Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective | The Daily Show

Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective | The Daily Show

Racism. As we all know, it died for good
the night Barack Obama was elected president. But a strange thing happened
this week. We learned that racism
may be coming back to life. And it turns out, it’s already in the House. House Republican leaders
came down hard on one of their own last night. Iowa Congressman Steve King
was stripped of his committee assignments
less than a week after making a comment
to The New York Times that was widely seen as racist. REPORTER:
The decision was made by House GOP leader
Kevin McCarthy, and other top Republicans. These are not the first time
we’ve heard these comments. Um, that is not the party
of Lincoln. -It is definitely not America.
-MITT ROMNEY: He ought to resign and move on and let someone else who represents American values
take his seat. One Republican who did not
weigh in was President Trump. I don’t…
I haven’t been following it. I really haven’t
been following it. -(laughter)
-You haven’t been following it? Like,
what-what else are you doing? “I’m extremely busy, folks.
Do you think a name “like ‘Jeff Bozo’ just comes out
of nowhere, huh? Genius like that takes time.” But this is a big deal. The Republican party has
punished one of its own for making racist comments. And if you haven’t been
keeping up with the story, what happened is in an interview
with the New York Times, Steve King basically said
that he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong
with being a white supremacist. Now, that feels like
a pretty racist thing to say, which makes it
even more surprising that Trump isn’t following this. I mean, you’d think an algorithm or something would have
recommended it by now. Be like,
“If you liked Charlottesville, you’ll love Steve King.” But as damning as King’s
comments sound to most people, he’s claiming
that it’s not what he said. It’s just how we heard it. The New York Times is suggesting
that I’m an advocate for white nationalism
and white supremacy. I want to make one thing
abundantly clear. I reject those labels and the
evil ideology that they define. Huh. Okay.
So Steve King went from saying those terms
are not offensive to then rejecting them
and calling them evil. I haven’t seen a turnaround
that drastic since the movie Titanic. Remember where the iceberg
started off as the good guy, and then, out of nowhere,
just started killing everybody? I was like,
“What the hell, iceberg?” So as it stands, Steve King said
a thing that’s really racist, but he claims
that he isn’t racist at all. So which is it? Is he racist or not? Well, I think
this sounds like a job for Trevor Noah:
Racism Detective. -♪ ♪
-(cheers and applause) (applause and cheering swell) Oh, hello. It’s still me,
Trevor Noah, Racism Detective. You can tell
I’m a real detective because I’m wearing a funny hat, and I have a magnifying glass for, like, burning ants
or whatever people use that for. (laughter) So, now that I have all my gear,
it’s time to investigate whether Congressman Steve King
is actually a racist. And here’s our first clue– a clip of Steve King in 2013 saying disparaging things
about Mexican immigrants. They aren’t all valedictorians. They weren’t all brought in
by their parents. Uh, for every one
who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there
that, um, they weigh 130 pounds, and they’ve got calves
the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling
75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. (audience groans) Okay, that… That’s like the weirdest
math problem I’ve ever heard. (laughter) “If Jose is 130 pounds, and he’s
hauling 75 pounds of marijuana, his calves would be the size
of what fruit?” (laughter) Like, the weirdest part
of this one is that King isn’t even working off
existing stereotypes. He’s just making up new ones
that don’t exist. Mexicans have cantaloupe calves? You can’t even tell if that’s
a good thing or a bad thing. Even Mexicans are like,
“Thank you?” (laughter) “I mean, I have been
getting my steps in.” So the first clue
is racist-seeming. But on the other hand,
cantaloupe isn’t a racist fruit. Like, if he really wanted
to be racist, he could have said bananas
or watermelon, you know, classic racist fruit. So we still need more proof. And look. What’s this? It’s another clue. When you talked about Muslims
working in your pork plants, and say, “I don’t want Muslims
working in my pork plant because
they need extra explanation.” But I didn’t say that. -What did you say?
-You got to have… Chris, you got to have a sense
of humor here. I’m… I… Here’s… Wait.
Here’s the sound bite. KING:
Um… Fair enough. Damn. So Steve King says he doesn’t want Muslims working
in pork factories because he thinks
it makes them happy to feed the rest of us pork because it’ll send us to hell. So in his mind,
there are some Muslims who hate everyone else so much,
they’re like, “I want
to destroy these infidels.” “Let’s blow them up.”
“No, no, too easy.” “Let’s open a pork shop, “feed them delicious bacon, “and watch them enjoy themselves
for many years until they die naturally
and then go to hell.” (evil cackling) “Aah!
Bacon grease, bacon grease.” (laughter) So, he said Mexicans are drug
mules with cantaloupe calves, and Muslims are trying
to damn our souls with pork. But I don’t know. Does that mean he’s racist,
or is he just hungry? (laughter) Without more clues,
we can never know, unless… there’s a third clue. This Western civilization
still is… -But…
-…is a superior civilization. You cannot rebuild
your civilization with somebody else’s babies. You’ve got
to keep your birth rate up. Poo-hoo-hoo! Goddamn it, that was so racist
it burned my lungs. You can’t rebuild a civilization
with someone else’s babies. I mean, on the one hand
he’s right– babies are terrible
at building stuff. Have you ever given a baby
a power tool? I have. That’s why I’m not allowed
near day care centers anymore. But what King is actually saying
is that minority babies could never be American, only white babies
can truly be American. I assume they’re taught
how to become American by their Filipino nannies. (laughter) So, we got three clues. But it still doesn’t feel like
we have enough to know for sure that Steve King is racist. If only he had said
something else, something really,
really explicitly racist, like this. Oh, man, Steve King actually has
a good point here, folks. Other cultures haven’t
really contributed anything to human civilization. I mean, the paper in front
of him was invented in China, but that doesn’t count. Who’s ever used paper? And the numbers
on that sign behind him– India came up with those. But, I mean, well…
(chuckling) And the Christianity
he just mentioned, obviously that came
from the Middle East. So that’s three things
that nonwhite cultures contributed to humanity–
but, I mean, who’s counting? Other than the Indians. -So…
-(laughter) let’s look at the evidence. On the one hand,
we have Steve King being racist towards Mexicans, Muslims
and the entire nonwhite world. But on the other hand,
he says he’s not racist. (sighs):
Huh. Even I’m not good enough
as a racism detective to crack this one. So I guess it’ll just have
to remain a mystery. Join me next week
when I investigate– Cross Burnings:
Are They Racist, Or Just a Dramatic Way
to Roast Marshmallows? I will try to find out.

100 thoughts on “Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective | The Daily Show

  1. Obama brought Racism back in Full Throttle. For 8 years he was Hell bent to Divide this Country. And with the help of Fake Rev. Sharpton and Jackson he got it spread fast.

  2. The zero was discovered by Arabs, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are called Arabic numbers and not Indian. Indian numbers are:١،٢،٣،٤،٥،٦،٧،٨،٩ which have also been adapted and spread by the Arabs. Logarithyms were discovered by an Arab mathematician Al-Khawarizmy and without him computers would not have been invented. Algebra was discovered by Arab scientist Jabir Ibnu Hayan and we all know how algebra is being used in many modern scientific uses like in engineering. Without the Arab Muslims translating and developing the Greek knowledge the West would still have existed in the dark ages.
    White supremacists are ignorant and arrogant beings who suffer from superiority complex.

  3. What's so good
    about "abundance"? It just creates "OVERABUNDANCE" and we become
    momentarily satisfied like a drug and then we need a HIGHER DOSE of
    ABUNDANCY to get the same HIGH . . . and nothing get's accomplished . . .
    that's why the rich get richer . . .
    "RICH" is a drug, placed in the drink of our HUMAN NEED FOR CHANGE, not
    for the BETTER, but CHANGE FOR ITS OWN SAKE, with all of the BENEFITS
    and BENEVOLENCES and none of the RESPONSIBILITY . . . WE are stuck on
    PLANET FANTASY in the land of FALSE UTOPIA, where everything we want, or
    think we want is THERE, well, just BECAUSE a piece of paper written by a
    group of WHITE MEN who owned SLAVES SAID SO . . . WHAT ISN'T IRONIC
    ABOUT THIS? WHAT'S NOT OXYMORONIC about THIS? And then we make up
    something called "RACE" and blame EVERYBODY for it, even within our own,
    uh, "RACE", who used to be SLAVES and are still SLAVES, but not
    EXCLUSIVELY anymore, but COLLECTIVELY . . . and we want REPARATIONS for a
    GLOBAL CONDITION . . . HOW TOTALLY WEIRD is THAT?? Have we all been
    INTELLIGENCE? No one looks at our GENETIC RESULTS, but chooses to
    BELIEVE that ANYONE can do ANYTHING they want if they just BELIEVE they
    can. They can CHANGE THE WORLD without CHANGING THEMSELVES or even
    were we SLAVES TO OURSELVES, believing the FALSE HYPE, we've been eating
    like a sleeve of OVERPRICED, GMO'd MONSANTO"d OREOS with DOUBLE BS?

  4. arabs came up with the numbers behind him, India came up with the numbers that most Arabs are currently using. I'm not sure why but it is what it is, history is complicated man.

  5. And you forgot that the whole reason Newton got interested in gravity wasn't because of the Apple but because he the research of another Arab scientist.

  6. you know, it feels really weird to hear famous people say Charlottesville when i only live 20 mins away and i feel like it’s small

  7. Doesnt seem racist, just biased and close minded. There ARE drug smugglers coming from Mexico (like with any other border anywhere really) and devoted Muslims working in a pork factory is weird af. The comment about western civilization also makes sense in the context that the guy is a biased moron who is cherrypicking what is meanigful.

    Dunno, this isnt that black and white.

  8. It died…. No one told most whyte ppl. Don't trust these ppl anyway. There's no truth. In Iowa. They're currently giving out flyers to join whyte supremacist groups saying that their families are under attack. Sheesh

  9. Swear you RACIST white people that be telling other races to go back to their country need to stfu and go back to europe cause there wasn’t any white people on these lands till they came and took it from the natives americans so everyone in american is a immagrint unless they native american

  10. Whoa~ whoa. Whoao! Filipino nannies????? I like you Mr. Noah, biggly BUT Filipinos don't do nannying, that's american teenager's job!!!! Don't steal their jobs, that's the reason they're already building up walls cause their jobs are being taken away in the first place.

  11. My dog went fucking nuts during that last clue about the superiority of 'western civilization'… I wonder what that was about

  12. Pork doesn’t send you to hell im Muslim it doesn’t it’s just not good it’s not halall not everything is going to send you to hell and the white people forget they still everything

  13. I know this is serious but the long pause followed with "fair enough" at 4:40 made me lol, its just such a weird reply, almost like he knew that was bad enough he couldn't defend it.

  14. I’m not sure if this is something people outside of Iowa are just finding out, but we’ve known this for a while

  15. My prob is that some americans define racism as having a bias for or against certain races. In the modern world racism is defined as the archaic belief that humanity is divided into races. If anyone would ask me to SIGN MY RACE on a document, I would shoot that person about the chest and face until death happens.

  16. Indians didnt create those numbers, theyre arabic numerals, the modern arabic numerals were ancient indian.

  17. Hahahahaha,GOD,how can ignorance be soooo plenty in only just one man?!!! I mean if americans trully think like that man,i fear for all of them,and i feel a lot of sorry for the country itself!!!

  18. Indians didn't invent those numbers. Arabs did, which is why they're called Arabic numerals, which replaced Roman numerals.

    Western Europe synthesised civilisations from around the world and called the result its own. Not bad. I give them credit.

  19. I tried keeping a straight face until trevor said
    "Whose counting? Except the Indians"
    Hahahaha he got me with that one

  20. why in the world did i think that the thumbnail of trevor as a detective was actually leonardo dicaprio for a second i had to look at it twice lol 🤦‍♀️😂

  21. If they have a damn about their birth rate they address the opioid crisis that’s affecting them at record numbers. Numbers don’t lie. It’s already irreversible and it’s their own fault. But go ahead and keep crying about brown people 🙄

  22. As crazy as it sounds Steve king is right ….why will a Muslim work in a pork factory, when they know it’s haram.

  23. I wasn't sure Trevor could pull this touchy topic off properly but he gracefully glided through it flawlessly. Me favourite comedian except for Bill Hicks

  24. apple st. newhall ca. they saw my father at a certain watering hole encountered sum good ole boys but not really and thats what they evidently did later that evening on our front lawn. 'we had just moved there and so many neighbors came over so we stayed anyway it was beautiful corner property .

  25. To be fair to the Filipino nannies the Philippines did used to be part of America but that was due to imperialism which is bad and now it’s it’s own country again but either way if someone from the Philippines wants to immigrate to America and they were born at a time in which the Philippines was part of America then they’re already American Based on birthright citizenship I’m not sure of all the legal processes with the Philippines regarding that after it stopped being part of America but it is something important to take into consideration

  26. Time to get rid of these old white racist man and women from power. The US has always been a diverse country and will remain like such.

  27. Nobody is superior than the other…. Race divided us, ideology divided us, religion divided us and where we come from divided us… We need to stop this… I'm of mixed race and I don't believe in racism, I grew up with dark skin, light skin, fair skin, asian, african & europeans… Where we believe in one… It should that way… Live together as one…

  28. King has nothing but ignorant white nationalist crap coming out of his mouth. Good job they got rid if him. These are the idiots who reach congress and become lawmakers. That is just wrong.

  29. Trump has not been following the news that King is racist? That means "I don't care I agree with him". They screen people who wants to run for office or any job in the federal government, because they can be biased.

  30. Trevor, liked the video.
    Correction here: the numbers ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ are Indians. AlKhawarizme (father of the Algorithms) took the idea of these numbers and invented the numbers 123456789 based on the number of angles

  31. LOL their are the Jews that will not eat pork and many christian religions will not eat pork. Read the bible!

  32. I mean, this guy is probably a little racist. It's just probably rooted in ignorance though. A solvable problem for him with a lil worldly education. Perhaps he wouldn't think his race superior if he took a few engineering courses at MIT and cried as the smartest people from around the world left him in the dust.

  33. There should be some f**** God damn law for these piece of s*** politicians that's a f**** s*** like this to be barred from practicing politics in the United States I don't understand why these m********** are able to be in office and continue to frequently make citizens attack each other constantly

  34. I liked, that's not only racist, it's treason.
    The FBI was created because of white supremacy so he also is saying that he sees no reason to keep the FBI

  35. The biggest trick the devil 😈 tried to pull is that he didn't exist, the devil is a deciever and a liar

  36. S T O P. RA P E I N G. B a B I E S
    If he was 30lbs heavier he would look like " bwohy im-a teh you like is " /you geht your black ass on from roun hear for i haven to ghet my rope"

  37. How tf can any white supremacist think America is only theirs when their descendants had to migrate to the land? Are they that eggheaded?

  38. so, lets get one thing straight once and for all: islam is not a race. so unless you link your thesis about the religion to an ethnicity, whatever you say simply cant be racist, because race is not involved in the matter. his argument was just dumb though xD

  39. Trevor everything you just mention about contributions to civilization came out of Africa (middle East)the black ones

  40. What he was saying is true. The real racist are those who always bring it up. Race is the only thing that matters these it seems..

  41. There is a systematic calculated efforts to revive Nazism in the USA 🇺🇸. The conspiracy theory again

  42. Unfortunately, you left out Afrikan contributions. That is REALLY what this racist is railing about. The papyrus came before the paper which is where the name paper comes from created in Afrika. Writing actually has its origin in Kemet as well. Search the origins of alphabets you will find they come from the evolution of hieroglyphics. And nearly ALL religions have their fundamental origins in Afrikan religion of Kemet/Egypt including the top three Christianity (Alexandria and Upper Egypt), Islam and Judaism. King is a racist ignorant fool.
    It's a Mind Game.

  43. They punish him because he let his thoughts slip outside the circle of his peers. They all feel the same way, just not saying it

  44. You're funny men, but I think you did a poor job piecing these evidences together. Message is still somewhat vague

  45. nice video but the Muslim one wasn't racist not only is Islam not a race but he probably wants to help them as it goes against their religion to eat pork he probably just thinks they its to risky for them just in case they accidentally get pork grease and eat it or something and wants to respect the religion its just how people take it (i come from a Muslim family)

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  48. Okay what about the vegetarians that don't eat meat that are white people that work with meet you don't want them working with me either you sound real f**** stupid dude there's a lot of people that work in beer factories and they don't drink what is your f**** point? NOTHING!!!!

  49. If you wanna really know exactly how this family thinks, head on over to Big Red on 79th and Cass in Omaha, ne. The kitchen manager is Steve King's little brother Gary. He forces the kitchen staff to listen to the awful conservative radio all day, is fucking the morning prep cook whonis a derelict drunk woman, and pays all of the woman a dollar or more less per hour than the men. So. Personal experience.

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