33 thoughts on “Inside Steve Bannon's populist academy in Italy

  1. I hate when they say it's rubbish that Islamic culture is infiltrating the west . It's fucking factual n if you don't wake up you won't like where you live

  2. “judeo-Christian west” is when judea attempted to subvert the west and Christian rulers expelled them. It happened 109 times.

  3. Do they only know gladiators were enslaved defeated tribesmen forced to kill each other to entertain Rome? The real world’s History has nothing to do with Hollywood. Retards!!

  4. Insane doesn’t even describe it! These people are out of their minds! The locals are right! Americans have no business there!

  5. the rationality brought by the ancient Greeks, the tables of the laws brought by the Jews, the love brought by Jesus, it is (it waq ? it would be?) the 3 supports of the Europeans.

  6. Nothing but propaganda! Another Story by fake news run by the globalist to denounce the only people who are trying to save America and Western culture! And then this dork finds a couple of ignorant villagers willing to open up their mouth and spill garbage! Typical fake news propaganda! The Great Awakening has begun you either come along beside us or we will crush you with truth

  7. All things about time somebody sorted out the cops in England because they are nothing but cracks all over the internet murdering more people on the public but we all know Channel 4 ITV BBC Sky Channel 5 none of them report about it I wonder why not working for the government or we😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 rectangle reported what is really going on

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