Iran nuclear deal: Will Iran allow foreign investment? | IN 60 SECONDS

Iran nuclear deal: Will Iran allow foreign investment? | IN 60 SECONDS

Since then nuclear deal, Iran has been debating
how much it should allow the rest of the world in, how much investment is going to be permitted
for foreign companies to have in major concerns like oil and manufacturing. This has been a central debate between the
moderates and reformists, as well as the more conservative hardliners. Moderates like President Rouhani want to allow,
say for example, 10, 15, 20% foreign investment into a major Iranian concern. Whereas those among the conservatives and
the more extreme hardliners really don't want any foreign investment at all. This of course has a huge historical precedence
because of the role that Britain and other colonial powers played 100 years ago in controlling
Iran's oil industry. There's a lot of deep wounds still about that
issue, and I think this is going to be a real challenge for the Iranian leadership to figure
out what way forward, how do we become rich again and how much do we want to let the rest
of the world dictate terms of how we will function economically.

5 thoughts on “Iran nuclear deal: Will Iran allow foreign investment? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. well, its good but not enough actually to describe it all I'm originally from Iran, good points though

  2. Considering foreign investment in any country from the IMF or the World Bank has terrible returns on investment and can often leave the country that took the investment into even worse situations then they started there might be more concern then old wounds great Britain left on the country after colonialism. It seems the smart play for them would be to at very least be very skeptical of any foreign interest in investment.

  3. Well, Iran is rich.

    If foreign investors can and want to do anything at all, they should do it in their own countries first. Neither US nor EU is in a favorable economical situation themselves !

  4. also british involvement in overthowing the democratically elected leader of iran when the british didnt get their way

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