Inside the mind of a former radical jihadist | Manwar Ali

Inside the mind of a former radical jihadist | Manwar Ali

Today I stand before you
as a man who lives life to the full in the here and now. But for a long time, I lived for death. I was a young man who believed that jihad is to be understood
in the language of force and violence. I tried to right wrongs
through power and aggression. I had deep concerns
for the suffering of others and a strong desire
to help and bring relief to them. I thought violent jihad was noble, chivalrous and the best way to help. At a time when so many of our people — young people especially — are at risk of radicalization through groups like al-Qaeda, Islamic State and others, when these groups are claiming that their horrific brutality
and violence are true jihad, I want to say that their idea
of jihad is wrong — completely wrong — as was mine, then. Jihad means to strive to one’s utmost. It includes exertion and spirituality, self-purification and devotion. It refers to positive transformation through learning, wisdom
and remembrance of God. The word jihad stands
for all those meanings as a whole. Jihad may at times
take the form of fighting, but only sometimes, under strict conditions, within rules and limits. In Islam, the benefit of an act must outweigh
the harm or hardship it entails. More importantly, the verses in the Koran
that are connected to jihad or fighting do not cancel out the verses
that talk about forgiveness, benevolence or patience. But now I believe that there are
no circumstances on earth where violent jihad is permissible, because it will lead to greater harm. But now the idea of jihad
has been hijacked. It has been perverted
to mean violent struggle wherever Muslims
are undergoing difficulties, and turned into terrorism by fascistic Islamists like al-Qaeda, Islamic State and others. But I have come to understand that true jihad
means striving to the utmost to strengthen and live
those qualities which God loves: honesty, trustworthiness, compassion, benevolence, reliability, respect, truthfulness — human values that so many of us share. I was born in Bangladesh, but grew up mostly in England. And I went to school here. My father was an academic, and we were in the UK through his work. In 1971 we were in Bangladesh
when everything changed. The War of Independence
impacted upon us terribly, pitting family against family, neighbor against neighbor. And at the age of 12 I experienced war, destitution in my family, the deaths of 22
of my relatives in horrible ways, as well as the murder of my elder brother. I witnessed killing … animals feeding on corpses in the streets, starvation all around me, wanton, horrific violence — senseless violence. I was a young man, teenager, fascinated by ideas. I wanted to learn, but I could not go to school
for four years. After the War of Independence, my father was put in prison
for two and a half years, and I used to visit him
every week in prison, and homeschooled myself. My father was released in 1973 and he fled to England as a refugee, and we soon followed him. I was 17. So these experiences gave me a sharp awareness of the atrocities
and injustices in the world. And I had a strong desire — a very keen, deep desire — to right wrongs and help the victims of oppression. While studying at college in the UK, I met others who showed me
how I could channel that desire and help through my religion. And I was radicalized — enough to consider violence correct, even a virtue under certain circumstances. So I became involved
in the jihad in Afghanistan. I wanted to protect the Muslim Afghan
population against the Soviet army. And I thought that was jihad: my sacred duty, which would be rewarded by God. I became a preacher. I was one of the pioneers
of violent jihad in the UK. I recruited, I raised funds, I trained. I confused true jihad with this perversion
as presented by the fascist Islamists — these people who use the idea of jihad to justify their lust for power,
authority and control on earth: a perversion perpetuated today
by fascist Islamist groups like al-Qaeda, Islamic State and others. For a period of around 15 years, I fought for short periods of time in Kashmir and Burma, besides Afghanistan. Our aim was to remove the invaders, to bring relief to the oppressed victims and of course to establish
an Islamic state, a caliphate for God’s rule. And I did this openly. I didn’t break any laws. I was proud and grateful to be British — I still am. And I bore no hostility
against this, my country, nor enmity towards
the non-Muslim citizens, and I still don’t. During one battle in Afghanistan, some British men and I
formed a special bond with a 15-year-old Afghani boy, Abdullah, an innocent, loving and lovable kid who was always eager to please. He was poor. And boys like him
did menial tasks in the camp. And he seemed happy enough, but I couldn’t help wonder — his parents must have missed him dearly. And they must have dreamt
about a better future for him. A victim of circumstance
caught up in a war, cruelly thrust upon him by the cruel circumstances of the time. One day I picked up this unexploded
mortar shell in a trench, and I had it deposited
in a makeshift mud hut lab. And I went out on a short,
pointless skirmish — always pointless, And I came back a few hours later
to discover he was dead. He had tried to recover
explosives from that shell. It exploded, and he died a violent death, blown to bits by the very same device
that had proved harmless to me. So I started to question. How did his death serve any purpose? Why did he die and I lived? I carried on. I fought in Kashmir. I also recruited for the Philippines, Bosnia and Chechnya. And the questions grew. Later in Burma, I came across Rohingya fighters, who were barely teenagers, born and brought up in the jungle, carrying machine guns
and grenade launchers. I met two 13-year-olds
with soft manners and gentle voices. Looking at me, they begged me
to take them away to England. They simply wanted to go to school — that was their dream. My family — my children of the same age — were living at home in the UK, going to school, living a safe life. And I couldn’t help wonder how much these young boys
must have spoken to one another about their dreams for such a life. Victims of circumstances: these two young boys, sleeping rough on the ground,
looking up at the stars, cynically exploited by their leaders for their personal lust
for glory and power. I soon witnessed boys like them
killing one another in conflicts between rival groups. And it was the same everywhere … Afghanistan, Kashmir, Burma, Philippines, Chechnya; petty warlords got the young
and vulnerable to kill one another in the name of jihad. Muslims against Muslims. Not protecting anyone
against invaders or occupiers; not bringing relief to the oppressed. Children being used, cynically exploited; people dying in conflicts which I was supporting
in the name of jihad. And it still carries on today. Realizing that the violent jihad I had engaged in abroad was so different — such a chasm between
what I had experienced and what I thought was sacred duty — I had to reflect
on my activities here in the UK. I had to consider my preaching, recruiting, fund-raising, training, but most importantly, radicalizing — sending young people to fight and die as I was doing — all totally wrong. So I got involved
in violent jihad in the mid ’80s, starting with Afghanistan. And by the time I finished
it was in the year 2000. I was completely immersed in it. All around me people supported, applauded, even celebrated what
we were doing in their name. But by the time I learned to get out, completely disillusioned in the year 2000, 15 years had passed. So what goes wrong? We were so busy talking about virtue, and we were blinded by a cause. And we did not give ourselves a chance
to develop a virtuous character. We told ourselves
we were fighting for the oppressed, but these were unwinnable wars. We became the very instrument
through which more deaths occurred, complicit in causing further misery for the selfish benefit of the cruel few. So over time, a very long time, I opened my eyes. I began to dare to face the truth, to think, to face the hard questions. I got in touch with my soul. What have I learned? That people who engage
in violent jihadism, that people who are drawn
to these types of extremisms, are not that different to everyone else. But I believe such people can change. They can regain their hearts
and restore them by filling them
with human values that heal. When we ignore the realities, we discover that we accept what
we are told without critical reflection. And we ignore the gifts and advantages
that many of us would cherish even for a single moment in their lives. I engaged in actions
I thought were correct. But now I began to question
how I knew what I knew. I endlessly told others
to accept the truth, but I failed to give doubt
its rightful place. This conviction that people can change
is rooted in my experience, my own journey. Through wide reading, reflecting, contemplation, self-knowledge, I discovered, I realized that Islamists’ world
of us and them is false and unjust. Through considering the uncertainties
in all that we had asserted, to the inviolable truths, incontestable truths, I developed a more nuanced understanding. I realized that in a world crowded
with variation and contradiction, foolish preachers, only foolish preachers
like I used to be, see no paradox in the myths and fictions
they use to assert authenticity. So I understood the vital
importance of self-knowledge, political awareness and the necessity
for a deep and wide understanding of our commitments and our actions, how they affect others. So my plea today to everyone, especially those who sincerely
believe in Islamist jihadism … refuse dogmatic authority; let go of anger, hatred and violence; learn to right wrongs without even attempting to justify
cruel, unjust and futile behavior. Instead create a few
beautiful and useful things that outlive us. Approach the world, life, with love. Learn to develop or cultivate your hearts to see goodness, beauty and truth
in others and in the world. That way we do matter
more to ourselves … to each other, to our communities and, for me, to God. This is jihad — my true jihad. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a former radical jihadist | Manwar Ali

  1. الأوقات التي تقدر لا أحد كل تمر على جانب واحد وتدوس، لا أحب أي شيء هناك حوالي الحكومات مع قادتها لا يثقون مواطنيها، ناهيك عن مواطنيها يثق حكامهم، حيث الجار دائما يتوقع الأسوأ من جاره، حيث الرجال من دون التفكير في تصرفاتهم عدم احترام لأسرته، حيث المخدرات هي بالضغط على لقمة العيش إلى صوابه في العالم، حيث الله هو العقبة حيث المواد الإباحية وmarraneria هو العمل عديمي الضمير بغض النظر عن العمر أو العرق أو الجنس أو الدين، حيث يكرهون النساء الرجال لتواضعه، حيث الرجال الاعتداء شركائهم ومنهم انتقاما تنظيم جنسيا مع نساء أخريات، حيث يسأل الناس عن أعذار لالأذى والإساءة انه ينتقم ويأخذ العدل في يديه الخاصة، والتي تبدو أغراض زوجة الجار الجشع، حيث لا أحد يكرم والده أو والدته … يمكننا أن نتوقع من هذه لك زارة التربية والعلم، والحل الوحيد هو أن نسأل إلقاء يسوع دمه مرة أخرى بيننا، والتي بالمناسبة لا أعتقد أن يفعل ذلك لأنه تسليط عند اليهود صلبوا الجهل السماوية … ما زلنا تعهد الرب واحد الله الآب سبحانه وتعالى، ونطلب لأطفالنا من خلال طبيعتنا البشرية، من أجل عالم لا يريدون التغيير للأفضل ولكن للأسوأ،

  2. Life must be lived with kindness, love and compassion for all. If everyone adhered to these principles what a wonderful world we would have

  3. Can you Trust such People? If they can’t be true to the cause they once believed in … How can they be true to Ours? Did they fall short of what it takes to be a terrorist? Was it convenient to sound a Changed man? ….. isn’t it a Trend that they talk both the tongues; one that Patronizes Violence in the name of Religion and another that Portrays them as Victims of their own creation? Aren’t these scumbags exploiting our compassion? ……….. I have a deep sense of distrust towards such Scums , I hope I can be proved wrong but I fear that in the end all this will turn out to be a Trojan Horse.

  4. Islamist world need their own Renaissance and the age of Enlightenment! Ban all hateful preachers in every religion without exception. Ban all hate groups and remove all hate topics from education around the world. Then maybe, people stop explode themselves… Which i am pro 6th 6th mass extinction (organically) and hope only 1-2 million human life form survive….

  5. i find it strange that a murderer can stand there and tell you hes sorry. what he has done is unforgivable. the amount of souls and human life has has destroyed…..

  6. Massive respect to this man. Hes changed and knows and admits he made mistake. He gets my respect. We need more speakers like him. Maybe then Islamic teens wouldn't run off to join groups like this.

  7. For people that don't know the history of Islam and their prophet it sounds reasonable. But sorry because it's not the truth, Jihad in Islam is to kill and conquer since day one. Islam equals terrorism. It's a man-made religion

  8. "Their idea of jihad is wrong(1:15)… Jihad…refers to positive transformation through learning wisdom and remembrance of God (1:35)…" What basis does he have for saying that? The Islamic sources say nothing of the sort.


    1. Qur'an in Context 1: "Fight Those Who Do Not Believe" (9:29)

    2.Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

    3. Sorry, liberals. There's only 1 interpretation of Islam — Muhammad's

    4.Aussie Imam makes shocking confessions about Islam

    "The prophet Mohammad that the majority of the people speak for, and fight for, and defend is not the Mohammad they believe as an ideology. There's a big difference between the prophet Mohammad in the actual sacred scriptures and the prophet Mohammad that is portrayed as a prophet to the West." (11:06)

    "The sad news is, it's all fake.The Mohammad that Linda Sarsour mentions is not the Mohammad she believes in." (12:09)

  9. Islam is the religion of the devil. Islam prophet even wrote about how he believed he was possessed by a demon. His prepubescent wife convinced him it was Gabriel. The thing that spoke to him never expressed he was the angel Gabriel, yet every other experience anyone had with Gabriel was not filled with fear and Gabriel identified himself.

  10. The violent view of "jihad" is WAY larger than many people understand, and for him to claim that the violent verses don't cancel out the "non" violent verses is a complete falsehood, just look up the term "to abrogate" , abrogation is a command given by Muhammad several times in the Quran and the sunna..

  11. Manwar Ali is trying to Whitewash islam and does not at all mention that the LEADER of the islamic conquest-movement, Muhammed, made it CRYSTAL-clear that TERRORIZING KAFIRS was what made him successfull…! And Muhammed is the example EVERY true muslim is to follow!

  12. N̴̶̹̹͍͖̓͗ͫͧ̀̐̿ͣ̌̕͜͜͏̶̜͓͇̞̫̫̖͎̰̞͆ͦ́͛̌̀̃̈̔ͫ͠͡͡͠i̡̡̢̤͚̼͚̬̤͖͎̹͔̮͕̔̏̈̑͂́̋́́̾͛̋̄͐̕͘͟͠͏̷̶̨̛̤̫̠̳̜̱̰͉̟̱̱̖̇̿̒̉̽̄͑̓ͣ̑͘͟͞͞ͅ͏̵̶̶̱͚͕̙̰̮̠̥̞̘͕̹͂ͮ̾ͪ̌̋͒ͧ̋́̀̀͑̊͆̆̿̿͛̈͘͞͡ģ̡͈̪̝̲̮̗̲̹̘͔̈́̔̍̂̂͌̄̑̑͠͏̶̴̢̢̧̛̗̞̹͚̺͉̯͇̞̯̞͎͈̪̗̦̲̺̘̝̳̥̯͈͉̱̜̝̯̎ͤͮ̈̃̑̿̀ͦ̎̒̇͑̌ͮ͒͐̔͊͐ͨͩ̓͊̇̀̊͂̀́̍̈́̅̿́̈́ͥͥ̕͢͟͢͟͞͞ͅ҉̶̨̛̱ͪ̐̌̌ͯ̓̚g̱̭̐̎҉̷̴̵̶̸̸̶̸̢̧̧̧̢̧̡̛̛͚̠̺̤͚̠͖̠̱̦̗̮̬͈̯̭̮̬̹̫̙͕̖̹͕̤̼͉̖͍̟̜͉͉̭̯̳̯̰̘̳̮̝̱ͦ̌͒ͯ̈͆̏ͦ̽̃͒̀̑ͦ̔̽́ͨ̽̊ͤ̏̓̈́͌̊ͯͤ̅̆̂͐̀̏̈ͫ͑̓ͣ̃̈́ͧ̓ͩ͂ͫͪͪ͊̓̽̕͘̚̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͝͝͡͠͝ͅͅe̶̸̢͍̯̻͚̜̝̫͙̮̣͕̼̗͔̻̬ͭ̅ͬ̉̏ͪ͂̉̈́͆ͬ̊͢ͅ҉̵̠͇̬͍̻͈̭̺̞̝̭̎̉͐͊ͯ̿̇̾̾ͮͨ̍̓̕͏̢̨͇̪̺́̇ͬ̀̐̆͏̶̸̶͖͍̱̮̮̤̱̦̝̮̳͚ͯ̈́̌̎ͥͦͣ͒̾̍̔ͬ̏͂̂ͤ̋̉͋͂̿̌̀͊̚͜͡͞҉̡̨̛͈̜̰̪̝̫̗ͬ̒͐͛̈̆͆́̊̕ŗ̴͎̲̜͙̖̝̻̹͇̬ͥ̃ͤͯ͑ͨ̑͋̃͌ͥ̄͊̊͒͘͠͡͏̟̱͏̴̶̴̶̸̵̵̧̛̰͇͍͍͔̝͇̞͙͔͇̞͖̹̝̥̇̄̿ͦͫͩ̈̈́ͦ̀̐̄̾ͧͩ̾̀̃͘͜͝ͅs̶̸̨̛͚̱̪͎̙͍͎͚͉̗̭̻͖̻̦̯͋͐͋́̆̉͗ͧ̈́́̈́͗͊ͩͪͧ̐̂̑͒̆̕̚͘͟͟͞͠͠͏̷̢̩̲̦̭͎̗̫̺̣̣ͤ͑̈ͣ́̀̿͒̾ͨͬͧͯ͘

  13. This brave man deserved a standing ovation for his speech. He spoke his truth despite the risks associated with doing this. When he speaks of compassion, understanding and reflection, it is not just radicalised Muslims who need to engender these characteristics, but also 'us', who are fearful and suspicious of 'them'. We're all 'us' and the sooner we understand this, the more human we become.

  14. interesting the former white nationalist video and this one are like identical in likes/dislikes. ONly this has literallyy half the views and by relation literally half the dislikes/likes. Nice to know ted viewers aren't as racist and horrible as they seem to be.

  15. Education and Information about true jihad is very important.
    Islam is a religion of peace but
    When anybody or group kills innocent muslim to wipeout them or in hatred then retaliation by the affected community is jihad.

  16. I extremely disappointed by his speech and his past actions…seems confusing others.
    Why not left using "Jihad" by giving a the same meaning what terrorist isis thought or used..give the world better name and meaning to ….Jihad world in istelf is confusing….
    So much confusion in Interpretations of Quran… Interpretations are so dynamic and transformed according to situations and circumstances.

    In Every country, Islam is followed differently much infused with the culture ethnicity social value system but mostly closed individually…"No one can say anything to Islam".
    I am looking a serious changes since 2012 onwards …State media is playing a big role…getting back to ..

    I have analysed all the time it has been told to all that Jihad arises due to bad circumstances, something wrong happen or provoked (which is after if bad circumstances and anything wrong)
    Inference from this that Islamic people only may be very rich …all other have looted them…or they are very poor so other are not giving them opportunity to live

    What about in all other religion then ….They don't involve in ISIS kind of things …Jihad …Jihad-e-Niqah etc.

    Quran interpretations are confusing.

  17. Dear atheists in the comment section let us believe whatever we want you don’t have to be like ‘all religions are evil’ and ‘you should only believe in science’ I respect what u believe so respect us, thanks

  18. I would still not trust him completely
    The thing to understand is that it is happening, we only get to see the 0.01% of the actual radicals
    What about the rest who look absolutely Normal, just like him ??

  19. So he does not believe in the words & statements of their only prophet Mohammed (aka hadith).  He doesn't believe in what Mohammed instructed about Naskh (نسخ) or abrogation of conflicting statements in quran.  So why continue to follow Mohammed if you don't believe his statements and beliefs?  Why not convert to another religion or none at all?  Oooops, sorry.  That is not allowed under penalty of death.  The only nuance here is his switch from violent jihad to non-violent, social jihad.  Each supports the other group's goals, and in most cases even their actions, to bring global dominance of shariah law, but they simply use different public relations skills to promote their common goal.  It's so nuanced, the majority miss seeing it.  But if you follow the money, it all leads to the same place.

  20. Yes all the terrorists need are a big hug and all will be well , the bunch of big silly Teddy bears are just misguided .

  21. No such thing as a "radical jihadist". Muslims are all jihadists.
    Join us on “Minds” to work towards the goal of expelling every Muslim from the United States and all other modern countries.

  22. I am sorry… but there is a absolutely no way to know if an ISIS TERRORIST HAS SEEN THE LIGHT, OR NOT. I dont know how that can happen, but until someone SHOWS ME, I CANNOT PUT MY COUNTRY, MY CHILDREN, MY FAMILIES LIVES AT RISK SIMPLY BY THEIR WORDS

    I know that sounds harsh but when you watch a video of heads being cut off and paraded and laughed at, gay ppl thrown off buildings, ppl blowing themselves up murdering hundreds of INNOCENT ppl, setting INNOCENT people on fire in cages… cutting off the heads of 21 Coptic CHRISTIANS on a beach and laying their heads on their chest as the tide runs red in their blood….
    I dont know how I can be asked to risk them in my COUNTRY or COMMUNITY.

    I'm sure there are ones who are sorry.. but MANY ARE NOT. I pray for all of you peace if you are regretful and see the light, I truly do… but my family and children deserve my protection.

  23. The thing is this man is two faced he believes he will be rewarded for his jihad then speeks against others who do jihad.

  24. This was one of the more eye opening TED talks I’ve see. I hope those on the edge of radicalization get a chance to see this man’s testimony.

  25. my goodness…this guy is as psychopathic as the German leader such as Hitler, Eichmann, Goebbels, Goering, always trying to justify their acts. I'd never believe this man. He's probably recruiting others at this moment.

  26. Something just doesn't seem right with this guy. #1 He talks about his time as a Jihadist and keeps mentioning GOD, when in fact they worship Allah (not the same). #2 Muslim's don't have preachers, they are called teachers (not the same). #3 His voice and body language just doesn't seem that of a ex-fighter.

  27. Who put this jihad word bras in there Kuran ?? Bhen k chote pakode apne app word ghused diye apni diary Mai, they don't understand their own Kuran properly 😂😂😂 some say Kuran is this that , some say violence , they don't even know which one is their real Kuran 🤣 , their own religion is a game n fun game 😎 …Muslim is the most lul n hopeless religion as of now 😃 fun game funny religion 🤗…

  28. If I've learned one thing in life is that people never change. The propensity to react violently is at the core. So forgive but don't forget.

  29. Ayan Hirsi Ali's book, Infidel is a must read biography of her Muslim upbringing and her liberation when she fled forced marriage. A TRUE HERO.

  30. People are commenting on his beard. My parrot was watching this with me and he actually tried to pick the beard…

  31. The muslims that are not in the field with guns are the most dangerous jihadists, like this guy. He lies and deceives his way into non-muslim societies and destroys the non-muslim society from within. In almost all cases, jihad in the muslim society means a war against the non-muslim. BTW, all friendly or peaceful verses in the unholy qur`an are abrogated by Muhammad via the verses of abrogation and this jihadist in this video knows it too. There is only hostility towards the Kafir.

    Unabrogated verse–> Qur’an (8:12) –” [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, "I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed (Muslims). I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved(non-Muslims and Muhammadan hypocrites), so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip." (Use terrorism & cut the fingers and the heads off of non-Muslims & Hypocrites)

    In the unholy Qur`an, newer verses override older verses that concern the same subject:

    The verses 2:106 and 16:101 of the Quran are known as the "verses of abrogation".

    Qur’an (2:106) – “We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent?”

    Qur`an (16:101) – “And when We substitute a verse in place of a verse – and Allah is most knowing of what He sends down – they say, "You, [O Muhammad], are but an inventor [of lies]." But most of them do not know.”

  32. I'm not sure whether this guy rose out of his chaotic life because of he found the true meaning of jihad, or because he found good meaning in spite of jihad.

  33. Another Muslim trying to sugar coat the term Islamic Jihad. Yes, Islamic jihad includes different forms but it also includes the use of violence to target and kill enemies of Islam.

  34. Ya, try giving this speech to radical jihadists around the world. This is the problem, Muslims feeling guilty ad feer going to prison for many years automatically start making/giving speeches to non-Muslims (Americans and civilians around the world) to show authorities they no longer are terrorists and at the same time get paid. This Muslim and others should try preaching to radical jihadists, not Americans.

  35. The Holy Quran and Islam as a religion are tools bad guys, terrorists, use to promote their ideology to advance their political goals. It's similar to guns that can be used by bad guys, lone wolf attackers, to carry out mass shootings type of an attack against civilians.

  36. Every Muslim is raised to embrace the concept of Self-sacrifice and martyrdom. You can't just simply ignore or deny this concept of martyrdom every Muslim believes in. Yes, Jihad is indeed one of the most recognized concepts in Islam. Seeking martyrdom while fighting enemies of Islam is a goal every Muslim prays to achieve in this life. Muslims are raised not to fear death, rather embrace it and ask Allah for the opportunity to die as a martyr. This man is a reject and is trying to convince the audience he no longer believes in martyrdom. Martyrdom to Muslims is similar to the cross to Christians. A Christian questioning the Cross is similar to a Muslim questioning martyrdom and the rewards granted by Allah to martyrs.

  37. From Muslims most trusted Hadith:
    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith – 1.24

    Allah's Apostle said: "I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah."

  38. should have stayed back as a prophet trying to lead others off the jihadist path.. not come back for tedx.. That would have been his atonement..

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