Is Marvel Really Making Captain America 4?

Is Marvel Really Making Captain America 4?

Hold onto your hats, true believers the Marvel
rumor mill has cranked out a doozy. According to We Got This Covered, anonymous
sources close to Marvel Studios have claimed that a fourth Captain America picture is in
development one which will star Anthony Mackie, as it’ll see Sam Wilson officially taking
on the mantle. Of course, we should be perfectly clear on
one point: There has been absolutely no official word whatsoever about the possibility of a
fourth Captain America movie despite the rumors. This is one of those situations that begs
the question: Do we believe everything we read online? “The answer is: You don’t.” Sam Wilson’s struggle with the legacy and
shield passed on to him by Steve Rogers at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame is thought
to be a major focus of the upcoming Disney+ limited series Falcon and the Winter Soldier,
which you will note carries a reference to Wilson’s original superhero moniker right
there in its title. While we don’t have all of the details yet,
we do know that the character of John Walker, AKA U.S. Agent who has taken on the title
of Captain America at times in the comics will be featured in the series, portrayed
by Wyatt Russell. Signs seem to point to some kind of struggle
over who will be the next to fill Rogers’ shoes, and this new report seems to indicate
that when the dust settles on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wilson will have emerged as
the new, uncontested Captain America. It all makes sense on paper but is it actually
how Wilson’s journey will play out? Nobody seems to know and if they do, they’re
keeping it super hush-hush. There have been a couple of conflicting comments
made by Mackie himself which suggest that as far as Wilson taking on the mantle of Cap,
Marvel may still be weighing its options. First, there was the comment the star made
to MTV News back in July indicating that, yes, he’d already put on the Captain America
suit. Mackie said: “I just had my first fitting. It looks really good… they came to my house,
I did a fitting in my house.” In August, however, the actor appeared to
walk back his remarks when MTV News followed up on the previous interview. He explained: “I don’t even know if the suit’s in the show. And it’s funny because I didn’t have a fitting
for the suit. I just had my fitting and … Everybody was
like, ‘Oh, you had a fitting of your suit!’ And I was like, I never said I had a fitting
for the suit. Go back to the tape, I said I had my first
fitting.” Yes, that is indeed what he said right after
the interviewer expressed his excitement to see him wear the Captain America suit someday
soon. The only thing clear here is that Mackie was
fibbing during one of those two interviews, but we’d be hard pressed to say which one. Then, consider the remark that Mackie made
at the D23 expo, also in August, when asked if Falcon and the Winter Soldier would deal
with Wilson’s transition to his new role as Captain America. He stated flatly: “No, I am the Falcon. I will always be the Falcon. The moniker will stay the same.” That… doesn’t appear to leave a whole heck
of a lot of room for interpretation so it could very well be that, despite the fact
that Rogers obviously intended for Wilson to become the new Cap, Wilson himself may
have other ideas. At any rate, Marvel’s complete slate of releases
through 2022 has been announced, so if we are going to get a fourth Captain America
flick, it wouldn’t be until 2023 at the very earliest. Based on the information that we have available
at the moment, however, we’re going to go ahead and say that the veracity of this report
is questionable at best. Of course, we’ll be keeping both ears to the
ground for any additional information, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed. But Marvel has been keeping a pretty tight
lid on plot details for its Phase 4 projects, so it wouldn’t surprise us if we were to get
no solid leads on the studio’s plans for the character of Captain America before Falcon
and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ in the fall of 2020. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Is Marvel Really Making Captain America 4?

  1. It makes sense to somehow test falcon + cap shield within that limited eps show. They can turn him into a new format of a Captain America based on audience response OR make new plans in other direction.

  2. Amazing to early to tell for captain America 4 also maybe in captain America 4 Becky might be the new captain some might happen to falcon or falcon not up to the job of being the captain America too much pressure for him to handle etc fantastic job looper

  3. I believe Cap will be back at some point, he's not dead, just old, and does everyone forget, the ability to change the age of a person does exist now in the MCU! Remember time being sent through antman, instead of sending antman through time? It's possible to make Cap young again for future movie storylines! Say, next avengers movie, they need all the help they can get, they just might turn to old man Cap, and say, we need you, Cap replies, I'm old, avengers remind him of they're first time trials!

  4. Wouldn't it be great if the new Captain America movie was actually everything he did after he took the stones back and put them at their rightful places in time. This would include his interactions with red skull, how he snuck back into Asgard, etc. That could actually be a pretty awesome movie if they did it right.

  5. Chris Evans was so good… But i need captain america. Hes my favorite mcu and the storyline of falcon becoming must be told. Must be. But steve rogers will always be the one who started it and makes me tear up remembering his "i can do this all day". All heart.

  6. No, you can do female Thor and make Falcon Captain America, but Captain America is Captain America, and his series ended in Endgame.

  7. From my perspective, methinks all we are asking for as fans, is a continuation of the story laid out in Avengers: Endgame. That's why I'd be pumped to see Sam Wilson in the Captain's suit. If that never happens, darn but show me what you got next Marvel. 🙂

  8. Well, duh, read a comic. Bucky and Falcon are both Captain America at separate points. And because Cap gave Falcon the shield, he will definitely become Cap at some point. I doubt Evans will come back any time soon if at all because he doesn't need to, there's plenty of stories for Falcon's Cap. And since Bucky is around, he can take the mantle after Falcon.

    Edit: in the comic book world, a lot of superhero names are more of a moniker than they are just one person.

  9. Yeah and they should team up old man Steve Rodgers with deadpool. That was a good story. They could say Steve ended up and spent his years in deadpools timeline and that's how ya introduce the X-Men POW

  10. By 2023 Marvel will be looking for anything they can use to try and lure fans back. other than Black Widow the rest of the proposed lineup is pretty Woke and not much for interesting Storyline.

  11. How does a jet pack make Sam Wilson strong, fast, and durable enough to be “captain America”? Does he take the same steroid serum? I mean Steve

  12. MCU is fucked.
    No one asked for a Bucky and falcon spin off.
    There is a reason why they didn’t get one for a decade.

  13. Honestly, original Captain America had some superpowers.
    This would be a guy wearing his suit- which is not high tech like iron man or falcon ….

  14. Captain America's story ended good. Steve Rogers isn't even Captain America anymore. If there is going to be another Captain America movie it should be with Sam Wilson as Captain America

  15. Sam taking on the mantle is cool, but they have to integrate Bucky & tie in other Avengers somehow. I'm interested to see where they go with a Cap4 film. I'm going to miss Steve!

  16. I do NOT want to see him as C.a.p. just do something and bring Old one back. Marvel don't be money greedy. Pay him more so he stays..

  17. Hell yeesssssss Captain America 4 even if it’s about how Anthony Mackie Sam learns how to become cap and what it takes would be a good movie 👏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. I don't think cap gave Sam thw shield to become captain America. I'm seeing it more like he's making Sam the leader, the one in charge. Not necessarily the next captain America. The next leader of the avengers could be the falcon. Why is the next Ironman and next cap even needed. Their stories played out and ended beautifully. I think it's time other characters and heroes get their spot in the light, and not just as the "next" cap or next ironman

  19. When I think of Captain America I think of someone who is super strong. I can't imagine a new Captain America who is just ordinary. Don't judge me.

  20. Oh FFS, Mackie was not fitted for a Captain America suit, when asked about it, he said "I never said it was a Captain America suit", its just a new, white and red Falcon suit as can be seen on the poster.

  21. Why do this videos keep glazing over Agents of Shield??? Jeffrey Mace, as played by Jason O'Mara is also one of the other characters to have donned the suit and shield.

  22. I dont know how Falcon could be Cap…no soldier serium…and the fact that falcon was never cap in the comics makes this a bit out there…I have seen cap portrayed by the other guy but not Falcon

  23. Seeing as how Sam Wilson takes on the mantle in the comics, I don’t see why people would be so surprised. But it doesn’t surprise me that people would be resistant to it

  24. I like Mackie as the Falcon that's his character he made it his own why try to make him Captain America that's not him he's the Falcon now he can use the shield as a way to honor his friend Captain America but he should stay the Falcon

  25. If Captain America 4 happens, I want to see what happens when he travels through time. I don’t really care about Falcon, he sucks…

  26. How can he be Cpt America without super soldier serum?
    Without that, hes just a dude in a suite and he wont be able to do anything all day…

  27. Anthony Mackie is a great actor. But my expectations are too high for "Captain America" after one of THE best trilogies in cinematic history. So its gonna be a let down.

  28. What's with all the wishy washy crap? Either they are or they aren't. Disney put Chris Evans out to pasture (Arnold is still playing in the Terminator Saga) for Anthony Mackie. Disney loves to change a good series to garbage. It's Pathetic.

  29. Feige: ok, now hear me out… so tony had successfully reproduced the super soldier serum, but died before he could let people know, fury finds it and ask sam if he wants it! And thus, captain america 4(2) was born!

  30. Yeah, yeah, "Whose gonna be Captain America?" The question I wanna know is if Rhodey is ever gonna put War Machine to one side and take up the Iron Man mantle. I know, I know; "I am Iron Man." There could be a good film about Rhodey struggling with that, and thinking the world needs Iron Man, but he doesn't want to disrespect Tony etc…

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