Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism? | Head to Head

Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism? | Head to Head

A landslide victory for Narendra Modi’s BJP seemed to herald a new era in Indian Politics. But how inclusive, how tolerant is the new Modi lead India? So you can say, yes I am a HIndu Nationalist because I am a born Hindu I am a patriotic So, nothing is wrong in it India’s Prime minister hails from the RSS, a hardline Hindu Nationalist Organistaion and the ideological backbone of his ruling BJP party Critics blame the organization for the murder of India’s iconic independence leader and accuse it of neo-fascism and inciting violence against minorities RSS activists have been widely linked with those hindu mobs who slaughtered perhaps as many as 2,000 Muslims

100 thoughts on “Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism? | Head to Head

  1. Al Jazeera, a channel originally from the middle East talking about religious issues and facism is quiet funny though!

  2. Al Jazeera, a channel originally from the middle East talking about religious issues and facism is quiet funny though!

  3. A channel originally from the middle East talking about facism is quite funny though…
    It will be interesting to see what happens there to people who eat pork.. 😁

  4. Al-Jazeera a Biased Media portal……. Banned in many countries…..
    Hahahahaha Trying to coined the term Hindu Terrorism but mesearably failed


  6. India … it's not easy even for the Indians themselves

    a millennial culture that kneels before the theories and philosophies that have proven their inconsistency enough … the Indians will not go anywhere unlike the Chinese who simplified things by killing each other for the Rockefeller Foundation

  7. Imagine India and Pakistan were United. Scariest country in the world but these politicians benefit from this partition.

  8. This BJP guy is a graduate of the Arnab school of debate. Shout over everyone, gaslight and deflect. He didn't answer a single question!

  9. And here I was thinking Cameroonians were crazy fighting over other peoples languages, English and French, now here is a country fighting over cows, humans smh.

  10. truly appreciated mehdi hasan, you've exposed the real face of these anti Christ people's around the world…

  11. This is educational India where is your education see the English words of RSS leader 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀⛄

  12. I never liked Mehdi but I have to agree with him in this interview. Hindu are becoming worst than terrorist just because you eat beef you'll be killed.

    India has just made itself proud by sending a satellite to south pole of the moon, and now killing people who eat cows. Guys we shouldn't be moving backwards, this is rubbish with this kind of politician not even accepting anything. A total idiot representing India in Harvard.

  13. This filthy pigs are nearly at the edge to be wiped out this pigs hindu doesn't deserve to be living in any human lands this pigs deserve to live in jungles like pigs coz they are nation of pigs they are to be living in jungle not with humans these filthy animals are same like Jews they think to be masters they want everyone to be hindu or jews any other religion they want to wipe out this bastards time has arrived its there last episode they have 6 years to live after they will be in history books 📚

  14. What an answer from the amazing person at 44.40."I am not from Pakistan occupied Kashmir im from azad kashmir".
    Reflects the diiference of treatment of Kashmiris by both countries.🇵🇰🇵🇰❤❤

  15. India is a fascist country.. Thank God Pakistan & China are there to rope this cow.. And believe me once they rope it they are gonna fire their grills

  16. That lady in panel seem to have say anything what ever come to mind…have she came out of her small Kashmir to watch full India ….these people go outside and say anything ..

  17. Can Mehdi Hassan do an interview with the Emir of Qatar as to why Saudi Arabia ( Guardian of Islam) accused them of being a terrorist state and labeled Al Jazeera a terrorist mouthpiece ? Ironic isnt it, accused by Saudi of Terrorism, that must have been quite some piece of work?. This Indian dope is easy cannon fodder for Oxford Union, but also a great comedian/caricature , – most of the audience at least had a good belly laugh.

  18. india deserves leader like dis,becoz3 majority of dem r illiterate,poor,creeping like insects for food shelter….like their pm

  19. wont be surprised if this anchor is exposed to be a terrorist exponent if he runs into likes of Arnab Gowsami . This savage his lecturing us about democracy

  20. Modi is a terrorist and member 9f hindu terror network of RSS and Sangh Parivar. Hindu terrorism have taken over India.

  21. Indian schedule caste or lowest caste or untouchable are the real owners of the land if the Hindu leaders called others as occupiers, that's mean fair skin peoples migrated from other part of Asia including Hindus & therefore Hindus are also occupiers. Isn't It?

  22. 19:01 Ram Madav confirms what Jinnah said 80 years before. India is for Hindus and others will be like their slaves.

  23. Loved it when the guy said… I'm from Azad Kashmir and I'm free… Doodh b denge kheer b denge kashmir b lenge cheer b denge… Pakistan Zindabad..

  24. Al Jazeera and Mehdi Hasan if you have guts call hindu nationalist Subramaniam swami for interview. He will expose your secularism , antihindu and your general knowledge and information

  25. The women n sari with short hairs is really embarrased with this idiot…racist fascism exposed by mehdi nd natasha..welldone

  26. ram Madhav really gave good points about fake data by anchor really strongest guest even all in all episodes al Jazeera he is telling the truth

  27. India might digg its own grave by suppressing religious tolerance and democracy they are known for. Hope they don't fall into this, Pakistan is praying for the day where an ethnic and religious war start in India 😒😪

  28. The interviewer, excellent, The audience, excellent, And the BJP idiot, an absolute disgrace😞 So very sad to see this happening in mother India 🇮🇳 Unity and respect, is the only way forward🌎🙏✌️

  29. I feel ashamed that Ram Madhav couldn't defend his stand & gave the moderator too many opportunities to trample him. Luckily, this propaganda of Al Jazeera will only sustain in limited circle of uninformed people about the truth.

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