32 thoughts on “Introduction to Capital Markets – ION Open Courseware

  1. Man u r good ……..hope for more n more suscribers….coz n India many people still cant understand english………but thanks for these god like examples…i m in….just going 2 susccribe..
    1 question…..u Indian…?

  2. Nice efforts.Thank you.
    Also I found this app very useful for capital markets(beginners and intermediate).
    Thank you.

  3. Out of the blue examples… it will be a very good one to absorb if you are a tutor in capital markets… Juicy and mouth watering (eg., macdonald and coco cola ). How will you ever forget it… no chance.. you are all set to teach students in the way they understand it in the very first instant.. Good that i found out this channel.. Hip hip hurray

  4. Just because you were unfortunate doesn't mean others will be also. I also got discouraged after going through some negative comments on here not until I saw a testimony of a trader who made mention of Frank Robert and his strategy. I contacted him and today am happy to tell you that I earn thousands of Dollar weekly trading with his strategy. I suggest his strategy to every trader facing challenge.

  5. really very good.. I Would be super rich if my parents had bought some share of wipro in 1980's .

  6. really very awesome video. please make some videos on the topics like Hedge funds, fund administration, Servicing of institutional assets, mutual funds, Equities, bonds, Derivatives, BAnk Debts, Mortgage. And the way you are explaining the topics by giving the examples is very nice way. Love Ion examples and love Ion education. hope you will come with more videos.

  7. excellent explanations. I have to say this is a little bit weird to hear an American accent referring Indian stuff so familiarly like India is his homecountry.

  8. thank you so much..could u plz make videos of how to study stock exchange real time data….how to buy,sell, invest,what the process is…etc for a beginner

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