Inside violent anarchist group Antifa

Inside violent anarchist group Antifa

welcome back to the lead the national
lead now by most accounts almost all of the people protesting against the
hateful bigots the Nazis and Klansmen and Charlotte’s Ville were peaceful but
not all of them in their midst was a sometimes very violent group of
protesters that call themselves Anti Fog known to not only clash with bigots but
also sometimes with police and occasionally storefronts at least two
journalists in Virginia were assaulted by violent counter protesters over the
weekend including this cameraman from the Richmond CBS
affiliate CNN Sara Ganim now takes us inside an T file and shows us this group
like you’ve never seen it before it’s 6:00 a.m. in Portland Oregon and we’re
headed to a bar with blacked-out windows they wanted to meet us really early in
the morning because they’re concerned about a lot of people being around
we are meeting members of the Rove city an tyfa short for anti-fascist this
group’s main goal is to disrupt neo-nazis and white supremacist but also
take on government and capitalism antifa is any group that’s willing to stand up
against fascist by any means necessary by any means necessary they say can mean
outing a white nationalist at their work or to their neighbors or as we’ve seen
recently violent fires property damage hand-to-hand combat at protests across
the country explain to me the reasoning behind fighting you have to make it so
unpalatable to be doing white supremacist organizing that they no
longer want to do that and historically that’s what’s worked you have to put
your body in the way and you have to make it speak in a language that they
understand and sometimes that is violence there’s no firm number on how
many an sefa activists there are in the u.s. because there isn’t any one
organization most are local groups that recruit and communicate through social
media but experts who track these organizations say their membership is
growing in response to the rise of white national groups and the election of
President Donald Trump violence and property destruction led to
more than 200 arrests in Washington DC on inauguration prosecutors say they
were wearing that covered head to toe in black tactics against khakha West look
people dress in black locks for a few things one Scott Crow has been leading
in our case and militant leftist groups for decades so people put on the masks
so that we can all become anonymous and then therefore we are able to move more
freely and do what we need to do whether it is illegal or not so some people will
push back on that and say that the black bloc is to keep people from being
identified and arrested when they break the law when they commit crime right
it’s a good way to avoid the ramifications of law enforcement we saw
that firsthand at a May Day protest in New York City when you cover our face we
pause and cover the Nazis will try to find out who we are and that is a very
bad thing because they harass people when they organize they kill people
they’ve hurt people they bite people and we’re the ones who are fighting back
they are the second coming of Hitler police in Berkeley told us they haven’t
seen this kind of destruction since the 1960s law enforcement in other cities
are dealing with similar situation like in Portland Oregon where an sefa had
been involved in at least 10 a protest ending in violence according to police
and it’s wearing on the community it is new it’s like this Rumble mentality of
I’m going to bring my friends you bring your friends and we’re going to fight it
out in the park it’s not something we’ve seen here it’s not good for the city
people are just frustrated by it it’s affecting their livability it’s
affecting their business has it become more violent it happens quicker the
fire-starting that we saw on May Day is something we haven’t really seen much of
in the past the running through the street breaking windows and everything
in sight we haven’t seen it as consistently as we’ve seen in the last
eight months but it’s the violence that’s gotten them attention directly
confronting groups that preach what nationalists
rhetoric like on inauguration day when white nationalist Richard Spencer was
punched in the face and it was the antifoam movement that caused Berkeley
to cancel speeches by extreme-right provocateurs like Milo he innopolis if
there are the more hardcore elements the white supremacist and their Nazis to go
to these rallies that are itching for a fight we’re there to say we’ll stand in
your way the thing is Jake that experts who have
talked to say that the antipholus may end up actually hurting their Cod across
the country people who are dressing in black bloc are getting arrested
authorities are taking this seriously but that’s not stopping them at all they
have been telling me that they believe that this tactic is working one of the
interesting things that I found in doing this reporting which really surprised me
is that we found that a lot of these new antifoam members they’re young people
disenfranchised young people who felt that they were let down by both parties
after the election and this is where they ended up Jake

100 thoughts on “Inside violent anarchist group Antifa

  1. Calling antifa anarchists becase they dress like gimps is like calling cnn trustworthy becase they wear suits. Antifa are extremely authoritarian make no mistake, they want the government to be controlling every aspect of your life.

  2. Antifa carries on with smaller people who can't fight cause when they meet boys they own size they get STOMPED!

  3. They won't stop as long as George Soros keeps paying these socialist loving thugs – anything but honest "work for a living" like most other normal Americans

  4. It's our fault because both parties let them down an this is where they ended up lol I wish they end up with a 60hr job like the rest of us

  5. as they say "go home" they are not criticized like when republicans say if you do not like our country then go back to the one you came from originally. Let's go a little deeper CNN do not scratch the surface of these problems.

  6. Funny that they attack everyone, doesn’t matter what skincolor or sexuality, it’s only about violence, attacking an asian gay journalists and two Hispanic marines, calling them white supremacist.
    That is fascism you muppets.

  7. The name is funny because Antifa is fascism. Their politics are very similar to that of Benito Mussolini. And their tactics are strait from the Blackshirt's play book.

  8. I notice you are all in pussy towns.. why don't you come to big tough areas with tough people.. I'll chop your head off antifa

  9. Don't worry ppl a movement out of Tennessee ( The Tennessee brotherhood of Patriots) over one hundred thousand strong are going to cities with Antifa and are going to give them a choice. Leave on your own or be forced to leave. And anyone in their way will be considered as a traitor to American and will be delt with as such.

  10. Buddy the West what's to est est what's to go West we will trade these people for the people in Hong Kong and give them CNN has a bonus

  11. 1:02 Just couldnt take anymore of this glorification of ignorant, misguided, miseducated piles 💩 antifa zombies.

  12. ANTIFA are CUNTS that push VIOLENCE against innocent people. They attack police as shown in the video. They are the BROWN SHIRTS of HITLER.. Antifa use FASCISM to fight free speech and people that don't agrees with ANTIFA are FASCISTS.. Orwellian Doublespeak

  13. Antifa are clowns, but the facts don't lie: white supremacists kill more innocent Americans every year than any other group, it's not even close.

  14. Hitler was a lefty fascist who wore black, he wasnt a racist, the nazis didnt persecute non white people in nazi germany that is a myth, the nazis only killed white people. Hitler killed more white people than anyone else.

  15. If you're against antifa because they are the real fascists, then you're against fascism, therefore you are antifa.

  16. They are worse than the KKK because the KKK is no longer a terrorist group. I mean, you rarely, if ever, see a KKK member attack anyone, especially because they are black. If it did happen, it would be in the news on every station. However, groups of ANTIFA members attack people they disagree and they cover their own faces so they can avoid prosecution and attack more people. This is the definition of a terrorist organization.

  17. Socialist Nazi agenda being stuffed down their throats in schools and collages… What do you expect.. They should be named Nazifa… NaziFascists… Their tactics equate to the Hitler Youth /brown shirts! The democrats are fuelling their fire…

  18. Fascist antifa. ("Evil")
    Fascist Trump. ("Good")

    Fascist antifa. ("Good")
    Fascist Trump. ("Evil")

    They were hungry; I wasn't.

    Remember, I couldn't eat from my own thieved feast of supper.

  19. Their violence should be met with state violence on behalf of the citizens they are terrorizing. If necessary, they should be shot down.

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  21. I was at a peaceful pro trump protest when I was 13 and a couple antifa members pushed me to the ground and threw dirt on me. And then ran off like a couple soy boys.

  22. Collectivism is the idea that the individual’s life belongs not to him but to the group or society of which he is merely a part, that he has no rights, and that he must sacrifice his values and goals for the group’s “greater good.” According to collectivism, the group or society is the basic unit of moral concern, and the individual is of value only insofar as he serves the group. As one advocate of this idea puts it: “Man has no rights except those which society permits him to enjoy. From the day of his birth until the day of his death society allows him to enjoy certain so-called rights and deprives him of others; not . . . because society desires especially to favor or oppress the individual, but because its own preservation, welfare, and happiness are the prime considerations.”

  23. Antifa might be degenerate, stupid, communist etc but they're still better than the people they fight against. So I support antifa! Please antifa come to Eastern Europe.

  24. This is legitimately the most retarded thing they could possibly do. They just call out people as Nazis or as a racist/bigot because they don’t like them or agree with their opinions. It just sounds more stupid because they are covering their faces to protect themselves from law enforcement while doing these illegal acts, yet CNN is in a way promoting it and agreeing with the illegal acts. And they consider themselves a news source.

  25. Far-Left and Far-Right only through Jesus you can be saved for he is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but through him.

    Repent or you will likewise perish in your sins.

  26. I can't wait the time these pathetic incest offsprings to do something to me or anyone that's around me….I promise that I'll feed them some lead…. I'm waiting

  27. Send these fucking animals to Chicago, see how long that works for them. They'll be thrown in the river with bricks tied to their feet. When did they get a right to detonate explosives (class 3 fireworks) which is still a high explosive with the ability to maim or kill, in a public crowded place? The cops all stand down thanks to the governors and mayors. It also shows the weakness of the police force. I dont give a fuck what my mayor says. If I was a cop I would do the right thing and not be controlled by some soy eating fuck bag. As soon as we designate Antifa as a domestic terror group the second they attack would warrant deadly force.

  28. These fascists, themselves, are really lucky up to now, some day their nazi opponents will get really tired of these over zealous snow flakes with their bully attitude and just might start going postal and start picking off a couple of them whenever they start showing up. And in the end I don’t think too many people will really care. Including the cops.

  29. So they are angry that Trump is president which makes me think they would have preferred Clinton. My question is this; Are they aware of how many mysterious deaths there are that are associated with the Clintons? Trump and the Clintons are friends! They're both corrupt as hell, so wake up Antifa fools! Or is this just another silly psyop and the Antifa members are simply useful idiots with a few knowledgeable sellouts amongst them. I think this is the case.

  30. You can be an anarchist without being violent… These people are just wrong, and making it harder for other people who protest peacefully. SMH

  31. We the people are coming for you antifa keep looking over your backs if your wearing anifa clothes your not going to have a good day pigs

  32. AMERICA… Mark my word, as you can see with this HORRIBLE GROUP CALLED ANTIFA, if we do not REGULATE THE MEDIA and we allow NON-PRO AMERICA Politicians being elected such as the SQUAD who hate America, we will continue seeing this DIVISION and UNNECCESSARY FIGHTING escalating more and more. Mark my word, if this does not happen, we will have a CIVIL WAR at some point here in America, more shootings and crimes and possibly WORLD WAR 3.

  33. this people are really stupid, just a bunch of people who is product of the real hate speech producer, the mass media. If you want some order in migration , then media says they are Nazi, racist, white supremacist, etc. Some people believe this shit and Antifa rise.

  34. Stand in my way? "Click clack" still wanna stand in my way? Antifa is a terrorist organization that commits and promotes violence against anyone who dosnt conform to their ideology, sound familiar? Hmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah right the Nazis did the same thing.

  35. Fuck CNN honestly, their heads are shoved real deep up there ass that’s why it’s so difficult for them to actually see or hear the truth.

  36. SMH, you phony cowards are shaking and crying because young people are taking matters into their own hands against Nazi's. It makes perfect sense to defend against Nazi's and confront them, unless you are a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer yourself.

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