29 thoughts on “Introduction to Social Work (Extended Version)

  1. Thank you so much 😭 my head was making it seam like social work is impossible but going over the steps really made things a lot clearer

  2. A GREAT encapsulation of how the work often touches all along the spectrum of focus/service areas, using a realistic social work related scenario…nice production value as well…thanks!

  3. I love this thank you so much! This was thee most informative video I have watched. Again thank you!

  4. A very crisp video lesson has complete clarity and can clarify the doubts of students of social work. Thanks for sharing it.
    Prof. Asutosh Pradhan, Dean, School of Social Sciences & Head, Dept. of Interventional Development and Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari, Bihar, INDIA

  5. the solution to the child's problem is not stated .. the focus now is to parents unemployment status

  6. But what about the child? How do you focus on helping him individually with all of these macro problems that are out of his control? Mental health, competence and confidence exercises/activities? Yes this was a great video btw.

  7. This was really informative…how they are interconnected…excellent way to show a budding social work student how to connect the dots….

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