Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution Murdered more people than the entire sum of World War two combined yet the fascist Nazi state under Hitler received the worst reputation and still has the worst reputation till today Emperor Zi Jing pings China has now become fascists and I’m gonna try to convince you guys of that and Secondly if you guys understand what fascism is, I’m going to have to define it properly So finally keep up to date with Australia’s first and only geopolitically focused YouTube channel Make sure you click the subscribe button and click the bell icon So don’t miss out on anything There’s a group of spoiled little rich kids that run around Under the name of a group called anti far and they’re running around calling people Fascists and the fact that they call people who are not fascist fascists It diminishes the real definition of it So if you know someone from anti far please send them this video so they can get the proper definition of fascism It comes from the Latin word Fascists it means bundle of rods Sounds quite simple, but for the most ferocious and deadly ideology in world history And in fact has a sinister meaning It means that a single rod is weak yet when you bundle a load of rods together They become strong This implies that the individual has no value yet. The collective is very powerful therefore fascists believe that kill the collective interests is far more important than any individual therefore an individual can be easily disposed of like in Communist China these days how people get locked up for going against the Chinese the fascist Chinese Communist Party So how dare any? Rod ever break away from the unity of the bundle. They become seen as a traitor sound familiar that’s how Communist China behaves today if you say anything Against the fascist Chinese Communist Party, you instantly disappear. In fact The group anti far seem to use this same bundle mentality to attack other people recently people have been calling themselves a Patriot there’s a form of nationalism. It’s not exactly fascist yet. It is still on the same spectrum Somewhat towards the middle whereas fascists are at the extreme You see nationalism means that you believe your country is unique and you have special obligations towards it Yet fascism Means that you believe your country is supreme the supreme nation kind of like how China calls itself the Middle earth. It’s like we are the best nation that the world has ever seen and that you have exclusive obligations to your nation Si nationalist or a patriot has many identities they Understand that there’s more to the world than just their superior country and nationalists can identify herself as a mother a vegan a rugby coach a Jew or Muslim a libertarian a scientist a social justice warrior Etc yet a fascist only has one identity one sole identity And in China, it’s called the Chinese Communist Party member and then allowed to have any other conflicting identities How does a fascist? evaluate art Very simple one measurement if the piece of art furthers the national interest then it’s a good piece of art if the art does not Further the national interest then it’s terrible art see last week I uploaded a video perfect example of a fascist movie created by this Chinese Communist Party wolf warrior Check it out. I’ll have it in the description or at the car at the top how does a fascist decide what to teach kids in school well These are the fascist teachings that Hong Kong umbrella movement hero Joshua Wong was fighting against the re-education of the Hong Kong children to the CCP fascist Brainwashing you see not to mention even the fascist Re-education camps in Xin Jiang where over a million we guys are being brainwashed as you are watching and listening to this video right now How does a fascist decide what type of companies to build perhaps a Telecommunication provider like Huawei vivo or Oppo which can further the national interest by spying on its enemies abroad You see fascists believe that every other nation is its enemy even its own people fascism simplifies the narrative for mass consumption Simple is recommended. I guess if you have a 1.5 to 1.7 billion people to control Unfortunately, when people talk about fascism they often do such a poor job of properly defining it because they describe Fascism as a hideous monster. It’s ugly. It’s dirty its evil While failing to explain what is so seductive about it and why people join up to become fascists in the first place This is why we have so many fascists in the world today they adopt this evil ideology without even realizing it people think I Was taught that fascism is hideous yet. When I look in the mirror, I see something beautiful. So therefore I cannot be a fascist The problem with evil is that in real life It can be quite beautiful Holly Hollywood often quiet wisely depicts Satan as a handsome businessman in a suit or a sexy Vampiress he cannot resist until she sinks her teeth into you and then you turn over to the dark side see when and not his door Back in World War two would look in the mirror. She would see something beautiful Well, the Holocaust was in full swing Gassing people just outside her window The same way the daughter of a fascist Chinese Communist Party member would look in the mirror and think I’m a beautiful Chinese girl yet 90% of China’s population is living in abstract poverty with a GDP per capita of under $7,000. There’s a few notable similarities between China today and fascist Nazi Germany of the 1930s 1940s you see Nazi Germany had gone through World War 1 and they’ve suffered defeats and there the economy was suffering they were in massive decline and part of the reason why Hitler rose to power was he had this promise of restoring Germany to its former greatness and That is exactly the same template. We’re seeing played out in China fascist China today Emperor Zi Jing ping in the Chinese Communist Party Their whole narrative is pushed around the hundred years of humiliation at the hands of the evil West and the Chinese Communist Party are the only people that can restore China to its former glory You see that’s why China calls themselves the Middle Kingdom. They believe that they are the most superior country on earth – Hitler was leader for life. He was unelected leader for life And there’s also talk of him becoming King. It was actually talk of restoring a monarchy Now Emperor Zi Jing ping is leader for life unelected. Well elected by a few Communist Party buddies but there’s also kind of this talk because he’s leader for life that he could become emperor or Restore some sort of a monarchy in with Chinese characteristics that’s another similarity and Finally Nazi Germany is famous for the the racist hole cost where they believe that if you have blond hair blue eyes You were the superior race and it is exactly the same template of how China is playing that out with the Chinese Communist Party pushing if you are of Han Chinese Descent you are the superior race So if you question that have a look at all the rhetoric around Asians and crying racism and playing the victim and and have a look at the Chinese Communist Party and try point out a dark-skinned Asian or try and point out in the Chinese Communist Party Someone who is not of Han Chinese descent well, they all are and these three similarities are exactly the same template that Nazi Germany is exactly out of their playbook and finally there was a book that Hitler wrote when he was in jail called mine camp and in that book he he kind of set out the roadmap on how it was gained going to gain power and one of the The strategies he was going to use was choose three points Stick to those points repeat those same points over and over and over again until you Brainwash the people and those were the same points that I just previously mentioned China Is doing that as well you see That they’re pushing China all around the world. They’re pushing Confucianism They’re pushing Han Chinese as the the most superior race the good race white. People are evil everybody else is bad except for the the clean hand Chinese and China is using this type of propaganda strategy by pushing these three narratives consistently Here’s a few more questions to help you guys understand what a fascist really is What would an immigrant fascist do when they arrived and settle in your country? Well, that would further the national interest of the fascist state within your country possibly by building a Chinatown What would a fascist called New Years day, which is calculated by the new moon falling in late January early February What they call it Lunar New Year for everybody else No, they would call it whatever furthers the national interest of the fascist state They would call it Chinese New Year What would a fascist call a festival for children? to eat fair fairy floss and Play games and and eat lots of lollies and run around and and do what kids are supposed to do well a fascist would do what brainwashes children and furthers the national interests of the fascist state They would call it China fun day in closing I couldn’t find a proper definition of fascism on the Internet. Not a real accurate one So I had to seek out the writings of Yuval Noah Harari who has a PhD in history from Oxford University. The guy is an absolute genius and impart His writings helped me define fascism in the most accurate way today They say if you don’t know what fascism is and you don’t know what the the right definition of fascism is like those people of anti far then how are you supposed to see it coming and prevent the the horrendous genocides of World War 2 Repeating today we can’t In closing also China by definition is a hundred percent fascist Chinese communist state party run state It is an evil dictatorship and it in my opinion cannot be stopped Your children or grandchildren will be living in genocide all times if China was to snap within the next couple of years and cause the genocide of terrors which have happened in World War two and I believe the China is More than capable of the terrors of World War two and I also believe that it is almost inevitable Also people confuse nationalism Fascism, they’re not exactly the same thing. They are on the same spectrum Nationalism is very healthy for a country. You see if you don’t care about your country You are you are lower on the spectrum than nationalism and I think not many people care about Australia Australia is far beneath the nationalism Level and the only thing holding Australia together is our economic power and the fact that we have a high standard of living when that decreases we’ll be in a lot of trouble and China is right up the top in the fascist scale and fascist countries gobble up Countries that aren’t even nationalistic and willing to stand up for himself. So that’s why Australia is a sitting target Because the strains don’t care about Australia and the Chinese they love their country and they’re willing to die for it so Hope you guys like this video China is a fascist state and It is unbeatable. China cannot be stopped You will be living in terror in the next 15 years and I feel sorry for your grandchildren I left my heart to the severs rail case and The hammer song was solving a cigarette a to the black of Markham and I Have to be out now cold turkey, but from the ocean to the Silver City And that’s solely either way, it’s good understand About love of God and acts and guarantees I’ll ever know be they heroes but back in 97 and free and happy sailing the save me Harbor Assault of about a killer kiss her and she was land and I was hurt


  1. China is a virus consuming the planet, they are every model of government system in varying degrees of application, they are first and foremost communist,,,,, totalitarian, fascist, dictators, capitalist, imperialist with one agenda only.
    To rule the world by any means necessary.
    It's absolutely clear by their own rapid rise to wealth created by business disruptions and wrecking economies with cheap imports usually nasty copies of other engineering and production, I certainly wouldn't touch any foods.
    I think the worst thing though is the meth and other drugs seemingly escaping ultra high surveillance agencies somehow to flood the West thereby creating social disruption and stupification of millions of people thereby creating a huge financial burden and social dysfunction.
    From time to time they jail and execute a few mules or dealers but somehow manage to miss the huge labs and facilities producing tons of the evil and misery produced and exported right under their noses,,,, funny that ehhh?

  2. David, with regard to your position, that China is a Fascist country, it seems to me that China is still a Communist Country. Whereas fascism seems to better fit NATO, the EU and in particular the US more accurately. Why the US? Well it seems to me that the US is now ruled by and for a collective of Corporations today, via lobbyists, corrupt politicians and the stripping away of individual rights, as well as the US Government now taking a position that its laws are to be followed by all nations and inviduals, well beyond the jurisdiction of the US. That to me better fits the definition of Fascism. Just my opinion on this video.

  3. Stop buying anything from China. And for God's sake start flying your Australian Flags. They are no where to be seen in Australia.

  4. There is Marxist fascism that has become entrenched into law and institutions. Marxists are able to brand into existing brands of social equity such anti discrimination law and applying meme by way of thought Police …. but like all fascism its over bearing and refutes challenges of democratic processes. Of course the first thing Marxism does is to use the people and then suppress the people when they are in Govt. Chinese are essentially a very cruel race to their own look up the 'death of a thousand cuts'. The Chinese like the Indian nation use people for spare parts for wealthy for kidney replacements and the like. The Chinese will again become a place of turmoil and I resent unscrupulous Chinese stealing from their own people and the CCP regardless and then setting up the unscrupulous enterprises in the West or simply hide. The most dominant cultures survive because they integrate their ideas and cross fertilize ideas under a nationalized theme.

  5. We Americans love you Australia. We want to Beef you up. Put a few base's down. Send some support down to our little brother


    All Western countries like Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, South Africa, Western European and Scandinavian countries were not supposed to open up immigration visa and citizenship at the first place for Chinese, Indian, Black Africans, Hispanics of South America, Filipino, Koreans, Pakistani Punjabi, Pakistani Pushtoon, Burma's Buddhist, Pakistani Hazari, Pakistani Memon, Greeks, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Serbian, French,Turkish, Irani, Egyptian, Moroccan, Palestinian, Oil Rich Arabs, Zionist-Jews, etc, because they all are facist and assholes in their different ways, and I have become a victim of their facism and asshole behavior many times in America.

  7. There is a lot more nationalism and patriotism in Australia than you realize and it is growing although we are silent we are active and increasing in number.
    We will not go down without a hell of a fight great video David please keep up the good fight God bless

  8. Yes Dave, China is close enough to what Mussolini would recognise as fascist, could not be described as anything else, without being pedantic.

  9. China is just better version of north Korea with better imperialism
    Whatever we say about them but they are true nationalist ….they gave their human right of having many kids …they make only one kid life ..that's kind of supreme sacrifice according to me …

  10. I’ve noticed China’s fascist elements for a while now. Their economy is very akin to that of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy as well. Fascism is no longer thought of as an alternative to communism and capitalism. It is now synonymous with ‘bad authoritarian politics’.

  11. China and singapore focuses on nationalism and socialism… I.e. fascist themes, with communists methods too…

  12. China has basically made all the countries around India puppet states. Then they basiclly control all the oil and rosources in Africa and Venezuala.

  13. One people,One country and one leader..socialism in society.."liberalism"trade..they are fascist.. they are freejews

  14. "Definition of fascism

    1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition"

    Yep. Sounds like China nowadays, especially since Xi took power.

  15. "Fascists allied themselves with the economic elites, promising to protect their social status and to suppress any potential working class revolution.[10] In exchange, the elites were asked to subordinate their interests to a broader nationalist project, thus fascist economic policies generally protect inequality and privilege while also featuring an important role for state intervention in the economy.

    An important aspect of fascist economies was economic dirigism,[16] meaning an economy where the government often subsidizes favorable companies and exerts strong directive influence over investment, as opposed to having a merely regulatory role. In general, fascist economies were based on private property and private initiative, but these were contingent upon service to the state."

    So China's economy is rather similar to fascist economies too.

  16. Senator Fraser Anning for Aussie PM
    Jared Taylor for US president
    Tommy Robinson for UK PM
    Faith Goldy for Canadian PM

  17. Mussolini: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

  18. Dave,just thoughy of a good idea. For something light hearted, maybeu could do quick bite intervuews asking people what it means to be australian ? .. is it the weather, is it because of the natural environment. Or is it much deeper ? Ask everyone as long as they are citizens. Some might come from terrible places and they can give us perspsctive. Eg they might say freedom ! ☺ just something different and light hearted from your usual ones ! 😉

  19. China is about its people …they will not follow Hitler into conquering countries….Go spend some time in China…..the people in china (for thousands of years ) have never have been interested other lands other than Historic China .
    Maybe you should try 100 years of humiliation before preaching hatred

  20. Looks like you hit a cord. Latest video just taken down, very interesting. Please make a video about the take down on YouTube.

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