32 thoughts on “Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility

  1. If these American probabilities are any similar to the British ones, let’s take a moment to appreciate that Richard Branson would be in the 1 percent of high school dropouts to beat the odds

  2. aren't you looking at the result of each group and seeing where they land rather than if they are given an equal chance? maybe I'm looking at it wrong. It just seems that they're basing it off the outcome of people rather than the opportunity

  3. If you enjoyed this video you may like an article I recently wrote. It's got a little bit more to dig into on the social mobility and opportunity of the U.S. and how that relates to the American Dream: https://medium.com/@ericcarlson/economic-inequality-is-undermining-the-american-dream-1e95d10be00b

  4. What i got from this video is 2 things.

    1. Being raised in a 2 parent home greatly imcreases your chances. The sad reality is that most poor families only have 1 parent, so it makes sense that your more likely to stay poor when poor. Single parenthood isnt as much of a problem for white poor people, so they dont have the opurtinity problem. Black families do, so it makes sense that they have less opurntunity. The main problem is that welfare has incentivesed single motherhood. Black families are more likely to have one parent than in the times of slavery.

    2. Education is important. It makes sense that people that didnt graduate high school are gonna be poor. These people are likely to be lazy stoners. Graduate highschool, and you are more likely to not stay poor. And the thing about colledge. What i found most compelling is that people with colledge degrees are more likely to not be poor. I thought that by takeing out a student loan, you where more likely to be poor, but i guess it is the oppisate. What i got from this video was probelly very differant from the creater intended. I learned that by getting rid of the terrible welfare state that incetives single motherhood, the poor in america are likely to become rich and bernie sanders should go f*ck himself

  5. The main thing is this.
    The reason most poor people stay poor is not beacause of lack of oppurtunity, it because of their culture.
    A poor child who has a poor family is likely to be raised in a family who teaches him lazieness. Also, the welfare their family is likely to recive could teach the kid that you dont need to earn anything.

    The black thing is not becaue of racism. It has to do with the single mother fact. 70% of black families have only 1 parent. This number is higher than when slavery existed(so its not a race thing). The problem with inequality of oppurntunity is mainly due to single motherhood, which is a problem that mainly originates from the welfare state.

  6. Why didn't you mention latinos?

    Latinos already were a larger minority in the USA than black-usa citizens at the date of this video.

  7. It's 2018 now and the studies show that social mobility is even worse today than it was when the video was made.

  8. This is based off of the assumption that everyone wants to and is effectively trying to get to the highest point. Some people like myself are happy being comfortable and gather satisfaction in other places.

  9. From what I am seeing having married parent means it is more than four times more likely you will have a higher wage than them then the same as them….. that seems like pretty good economic mobility.

  10. The thing is thisl look at countries that try for socialism. People starve, freedom disappears, and everything goes to crap. the worst thing is to have the government in charge of anything, because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY. If you are treated poorly in a government run clinic, no one cares. If you are treated poorly in a privately owned clinic, the competition factor, knowing people can go elsewhere, makes them care. Its pretty much a proven fact that when the rich ger richer, the poor get richer too. People do not deserve to have things handed to them. The best thign to do for a thriving country is to stay out of business as much as possible, and to have as few entitlements as possible. Its not fair to take money from one group of people, and hand it to another group of people. People work hard for what they have.

  11. Current reality is far worse than than this relatively rosy picture. If your yearly income is NOT at least $50 Million, you have a greater chance of being bankrupt in 10 years than maintaining the same income or higher. And the odds get sharply worse the further down you are. Let that sink in before talking sh!t.

  12. GEE married parents looks exactly like white distribution and single parents looks exactly like the black distribution. Perhaps this is the most important factor, considering if your parents are married you are more likely to go to college as well.
    It's almost like race shows correlation but not causation, when you consider other factors… hmm.

  13. 1 in 10 go from the poorest to the richest? That sounds incredibly good odds, considering many things that hold people back are personal choices such as dropping out of school, drug or alcohol abuse, and children out of wedlock.

  14. everyone has an explanation about why they deserve to be successful and others don't. especially if it involves paying taxes to educate the children of the poor. look into the politics and social values of the 'happiest' nations, i think you will discover that greed and arrogance are markedly less visible than usa. www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/14/finland-happiest-country-world-un-report

  15. This guy is such an pandering liberal idiot. I'm sorry but we cant legislate parenting. We cant legislate "fairness" for people who live in one parent households. If you want your children to NOT succeed, then by all means, raise them with an absent parent.D FYI he mentions Black America, separate from One Parent Households but, that IS the problem for Black America…FATHERLESS HOUSEHOLDS. Richard Reeves is a pampered 1% from England who couldn't tell the difference between his arse and a hole in the ground. The fact that he gets paid to spew such nonsense should really be the "upward mobility" crime.

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