Is Donald Trump A Fascist?

Is Donald Trump A Fascist?

Following terror attacks in France and the
US, presidential hopeful Donald Trump called for Muslims to be barred from entering the
United States. This form of controversial rhetoric has been a consistent theme during
the Trump campaign. Some, including Jeb Bush’s national security advisor, are suggesting
that his political ideology resembles fascism. So, we wanted to know, is Donald Trump actually
a fascist? Well, the problem with identifying a fascist
is that the label is applied to a huge number of differing political theories. It was actually
Italy’s Benito Mussolini who founded fascism in 1919. In a nutshell, the ideology is based
on strengthening a country through extreme nationalism, a powerful leader, and the exclusion
of “weaker” groups. An essay by Italian philosopher, Umberto Eco,
distinguishes fourteen characteristics which are found in fascism, and have been the subject
of accusations against Donald Trump. In a nutshell, Eco says that fascism relies
on a cult of tradition, while rejecting modernism. In many ways, new ideas are seen as the beginning
of modern depravity; that with a breakdown in moral and traditional order comes chaos.
It is then unsurprising that even Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again” plays
in line with traditionalism. And his fear of things like the internet speaks to the
fascist fear of modern depravity. Another hallmark of fascism is anti-intellectualism.
In this way, knowledgeable criticism is not only ignored, but ridiculed. Trump says that
he is “very smart”, but he has also suggested that knowing things doesn’t make you a good
leader. Further characteristics are based on the idea
that dissent and diversity are bad, and they weaken discourse and society. Almost by definition,
Eco says that fascism is racist, or at the very least “anti-diversity”. Trump’s
rampant xenophobia, within which he proposes deporting 11 million immigrants, and blocking
entry to the US for Muslims, is an open appeal to racism and extreme nationalism. In his presidential announcement speech, Trump
latched onto another important fascist quality. Enemies of the state are defined as being
strong and needlessly wealthy. At the same time, they are able to be brought down by
a heroic, charismatic leader. For Trump, this enemy is China, and he is that leader. There are even more subtle aspects of Trump’s
rhetoric and campaign which reflect fascist attitudes of “machismo” and sexually demeaning
mores. The way Trump speaks to and about women, as well as in relation to other men illustrates
these thoughts. But perhaps the most identifiable aspect is
what is called “the big lie”. The concept of newspeak, or using language and discourse
to support lies and half truths. Despite being regularly called out as lying, Trump simply
denies the allegations. He usually attacks the source of the accusation, and often the
media in general. Still, despite the many similarities, some
say that Trump isn’t necessarily a fascist, but rather, an opportunist. Trump’s lack
of ideological direction suggests that a vocal portion of the US public is calling for a
fascist candidate, and Trump has simply filled that role. The scariest thought is not that
Trump is a fascist, but that American voters want one. CTA For a deep dive into the history of fascism
and its different definitions, watch our video. Thanks for watching! don’t forget to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump A Fascist?

  1. You missed the part where fascism is also all about increasing federal power to achieve a dictatorship, silencing political rivals through violence, and creating a stringently controlled police state where society and the economy are strictly controlled. Trump doesn't fit any of that.

  2. This is just appalling propaganda. Trump is a populist. This guy in the video is disingenuous.Doesn't mention that the countries with the most Muslims weren't banned.Then sneaks a little bit at the end with Hitler. Trying to compare him to Hitler, disgraceful.

  3. democrats. republicans, viewers, this channel is not liberal. it asks questions that many are asking and reports the facts. and even if it was there are many, many pro Trump channels, so, go watch those, thank you

  4. Whats so bad about being nationalistic nationalism is putting your nation first instead of being a slave to those zionists that ruin the world

  5. What a vacuous attempt at critique. No real intelligence on this channel. About as balanced as CNN.

  6. No, he is not a fascist. He's just another US president, no more, no less. Stop making a big deal out of him.

  7. Look trump is not a great leader by any means but if ur convinced he is the slightest bit facist then im convinced ur retarted😂

  8. First of all the word fascism derives from the latin "FASCIS" a sybol from ancient Rome sybolizing the unity of people and gouvernment. That symbol was sort of conquered by the extreme political right to express their intention to rule out the separation of powers (divided between legislature, executive and jurisdiction) the way the dictatores in ancient Rome were able to and therefor been escorted by 24 lictores, the men that would carry the fasces.
    So is trump the dump a fascist? Yes he is a fascist from the roots. He acts above the law and generally ignores the parliament.

  9. There should also be the aspect of military control. Fascist leaders try to concentrate power for themselves so that all aspects of government are under their control. Trump is a bafoon but he's trapped within the limits of the checks and balances system. You can't deport 11 million immigrants. If we can't fund better border patrol and we shy away from taking a harder stance on that, how are we going to afford that kind of deportation?

  10. Maybe not so much. He is the worst kind of Capitalist though. He has a history of predatory business practices that harmed the working class and Banks at the other end of the spectrum . I believe he has studied Fascist in history and uses their techniques to trigger the masses against the 'the other' against their own interests.

  11. Fascism is ultraAuthoritarian (integral) nationalism (this can mean it's totalitarian or just extremely Authoritarian). There's basically two types: Orthodox and neo. The former (orthodox) is based on the traditional fascism seen in the early 20th century, which could both be defined as ultraAuthoritarian ultraNationalism with a neo-corporatist economy, militarism/chauvinism(i.e. nationalist imperialism), and legalismand a strong emphasis on authority, natural (social) hierarchies, and obedience to the state, as well as xenophobia. Classical fascism is the "big three", Italian fascism of Benito Mussolini, Francoism/falangism or Francosit-falangism/falangist-Francoism, and nazism, as they were the big fascists at the time. Traditional fascism also includes Croatian fascism and Mexicatalism of Fascist Greece, but they're not well known. Orthodox is the same exact system as traditional fascism, but is modern.
    Neo-fascism is simply ultraAuthoritarian nationalism, so long as it doesn't meet every criteria of orthodox fascism. But what they both have in common is ultraAuthoritarian nationalism, so thus fascism could be defined as such

  12. Honestly I'm super anti-Trump and really Anti-fascist, but I don't really think he's fascist. He's obviously xenophobic, Islamaphobic, and bigoted, and probably racist, and he might even be subfascist or proto fascist, that's about as far as I'll go

  13. leftist propoganda – notice how he attacks trumps immigration policies without ever mentioning they are identical to obamas immigration policies…

  14. Donald Trump is not a fascist. His understanding of economics does not fall in line with the corporatist model that fascists use. He does not go nearly as far as fascists would in terms of ultranationalist sentiments. He does not believe in a one-party state nor does he believe that liberal democracies are obsolete.

    Seriously guys. Do your research and actually study the ideologies of different fascist movements across Europe. I’m saying this as neither a trump fan nor even a fascist too.

  15. You did not do proper reason. You read a text written by non-fascist. To truly understand fascism, read the Doctrine of Fascism. Please do actual resesrch before you go and embarrass yourself in front of people who actually know what Fascism is.

  16. It's official.  Books and evidence are piling up every day.  Check out Timothy Snyder's "The Road to Unfreedom".  In truth the far right has existed in the US for a very long time.  They have never accepted that the civil war is over and their ideology and policy is sick and inhuman.  They want to destroy our free and open system along with the middle class to create a corporate welfare state of massive inequality and zero social mobility.  The US is drifting farther to the right everyday.  If you value your freedom, the start learning your history for real (that means reading books by historians not watching propaganda) so you can learn the truth and vote for politicians that are not liars, traitors and thieves.  Without the historical knowledge you will fail to understand politics.

  17. This video is the most idiotic one I've ever seen, and yes, I've watched gun control videos. American voters are not calling for a fascist leader, I'm sure of it. Recently support for Trump among minority groups has doubled, and I'm sure minority groups are not looking for a fascist leader. In other words, they are not asking for their death.

    I'm sure the majority of Trump voters do not want to ban guns.

    The only Americans asking to silence any speech at all are most definitely not right wingers, and I didn't see leftists voting for Trump. The same goes for socialism.

  18. 1:50 Not letting illegal immigrants and terrorists into your country isn't extreme nationalism, idiots. It's just normal nationalism and there's nothing wrong with loving your country.

  19. The extent to which you communists can lie through your teeth and twist the truth whichever way just so that everything fits your narrative is both mind boggling and incredibly disgusting.

  20. Almost all social media, internet websites, news channels, countries, and companies are controlled by the left who forcibly suppress opposition by censoring the right and eliminating our freedom of speech. THATS facism!

  21. It all boils down to Globalist NWO-OWG agenda vs A healthy form of Nationalism i.e. a collection of distinct peoples represented in Nation States. …. Globalism ultimately centralizes all power which is Infinitely more dangerous. ….. Nationalism can be perverted as we all know. But that does not need to be the case. The French are French. And Russians are Russians. And that's fine to be distinct

  22. Christ, I remember watching this as a kid! Looking back now I don't think I have found a better example of fake news in my life. These idiots show a quote of Trump calling Marco Rubio a baby and equate that to fascism!

  23. Fear of the internet. He won the election thanks to the internet but he fears the internet. He tweets every day and he fears the internet. My head hurts. It's TRUE though intelligence without wisdom can make you stupid case in point now this. These people assume America has no culture or no culture to unite them besides race. Dummies

  24. This channel paid propoganda. Trump is not a fascist. He's an American that's loves his country. Just like all his supporters that are tired of seeing all our jobs sent overseas for cheap labor and even cheaper products. They China steels all our designs and resells then without paying for them.

  25. anecdotally.. I normally see that decent videos have at most 10% down to up thumb votes.. this video has nearly half.

  26. This is so stupid.if the Americans wanted a fascist leader why would they have voted Obama. This is a disgusting channel.

  27. Wow really. So was Obama a facist? He deported millions and spied on reporters to suppress bad news stories. He went after political opponents with the FBI and IRS. It seem like he didn't mind that cops were being killed either…🤔

  28. 1:47 "Hes going to deport 11 million immigrants"


  29. Yeah I'm pretty sure those were illegal immigrants and that's a big difference…. so sad to see this channel spread fate news like that

  30. He did not ban muslims. He banned travel from several countries that had a strong likelihood of harboring terrorist cells that wanted to enter the USA under the guise of being refugees. This was under the advisement of the CIA, and a similar ban was also encted under the Obama administration. It just so happens that these countries are muslim majority. The "muslim ban" moniker was made up by the media to grab attention.

  31. There is not a muslim travel ban, there was a travel ban of 7 countries identified as supporters of terrorism. Obama did the same thing. It's pretty easy to paint anyone as a facist if you are intellectually dishonest

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