Is It OK To Punch a Nazi? We Asked Berkeley Students.

Is It OK To Punch a Nazi? We Asked Berkeley Students.

Is it okay to punch a Nazi? I mean we did go to war against them, so yeah. This week’s top story: If you see a Nazi,
punch a Nazi. Liberals should not be raving about this. A new segment we like to call fuck up a Nazi. My 90 year uncle, if he was alive would have
punched that son of a bitch in the face and I woulda had his back. It was a hotly debated question for months after video of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched in the middle of an interview
on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration went viral and inspired countless remixes. But the question was never really just about
Nazis it was about the acceptability of political
violence. And in the following year, the question came
up again and again as several high profile political protests turned violent. Including one on the campus of UC Berkeley. We visited Berkeley about a year after that
protest turned riot to ask students whether punching Nazis, or
other deplorables is ever okay. If they want to punch a Nazi, I’m not going
to judge. It depends on what you define as a Nazi. The people whose words create a culture that
sort of ratifies violence against a certain group are punchable. On February 1st 2017 the nation watched the
University of California Berkeley burn as masked members of the far left group Antifa
lit fires, threw safety barriers through store windows physically attacked people and threw rocks
at police. The protests turned riots were sparked by
the arrival of right wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos invited to campus by a conservative student
group. President Trump helped ignite the controversy
by tweeting a threat to pull federal funding from Berkeley. Protests continued throughout the rest of
the year as more conservative speakers were drawn to
the Berkeley campus. The students we talked to said that the violence
was carried out almost entirely by outsiders. A lot of outside media comes in and sees,
you know, something very sensational like stuff on fire in the middle of Sprout
Plaza where we’re standing and takes this to represent that young people
are not interested in civil discourse which is not true. Specifically if you go back to the Milo riots, one of the things that really annoys me about
all of this, is that Berkeley students are blamed for all
of the damage that happened to our campus. There’s just a small group of, like, people,
Antifa you’ve probably heard of them and they just come up here, mess everything
up, we get blamed for it and then all the students are just like ‘aww
that sucks.’ Antifa, short for anti-fascist, is a decentralized
movement that rejects the tactic of non-violence and vows to fight whatever or whomever it
identifies as fascist by any means necessary. They are taking advantage of the Berkeley
campus and the Berkeley students and the Berkeley people and we’re getting a rap for something that’s
not associated necessarily with us. Pretty much resorting to this force, this
violence, pepper spraying just Trump supporters who did nothing other than express their political opinions that’s not what we should be doing at all. And I want to say that that’s not what Antifa
should be doing either. Most of the students we spoke to condemned
the group and it’s tactics. But they were also reluctant to condemn political
violence altogether. I personally wouldn’t throw a stone through
a window but I would never criticize the psyche of
someone who does. I think it’s hard for there to be very big
change without some sort of violent aspect to it whether that’s property destruction or human
life which is like the sad reality that we live in. That speech can be considered violence, inviting
people like Milo Yiannopoulos creates an unsafe environment for the people
that he is speaking against. Property damage is absolutely justifiable. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. once said that riots
are the language of the voiceless. To kind of hearken back to what MLK said,
a way for the unheard to make their voices amplified. A riot is the language of the unheard. That famous quote has been widely misinterpreted. King wasn’t condoning riots, he was saying that in response to racial oppression, it was understandable, though counterproductive. And that nonviolent protest is the only path
to social change. I think for the negro to turn to violence
would be both impractical and immoral. Putting aside the question of whether or not
preemptive political violence is moral, is it actually effective? In ‘Why Civil Resistance Works’ political
scientists Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan compared violent and non violent movements
throughout history and found that non violent ones were more
than twice as effective at achieving their goals. Princeton researcher Omar Wasow found that the non violent protests of the
early civil rights movement changed minds while the left wing riots in the late 1960s likely tipped the presidential election in
favor of Richard Nixon. And if Antifa members still want to punch
so called Nazis, they should pay attention to the work of historian
Laurie Marhoefer who studies real Nazis and says the party
often rallied close to it’s adversaries in order to provoke them. Drawing a violent reaction that swayed public
opinion in its favor. Today’s provocateurs are nothing like Adolf
Hitler, but there’s no doubt that Milo Yiannopoulos chooses to come to places like Berkeley for
a reason. You hear it a lot, that you’re intentionally
trying to provoke the kind of response we saw last night. I mean, what my response is ‘so what? who
cares?’ I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer. I personally think that the Milo protest caught
on so much fire because of the sheer intensity of the people
protesting against him. It sounds like you’re saying the best way
to deal with someone like Milo is to ignore him. Well that’s what you do with trolls, right? Don’t feed the trolls? Don’t feed the trolls! We got played. The response to the assault on Richard Spencer was hardly the only instance of a blase media
response to violence. The brutal attack on Senator Rand Paul, which
left him with bruised lungs and six broken ribs was met with jokes and suggestions that he
had it coming because of his libertarian views. Is it justifiable to act violently towards
someone who comes to campus and is advocating against universal health
care? I don’t think I’d punch that person, yeah. Is it okay for someone else to? I wouldn’t encourage it. If it happened I don’t know that I would feel
any particular remorse. But you don’t have to feel remorse for what
happens to your political opponents to condemn violence against them. Because punching them will most likely further
their cause. The right of protest is a crucial one that
deserves protection. But it’s vital that anyone seeking political
change seriously consider these questions. Is political violence morally justifiable? And if so, is it really worth it? If we say that it’s okay to punch a Nazi, do we risk that umbrella of who’s a Nazi becoming
a little too large? No.

100 thoughts on “Is It OK To Punch a Nazi? We Asked Berkeley Students.

  1. Milo is awesome. These students are idiots who think that physical violence is ok against others that they disagree with.

  2. It's never ok to punch anyone except in self defense in response to immediate acts of violence towards oneself. The fact that these people don't condemn political violence shows that shows that they are lacking any deep moral thought. Their minds are empty vessels that are waiting to be filled to the brim with destructive ideologies. Their professors did the preparation.

  3. You asked people who sympathize with a domestic terrorist group called Antifa if it's okay to punch "Nazis." You asked the same people who call literally anyone who is more Conservative than them "Nazis" if it's okay to use violence. These shit human beings you interviewed use violence on Conservatives, Libertarians, and even Moderates because these kids are ideological bigots.

    If it's okay to punch a "Nazi," then it's okay for me to run over Antifa members with my car and beat the shit out of them for touching me. If and when the civil war comes, anyone on the Left will be considered an enemy and should expect acts of aggression from Conservatives like me. You Liberals have shown that you won't be peaceful or friendly to those who are on the other side of the political aisle, so why should Conservatives show you mercy?

  4. Antifa isn't a group or organization, it's an ideology. check out Philosophy tube's video on the philosophy of Antifa if you want to know more

  5. "Muslims are rad"
    How about the Jews, Buddhists, Hinduists, Taoists, and thousands of other religions out there? I guess they're not important.

  6. Shouldn’t the conservatives organize their own “protection angels” to ward off the violence against them.

  7. Fascists are inciting genocide so de-platforming them is vital to stopping the tragedies such as that at Christ church.

  8. If my homie starts preaching about a white ethnostate, ok, fine- you're the homie, and we can talk.

    But if I don't know you and you start preaching about that shit, then yeah you nazi motherfucker- you're gonna get punched.

  9. This vid isn't reasonable; it's slanted in the direction of the status quo of "peaceful change". That's just what the powers that be want, a passive population that believes in peace while they wage war in our name. We cannot forget history. Get a clue. We wouldn't exist if not for changes made through violence & war. The vid shows MLK, but not Malcolm X, Gandhi, but not Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The United States was created through land grabs and bloody wars. Reason does not only look forward, but back at where we came from and how we got here. The question of whether it's ok to punch a Nazi is laughable in light of American history. The best "punch" we could give Nazis is to ban them and their symbols completely from public view or expression just like Germany has done. That, as far as I see it, would be in self defense, defense of the nation and our constitution. We should be pushing our leaders for an amendment banning Nazism entirely. Of course, if you want to be "reasonable", you can always have your non-violent protests. Good luck getting any change in the current oppressive, corrupt bog America has sunk into… We are in deep shit.

  10. punch the fuck out of nazis, idgaf and neither should anyone else, people have been KILLED for much less. Why the fuck does anyone feel compelled to defend random people who were puched for, quite literally, talking shit.

  11. So just say your opposition is inciting violence to justify actual violence against them. It's a brilliant strategy. Too bad anyone with a brain can see it for what it is.

  12. Staggering to hear all these students proclaim that violence and property damage are justified tools against people with different opinions.

  13. How about we stop trying come to the defense of people who advocate a philosophy of genocide. Because it not the same as me and you disagreeing about how tax dollars are spent.

  14. it's all fun and games until the guy you assaulted pulls out a gat and starts blasting low iq libtards like it's columbine

  15. If you need violence to stop them that means you have nothing better to say, I met neo fascist people and it took me seconds to shake their believes because JUST LIKE YOU it revolves around sensationalism but at the core so many things are now irrelevant and impractical. This is why if I had to punch someone I'D PUNCH BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT for they chose an EXTREME.

  16. Richard Spencer is becoming fearful of organizing and there hasn't been an alt-right organization or rally nearly as large as Charlottesville since. I honestly think that even if arguably somewhay unethical, the effectiveness of these reactions is clear.

  17. Am… no. “Nazis” nowadays dont actually KILL jews and if they do you can sue them, therefore no its not okay to punch somebody just because ypu disagree with them

  18. The real question is how do you determine someone is a "nazi" and are you just calling anyone you dont agree with a nazi.

  19. Good, so we can punch any of these guys. Facebook YouTube SJW Safe Space Politically Correct Heterophobic Non-Binary Antifa cowards are the Nazi-Fascist of the 21st Century.

  20. I honestly don't know if people make differences between nationalsocialism, fascism and white nationalism (white is not a nation, so..).

  21. So tragic that these students are reluctant to condemn violence. Not only just towards nazi's but also towards a guy that disagrees with universal healthcare!

  22. It’s not ok to punch anyone for political beliefs… like the bull get the horns a lot these people think they are safe now that the dust has settled these far left attackers were being Doxxed the whole time and there will be retaliation when these people least expect it they may even not carry the same beliefs when it happens to them they went way to far half the folks assaulted were the farthest thing from a Nazi and that’s where they fucked up big time…

  23. Am I right say anteffa is just a bunch of young soft in eductaed(Retards) who just want to cause trouble using politics as an excuse..

  24. Ahahah…'s ok to punch people who promote violence against a certain group….oh wait…that's what they're doing….FREE FOR ALL!

  25. Some of you are dumb as fuck. Nazis just don't have a difference in political ideology, the entire reason they want political power is to eradicate any group of people they deem inferior. This includes some so-called "White People" too. There is no "debating" this. There are people who work to de-radicalize them and that's fine but entertaining or using language that gives the vaguest implication that it's an idea which is fine to hold in a just and compassionate society is absurd. Nazis belief that they are better is not grounded in science or rational, they literally believe in psuedo-science to justify their genocidal beliefs. They're not a legitimate political party, they are homicdal cosplayers.

  26. Is It OK To Punch an elder austrian or german in his 90´s or 100´s?

    Stupid questions, worst crimes have been committed by commies, shame on you America.

  27. So is it ok to do nothing and let nazis Start another holocaust within the USA
    We are already putting refugees and children in camps in the same location as we did Japanese Americans
    Some of us see the writing on the wall and won’t stand for it, The problem with nonviolent protests is that nobody listens to them because nothing makes the news quite like violence the car crashes the murders and the riots always are the first thing you see on the 11 o’clock news the family of baby ducks saved by a local police officer helping them cross the street comes at the very end even sports comes before the good news most people have already gone to bed if you want to make headlines and get people to listen to you, you have to rock the boat

  28. 100% of the political murder in the United States last year was committed by right wing extremists. Thank the Lord there are people with the balls to rumble with the Fascists fucks.

  29. Antifa & the Democrats are Fascists & violent! They are what they say they're against! Low IQ's being led by evil Democrats!

  30. Considering "Nazi" has lost all meaning an only applies to those who have dissenting opinions. No. It's not ok.

  31. The nazi sympathizers on here disgust me. Killing nazis is not the same as becoming them. Nazis started this and CHOOSE to hate. THEY are the ones with genocide on their minds. In turn this means nornal, rational people must stand against them. And as we know, there is no talking that will convince these maniacs that their hateful idealogy is evil. It is not wrong to respond to violent murderers with extreme prejudice. These same people saying we should tolerate the nazis are the same people saying that black people deserve to be shot for reaching into their pockets by police. We all know what their advocating.

  32. its called freedom of expression.
    but just cuz someone does do a hate crime (nazi uniforms dont count) doesnt mean you can attack them. unless your doing it in self defense of course

  33. You have no right to commit violence againt's anyone. We have presumption of innocence and if you cannot adhere to that then you are the fascist.

  34. How in the hell can free speech render your environment unsafe? We have the rule of law and if you opose that, you are tha fascist.

  35. If true, then it's OK to slug Bernie Sanders. Why? 1) Bernie is a Socialist. 2) Nazi means National Socialist ( actually, National Socialist German Workers Party, but Bernie hasn't shown that he cares about workers) . So, since all that's true, can you slug Bernie Sanders?

  36. It’s not, first of all Free speech is a thing. I don’t give a shit if they’re a nazi or not. And since he’s a human he’s protected by free speech laws.

  37. A better question to ask is: "if it is okay to punch a Nazi, what if I call you a Nazi?"

    If the Berkeley students don't want to be painted by the "Antifa" paintbrush, then they should stand up against the violent thugs coming onto their campus and hurting people! Standing by and allowing the "brownshirts" to intimidate is how Hitler rose to power.

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