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  1. Comparing pro-Khilafah Muslims to Zionist Jews. You put Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, Harun Ar-Rashid, Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi, and Abdul Hamid II on the same foot as Theodor Herzl. Oh, Mark Hansom, don't you have no shame? What a disgrace.

  2. He forgot that Abu Hanifa supported imam Zayd he also forgot imam Hussein he forgot that the scholars actually revolted there’s something in Islam these guys want to hide and it’s the spirit of Islam justice and building and inheriting the earth

  3. the irony here is that all these intellectual dwarves ranting about how Shaykh Hamza has deviated from the path are in fact victims of western revolutionary ideology themselves. when you combine Islam and a western revolutionary ideology, that becomes a very scary partnership. it creates blood thirsty demons who call themselves muslims. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is a one of the greatest intellectuals our ummah has today. his teachers are great and well respected scholars in our ummah as well. dont slander him just because of a hadith or quranic verse which you yourselves dont even have the skills required to understand and interpret. you dont have the tools. shaykh has them. most scholars who follow our traditional islamic scholarship have the tools. leave the business of scholarship to them. we can learn from our scholars if we just stop being sceptical about them. and im referring to real scholars who are well trained in our traditional sunni tradition. not self-proclaimed 'ustadhs' or 'clerics' who are filled with hatred and have never sat with real scholars.

    Expand your minds people. As Shaykh Hamza himself said that Allah has given you the ability to expand your mind and if your mind doesnt expand, you are the only one to be blamed.

    May Allah shower Shaykh Hamza with His endless mercy and compassion and protect him from insignificant and ill-intentioned people. amin

  4. After watching this video, one question is raised in my mind then why Islam is legislates in a few nation-states like Pakistan? and what about Islamic Administration of Medina and Pious Caliphs.

  5. A priest or scholar just cannot rule by his whims & desires. He has to rule by the rule of Allah & his messenger

  6. I follow this sheikh but I cannot agree on this one. Islam does not require to enforce Islam on an individual level but socially it has to implement the sahriah law & shariah law has dealt with all aspects of life. It is a total system. No time for politics.

  7. There is a great agenda going on in the world for quite a while to convert Islam from a deen (way of life in all aspects of human affairs) to merely a religion.

  8. It’s ok the madhabs were not involved in politics. But so know who was involved in politics and state running the companions the people Allah told literally follow. How did they run a state did they enforce allahs laws of right and wrong amongst Muslims ( riba, homosexuality ext).

  9. It is so true sheikh Hamzah but who will understand especially Arabic Muslims people.. They are forgetting what is important and they are focusing on political issues they are just listening to the news while the are doing … قطع ارحام، غيبه، نفاق، لا محافظه أو خشوع في الصلوات…قالت الأعراب آمنا قل لم تؤمنوا ولما يدخل الإيمان قلوبكم بل قولو اسلمنا…

  10. the quran says no complusion in religion. Meaning, you cannot force it on people, go to other lands and force them to accept sharia. Convey the message is all we are told to do

  11. It's amazing how so many people have totally missed the point Shaykh was making. The summary of it is exactly the last minute of the clip.

    We have to understand that each person comprehends a particular source of information according to the experiences he or she brings when examining it.

    For that reason, some people here seem to think Shaykh is calling for secularism, because they deal with avid proponents of this way very often. Meanwhile others see that he is simply saying the imbibing of the teachings of Islām begins bottom-up and not top-down because they often interact with those who go in the complete opposite direction which is to treat Islām like a brand of nationalism, when it is in fact a dīn.

    اللّٰه أعلم بالصواب

  12. I'm sorry to say this, but what Sheikh Hamza said was largely incorrect. The prophet Muhammad(pbuh), Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali may Allah be pleased with all of them, were the rulers of the muslim ummah. So how on earth can Sheikh Hamza claim that Muslims should be apolitical ?  Yes, it is true that Islam isn't just about politics, but to say that Islam has nothing to do with politics is an extreme and incorrect statement.

  13. I highly disagree with his idea that we should not create an Islamic state in Muslim lands. The reason why they didn't have to create movements like this during the time of the classical scholars was because the scholars had no irjaa' and they were not loyal to the rulers. The people respected the scholars. Yes, ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Hanbal and many others faced dispute with the rulers, but this was over bidah and aqeedah issues like Hamza Yusuf mentioned, but the state ruled by Islam. The Ottoman (Uthmani Khilafah) had issues of bid'ah and such, but they still ruled by Islam. That is why the salafis of their time still stayed loyal and obeyed the ruler apart from some of the bidah that happened.
    Take the mughal empire for example. All of their rulers besides one had scholars opposing them. The only Mughal king that had no scholars against him was Aurangzeb because he ruled by Islam. The others always had scholars against them because they rejected the hukm of Allah. Aurangzeb himself was a scholar. He rebelled against his brother and made takfir on him for not making the mughal empire an Islamic state.

  14. The reason why imams back then did not do politics like today is because the ruling was already based on Islam. Why would they need to rebel against the khulafah?

  15. idk how far hamza yusuf has travelled. but to say that the participation of Muslims in politics is solely for the purpose of an islamic state is honestly ignorance. islam is a WAY of life. i agree there is no compulsion in religion, but to exclude islam from the affairs of politics, economics is very misleading. hamza yusuf can talk hours and hours about how many mosque there are in the west, but as soon as he propagates the growth of islamic finance, socio political system, he will be on the radar. dont know why hes too scared to talk of that?

  16. To all here claiming this sheikh is misguided, refute then what he says about the 4 Imams. Also, please tell me where in the world the Muslims have benefited by attempting to politicize the religion. J.A.K. I eagerly await your response(s).

  17. Fear is the best motivator to convince people to believe in something they don't believe in, just look at Yemen, if you are born in a Muslim family, you are Muslim without any choice, if you pick something else, all that awaits you is death, and radicalization happens within the family first or within marriage to non-Muslims.

  18. Hamza Yusuf now wishes Islam DID have a magisterium. Maybe he changed his mind after meeting the Pope and learning more about Vatican II. Islam is in the midst of a doctrinal crisis with no mechanism available to remedy it.

  19. What a bunch of garbage. The sahabas led political movements. He is channeling Jesus but claiming to speak for Muhammad.
    Dude be honest with yourself, go back to the basics. Taghut!

  20. he's saying some Muslims want exactly what the Jews have done which is to turn Judaism into a political ideology which is called Zionism.

    but the Israelis didn't do that.
    they never decided to implement judaic law as the state law or the Constitution. it's a secular State they adopted secularism and democracy and racism and no islamist nor fundamentalist or whatever you want to call them call for that or want. Rather they want to implement laws of Qur'an and sunnah detailed be the jurists as the only state law.

    So straight away this man is wrong. He starts of wrong and stays wrong. And Islam is the truth.


    If we follow his idea then none of the islamic punishment system cannot be implemented and bank interest cannot be abolished, people who don't pray cannot be punished, the rules of buying and selling can never be inforced. This is some of the things that cannot be done at state level, which has been the case for a long time in all Muslim countries.

    The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi set up an Islamic state in medina implementing the quran and sunnah and his companions carried this on up until it's death in 1924

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