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  1. We're seeing a lot of people complaining of flashing, "subliminal", China signs throughout the program. Other than the opening shot, which is just a stylistic choice by the editor, if you could please post time links I'll chase it down with the program producers. So far we haven't seen any at the times listed in the comments below. Thanks.

  2. i feel this is a good video,but…my english is bad..can't to translate this to my friends…i feel so sad…..

  3. 各位大哥大姊~有人可以幫這影片上中文字幕嗎~?~我覺得這是一個少見的專題報導~值得推廣流傳到華人社會中~但我英文不好~有人可以幫忙的嗎??感謝了~~

  4. Mr Tony Wong should shut his big overbearing mouth and mind his own business. Communists have no place in Australia ever.
    Yep you can thank JOHN BRUMBY for opening political doors to these people because they are lining his pockets. Brumby is a Chinese government agent.

  5. Why does it take so long to realise the Chinese are covertly interfering in Australian politics. China has Australian politicians in their pockets. Sam Dastyari is a classic example of a politician being paid by a foreign government. He should be shot for treason.
    Surely the Chinese people in Australia must realise their lives here would be very very different if the Chinese government was transparent of what they’re trying to do. Chinese people in Australia have been here for more than one hundred years and have done great things for this country, with food, culture and a hard work ethic. Chinese Australians need to realise their freedoms here were not earned by them, but by the Australian people fighting for conditions for one hundred years. They are welcome of course, but need to realise this is Australia not China.
    Australians do NOT want the Chinese government interference in anything Australian. China needs to butt out of Australian politics and Australian politicians need to grow a spine and tell them to piss off. Australia has freedom of speech and it WILL stay that way.

  6. I see lots of chinnese writting , and i must say we need more of the chinnese from the old days sweet and sour pork just aint what it used to be

  7. You know this news is accurate when you have the Chinese 50 cent army in the comments section.
    Hahahaha you all need a VPN to discuss with the free world you controlled robots

  8. Investigate communist like Greens and Labour parties. They hijacked environment issues to infiltrate the parties with $$ and foot soldiers. TRUE AUSSIE POLITICIANS, Kick Chinese Communists & Foreigners out and Aussie supporters voters will return

  9. 文革的时候有红卫兵早上去别人家抄家,抄得满头大汗下午回家一看自己家被另一波红卫兵抄了 🤣 这两个就属于同样的情况吧?

  10. As both a 9th generation Australian (on the first fleet) and a person with Chinese ancestory from the gold rush, I find the ABC's coverage on this issue to be incredibly racist and one sided.
    Liberal shills.

  11. Abc, there is an internation event in beijing right now that involved 120 countries "Beijing horticultural expo 2019" assuming its not news worthy for u ozzies. I will take it as abc intentionally promote australua as an ignorant and arrogant country NOT to know international affair. All ozzie i know that visited China will disagreed with your China reporting. abc a Chinese basher FAKE NEWS channel.

  12. china cant be trusted.they steal foreign tech bully other countries buy our land.u cant buy chinese land.we dont want them here.

  13. Falun Gong members do not and never will represent the chinese people or any chinese communities abroad.   They are in fact an embarrassment.

  14. hey chinese people i don't get it,you are criticising your own country that you were born on and then you travel there are you nuts.

  15. The CCP needs to learn how to respect foreign cultures; free speech and press are tenets of western culture, and when the CCP operates in western cultures, it needs to respect, not undermine, those values. In China, the Chinese government punishes severely investigative journalists like yourself, and that's why the role you play in safeguarding the rights and freedoms we enjoy in the West but Chinese don't enjoy in China is so important. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight!

  16. You claimed that you are independent newspaper, but what u do is totally anti-China , u don't think being objective and stay unbiased is the key principle in running a news group ? This woman is shameful

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