Is MTV Promoting Stalking, Top 10 Highest-Paid, Patriotism Pop, Kashmir, & Spicer DWTS Backlash

Is MTV Promoting Stalking, Top 10 Highest-Paid, Patriotism Pop, Kashmir, & Spicer DWTS Backlash

– ‘Sup, you beautiful bastards Hope you’ve had a fantastic Thursday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is this controversy and backlash that MTV is currently facing. So MTV just recently released a first look for their new docuseries Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. And here’s kind of the
first few seconds of it. (crying) – [Voiceover] Have you ever been ghosted? – The texts weren’t going through. – [Voiceover] Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? – He was my best friend. – [Voiceover] No texts. – And I called him, I left voice messages. – [Voiceover] No DMs. – All of a sudden, I was blocked. – [Voiceover] Nothing. – It’s so dramatic. All right, so as you can kind of tell from that little blip,
it’s a Catfish-style show. As far as the hosts of the show, you have The Bachelorette’s
Rachel Lindsay, and singer-turned-actor Travis Mills, who reportedly help people track down someone who ghosted them. Right, they stop communicating, or as that dramatic trailer said, “No texts. No DMs. Nothing.” Probably because they realized
you were boring and-or weird. Right, and with the show the two hosts apparently investigate what
went on between the two. They then follow every lead
to track down the ghost. Also, if you’re already not in the know I’ll explain why I’m
using air quotes soon. You know, following this first look, there were a number of people that just had a huge problem with it. And these people expressing
concern argue that it was crossing a line and essentially
encouraged stalking. Some even pointing out that people often have good reasons for ignoring someone rather than explicitly
ending their relationship. Right, essentially, you have
a person making a decision: “I no longer want to
deal with this person. I’m not going to communicate.” Seemingly in the trailer, some people changed their information,
so they couldn’t be found. – She done changed her
number, she done moved, she done did everything. – Then MTV walks in, and they’re like, “Well, what if we monetize
finding that person even though they don’t wanna be found?” Now, as of recording this video, MTV has not addressed this criticism. I also don’t imagine that they’re going to stop this series or scrap it in any way. Most likely they’re also
counting on this backlash. It just generates more attention, you also have others arguing
that it’s very similar to MTV’s Catfish, some
saying that show already promotes stalker like-behavior. But of course, again, is that you can say well the main difference
is that in Catfish you imagine a person that
is betraying someone. Right? Lying, misleading someone. They should be exposed. But also where I want
to end this story is- is the note that this could
all just kind of be bullshit. With writer Alica Lutes tweeting, “Yeah see both parties
would 1,000% have to agree and sign shit ahead of time, ala Catfish, so the show’s entire conceit
is basically bullshit. Just like Catfish. And I know because I
reported on it in 2013.” And adding, “in most instances
of that show’s early seasons, it was actually the person
doing the catfishing that contacted production first, so don’t be surprised if
that is the case here.” And specifically in the article she wrote, “In fact after speaking with
six of the stars this season covering six episodes of the series, we found that in every
instance except one, the catfisher – not the
catfishee, as the series claims – has been the one to contact MTV first. Either via a casting
call, Craigslist post, or a mention on the MTV website itself.” Adding, “everyone involved
has already agreed to an in-person meet up
before production begins.” But regarding a different
reality element they also wrote, “Every Catfish subject
told us the series’ hosts, Schulman and Joseph, are indeed kept in the dark about the true identities
of the catfishers.” But then that article also
goes into discrepancies. The main point being, I
think there’s a good reason to believe that a lot of this is bullshit. But that also brings up the question of, even if it is bullshit, much like an over-the-top fake prank, is it promoting that behavior? Because as these other people have argued, there might be a very
good reason why someone ghosted someone else, they cut that person out of their life. But with that said I do wanna
pass the question off to you. What are your thoughts
on this whole situation? Then in quickie entertainment news Forbes gave us the
highest-paid actors of 2019. And some you’d expect, some maybe not. Going through the list
you have Will Smith, Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Adam Sandler. Followed by Bradley Cooper, Jackie Chan, Akshay Kumar, Robert Downey Jr. And at the top of the list you have Chris Hemsworth, and to nobody’s surprise, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. And it’s not really surprising. The Rock is everywhere.
He’s in high-grossing stuff. I mean, hell, according to
reports for the new Jumanji, he’s getting 23.5 million upfront. And he’ll also get a percentage
of the pool for that movie, which as Forbes explained, is “the money left over after some but not all
of the bills are paid.” Which, I mean, regarding the pool is also part of the reason why Robert Downey Jr. is on this list. Yes, he got money upfront
for playing Iron Man, but he also probably
got nearly eight percent of the pool for Avengers: Endgame alone. Which, I mean, that movie almost made $2.8 billion at the box office. Yeah, main point:
depending on who you are, you will find the story
interesting, depressing, infuriating, or inspiring? Actually, maybe that’s the
question connected to the story. What are your thoughts
when you hear numbers like this for what is
being, kind of, given? And you know, we can
actually spread this question around a little bit, whether it be actors or
professional athletes. What are your thoughts there? But from that I wanna share
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the link, check it out, let’s have some fun. And the first bit of awesome is today we put out a brand new
Rogue Rocket deep-dive. This one’s taking a look at sharks, the perception of sharks, the demonization of sharks by Hollywood. It’s a really interesting
piece and I highly recommend after today’s show you go check it out. Then we got everything
The Try Guys do in a day, 73 questions with Tony Hawk, a Stranger Things-It’s
Always Sunny mashup. We’ve got an astronaut
reacting to films about space. Architectural Digest gave us a tour of a $20 million New York City townhouse. You got the official trailer
for Motherless Brooklyn. We’ve got teaser trailer for Adam Driver’s new movie The Report. And if you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day
– really, anything at all – links is always there in
the description down below. And then, let’s talk about
Dancing with the Stars, ’cause I’m gonna be on
it – could you imagine? That would be horrible. I’m not. That would be
horrible for everyone involved, but yesterday morning,
Good Morning America did reveal the cast of season 28. And notable names on this list included Christie Brinkley, Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony, Kate Flannery from The Office, and Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown. But the main name that has
been capturing headlines is that of Sean Spicer,
who was, of course, President Trump’s press secretary before handing the position
off to Sarah Sanders. Which I personally believe
is a fantastic casting choice because we finally get
the answer to the question that nobody is asking: “do Spicer’s hips also lie?” You know, this kind of
integration of political figures, whether they be polarizing or not, it’s not really new. All the way back in season 3, you have current Fox News
host Tucker Carlson on. They’ve also had on former
Representative Tom Delay and now Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on different seasons. Also, I mean, in recent
years, you’ve had people that were close to
Trump at different times on reality shows, such as the now-scorned-by-Trump Anthony Scaramucci and
Omarosa on Big Brother. But with Sean Spicer,
people have been very vocal. Online, you have people have
been calling on the show to not “normalize the
fact that Sean Spicer lied to the American public
on a regular basis.” Another writing, “this
is a slap in the face to all journalists who
try to get the truth out to the public sometime at the cost of their own lives.” You know, actually,
even had the show’s host Tom Bergeron jumping into the mix, criticizing the casting. ‘Cause actually just a few hours after Spicer was revealed, Bergeron said on Twitter: “A few months ago, during a lunch with [Dancing with the Stars’]
new Executive Producer, I offered suggestions for Season 28. Chief among them was my hope that Dancing with the Stars, in its return following an unprecedented
year-long hiatus, would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from any party affiliations. I left that lunch convinced
we were in agreement. But he goes on to say, “Subsequently (and rather obviously) a decision was made to, as
we often say in Hollywood, ‘go in a different direction.'” And that was particularly
troubling to Bergeron because he notes, “as host, I always gaze into the camera’s lens and
imagine you on the other side, looking for a two-hour escape
from whatever life hassles you’ve been wrestling
with. That’s a connection, and a responsibility, which
I take very seriously.” But that’s also not the universal opinion of everyone connected to the show. On the other side of this you
have contestant Karamo Brown defending Spicer. – Actually, no, let me tell you something. Sean Spicer and I have been talking. Yeah, like, literally, I
was most excited to meet him because, like, the thing is
that people would look at us and think that we’re polar opposites, but I’m a big believer that if you can talk to someone
and meet in the middle, you can learn about each other and help each other both grow. And so we have been
chatting all day today. Like, he’s a good guy. Really sweet guy. – And as far as Spicer’s
reaction to all of this, he responded himself to this
backlash in an interview with CNN. And notably, he defended his casting, saying that Dancing with
the Stars is entertainment, not news. And also saying, “I am
very happy with who I am and who I support. I’m not changing. I am giving people another opportunity to see another side of
me that is different.” Spicer also reportedly telling Us Weekly, saying his involvement on the show “is actually a way we can
move the country forward in a positive way.” Now, as far as if this boycott will work, I don’t believe so. I think often people forget
that one in two people in this country probably disagree with you on something politically. No more is that apparent
with Trump, Trump allies, and the rest of the country, and when it comes to a show on TV, many producers are gonna say, “the only thing that matters is the number of people tuning in.” And most likely the producer or team that focused on Spicer here, they’re counting on a
section of the country who love Trump and
anyone connected to him, as well as people who hate him and will hate watch him, and the controversy will
get people in the middle that kind of don’t care either way. But hey, I could be wrong.
Maybe the boycott works. It feels like there’s
a new boycott everyday, so it’s hard to keep track. Yeah, for now, Spicer is on the show,
and he is reportedly going to be getting paid anywhere between 125,000 to 295,000
for appearing on the show. What I will say, though, is I’m very interested to see what happens after he is on the show. Because it feels like
the next step for him would likely be to jump on Fox News. And I say that because an
Axios report pointed out today that there seems to be kind of a trend. We got the news today that Sarah Sanders is joining Fox News as
an on-air contributor. Hope Hicks, of course, former White House
Communications Director, she’s now the Fox Corporation’s
executive vice president and chief communications officer. Raj Shah, who was the White
House Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the president, is now a Senior Vice President
at the Fox Corporation. Although, I mean, Spicer already works for a pro-Trump super PAC. Yeah, that’s a story as it is. Now, and of course, as always, I’d love to know your thoughts on it. And then let’s talk about some updates to the situation in Kashmir. Now, we’ve talked about this on the show a couple of times over the last few weeks, but in case you missed it, Kashmir is the contested region that both India and Pakistan say belong to them, with India controlling the
largest part of the region. And on August 5th, India announced that they were revoking the
special autonomous status granted to Kashmir for decades. Right, so essentially, giving
India’s central government authority over Kashmir, which, until then, had its own constitution
and many of its own laws. The Indian government also
saying that it would allow Indians to buy property in Kashmir, something that only
Kashmiris have been allowed to do previously. And this move significantly
escalated tensions between India and Pakistan, who, along with being neighbors, are
also notably nuclear powers. Also previously, in addition
to this kind of being an international affairs kind of story, we saw, kind of,
celebrities and pop culture sneak its way into this. In fact, the last time
we talked about Kashmir was after influencer and beauty YouTuber Ayesha Malik confronted Priyanka Chopra. Right, one of the big things there was Ayesha accused Chopra
of supporting nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Also, accusing Chopra
of being a hypocrite. This, because after India
launched air strikes on Pakistan, Chopra tweeted out support, but Chopra is also at the same time a UN Goodwill Ambassador for peace. Chopra responded by saying
that she doesn’t support war, but she is a patriot. If you want to see the
more detailed version, I’ll link to that video down below. But I also mention it
because just yesterday, Pakistan’s minister of human rights wrote a letter to the UN, requesting that they remove
Chopra as a Goodwill Ambassador, with a letter saying that
Chopra’s “support for war, including a nuclear war,
undermines the credibility of the UN position to which
she has been elevated.” But also, part of the
reason that we’re talking about this today is that the idea of patriotism
versus encouraging violence is a recurring theme regarding
the situation in Kashmir. Right, and so what we’re talking about is in India, there has been
a growing genre of music called patriotism pop being
shared on social media. And according to the Associated Press, which published a detailed article about the music yesterday, patriotism pop is basically
what it sounds like: popular music about Hindu nationalism and support for Prime Minister Modi. Patriotism pop songs have
just become massively popular on YouTube and TikTok,
which also makes sense. TikTok has about one
hundred-fifty million users in India, YouTube around two hundred-fifty million. So we’re talking about millions
upon millions of views. Earlier songs in the genre
were reportedly focused on the rise of Hindus in India, defeating Pakistan, and
flying the Indian flag in every household. But according to the AP just hours after Modi stripped Kashmir
of their special status, music videos began circulating about Indians settling in
Kashmir and buying land and marrying Kashmiri women. One video, for example,
called “Article #370”, named after the now-revoked
constitutional article that gave Kashmir its autonomous status, that video has now over 1.6 million views, and the singer thanks
Modi and his government for removing Article #370. Also, the guy who made that
video also collaborated on another song about a man who is looking for a Kashmiri bride. Which, regarding that specific point, there’s been a lot of criticism. And in addition to the, kind
of, just public reaction, there was a political anthropologist who spoke to the AP that hit on that, saying that the songs are
“a culmination of a toxic misogynistic nationalist
thinking,” and adding that “the Indian media –
from news to entertainment – has left no stone unturned
in portraying Kashmiri women in the racist trope of
‘coveted fair-skinned ones’ and at the same time being helpless and needing saving from
their own men,” right, and so “demonizing Kashmiri men.” With that said, patriotism pop
is getting bigger and bigger and also seems like it
going to continue to do so. Especially with everything
that’s happening right now. Also, note we haven’t
seen Kashmiris’ respond to these new videos, and that, of course, is
because the entire region has been cut off from the Internet since August 5th. And like we talked about before, along with cutting off communications, India has also sent tens of thousands of military forces to Kashmir. Right, so basically put
the city on lockdown by enforcing an almost constant curfew, patrolling the streets. The people of Kashmir have also responded with a series of protests. Also, Indian officials have said that while they plan to
keep the Internet cut off, they have begun to ease
some of the restrictions in the region. But right now, it is unclear
what is really happening because almost of the reporting is coming from state-sponsored media in India. But we are seeing some reports that many Kashmiris are wary about any claims made by the government, which is understandable
because Indian officials have said that they have arrested more than four thousand people
since the crackdown began, and that reportedly
including some high-profile political figures, which, of course, is a massive deal, both
because of the sheer magnitude of the arrests, but also
because India has a law that allows authorities
to put someone in prison for up to two years without any specific charge or a trial. In fact, UN experts have said
they “received information suggesting an increase in
arrests of political figures, journalists, human rights
activists, protestors and others,” adding that they were
“deeply concerned by reports that security forces have begun conducting night raids on private homes,
rounding up young people.” We’ve all started seeing
reports of violence in some parts of the region. Just yesterday, Indian
authorities reported that two people were
killed during a shootout between the police and Kashmiri rebels, so that marking the first reported clash involving gun violence in
India-controlled Kashmir since the lockdown began. Meanwhile, clashes along
the line of control that divides India-controlled Kashmir and Pakistan-controlled
Kashmir have increased in the last few weeks, with reports there that
gunfire has been exchanged multiple times, though India and Pakistan have given conflicting reports about the numbers of fatality. But ultimately, that is
where we are right now. It seems like the situation is just escalating and escalating. I really don’t know if an end to this is in sight. But of course, as always,
I want to pass the question off to you: what are your
thoughts around all of this? And that’s where we are
going to end today’s show, and as always, if you
like this daily video, hit that Like button. Also, if you’re new here, hit the Subscribe button. Definitely click that bell
to turn on notifications. Also, if you’re not one
hundred percent filled in, you can check out our brand-new deep-dive that we just launched today, or you missed yesterday’s
Philip DeFranco Show, you want to catch up, you can click or tap right there to watch either of those. But with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco. You’ve just been filled in. I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you next time.

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