but if you guys have seen any make sure you let me know in the comment section down below because then I'll just put this on a black list I'll never look at it again a block panda XRP right this second and you'll never hear from this website once more for me but I'm gonna try it out and see how it is I'm gonna be starting with a little bit of extra pee though so no major amounts I'm gonna be starting out with a little bit just to have some passive income right because why not I mean it's free money so I'm gonna I'm gonna try it now some other stuff though as I don't want to keep talking about this investment website and things like that as it is mostly in exchange that's what is mostly used for but there's also a power piggie program which means you can lock up your XP if you want to even though it's not really locking up then you can also do BTC in some other coins whatever but this video focuses mostly on XRP specifically ripple devotes devotees are taking out balls-deep loans to buy XP I was like why why are they talking about but hey they got the XP balls-deep guy XP Phoenix says tweet linked up right there it's one of the tweets that we commented on yesterday and it got a ton of feedback a turnery tweets ton of likes a ton of comments as you just saw right here 700 comments 110 retweets 1.3 K likes it is insane but if you scroll through my comment has to be somewhere yeah here we go is it a safe financial decision to make absolutely not it's a fun right hell yes I admire your pulse sir I agree hundred what your statement is what he said as a reply thank you very much thank you sir and again I think it's a very very big and crazy decision to go balls deep into a cryptic currency taking out a loan for way more than you can afford to pay back he says I'm not bragging or flexing here my aim by my aim by staying this stating this year is to document my boss ste journey with you as all as an educational material source again I'm thinking here that it's never a smart decision in terms of safety purposes to do this it's never a good financial decision but again you know it's a fun ride and you can definitely earn a lot of money if it all works out well so you know sometimes you're lucky sometimes you're not if you think it's worth to take the risk you going to do that this is not Finnish advice so you are purely on your own right there price analysis for extra P I have not looked at this for quite a long time so just add it in there to fur for the sake of covering it once exa P is looking like it will enter a period of extended consolidation in the short term because both the bulls and bears are playing it safe the Bears do not want to get overly aggressive at current levels because they've not been able to break below 27 795 since mid December of last year or the other hand though bulls are not blowing aggressively because the xpd using pair has been an underperformer in the recent recovery and has quickly given back its gains unless the sentiment worsens we do not anticipate a breakdown of 27 795 similarly on the upside we expect resistance at the 20-day EMA which we discussed a couple of days before already and above it at 34 22 9 as we don't find any reliable by situps we remain neutral on the pair I would actually state the same right now because it's mostly b2c making one move anywhere right now you can see all these kryptos are just neutral and general not really moving too much I think it's because of a lot of insecurities here Ripple's EXA pta XB to use these subject to a breakout from bearish pennant structure well i actually not attach too much value to to this right here Ripple's xiv price is trading in the red on monday holding losses of about 0.7 percent xvideos e's moving within the confinements of a bearish pennant structure for the daily and a big psychological 30 cent mark remains vulnerable of given way to the Bears I'm having a little bit of a cuff right now it's still so freakin hot here in the Netherlands guys like it's only I think 26 or something degrees but you know it is still kind of hot you know even though it was 40 degrees last week right now it's 26 degrees I'm still sweating a little bit it's crazy but yeah it is making making these videos harder just a tad bit because I'm just sweating out here guys what hey you got to do something to provide content hey you got to go through something prowl on Twitter said money is not the value for which goods are exchanged but the value by which they are exchanged John Wall wrote that is money is the means by which you swap one set of stuff for another set of stuff again that's what the purpose of money is it is actually as a reply to the New Yorker who said we are used to dance of bills and paychecks to the distribution matrix and to changing numbers in our bank accounts it is only when the system buckles that we are starting to wonder what is money and what is it actually worth and this is a reply to that cooler Chet's says to it extra P kind of a fun tweet right hey you guys recognize that or not you guys recognize that we talked about in one of videos before I find it funny doon or Eric de down I don't know how you pronounce that it says when X opee and others that are building real utility cases for a more efficient world are separated from the toxicity and anarchistic tendencies of so much of the industry do not pretend it's a surprise adults have been hard at work for Wow and this is actually a reply to the open letter to Congress at the Ripper website but I'll be covering more about that in my next video coming up in a couple of hours here and last but not least one of the tweets which i think is interesting yet sometimes stupid as X appear Mommy has a lot of controversial tweets to say the least he says let's be real exa P is not a camper at that point at this point it's a golden ticket to financial freedom and it got a lot of likes and I can definitely understand why the reason I think she is very or I'm just assuming it sushi sorry if I if my assumptions were wrong I don't know what I should say otherwise I'm assuming right she said this for the sake of either expressing her support for extra P or for the likes I don't really know right there but the reason I think is controversial is because she says like X B is not a gamble it's a goal and take to financial freedom kind of pointing towards X R P being the only thing being good in the crypto space with the majority of her tweets as well making some people really too obsessed with one coin meaning they're not gonna that versa football really put all their eggs into one basket and maybe get open to a lot of like risk or they're vulnerable to a lot of risk and marshy 1884 actually says something very interesting right here he says I'm optimistic about extra pee but caution is needed diversify BTC exa P Q and T FDM Roby do not have these coins but BT XP and some other coins like LTC right now maybe theorem even they can work out and I really recommend you guys to diversify because it's just worth it from a risk aversive perspective and just a whole investing perspective even if you're speculating or investing whatever you want to call what you're doing it is always smart to diversify just to be on the safe side please just to be on the safe side at least diversify a little bit if you want to go 80% in XP you do that but then have 20% in some other coins just to be safe and I'm not trying to say safe for like X if he's gonna go to 0 so go another coins no I'm trying to say this by saying if you have all your X 2 X RP what if this is the last point moon what a BTC goes up by x 15 and XP only does times 4 which is still a high margin a lot of money not saying that isn't but still so these coins could go way better to start off then x RP hypothetically speaking you wanna at least have some of those gains when they do occur so that's why I always recommend to have a little bit more coins so you have a higher chance of grabbing a moonshot and specifically here in this top 10 or top 12 ish top 13 I recommend just holding a little bit of maybe all of them maybe not big couldn't have your Bitcoin cash because you can really be against those maximalist but once you got some more coins you really get a little bit of a stronger feeling towards cryptocurrency in general not X or p XP only but really the blockchain feeling and also you're not gonna FOMO into one of these coins once BTC start to go up 15% in a day leading the the the crypto run and then the run follows because most of the time let's just face it BTC starts runs and XRP follows and BTC starts runs III and follows BTC grabs dominance up to seventy eighty percent of whatever is going to and then I'll coins going to their season and take back their dominance but what happens then is if you're in both these coins or only BTC right you're actually getting extra gains because once BTC is that plus 15% or whatever right and the Ocwen start to run you can just switch from your BTC to all coin and then grab double as many gains so that's why I always recommend everybody to do that it's just a smarter decision but hey this is now financial advice this is purely for entertainment purposes only and educational purposes I guess because I'm also telling you guys facts and whatever from my personal finance history here as I am legally a financial adviser but I do not want to act like one in cryptocurrencies that's really not something that I want to be involved with here don't want to have something on my on my head right there I didn't recommend you guys to just be cautious and this website as I said before I'm gonna check it out see how it holds up if you guys have used it before let me know guys because hey if you're saying it's a safe one I'm using it too otherwise I most likely will get back on it a couple of days later and again go check out the dusty Channel it's definitely worth it to give it a little look I put a lot of effort into making these videos and completely free to check out and also guys don't forget to enter the giveaway on this channel by pressing the like button a comment something down below thank you for watching and I'll see you guys again in another crypto video take care

40 thoughts on “Is Ripple XRP The Golden Ticket To Financial Freedom?

  1. Things work backwards so the one that precedes the one to come may be great but the one that comes after will be greatest!

  2. diversification is bullshit in the crypto space, it works for normal stock market but its all a gamble and the best way to gamble is by being informed.

    say you have 20k xrp @ .30 = $6000 and take 20% of that and "diversify" into bitcoin $1200 and bitcoin x15s you get $18,000 and the xrp x4s you make a profit of $19,200 + the 18k from bitcoin for a total of $37,200.

    OR you keep it all in xrp in hopes of it going past a x4 price increase.

    What do you think is more reasonable? Bitcoin going to $143,325 for a x15 or xrp going to $1.2. ?

    Then start doing the math at lets say x15/x25/x589. : $4.5/$7.5/$176.7

    So realistically do you think bitcoin will hit $143,325 before xrp hits $4.5?

    20k xrp X $4.5 = $90000/ 20k X $7.5 = $150,000 Do you think bitcoin is will surpass x25 in the time it takes xrp to x25?
    $6000 worth of bitcoin x15 would be the same as xrp @$90k profit but the potential for xrp to go higher is so much more.

    The more you diversify the less you make when the time comes for price action, and realistically majority of these coins will not go up in value relative to xrp so you can sell at the top and buy back into these cheaper coins in bulk which then would make you more money, but now in the space we are at with xrp about to explode, nah fuck that noise.

    I hope I made my point clear enough. Don't diversify.

  3. I want 500$ in crypto, it will mean me serious thing in the future 💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. Do any of you wonder why Ripple can’t get off 0.29-0.30? Take a look at the supply of this coin. Sure people are buying, but not even putting a dent in the price. Too many XRP coins dumped on the fucking market. BTC up 6k over last few months, ETH, LTC, BCH all up at least double. Ripple has not moved any. Not trying to FUDD, just some cold hard facts. Dusty only makes 5 Ripple video per day, b:c he wants the views. He doesn’t give a shit about XRP!

  5. Dusty this is sickening. How many XRP videos can you put out a day? Not about quality it’s about quantity lol 😂

  6. I think the pump is waiting on US acct trading to be closed on binance. Isn't that like 2nd week of August?

  7. NEXO does very similar things to Bitrue. They will soon start paying Interest on your XRP holdings. They also give instant loans against your Crypto currency which is a great way to leverage the value of your crypto without selling it.

  8. Is xrp a diversion away from silver???they are pumping the heck outta putting it outthere to ponder..imagine a chase bank silver backed crypto
    All these fake coins will go to backing..silver in hand makes you the bank.

  9. Never ever lock your money up. Beware of companies who lock your money. Remember none of these Exchanges have any insurance to insure your Crypto.

  10. The power piggy by Bitrue is funded by there marketing budget. It's not meant to last forever. You can unfreeze it at anytime. Don't put my xrp in it but use it for my vet.

  11. It’s the whales that move the market and we are all on the ride! Get on and off at the right times people

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