Intro & Overview – Intro to Political Economy, Lecture1

Intro & Overview – Intro to Political Economy, Lecture1

17 thoughts on “Intro & Overview – Intro to Political Economy, Lecture1

  1. love it! The professor is an excellent communicator very simple and comprehensive. A lot of academicians make it very complicated this is my comment being an LSE alumni

  2. Ty for this.
    I could never afford university and to be able to sit in on lectures like these is an incredible thing.

    Thank you

  3. I'm just glad to know that even college professors still get those awkward pauses when none of the kids know the answer. This makes applying to college a bit less stressful for me.

  4. Obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and my Juris Doctor Degree. I've always hated my Economics subjects, that is, until I wrote my thesis for law school. I had a hard time defending the "policy" I created until a friend of mine who majored in Political Economy fixed everything that was wrong and lacking in my policy. Now I want to study PE too.

  5. I am majoring in political science at Rutgers University and I wanted to thank you for making this course so easily accessible.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is very insightful and interesting.

  6. A fair question is whether the stock market is governed by any fundamentals other than the greater fool theory. Is is not amazing that people purchase shares of stock in companies that do not distribute dividends to shareholders out of profits. How is it that the corporate executives receives huge bonuses when companies are experiencing losses and, often, declining "market" value of the company's shares of stock.

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