hey guys welcome to another video so amberlynn read uploaded on instagram to herstory and we've got to check it out our girl recently uploaded a video with her eating she's doing a mukbang because she's lonely Becky's out of town I guess this is what her life would be like you know or is gonna be like when Becky breaks up with her someone who commented on the video and said girl that is 800 calories in one sitting she had consumed about 4 pieces of like some whole-grain bread some rotisserie chicken meat and a little mayo she said amber Lynn the clouds back and said are you crazy lol each bread is 45 calories lunch meat is 35 calories on each then the light Mayo is 45 calories on each that's 340 calories for two plain ass sandwiches let's do the math guys because we got it we got to make sure amberlynn posted this on her Instagram after she responded in the comment on YouTube she said people complain that I don't understand how much to eat but then I see shit like this while eating this I logged and measured everything alright so we're gonna go ahead and count these calories for our goral and give her a little help here let's go with calorie King and check that out okay we're gonna go start with the bread I had Google to see like what some low calorie like whole-grain bread and so I came up with nature's own so we're gonna go ahead and look up nature's own whole-grain brown here 50 calories a slice right let's do that times four so 200 calories for the bread let's plug that in our calculator here perfect all right now we're gonna go ahead and calculate the light mayonnaise all right 49 calories a tablespoon let's just assume she just did one tablespoon we'll leave it at that and our girl loves her Mayo but we're gonna keep it at one tablespoon so let's plug that in 49 calories all right so we're at 249 already she said it's 354 both these sandwiches okay so let's see now we're gonna enter in the deli meat she loves her rotisserie chicken breasts deli meat all right we're gonna sushi put two slices on each of them it looks like she had two rolled slices on each so 200 calories for the deli meat we're coming in at a whopping 449 okay I don't know guys we're calculating for 49 I don't know our goro calculated 350 so we definitely have you know some difference here now we're gonna go ahead and get down to the real ship she made another post on Instagram she put I'm so tired of the craziness of the internet lately I've been deactivating my Twitter a lot as of recently for a break in the hate it's crazy how I don't feel horrible after checking personal social media but after checking ones that I have given out to the public it gives me anxiety stresses me out puts me in a bad headspace and makes my chest heavy from negativity I can't keep doing it so I'll be deactivating my Twitter again and I will be deleting Instagram from my phone enjoy the videos I have scheduled to go up there's about one month's worth but after that I'm not sure what's going to happen ooh I'm going to choose me and continue to do so I should never have to be feeling this way by just living my mundane life and sharing it online people don't understand what words can really do to someone till then much love all right so our girl is playing the victim card here let me tell you something you put yourself on the internet you're subject to criticism negativity and all the above so I don't feel bad for her one bit I really don't it's her choice to share her life so anyways comment down below and let me know what you think of our girl taking a hiatus I mean I guess I'd be kind of sad if amberlynn read completely disappeared from the internet right that's what we're sitting here talking about comment down below and let me know what you think of her hiatus do you think she'll really disappear or not give this video a thumbs up if you think she actually will take a break and come back I think that's what she'll do she always takes a break and then she's got to come back some sorta way be sure to subscribe to think pink 29 if you haven't already and joined the pinkie fam so you know when I upload new video if you haven't already I have a think pink 29 merch store I have hoodies and leggings and socks and all kind of stuff like that so you should totally check it out thanks for watching this video guys you know see my next one bye


  1. I think it would be great for her if she took a break and maybe just quit YouTube all together, but she never will. She needs that cheesecake factory coin.

  2. Honestly I think she's having a pity party and trying to use it to get back her subscribers back again..

  3. She’s eating the Sara Lee Delight bread which is 45 calories a slice. The rotisserie chicken is 50 calories for 6 slices and she used a tablespoon of avocado mayo at 100 calories. She’s a lah, but not about the sandwiches. I used to eat that bread ALL the time.

  4. She blocked me on Twitter for asking her why she continues to upload the videos on YouTube if the ‘hayders’ really affect her this way. And that was after her Snapchat rant a month ago. I wasn’t being mean or nasty, I was genuinely asking her why she keeps doing it if it affects her ‘mental’ so much. Rather than answering truthfully and saying that the coin she gets is why she does it, she blocked me and assumed I was just being hateful. I don’t believe for one second that she’s going to quit YouTube. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat don’t make her any money so it’s nothing to her to delete them. She will however, continue to upload to YouTube til the day she drops dead.

  5. She won’t quit Youtube that is her cash cow. She is too stuck on herself to quit social media. She needs the attention

  6. the mayo she used before was regular, not lite. And she probably used a tbsp on each sandwich. Regardless she clearly eats around the clock to maintain her figure.

  7. She only deactivated the platforms that don't pay. She will not take a break from YouTube though as it is her only form of income.
    That GORL loves to eat and has to maintain those 600lbs.

  8. I really appreciate how you keep ppl like me in the loop with what's going on. I don't do many forms of social media but want to know what goes on. So thank you for making videos to keep us informed. I love the photo you recently showed of yourself. Your a gorgeous gal and take great pics. I really love your hair! Take care.

  9. How would she fund her “lifestyle” of Torrid hauls, journal hauls, mukbangs, and coloring books? She has no skills 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Unless she’s gonna use her mental illness diagnosis to get SSI🤷🏼‍♀️. This is one of my Ambone theories….. Ok. Beefy doesn’t work, but goes to the doctor allllllll the time. She’s on meds that need monitoring. If Al was paying for Beefy medical attention, she would definitely brag about it 💯. Beefy is getting state benefits. Medicaid, and EBT. Now, after so long of not working, the state requires you to get a job OR you can get a disability diagnosis for something. Remember, AL said that the psychiatrist she was going to was one that Beefy and a lot of her other friends go to. She also mentioned that some of them had diagnosis’s on the initial visit 🤔🤔🤔🤔 This is common. There are doctors out there that will give you what you need to get disability. So, I’m sure Beefy got her diagnosis so her benefits weren’t cut off. So, I think Ambone is doing this 100 days thing to get money saved up so she can get her disability diagnosis, and get Medicaid so she can have her weight loss surgery paid for by the state of Kentucky, and their taxpayers. That house is full of con artists. Rickie is exempt from this, lol. Think about the fact that all her friends, WHO DO NOT HAVE JOBS , go to the same psychiatrist and all have some sort of diagnosis, obviously.🙄 I know this is long, but mini story time from me☺️ I’m 46 years old. When I graduated high school, I had friends (in another state) who all went to the same doctor when they turned 18, and had themselves diagnosed as “mentally retarded” , with IQs below 70 , so they could be on disability and never have to work. This shit legit happens all the time. Anywho, that’s a tiny theory of mine about Ambone and Beefy, along with a small story time❤️❤️ Have a great Sunday, and God bless🙏🙏
    Also😳😳 my story is from the very early 90s. The words I gave as my friends’ diagnosis were the words that were used then.🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Shes just playing games. YouTube and social media is her livelihood. She's just doing this to whip up a bunch of attention for more views. She's gonna have to pull something bigger than this because we are all losing interest. Or actually get her shit together……which i doubt will happen. Just wait, she's gonna think up something big before too long……she ain't going nowhere

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