Irish Hereford Breed Society

Irish Hereford Breed Society

choose Hereford you're probably thinking give me one good reason well I can give you ten good reasons para foods are one more profitable with lower costs and premium prices to higher fertility calving down at two years of age and a high conception rate three short registration saves you time and money for easier calving with a lower mortality rate five safer era foods are famous for the dosel temperament six partier era foods will thrive in any conditions seven easier and earlier finishing Herefords flesh quickly and maintain their condition eight less concentrate let the grass do the work for you nine less labor essential for a one man unit ten ideal carcass weight suitable to fit today's market requirements if you're still looking for a reason to choose Herefords let me help you out put simply profitability and safety when you're involved in commercial cattle it's vital that you design your breeding program to be as efficient and profitable as possible a pedigree registered Herefords bull has a proven ability to maximize your profits many Irish farmers share their workload with family members making it essential that cattle be handled easily and safely with the least amount of stress possible for the handlers and the cattle themselves the natural docility of the haripada breeds creates this extra margin of safety think you know all about irish Herefords well think again tremendous genetic advancements in the last 15 years combined with the existing traits of the Erfurt breed give the modern Irish he referred a great advantage over competitors selected bloodlines from the UK New Zealand Australia and Canada combined with Irish genetics have transformed the Irish Herefords into the ideal breed for both production and crossing with the Dairy Herd physical characteristics Irish heritage generally have a red body with a white face crest undersides stock and brush the tail the Irish Herefords ability to color markets offspring with the distinctive white head is much valued by breeders and commercial producers pterosaurs are well known for their ability to maintain body weight and condition over the winter period giving them a great advantage in terms of winter maintenance cost their ability to maintain the condition on less feed not only reduces expenses but is also a major reason for reduced problems at calving time the modern Irish heritage fire is well muscled with good size and volume strong feet and legs and is able to withstand the rigors of a tough breeding season Airport Bulls on average work two years longer than Bulls of continental breed the air referred female has established herself as a superior mother cow with a capacity to meet producers demands for productivity and efficiency the ability of the Hereford cow to give birth easily to a hardy healthy calf go back and calf quickly and Wiener calf that is at least 45% of our own bodyweight makes her profitable the fact that you can repeat this consistently every year over a long lifespan makes her an even better investment indeed Chagas trials have shown that there is no better beef sucker cow than the hair offered cross region Hereford cattle are well-known for the longevity which greatly reduces the cost of replacement bulls and females breeding hair furred breeders can provide a range of rules to fit producer requirements for example in a hardware ease of having a short gestation and compact calving are vital care effort is the wise choice naturally using a hair football running with a herd greatly increases the chance of pregnancy with service available 24/7 pteropod cross tabs consistently achieve a premium price the eye CBF breeding index can be used to identify bulls that promote profitable and desirable traits the hair effort Bulls works well with any breeze and the Hereford cross cow can successfully mate with and curve to any bull producing calves that are more vigorous than their Continental counterparts and that will be up and sucking very quickly fertility fertility and reproduction affects the profit potential of a cow herd more than any other traits according to recent animal Research Center figures in the USA the hair effort has a 97 percent pregnancy rate compared to only 82 percent rate for cows bred to Continental rules most carry furred females reached puberty at 14 months so they have proper growth and development of the reproductive system to carve as two-year-olds therefore they are able to keep a short calving season when added to the mature cow herd the Hereford bull excels in the number of services he achieves in a mating period thanks to a high libido and a natural ability to settle cows feed efficiently Ireland's agricultural research and advisory service Chagas figures in relation to the production of two year old beef shows that to finish 50 Continental cross steers to the recommended carcass weight of 380 kilos would require 550 tons of silage and 50 tons of concentrate total concentrate intake during finishing is 280 kilos for Herefords as compared with 642 810 kilos for Continental crosses a similar amount of feed will finish 78 her furred cross steers to the recommended carcass weight of 290 kilos 13 weeks earlier allowing a surplus of 11 tonnes of concentrates on use taking into account the reduction in capital investment in housing finance and banking risk for an additional 13 weeks it's obvious that Herefords are the best choice Chagas cursor also shows that average stocking rate for animals sold per year for the spring system is one acre for Hereford crosses and 1.2 acres for continental crosses increasing the sustainability of this grass based terrified breed produce your beef with grass not grain certified Herefords schemes and markets take advantage of a premium price there are a number of premium hair offered beef schemes strategically placed across the country delivering a bonus price to producers the schemes operate to the highest standards and our board beer quality assured Hereford beef has distinctive finely grained marbling throughout the characteristic eating quality case and tenderness are held in high esteem by leading Irish and European chefs craft butchers and consumers Herefords ribeye has been declared the world best beef in a major competition in Germany my name is Peter Ward from Country choice or Nena and thirty years in business and I'm deeply committed to Herefords for my customers they're looking for difference Hereford delivers difference it's the differences in the taste flavor and the texture of the meat I can guarantee the customers if they come to country choice I can guarantee them a superior experience and Irish beef all based on Hereford I know the texture of this meat is pure perfection Herefords prime always delivers on quality flavor and texture I'm using a horrible because one is a cavern to my cows are going back in calf Quaker 3 I used to feed less meal finish my animals for their a grin quite breed and 5 – I am getting a bonus for my finished cattle at the end of the day so should you choose Herefords only if you want to increase your profits ease your workload maximize safety on your farm and sell your livestock at a premium price from conception to consumption you can rely on arrow foot registered hair football for your enterprise may be purchased on farms directly from breeders at society sales or other quality bull sales near you you

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  1. Dear all

    For over 30 years ago, I visited a farm, everyone talked
    I saw a calf box needed warm, clean up,
    Now 30 years after, that old cow. Lost all her calf
    Remember me, as I bike pass her, we connect
    I heal, respect them,,, but you better understand this
    Kindness. I remember, cruilty too, who you think
    Had a good time,,,…

  2. In the minute 4:00 to minute 4:07,I see a cow with white head and the body white and black and its calf like her,what cross of breed are both?

  3. Hello everyone… I have a boy calf, and I think he might be this bread. but his head has some red on it, is it possible he's a mix?

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