Invasion of the Capital

Invasion of the Capital

attention all citizens of the capital whom are you may I add I am mean men and I have come here to warn you that this invention will soon be invaded by the vegetable and the pillars you speak of light fellow entity the apocalypse is not real the brand killer himself has declared so it is the grand pillar who has lied the apocalypse truly is happening and he is hiding it from you apparently none of you are allowed to exit this invention due to hand the shoe what do you think that is foolish Juan the granite killer would never like to have well he technically hissed he is beating controlled by his evil brother the pillar Lord you have said enough criminal the practical art he is here indeed all of you do not even consider trusting this being for he is a criminal who has destroyed countless dimensions without stopping he shall be severely punished for his actions I ask of you to return to your normal tasks no citizens you must listen to me the brand killer has spoken we shall not bow to you but I have this good golly it is the icosahedron off capacity yes the RunAs rows of power gave this to me to protect you but in being called orange who has started the apocalypse as the octahedron of transcendence he will use it to annihilate us all nonsense for your cross you shall take on extreme consequences foolish PA but grandpa if the room also has granted him the icosahedron he must be worthy he is not worthy he probably stole the icosahedron and is going for the octahedron Dex dr. Hendron has already been taken and he you know very well who took it killer Lord I am NOT the pillar Lord I am the granular enough with your misguided accusations citizens the dimensions are falling and the entire apocalypse is being hidden from you masked Lord bread or the goon for I am sure that both would confirm exactly what I have said do not listen to him for he is a filthy liar listen to your ruler what are we going to do we're too confusing please all of you you must believe me it won't be long before the invasion of this dimension begins so we must prepare we don't have much time before the inevitable so I simply beg of you oh no it has been funded the agents will have been unleashed you have liked us Frank you are the apocalypse is real I have no more yes-man we must find shelter quickly hello citizens of the capital I have more a Annihilator of traditions I shall destroy you all learn I shouldn't put an end to your schemes once infertile ah you are I'm afraid it's too late old friend still more than his army of killers will be arriving in mere moments listen to me everyone nope we are done listening to you friend pillar you let us down what shall we do mean man we shall stop them

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