Is Everything Ideology?

Is Everything Ideology?

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  1. The only ideology I adhere too is anarcho-capitalism. Because its not proactive in nature. It acknowledges that Life is unpredictable, there are many things the human mind cannot know, and many random things happen. An environment with as much freedom as possible with the fewest amount of people trying to control things will make us better off. As there are so many examples to the opposite systems.

  2. Too many people seem to be incapable of separating their sense of worth from their political beliefs. So whenever you criticize something they profess to believe in they immediately assume you are judging them as a person and not merely trying to get a better idea of why they have those beliefs.

  3. You're on your way to Shaivism or Advaita Vedanta, if you get there by the way of Phenomenology. Tat tvam asi.

  4. Only scientific facts are worthy of studying. Religion is a waste of time. I despise both theism and communism and all dogmas. For me MGTOW means finding my own way to atheism, and enjoying this unique life through knowledge and rejecting religious dogmas and gynocentrism

  5. Comrades, you will see the 11 secret ingredients for Chicken Kiev in next months issue of "The Worker" magazine! The best damn chicken in the Gulag! LOL

  6. This video, in my opinion, is the most important video StarDusk ever made. the Bubbling of modern ideologies or revival of ancient religion is merely another attempt by our species to project a meaning on our existence beyond reproducing. We settled on dry humping our planet instead of planning to build a throne among the stars.

  7. Do you think all humans possess self awareness or are some just automatons being propelled to and fro by their base instincts?

  8. Everything is ideological, AKA political, because these Judeo-Marxists infest everything with their political poison. The only way to fight it is to be deliberately against it, or your organization will succumb. Toss in Diversity, and politics are getting even more contentious, this is just precursor to the shooting.

  9. The problem isn't Labels, the problem is Slippery Slopism. …. You and your own viewers do it too by proclaiming anything which isn't the Capitalism you grew up with, is just evil Socialism that will inevitably transition into Dictatorial Communism.
    *Stop with the double standard* after spending hours scripting such a purposefully Ethereal intellectualist wank-ument, there ARE some direct Non-Entropic benefits to be had for MGTOWS within democratic socialism such as the UBI and you know it

    You'd be just as put off if I tried making the argument that all Capitalism including our current version transtions into Monopolistic Corporate Statism within a 30 year period without fail. It hasn't. We got shitloads of Monopolies now of course, especially in the Media. But you would rightly argue that doesn't make Capitalism an all consuming Ideology that always has the same terrible termination at its inevitable ending slope. Eventually a "reset" takes place and there is NUANCE in that, it's not 60 million deaths every time so stop being Economic Drama Queens

  10. There is just one kind of thing that isn't a thing, it's called Void and doesnt give a shit if you recognise it or not! It is just ''It'' next to that which is refered to as ''the Id''. Between both everything is in danger and in horror.

    So the freakshow needs some boundaries, a specialised zoo, where the normalised sheeple can watch and play with these monsters from behind their screens! So enjoy friendo's, neighbours and loyal citizens! The bitchgoddess loves you all!

    Who needs a family when you have all these lovely lifesucking frenemies around?

    And oh Stardusk, what about a video xplaining the difference between the host and the parasite! Holy shit, that would be something. Or a video about God as an existential dick for hire serving a unsatisfiable cunt?

    Cheers man, my bitchy amstaff wants to have a shit and maybe hunt and kill some stupid birds. Just for fun of course!

  11. What you observe alone is meagre justification for not being able to create meaning out of the universe. It's impossible for humans not to try to make sense of the world around them, it's in built.

    When you observe things purely as objects in and of themselves, and only as objects distinct from eachother (which is an abstraction, because everything is connected, and every action has an effect and meaning), then of course you would come to certain conclusions about humans and their place in Nature.

    You can see Nature (call it the universe if you like) as merely swirling it's atoms, throwing up people, objects, stars, and then sending them back down, or dissolving them into their constituent pieces. To see the process isn't to have the answer, you just have a better understanding of the process. We have a better understanding of how to make tools and machines, but that knowledge is not an answer. That sort of progress is a progress in knowledge, but not of a progression in mankind. There is no progression in mankind; you either accept Transcendence, or you live in Decadence, and this is a spiritual statement, not a material one, which is the ultimate lie, and the ultimate hope of all utopias, especially the worst to come which is transhumanism and AI.

    All utopianisms manifest in reality a reversal of the principles they were founded on. Karl Marx wanted a Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and what came of his ideas was a Hell on earth. Transhumanists want an AI that will become God, and what they will get in reality is the opposite, is the God of this World, the old snake in the garden, the Great Dragon. The manifestation of lies in reality are their consequences. They will invent the Adversary of Transcendence, of meaning, of God.

  12. Something is killing us and we're all part of it! After my lovely rendes vous with a female psychopath 3 years ago, I decided to coin this beast ''predatory deathdrive''. Explaining how IT works would be a suicidal tendency and a lifedraining waste of time!

    So I ask myself what the hell am I doing here on this fuckin planet full of sociopaths trying to be all too human? Well, just watching and experiencing the ''walking dead'' and or peddling the fucking Styx'with all these half rotten and screaming corpses…

    Well, fuck you all!

  13. I'm deeply suspicious of Shapiro, and I don't like him or listen to him. It mainly has to do with him talking too fast, and his generic severity in character.

    The way he speaks reminds me of that tv show where you had a man stand in the middle of a room and he'd convince his audience that he could speak to their family member from beyond the grave. Just by watching this man, I understood his trick, which was precisely to talk so fast and make such direct statements to any one of the audience members, so that they were psychologically trampled over, and would say the first thing that came to mind. In that way he had control over their thought processes, or could lead them.

    Ben Shapiro reminds me of that, in his unrelenting way of debating.

  14. Empiricism is not a method for discovering meaning, but for discovering knowledge. Knowledge separated from meaning is aimless, thus we have the atheist position.

  15. Could you define the words "responsibility" and "accountability" to me? I don't really grasp in all circumstances them and they seem to be more emotive than cohesive and in need of much context to make sense in a deterministic world.

    I guess the real question is, do you have any special reflections on these words and how they are espoused?

  16. If ever you think you are above ideology, specific behaviours and thoughts then think again. It’s the curse of human intelligence. Without these things then who knows we may be operating on instinct far more than we even are now.

  17. 1. Birth
    2. Be a slave to an ideology
    3. Destroy an ideology
    4. Face the dread of nihilism
    5. Create your own ideology
    6. Be a slave to own ideology
    7. Die

  18. Human consciousness at the individual level has a material basis and that is the brain. Evolution produced the human sense of self awareness. At the social level a metaphysical basis replicates the self awareness and is manifested as a collective need to reproduce and survive. Therefore the metaphysical basis is also connected to material basis in a superstructure relationship. The need to survive gives rise to beliefs and belief systems built around making that possible, or the perception of survival possible. Ideology is a subset of beliefs, conscious or not; and not necessarily dependent on a claimed materialist basis. Religion would be such and example.

  19. Hey Ape, Could you do a video on the philosophy of veganism. As someone who follows the philosophy I have yet to heard a decent critique of it. Most arguments I have heard are either attacking the people who follow it, or logical fallacies.

  20. I see it as a true but useless statement to make, I think the key term here is Underdetermination.

    It's as silly as saying "everything is made of atoms" or "all humans are made of cells"

    Now depending on how valid or useful you think meme theory works as a metric

    I do think it's worth talking about ideologies and belief systems in a more evolutionary overview so an ideology could be talked about like how we talk about microbiomes.

  21. There is a lot to be said about ideology, but this is the shortest description I can come up with:

    An ideology is a conceptual scheme with a practical application. a system of beliefs, ways of thought and categories that provide political and social foundations. Ideologies bring structure to a complicated world, thus providing a specific version of reality, aimed at the believer and the potential believer. Although religious ideologies exist, an ideology can exist independent of religion.

    There are some other factors which contribute, but are not decisive in identifying ideology. For example, the rituals and rules that are often in place in order to solidify the ideologue's loyalty. These rituals can include, but are not limited to, purification, prayer, fighting the enemy, rules of good conduct and preaching.

  22. cant get enough of your videos man good stuff.

    not suggesting anything but speaking for myself i personally like "mgtow" content wherein it doesn't relate to women but how men can live in pursuit of meaningful hobbies, and things like metacognition, and overcoming hindering biological desires (monk-like in that sense, or mgtow monk).

  23. Replicators, transmutation of elements, lets say "zero point energy" (doubt it), endocrine system control and some very balanced trans humanism with the goal to populate the universe and seek to find as much info and beauty as I can….. Well that would be my utopia. This could be a situation where you could have a sense of fulfilling socialism….. dammit just typing that hurt.

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