Is #NewIndia heading towards Fascism? | Ep.73 #TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

Is #NewIndia heading towards Fascism? | Ep.73 #TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

The past five years have accustomed us to various things. – Selling pakodas for employment – Getting beaten up for asking questions – A baffled Rahul Gandhi – Prime Minister’s unnecessary foreign trips. – Hatred on social media and a blabbering Sambit Patra India is changing and transforming into ‘New India.’ The focus is shifting from Hindu-Muslim unity to Hindu-Muslim hatred. That is not all. New India is synonymous with Fascism. Surely you can question Fascism’s relevance in this era. In fact, America’s former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright has written a book on this topic. Fascism is returning to the whole world. Is India safe, when the danger of Fascism looms over America? Fascism is not a one day transformation It is a slow poison which ends up killing democracy. According to history, there are 14 warning signs of Fascism. Let’s see how many checkboxes are ticked by India. No.1 Powerful and Continuing Nationalism Nationalism is a selling commodity in Fascism. The contractors of nationalism will ask you to prove your nationalism. You will have to oblige to their demands. You must shout ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ If you manage to make these contractors happy, they will award you with a certificate of nationalism. and if you could not make them happy, you must go to Pakistan. Sambit Patra-‘Shabnam Lone is a traitor. She praises Pakistan while she stays in India. No.2 Disdain for Human Rights. Fascist country has zero respect for Human Rights. Human Rights is not a good ingredient for Pakodanomics. Enough rights have already been given to humans, we should give some rights to cows instead. Faye D’Souza- ‘I am talking about the police officer, not the cow.’ ‘I don’t care about cows, I care about humans.’ ‘Mr. Balraj cow is not a human, it’s an animal!’ No.3 Identification of enemies as a unifying cause’ Enemies of Fascism are impediments to the nation’s progress Like ‘Tukde-tukde’ gang in India ‘New India’ will face various problems from the opposition, universities and libtards. Basically all those who ask questions. It is important to teach them a lesson. Arnab- ‘Tukde tukde gang is on the run’ ‘Poliltical freeloaders like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya’ Sudhir- ‘There are 8,308 students studying in JNU’ ‘Government spends over Rs.3 lakh on the education of each student’ ‘These students are protesting against the nation which provides them subsidized education’ No.4 Supremacy of the military Politicians hide behind the army in fascist countries. The color of our armed forces has a potential for change. I don’t mean that soldiers will start wearing saffron uniforms but those who wear saffron might start acting as soldiers. Manoj Tiwari- ‘I feel the nation’s pride in this uniform’ ‘The uniform makes me feel proud as a Modi supporter’ In Fascism, questioning the Government is synonymous to questioning the army. Piyush Goyal-‘ Are you a part of the narrative which tries to belittle our armed forces.’ ‘Does anyone in the room subscribe to what Rahul Kanwal is saying?’ ‘Trying to prove that our armed forces are lying?’ No.5- Rampant Sexism In a fascist country, women are not judged on the basis of their competency What matters instead is their attire and physical appearance. The major question is whether the woman is wearing a jeans or a Saree? Harish Dwivedi- ‘Everyone knows that Priyanka Gandhi wears sarees in villages but jeans in Delhi.’ Subramanian Swamy- ‘What did Sonia Gandhi do from 1963- 1968?’ ‘She was a *****’ No. 6 Controlled Mass Media Media’s job is to ask questions. In a fascist country, media is not able to ask questions Media either gets paid or is constantly kept under pressure Indian media is facing a similar threat. With your blind-faith, the job of silencing the media will soon be over. In Fascism, it is important for the Government and media to have a joint venture. Questions are not ideal for New India New India wants to ride on a bullet train. R Shivshankar- ‘After your three and half years of your term, is there anything left to be done?’ ‘After PM’s remarks, journalists were seen jostling for selfies with the Prime Minister’ ‘We will be talking about PM 56′- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ No. 7 Obsession with national security A fascist country has the most dangerous enemy India has many dangers apart from Pakistan’s nuclear bombs Danger from intellectuals and urban-naxals They are not just a bunch of unfortunate immigrants, they are the biggest threat to India We should build a wall around India just like Trump is planning a wall in America This will serve both purposes- Protect our culture and our nation. ‘The Government says the Rohingyas are a threat to national security and will have to be deported.’ No. 8- Religion and Government Intertwined It took a thousand years to separate the church from the state. Religion has no place in a constitutional democracy, The constitution is sacred to a democracy In fascism, religion and Government have a romantic relationship In India, thousands of years of imperialism could not achieve what has been done in the last five years . Hindus are now in danger. 80% of the country’s population feels they are danger. We need a strong leader to protect Hindus from the danger. Do not question what is the danger or else I will label you as an anti-national and ask you to go to Pakistan Sambit Patra- ‘Do not laugh Shishupal. ‘BJP has promised a temple to 100 crores Hindus’ No.9 Corporate Power Protected Fascism is good for crony capitalists. Politicians get their funding and capitalists get business. The entire focus gets shifted from farmer crisis to corporates. Farmer only gives us food while corporates facilitate us with election funding which is eventually used to distribute freebies before elections Serving Corporates should be the priority. Farmers have been dying and will continue to die. No. 10 Labor Power Suppressed Labor class suffers the most in a fascist country. Adani gets the focus while the common man gets shafted Anchor -10 biggest trade unions are on a strike’ ‘Government offices and banks are closed.’ ‘Public transport is also expected to bear the brunch of the strike’ ‘This is the biggest strike of the trade union with 18 crore workers’ Our Government did not reveal unemployment and farmer suicide data. No.11 Disdain for intellectuals and the arts. Intellectuals are the biggest enemy of Fascism Urban-naxals and ‘libtards’ are the biggest threat to fascism. They obstruct development with their questions. These intellectuals don’t have faith. They have common sense. New India boycotts common sense. ‘Urban-naxals can be in the face of writer, teachers and journalists. Supporting terrorism in Kashmir is the agenda of intellectuals.’ People are brainwashed in Fascism. You can kill anyone you want in the name of patriotism in a fascist country. People start considering constitution as weak and ineffective. New India wants leaders who believe in instant justice. Law is not a stakeholder in justice Yogi Adityanath-‘For every Hindu murdered, we will kill ten more’ ‘The situation will not be tolerated’ No.13 Rampant Cronyism and Corruption Fascism does not allow the deserving to get the job The rich and the powerful will get the job. Bankrupt AA is the A1 choice of the government. Anchor- ‘ In February 2015, Anil Ambani Group enters the weapons business. Two months later the Prime Minister announces the deal in France with Anil Ambani as part of the delegation A year later, Dassault signs a deal with ADAG just ten days after India’s deal with Dassault is formalized As a result, ADAG gets what the Congress describes a windfall of 21,000 crores An offset, to make parts for the manufacturing of the Jets.’ No. 14 Fraudulent Elections A Fascist Govenment fights elections only to win them. Fraudulent elections are not a big deal in New India Anchor- ‘In Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind, an EVM machine was tampered with The machine voted for BJP candidate as soon as it started.’ Election Commission of India has asked for more details.’ All is well in our country! These are 14 warning signs of Fascism India qualifies for all fourteen of them. This election is very important keeping this in mind The nation must chose between Fascism and democracy. Your vote is very important and valuable. Faye D’Souza- ‘Vote like your country depends on it, because it does.’ We made this fourteen-point-long video on popular demand. Do give us your feedback. If you liked the video, do like and share. Also, you can buy our new DeshBhakt merchandise Thanks to our Patreons and our Ultimate Deshbhakts Like, share and subscribe. Do vote to avoid Fascism!

100 thoughts on “Is #NewIndia heading towards Fascism? | Ep.73 #TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

  1. Jab Hitler Germany me aya tha tab Germany apne arthik durdasha ke badtarin sthiti se guzar raha tha. Hitler ne arthik sthiti purnatah sudhar di thi sena ko vishwa ki pratham shanti ban gayi thi. Modi? Earth vyavastha ka kuda kar Diya. 126 ke sthan par 40 jahan Khalid raha hai. Sena me asantosh badha raha hai. Yedi chunao na BHI hara to BHI sarvnash se pahle public theist par niche utar Degi.

  2. I'm a Nazi Third Position Fascist. And you guys are such Lazy bastards that this is getting absolutely shameful. If you wanted to talk about Fascism atleast you should have done the basic research on what is Fascism and its origins and what values did the fascists hold. You should be ashamed of even taking that word out of your mouth. What Modi has achieved is a totalitarian society with complete support of your democratic majority. I think this is a perfect example for me to argue how democracies are absolute failure. And I will also say, people like you… Neoliberals are the reason why totalitarianism happen.

  3. Sir g hindu khatre mei hai ya nahi…lekin have u heard of the situation in Merrut and Kairana? Where hindus are leaving in mass numbers?..

  4. Suddenly when i found as days past, no external threats dares to see straight on India, No invaders dare to bomb our city and, suddenly i found Big power house came to recognise India as a potential hub, suddenly i felt my country is not a puppet to superpowers to be bound wthin sanctions, then i came to realise a chief saves his own, thennn i came to know external threat is actually a failed state, a puppet😂, and as soon as i was trying to be calm tat my cities r safe, then it revealed tat threat is within, roots whr cancerous and as soon as medication is being started pain startd, its usual, some pains r often lead to get cured… u r same as those stone throwers, both r paid😜👍 nd u r so happy cz its wtr against or for, both r promoting ur chanel by At least commenting😍😆

  5. Agar mere janam bhumi ki jai bolna fascism hey…
    to mey fascism ko support Korta hu…
    Agar Bharat tere tukre honge nara lagane wale fascim ke birodhi hey
    to bhai mey 100 percent fascism ko support karta hu…

  6. There is no clear cut ideology called Fascism. Unlike Marxism , Fascism has no holy books ,prophets.list of saints ,dogma. Authoritarian governments came to power in post WW1 Europe to counter threat from communism. These governments had backing of democracies France, UK,USA. Mussolini ,Hitler ,Franco ,Antonescu had nothing in common. In fact it was Stalinists who defined Fascism as an ideology ..Liberalism always miserably. It results in political instability and anarchy.Modern day US UK ,France ,Germany are examples .

  7. Everything is fine
    But, Mr Aakash as per you rohingyas should be welcomed here..they are no threat…. You began with much better content… And what shittt you are vomiting now a days… UNSUBSCRIBING your channel… And so so so selective examples using useless video clips… Specially the one from EVM..shame on you…

  8. Thanks to seculars 40k likes for jihadi Ajaz khan's video, when will Hindus unite against Ghazwa-e-hind project and Joshua project

  9. Please make a video on religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia.

    Atleast we must know what is happening around us.

  10. I find a fifteenth similarity. Obsession towards building gigantic monuments and sculptures in an attempt to prove aesthetic superiority.

  11. Ese mindset ko smjna muskil hai agar desh ko samjna hai to history and religion dono ki knowledge honi chaiyai and Akash jaan poch kr esi youth ko target kr rha hai jo khi na khi religious topic as well as political history sai wakif nhi hai unko jo khilao gai vi vo kha lege so it's ok to question the government but not by a biased mindset jo ki akash kr rha hai. Ese platform ka shi fayda uthai ki jaga apni roti saik rha hai

  12. bhai tuje koi galti nhi dikhti he . congress . murkh he tu . bhi dekh sale . dekh congress ka bhi .

  13. राष्ट्रवाद जबकि हक़ीक़त ये है भाजपाअपने देश के भी नही है ये सत्ता के लिए देश में सिर्फ़ नफ़रत का ज़हर फैला रही है

  14. Akash banerjee sahib yeh joo mother sister wali baat kii naa , seriously it was the hialrious part. Matlab aap ko ptaa hai keh hona hi hai . hahaha

  15. You didn't leave any stone unturned #akashbanerjee but all in vain . Anyways #salute for your work to your team as well 👏👏

  16. From Germany's successor, second homeland of Nazism, the United States, to our Indian brothers and sisters…
    On to victory against the fascist plague! But only socialism can finally eradicate fascism!

  17. India is slowly going to a path of Syria. India will have to take the fate of Berlin in 1945. If Modi is not going out from power. The two neighbours of India have to work for make to India as Syria.

  18. I liked ur video until u bring rohingys into discussion. So u r saying that bhooke immigrants cannot b dangerous for our country. I hope u know wht demographic transition is, jo j&k me hua tha 90’s me, now it’s a complete or almost Muslim majority state, Assam is on its way, n Kerala too. I don’t know if u did some reading or not but in j&k thousands of illegal rohingyas hv been provided with lands n houses. I agree that Bjp govt is not an ideal one, but congress was evenly worse, if not more than this. U urself played rahul Gandhi’s statement in dis video. wht was upa govt doing in their term? illegal land deals , scams n much much more. Ppl know clearly that zee news is pro bjp n ndtv is pro congress. There is nothing new in it, everybody has agenda behind whatever they do. If u really r neutral then show faces of both the sides. N btw, it’s not necessary that every question asked is asked with a noble intent….tukde tukde gang, which u mentioned r asking questions with good intentions, r u saying this? Then u must also be a believer that communists also believe that all southern states n Punjab n arunachal r illegally occupied by India. Otherwise most of ur video makes sense. Especially lynching n rapes, irrespective of religion they should be punished equally. But in that too ur liberals find religion so easily. Can’t u see biased approach there? If it’s ASIFA, it’s a big anti Hindu news. If it’s ritu or priya then it’s just a rape case, no need to mention names or religion of accuse n victim. What do u say abt mandir incident of Chandni chowk, no body in Delhi govt or ndtv cared to cover it the way they would hv covered another religions buildings, but if a stone is pelted at their praying place , it is portrayed as if whole 80 crore Hindu population has done it. No, sir, Me n crores of Hindus like me love other religions n respect them, but v expect same in return. Dey hv guts to urinate at Hindu gods n still Dey r regarded as afraid (40 crore wale) minorities. No matter what happens, always look for the religion before a news is made or fabricated. This is the Motto of today’s media n opposition. Btw I also question bjp govt where I feel they r wrong, but I m not worth to give decisions on anything. Today’s media does not show news, Dey show agenda, whether it’s ndtv or zee news. Their language is decisive in a way that what ever v hv analyzed , the way v hv analyzed, is the final way n all other ways r wrong. Whether it’s ravish kumar or sudhir chaudhary, both r extremists. For former, India is hopeless n always will be, everything that is happening nowadays since 2014 is bad of such a level that has never happened in country ‘s history. That’s t he very easily forgets 80’s Sikh riots, 90’s Kashmiri Pandit killings, India’s emergency n call today’s time even worse than that. But somehow he still manages to telecast his news , even though it’s worse than that emergency, interesting. Their agenda is clear; to show all the bad things behind bjp’s decision. On the other hand, zee news shows Ike India has become a sone ki chidia again. All the miseries r over now. No over population, no illiteracy, no abysmal cliff between poor n rich. Their agenda is clear ; to show only good behind every step of bjp govt. So it’s not that nationalism is a bad thing, but too much of it is bad. Access of everything is bad, same is with nationalism. The point is religion-ism is deadly. In other religious groups, religion-ism has been prevailing for many decades. Now, Hindu religion has enrolled itself into that race, before we were tolerant n submissive. If u carefully see, all the religions including so called minority of India, has always advocated for their religious rights n freedom, no matter where they r. N other religions respect that n allow them respectfully to do so. But when it’s the other way around, it has been said that “ ours is a true religion, yours is a false one” so we won’t allow u. ( listen to Zakir naik). What is happening nowadays is, like other religions, Hindus have started asking for their religious rights n freedom, that’s y this melodrama of “venomous nationalism “ has been played in India.

  19. Thanks for creating this video. You are not only doing lots of favor to Indians but also to the world. It is very sad to see how India is moving from being progressive to regressive. The fruits of RSS are now clearly seen. It is very sad how Muslims are treated now. Their condition was not good before either but today it has become worse. Other minorities are also suffering. Indian Muslims were never accepted into the national fabric of India. They were always condemned to being Pakistanis although they felt as much Indian as Hindus. If violence and intolerance continues to grow in India soon India will be divided. Those whose lives, properties and rights are violated on a daily basis and forced to live in extremely miserable condition have no other choice but to demand separation.

  20. I see video on fascism and u couldn't stop thinking about it every nation which falls in trap of fascistism faces grater consiquances.

  21. I don't care. You got your answer from the election of 2019 we want a Hindu Nation. So what if he is facist.

  22. The only solution to save true colours of our Indian democracy is to use our individual sovereignty by way of Voting.

  23. Hi Bro,
    I am Huge fan of yours work and wish you to grow as it will good for everyone.
    I looked into the the way people can support you. I find patreon that is great but the only problem is it needed credit card.
    other one is paypal , most of common people does't have that account also.
    As of my experience in advertisement and targeting , this system won't be very successful in India.
    If you can share details like `UPI_id` where contributor will not have any condition on amount they wanna contribute or when they wanna contribute will defiantly help you to increase your revenue atleast by double.
    There are few simple but very effective to get funding is use `UPI` or `Paytm` you can also put barcode for payment.
    if you see statical data people feel more safe and confident while paying from these techs over debit or credit cards.
    Not everyone interested or have time to be active member of patreon so it will be great from them to contribute whatever amount they can without any amount boundaries .

  24. Vaise to i don't think your ego will allow it but agar nhi hue fascist to ek baar apology video zaroor bana dena…

  25. Boss ap Jo kr re ho… Old n idiotic dialogue… Bt himmat chye .. thank u… I follow u… If at all the that means anything…

  26. India is a nation with huge contrast and paradoxes. All kind of people exist here since time immortal. No one can label India to be fascist, by using selective bits from electronic media (just because one hates the ruling party). It is a sign of hyper liberal, biased, extreme left mindset. Libtards who seek cheap publicity, Tukde Tukde gang who wants to shatter India into pieces by overthrowing India's democratic system and constitution, anti nationals, separatists & terrorists who are in tune with our so called Islamist neighbour on the western side, militants who want to rule by weapons, all are real. But this guy tries to paint a picture as if they are imaginary characters created by 'imaginary' fascist forces.

    Interestingly, this video itself, the fact that Akash Banerjee has freedom to post such a critical video, nullifies all his points he tried to make here.

  27. Aakash bhaiya,aapne jo bhi kha sab sach h,mob lynching me 100 log hinsa ka sikar hui but nature ke jo lynching ho ra h uske bare me bhi thora jagrukta failaiye,logo ko plants lagane k liye ya population control k liye koi strong law bane iske bare me bhi kuch boliye,aap bhi to apna dhewa kamane me hi lage ho.koi aisa topic bhi uthao jisme log intrest nhi le re🙂plz sir plzzz

  28. I agree with you on all the points of advent of fascism except 1, 7 and 14.

    Dekho bhai, desh bhakti to honi chahiye, aur aap national security ke saath v compromise nehi kar sakte. Aur rahi baat fraudulent elections ki, woh savi jagah par nehi hote. kuchh dishonest netas woh sab karwate hain. ye teen point chhodke baki points to mujhe v sahi lagta hain. However, the video was informative and your style of speaking was entertaining too. good job, keep it up bro.

  29. 3:02 gai insan nhi hoti hai kya 😂😂😂
    I mean samajh kya rakha hai bjp ne hame. 21century me ham hain aur bjp hame apni fictitious bato se wapis 15 century me le ke ja rhi hai

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