International Organizations Governmental and NGOs

International Organizations Governmental and NGOs

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  1. Hello Mr.Raymond you videos are very helpful my teacher always tells us to watch you and do notes which help a lot! Very nice work

  2. Sigh should of used this to help me for my assessment but atleast i can learn more of the chosen organization (United Nations) US also thus was very educatinal for me thanks for helping me

  3. Dear all
    We have started Activity as a Non Government Organization in Afghanistan by the name of Universal Necessity Relief Organization (UNRO) and execute services and Activity in different sections. We are just work for the prosperity and Dignity of Society and people. This organization not a part of political and religious bounds.
    We are serving country, society and people, in Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Social services p. especially we want to prepare trainings of capacity building for women and those children who are poor, street walkers, Vulnerable not have food to eat and are not access to school or education. We are hopeful that can provide programs for them in the parts above named to build their future and could manage their future life normally without any distinction with men and other children and could promote their Economy.
    We want to upbringing the Talents and build capacities to build Afghanistan and a modern and literate Society. So want to get funds from different Organizations and donors and follow their programs step by step by high circumstances or quality and doing excellent management. And want to give commodious distribution to women that could get a part in development of Economy and rebuild their country together with men and in other aspect make facilities for their life and not needy for cooperation of the men and others. In this way can promote and help with women and children to promote their lives and can restrain them from violence and it would be opportunity to prepare and provide a good life for themselves.
    For more information please see the attached profle.
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone number: (+93) 777222565-(+93) 730003624
    Kabul Afghanistan

  4. Great presentation, but I think is important students also get information about the problems that IGOs and NGOs have. For example the fact that IGOs can benefit the interests of the members that contribute more, over everybody else like.

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  6. I did the guided notes and watched the video, i learned that one conflict that NATO is involved with is Afghanistan.

  7. hi mr raymond its frank from 4th period i learned that 3 goals of the united nations is maintain world peace, friendship/cooperation, and discussing issues and affairs.

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