Inside America’s Opioid-Fueled Hepatitis Epidemic

Inside America’s Opioid-Fueled Hepatitis Epidemic

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  1. As an addict and former heroin user for over 8 years, the opiate epidemic is so clear to me – it stems from easily accessible pharmaceuticals. Almost all the people I know that got addicted – including myself – started with pills. And as that one guy said in the beginning, it's just getting worse because these days even young kids are starting up on it, most of which who'll end up down the same path – on the needle. It's hilarious how all these right-wingers think Trump's idea of a magical wall with Mexico will stop things like our terrible drug epidemic when the problem resides first and foremost at home. Oh, and don't even get me started about the despicable price-gouging of all these companies…

    This brings me to my next point: just as I don't agree with how accessible pills are, I don't think needles should be sold in drug stores to anyone and everyone. The needle exchange programs are fine because they get all these sick people in to see doctors, but there were many instances where I was forced to smoke my dope (which IS "safer") because I didn't have immediate access to a new rig. Had it been extremely difficult to obtain these, I wouldn't be using them at all, much like drugs themselves so I definitely do see some form of enabling in the way certain areas are trying to help addicts.

  2. its not an epidemic. this shits been going on for decades. america truly doesnt care. do what you do. do it clean…

  3. My wife and I will be retiring within five years. We would like to relocate to the East coast to be closer to family. We will NOT be relocating to West Virginia. I would be interested in knowing what the cost to support addicts is per taxpayer, between the cost of theft to support their habits, which drives up the cost of everything from clothes to groceries, the average cost of home burglary, the cost of public housing, food stamps, disability because they can't work, medicaid, emergency room and other health services such as those shown in this video, etc., etc. In the Rust Belt of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and nearby states, I'm guessing it cost each taxpayer a couple thousand each year. That's just a guess. We will live somewhere where there are fewer addicts per capita.

  4. So when the Junkies are majority Caucasian/White selling drugs & doing drugs should be Legal🤔???

    🙄Oh OK I get it, When Blacks do it it's Illegal & immoral…

    When Caucasians do it it's called mental issues & the Junkies are to be seen as innocent people…

    Got it👌
    Keep up the fantastic work Caucasian/white Amerikkka👍🤙👏👏👏

    YES! I can't wait til they put that study in the U.S. school system, I can See it now👀

    (When white Amerikkka made being a Drug Junkie Legal Chapter 7)😂😂😂😂

  5. Do the White drug addicts ever think about the pain and suffering they are contributing to by buying illegal drugs? I doubt they do. Do they care about the violence that drug gangs cause in Mexico and South America? Do they care about how terrorism is supported by the opium trade? No… they are selfish people who only care about themselves.

  6. 4 years ago, I got frightened for my life after the doctor informed me I had Alcoholic Fatty Liver Condition. I neglected my liver and drank too frequently without thinking how much I need a healthy liver. I tried the fatty liver treatment solution “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) and have already been feeling well ever since because it is continuously healing the injuries.

  7. Thats fucking rough that Virginia doesnt have free needle exchanges. Makes me wander if all the states in the usa dont offer free exchanges. If so, thats totally fucked!!!

    Here in our communist utopia in Canada, we do have free needle exchanges

  8. Also, im confused…can you actually catch hep c from using used needles that only you have used!!?

    Its funny that the first needle exchange interviewee was saying that the first addicts that walked through their exchanges doors were totally terrified that they were gonna get arrested. Heroin addiction is notorious for really ramping up the paranoia, i definitely experienced it myself

  9. by the way I don't even want to live in a world like this, it is hypocritical despicable I could go on, but hopefully I'll be dead before you fucks read this! I certainly wouldn't want a penny or an ounce of sympathy/ understanding or even an attempt at intellectual thought from any of you haters!! peace and love to those of you that truly understand that life for a large number of folks is important invaluable! these brave folks have taking it upon themselves two put themselves in the shoes of something/ somebody they never met dealing with something they can barely imagine but they're brave enough! they're not cowards, they're tryingto help……. meanwhile you're just commenting, that's pretty easy to do I just did it and it was pure emotion I didn't even have to think about it because it's not bullshit it's the truth I mean it and the folks that are on the right side of History they mean it too those are the ones that I care about! most human beings disgust me but every now and again they make me weep! Peace and take care! ♡♡

  10. they inflated the price because they assumed that the government would be obligated or at the very least would feel obligated to subsidized if not fully fund programs that administer this supposed cure all medication! I believe that was the original plan. Unfortunately them the government said we don't have the money and we're going to go to the media an let them know what big pharma isis up to! so in essence it backfired on the pharmaceutical company! there is no silver lining to the story all around it is sad, it's sad for those affected like myself for instance. and those featured in this program and sad for the greedy addicts let's be frank, addiction is a greedy/selfish nature and they the money men can't overcome it either, and they don't want to Overcome it!

  11. Considering you are giving them needles and encourage these people to keep right on doing what they are doing. I sure feel sorry for the tax payers

  12. I have hap C and been dealing with it since 1997. I have Medicade and they don't help me with receiving treatment. I won't give me Harvoni . I've been clean snd sober for yrs and yet I still can't get it. People don't understand why I am so tired and sick.

  13. Fuck that shit I'm sorry but only weak people do drugs, you see what drugs do to other people so why in the hell would you put you and your families through that??? You can push yourself to get drugs than you can push yourself to get up and have a better life!!

  14. "Not until we're clean"
    He will be a good father ,I hope they can get clean,if all addicted people can have responsibility like him,world will be better

  15. I am so grateful that i finally got off this shit. I never thought i would be able to stay clean. Clean now since march 2012

  16. VICE I totally understand the frustration about insurance companies NOT paying for an expensive Hepatitis C medication….get this, my insurance company payes for my anti-depressant medication with costs over $1,200 for a 30 day supply and I WAS SHOCKED!!! This insurance company WILL NOT pay for my pain medication that costs about $61.00 for a seven day supply, go figure!?! No, I won't say why I'm ONLY on a seven day supply!!! 😛

  17. FYI you can buy needles on Ebay. Just so you know. I don't use drugs, I take a prescription. Just putting the info out there.

  18. Thank God that young man is smart enough to not want children until he's clean; that's a very responsible choice that most people that aren't even on drugs can't make.
    Too many people that shouldn't have children do!

  19. I've never taken recreational drugs apart from weed. Last year, I tried to give blood and the lady couldn't find a vein because I was a little dehydrated. The thing I don't get is how people high as a kite everyday of the week manage to stay hydrated enough to find a vein?

  20. big PHARMACY THUGS ..SICK GREEDY Mf. Seriously, THEY'RE the real ones benefitting from drug use . They don't care about anything but their bank accounts.

  21. excuse my french but fuck Hepatitis get these motherfuckers some strong ass legal weed and some yoga/meditation classes to get their lives back together, sports etc etc something god damn, stay off dat crack!……….get a drive by service picking up dirty needles and givig out clean ones instead of having them travel that far for needles damn, yoiu really want your kids growing up to be exposed to that shit come, community effort motherfuckers!!

  22. until the community doesn't see these people as people we're never getting rid of shit like this, prescription dezz nuts, tax payer money should go to making and producing clean new needles ya think?

  23. when I'm down I watch shit like this man and say to myself stop fucking complaining you have a beautiful daughter a mom that loves you and your still in the prime of your life get up sieze the day and get yours!

  24. wow this awful didn't realize how bad it was
    i have both b and c but my body cleared of it thank god! but i still feel my immunity is awful i take liver cleanse / milk thistle everyday for last 8 years
    but !!!! i know mine is from a tattoo
    because i didn't do iv drug use

  25. Thank you .In New Zealand blood was not tested until 1992 , so for those who had transfusion prior to that year were infected .My husband had a transfusion late 80s .He passed away July 2017 of genotype 3 Hep C of which there is no treatment for in New Zealand .We were informed in May 2017 he had limited time left .My husband contracted Hep C through negligence of our health system. So please respect those who are non drug users .We have 6 adult children with 11 grandchildren of which I'm truly thankful have not contracted this …Our loss is not acknowledged as a medical misadventure . Be aware elderly war veterans bless them can be also victim to this .Education & support is more a productive learning tool .For users its an addiction crave no conscious of clean utensils ….just the fix of toxins that lead's to their self destruction…. Our heart felt loss of a husband , father , brother , uncle , cousin , grandfather , my school sweet heart cut us deep , we both only 52 ….Take care , systems not noticed & we are lucky to have not contracted it…Widow New Zealand…..

  26. I tried heroin once but when I came off it I knew not to do it again cause it felt too good. I din't get hooked cause I don't have an addiction tendencies cause I do,but I also have a brain and that makes all the difference

  27. For fucks sake, invest in a pair of pliers, a sheet of 1000 grit wet n dry and a bottle of Bleach and at least service your old rigs if you can't get new ones! Ten Dollars to save your life!

  28. I understand it costs Billions to bring a new drug to market and the companies only have 20 years patent to recoup and earn but bring the price down 50% and maybe four times the people will get treated meaning more money for shareholders?

  29. No money no honey for the poor, this sorrow does not affect the ones that can help ,you know The Trumps of the world Tax break for the top cream for the top scum that runs this falling apart country

  30. "Inside America's Opioid-Fueled Epidemic"

    What does that even mean?

    They aren't even trying anymore. I am not sure of how epidemics are "fueled" or how you can get "inside" an epidemic.


    "A report on the popular use of Opioids and disease."

    That's a proper title. Yellow Journalism is a plauge to human kind.



  32. if i ever rule a nation im going to permanently strictly banning things that ruin peoples life
    2.drugs each and every kind that is in existance marijana lsd extacy
    3.alcohol vodka wisky rum beer gin fanny scotch
    4.all kinds of tobacco cigarettes and tea coffee products
    5.each and every kind of pharmacuticles drugs which are mentally and harmful for health
    weather my people hate me or love me swear to god i would do it worst and brutal punishment lots of fine i have been trough this shit in hell its not easy to overcome addiction it takes lot lot of guts a deadly war within your brain and thoughts you tuin your relation family love friendship house money wealth health everything

  33. If the heroin "epidemic" were in only brown communities, none of this concern and care would be there; only condemnation.  It is very hard to pity those who chose a known addictive substance to get high.

  34. Society makes it so hard for people to get clean. If you don't have insurance you can't afford rehab, I feel if addicts were humanized, they could find the strength to get the help that could be readily available. The bastards are the ones who sell the drugs not the users. Give them an outlet to change or at least a chance to control their drug use, then they won't be so desperate and turn to crime to get a fix. It's not just the addict that hurts. My family has been destroyed from drug use, that seems to be a story that's always left in the dark. The addict brings everyone that they love down with them.

  35. NO ONE ASKED THEM OR PUT A GUN TO THIER HEADS TO SHOOT DRUGS INTO THIER SYSTEM. SO IT WAS THIER CHOICE TO DO DRUGS NOW U WANT THE HELP AND ASSISTANT TO WANNA LIVE AND THIER ANGER AT THE WORLD BECAUSE IT WAS A CHOICE THEY DECIDED ON THIER OWN? U expect people to all the sudden help u find a cure help u live when it was ur choice to shoot urself with poison in ur system….ya get the fuck out of here lol

  36. For this man to say "I've tried rehabs, methadone etc and it didn't work" is bullshit . He didn't want it to work. It fucking works. TRUST ME it works. While I've never done heroin or needles or anything like that, I did take prescription drugs for a year and I understand the detox and sickness. But to say these rehabs and clinics do not work is bullshit. Millions of people use rehabs and clinics and are very successful. And any excuses are bullshit too. I personally know someone that goes to a clinic and is counseled and all. He doesn't own a car nor does he have help bc of all the bridges he burned during drug use. He walks 3 hours everyday before work in the early morning to his cities clinic #NOEXCUSESFORTHENEEDLES

    I also believe each city should have a needle exchange. My city has one for them. They also can buy them in bulk for VERY cheap at any pharmacy.

  37. I still can't believe people think reusing your own needles gives you hepatitis if you don't have hepatitis c and you reuse your own needles and haven't shared you cannot give yourself hepatitis

  38. Also dude that says he doesn't want to do treatment cause he doesn't want to get it again just get the treatment and don't share needles again simple answer if he's accepted into the needle exchange program DONT SHARE NEEDLES AGAIN AFTER TREATMENT (or at all lol) if he has access to clean needles and still can't stop using as long as he doesn't share needles you will not get hep c again

  39. This administration still has not declared a national emergency regarding Heroin abuse! I thought West Virginia was "Trump Country". #Cult45

  40. This is so FUCKED UP. You can cure the disease but you choose not to. The mighty $. This is absolutely sickening. I hope Gilead that drug company burns the hell down. That whole company is hell bound. I don't know anybody who has hepatitis

  41. Here in Australia we have needle exchanges at pretty much all hospitals and you can legally buy needles and exchange them in most pharmacies, even though we do have a fairly high rate of hepatitis C cases the exchanges do help a lot, plus we have the hepatitis treatment program which is supplied to approved patients, the cost of our treatments here was huge per patient, we now have newer treatments that don’t cost as much as the interferon and riboviron did…I think it’s a good idea teaching people how to be more responsible with their using and handling of needles, it starts to teach most people responsibility, and then leads slowly to a better safer life..

  42. America is fucked, medicines are purely profit based…disgusting, the government and doctors profit so much from misery. I am so glad I don't live there.

  43. Praise Satan for AIDS,cancer,hep c,and everything else to trim this shit population down, all over the world, fuck you all! Die slow please!👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

  44. I think the bigger problem is the Heroin… I mean, if these people just keep using it, they're going to die from it. It's ironic how worried they are about getting Hepatitis. I mean, yeah, it's not a good disease. But things aren't all fine and dandy just because you're clean and use clean needles to inject your heroin..

  45. Were all vet's of the drug war! Of course no disrespect to our soldiers past and present in the armed forces! Yet at the same we're also at War! this War has been declared on idiot's , the curious, the highly intelligent, and of course the poor! and sometimes wealthy people! Except they fare a little better, I mean that by saying they do you much better in the legal system, Healthcare etc and they don't have to worry too much about and getting unsick! IMO! I have Hep C and of course I've done everything I can to use clean works excetera I don't really care what people think of me those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter!!
    Reality is, We're all on our way out! you can believe whatever you want, but as you watch the world burn it's kind of hard to really care about a future! I made good and God damn sure that I wasn't going to have kids I've been doing this since 1997 and went full bore around 2000 so I knew that I was obviously a selfish person! I don't feel selfish, I'll help anybody except for myself and sometimes that can bite you in the ass especially for those that care about you! But don't walk around w/ your head down and don't be ashamed that you're sick or that your particular Vice is different than anyone else's! If anything the haters are usually trying to keep the finger away from themselves for whatever reasons often it's skeletons they have in their closet! So fuck them! Nobody really knows what it's like till you been through it! The saddest part for me when I see people have children and they have all these goals, what they're going to do when that day comes they get clean! It's great they have aspirations and goals, hell we all do! But you know that's probably not going to happen. This is probably going to be in your life it does not mean that it defines you, but it certainly changes you! So if you can handle it, then keep on trucking! if you think for one second this might be too much, well that is your gut, telling you, you can fucking quit. Give it a shot when that happens don't become a cynic like me!! Don't miss that opportunity when it happens, if it happens! it's rare for most people especially when you're all fucked up. You need to be wide awake I don't mean that literally. Anyway I do have compassion for all of you folks on this video and for anybody watching it that's scared I would say what is there to be afraid of we're all going to go out some way you don't get to go out like dogs with euthanasia we don't get to pick our time! The way we will leave, is apt to be pretty uncomfortable! the good news is if you've already going down this road and you can't afford treatment and everybody has pretty much written you off! I said fuck it just get yourself a nice hot shot! it's a great way to go hope this isn't too gloomy! just a dose of reality, take care……if you care, because the person that you con most is yourself!


  46. Also to anybody else out there, that's in this particular struggle with addiction! Don't waste anybody's time with rehab unless you know it in your bones that you're ready! A lot of these overdoses have come from people being locked up and then getting out and using again your body is not ready for it same with rehab! You got yourself into this mess it will take you to get yourself out! That's not to say you won't need help along the way but you see how many thumbs down there are on this video? One person can start a movement good or bad and it isn't the right wing that's trying to get these kind of programs off the ground! Realize that you need to vote that might sound silly considering you feel like an outsider. but if you don't, those assholes will be doing so. Count on it! Now as far as they're concerned they don't care if you die, because they don't think!! Me personally I don't care when I die! But I know some of you do. And to you, these asshole, who think they've got it all figured out that these people made stupid decisions and they deserve whatever they get, well Maybe! But what this shit does dope…… it pretty much retards your brain and you're not thinking right. If one of these haters child was out playing, football or fucking jogging down the street or driving an automobile and wound up with an injury that changed the way they thought, and without help they would be struggling! Would you decide they made a stupid decision and that they got what they deserved?? Now I'm sure you'll have all kinds of excuses and that's fine addicts do to! But most of those excuses are made up to please people like like themselves! In America were so concerned about what people think of us. We don't seem to remember people for the good they've done. We just remember them when they blow it in there eyes! But they have no idea they're not a Thinker! They are just assholes building themselves up off the downfall of another! And someday misery will come and visit them too. So, to all of you assholes , pump the fucking brakes! Because no one's out here talking shit or begging for pity! they have the courage to tell their story and you have the gall to thumb it down! Everyone's got opinions so I guess that kind of goes along with my previous comment that's why I'm so cynical! I know that there are many more assholes who don't know shit, don't care don't want to care, unless it's about them and their beliefs!

  47. It is truly sad the lack of compassion you people have leaving the hateful comments. You apparently have never had a friend or family member that is an addict, yet alone one that has overdosed and died. And I'm not just talking heroin because I'm sure you can name a friend or family member that is an alcoholic. But to you, you turn a blind eye because being an alcoholic is nothing compared to a heroin user. Every alcoholic I've ever known, has physically hurt someone with their own hands or by driving drunk. Every heroin user I know, has never harmed another person, only theirselves. There is police officers, doctors & nurses, teachers, your cashier at the grocery store, server at your favorite restaurant that are heroin users & functioning members of society. Not every addict is homeless & poor. You need to open your eyes to the epidemic we are in. I don't know about you, but my neighborhood went from middle class to poor. There is equal amounts of white & blacks using, and predominantly black selling. My 61 year old dad had to take on a new mortgage after living here since 1979 and his old house, he can't even get half of what he paid for it in 1979. Our street, only maybe 1 out of 10 houses in owned, the rest rental & section 8 (government assistance). And the people on section 8 paying $40-60 a month renting a 3 bedroom house, are black selling heroin & crack. But us taxpayers are paying their rent even though they drive nicer cars, have nicer clothes, etc. We could never afford what they have while working full time, paying rent or a mortgage, utilities, property insurance, car insurance, etc. But yet us taxpayers are paying for that drug dealer to live there for nothing basically because there girl is on section 8, they receive food stamps, kids are on Medicaid. I have more of an issue with the drug dealers then the users. The users that do steal are shop lifters or they drive to nicer neighborhoods to break into cars or houses. So they're not stealing from their own neighborhood.
    Too many kids I grew up with, are now dead because they overdosed. Old friends, users. The people I have talked to, they can't afford treatment or rehab. Others I've talked to, said there is month long waiting list and by the time they call them, they lost that motivation to quit losing their spot. It's truly an epidemic were in. And I know too many people that want help but can't afford it. One lady, she has no insurance. She has to pay rent, buy groceries, take care of her kids. She can't afford to go to treatment and she wants to before she loses her kids. This is the reality I witness every day in my neighborhood. Talk to people in a poor community filled with users. Talk to a single mom who desperately wants help but can't because she has to provide for her kids. Treatment is hundreds of dollars more then what she spends in a week on the drug. She's saving like quadruple by staying on heroin then going into treatment. Have empathy. You don't know people's stories. Not everyone is jobless & homeless. Not everyone wants to continue but they can't afford help. We are are in a true epidemic!!

  48. gee we took over opium fields increased production 250% and now you  say there is an opioid addiction??? GEEE YOU DONT SAY…. ARE WE SURE WE WERE THERE FOR OSAMA AND NOT OPIUM? pretty sure it was for opium…… dumb asses. fuck that, give them free needles filled with arsenic…. enjoy!!!!! I fixed drug problem over night….. your welcome tax payers.

  49. This is so sad.. I really feel for Amber and Anthony. They seemed like such a lovely couple. So awful what drugs is doing to our society.

  50. they charge those prices because they know that the government will sooner than later have to fork up the money. they know you cannot afford it. its not about you. you are just the bait. they know the government isnt just going to allow millions of americans to die. these pharm companies can charge whatever they want for these drugs. in fact, a guy recently exposed the pharma companies illegal practices in pricing. he is in jail now. but the thing with him was, he would pay for your drugs out of his own pocket if you couldnt afford them. his whole deal was to expose what other pharm companies were doing all along by basically martyring himself for the cause. for what ever reason gilead hasnt been prosecuted. but there could be many reason for this. they could a bunch of liberals bribing liberals. you know how that goes

  51. how about all these people drinking from restaurant glasses and using the cutlery at public places..if it stays on glasses and silver wear for 21 days…

  52. It's shame that citizens tolerate that people who should resolve problems are part of problems. Until addicts don't get better treatment all medicines will not prevent addiction spreading. All problems, infections, crimes, prostitution, lies happen because addicts afraid they will stay without dose sick in pain and agony. If you prevent that 99% of evil from addiction world will be stopped. No excuse for this situatin. First Methadone is not effective as before. Simple reason pharmaceutical companies produce only racemic formulation and that's far from active Methadone isomer in analgesic, antidepressant and sedative effect. 50:50% active-inactive doesn't mean Methadone is half weaker, such difference in potency is not capable to compensate with higher dosage and first tests before 50 years show that sometimes active part of Methadone is close to 10 times better analgesic, sedative and antidepresant effect. Methadone once people choose him over heroin now become crap full of side effects unseen on any total agonist. Immediately life quality of people is changed, and countries who properly tested difference between old Methadone and new one as Germany recognize that some people never could adopt on new formulation. Pharmaceutical company Malinckrodt is one of worlds culprits before now 50% of patients no benefit of Methadone at all and need different agonist. Thousands patients worldwide backed to heroin and they are not even aware why, patients or health workers are not aware why and not aware how properly Methadone could save life even of person intoxicate with Fentanyl. Extremely tolerance on all opiates created with L-Methadone isomer make people tolerant to huge quantity of heroin and they can't die of several grams of heroin injected. But once they start to take L-D Methaodne they tolerance drop and they against start to feel pleasure after injecting heroin and become vulnerable on more potent opiates. Crisis in US, complain patients on Canada and other Europe countries are only evidence that Methadone Tretment need to be shut down and people switch to Slow Release Oral Morphine or pharmaceutical companies to synthesis Methadone alone from scratch without mixing components of huge corporations who not care what they made. Russian Federation will help to uncover this problem with accurate testing Methadone from two different companies and courage patients to send them biggest difference they knew about Methadone 100mg bottles to perfectly accurate compare analgesic difference between 100mg of Methadone from different companies and Mallinckrodt Methadose vs scratch synethesis Methadone withing German patent. Their embassy will accept samples and send to Moscow to direct comparison active substance and potency. To see how much active substance different companies use for 1mg of Methadone and how much they formulation is different from 70 years old patent. Why? Because Russia suffer a lot of pressure to start Methadone Treatment. They need at least 200.000 dosage daily immediately to provide and up to 500.000 in next 5 years and what will happen if 500.000 patients used on one formulation and one day company send on amrket completely something different as we see in some countries and corporation and organizations build to protect health show tendency to lie and cover knowledge and important information from patients experience. It's evidenced and Russia with a lot of attention talk with patients who tell them, We take Methadone 10 years, we feelt same every day, normal, we worked, we were functional, suddenly one morning we take our dosage and taste was totaly differnt, we didn't felt any more active ingreident and we feelt as someone give us 1/10 part of our dosage and say that's same dosage as we take before, new formulation. How such things happen, that would be ticket for jail for any human medicine if we look pharmaceutical laws. Western Democracy hide to avoid biggest pharmaceutical affair in history. Affair with Methadose and improperly made inferior Methadone formulation. Withdrawal symptoms are only part of problems, next 1-2 years patients get 20-30kg more, become completely impotent within first month of new Methadone and impotency stop after only 5 days replacing Methadone with Morphine. Viagra and other stimulans not helped them because they feel nothing, no sexual desire, not feeling, and only erection in such case can't help nothing and something like that was not side effects of L active part of Methadone. Patients report that only cocaine helped them to back sexual desire and capability on new inferior Methadone as they had on previous formulation. It's no enough because they have heroin problem, fight against demons, price of inferior Methadone drop 500%, available everywhere because patients change him for heroin, now even addicts start to use cocaine if they want normal sexual life. How someone could tolerata that when only talking with patients will lead in production of Methadone without 90% side effects recognized now and health organizations are silent. Anxiety, agression, depression, losing functional life. Life of people collapse in front of health workers and no one want to explain how patients felt normal 10 years and one day 5 daily dosage not even to cover half of withdrawal symptoms. How someone continue to distribute such Methadone and neglect such information. I would expect to Western Organizations blame Russia for such crimes, not Russia to volontere to help to uncover affair. Any dosage not make serious patients to feel normal and some of them go to 500mg. Russia very serious understand what's going one and once when they laboratory tested two Methadone they will uncover in public what's happen in Western Societies. No is problem to explain people who ask Methadone in Russia, guys even if country pay Methadone and stop prohibition, you will not get real Methadone. Real Methadone gone and patients are on very bad, very cheap, not effective mixture with side effects unseen on heroin, unseen on Morphine, unseen on Hidromorphine. Once Methadone didn't had side effects as these medicine, not any more, when pharmaceutical comapnies figure out that make him mostly for addicts Methadone gone from planet and patients drink several times weaker opiate. Several time weaker is like patients with cancer who need to switch from Morphine to transdermal patches fentanyl because on any Morphine dosage he feel pain, no matter how much you increase, that's same case with new Methadone. It's below point when functional life for serious addicts start. And newest research who say Morphine is indicate to replace Methadone say now up to 50% can't have benefits from Methadone or Buprenorphine or Suboxone. Up to 50%. Once patients with HIV take 50mg after 15 years of Methadone Treatment and no one felt even traces of withdrawal symptoms because they get medicine strictly made in line with patent.

  53. Got diagnosed with hepatitis c after feeling worse and worse. I'm only 30, and I have no energy and am constantly in pain. I got health insurance and had a battery of tests ran, confirming the virus in my body. The doctor told me that my insurance wouldn't pay for the medicine until my liver was in stage 3 cirrhosis, and would not write me the prescription. Last night, I found an underground hep c medicine railroad, and just today paid 600$ to a pharmacy in India, who have packaged and shipped me three precious bottles of Epclusa. It's pangenic, so you can take it, regardless of genotype. I am so freaking excited and happy–I had given up hope, and now I will be okay.

  54. 22:35–get the treatment, brother. Please get it. In ten years, you will not even recognize yourself. I've only had hep c probably 5 or 6 years, and I'm only 30, and I feel so, SO bad. You can buy it from India for 600$, without a prescription! I just found out and am getting some. I hope you do too. Even if you aren't done using, don't let that shit destroy your liver

  55. This is dammed disgusting. This fuckin country. Peoole are going to say I'm a crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. But it is this, and simply this..OUR GOVERNMENT IS TRYING AND SUCCEEDING in killing off what some of the 1% would call "useless eaters" Our first priority should always be to cure if possible. Not to max revenue no matter the cost of human life. But we mean shit to them, let us die off in mass numbers less people to house and feed and medical care. Body bags are cheaper. Fuckers!!

  56. 17 days clean from heroin. I am blessed that I never got any diseases. I hope if y'all are still suffering you find a way out. Keep moving forward. If you fall down in recovery, get back up.

  57. I believe that the drugs are a way to feel a chemical " purpose" or to alleviate some sort of trauma. The question is not why the addiction but why the pain and that comes back to your question on society.. I believe society especially in the west lacks tribe, community, rites of passage, mentorship, nature connection, spiritual connection etc etc. There are so many different reasons but I believe it all starts with some kind of pain either in childhood or even while in the womb… It's sad. I am a recovering addict and for me I lacked purpose and meaning and connection so I found it in the drugs. I believe the opposite of addiction is connection.

  58. In need of the cure for hepC at an accessible price? Check FixhepC or Greg Jefferys 's buyers club. Get Cured. Good fortune.

  59. If we elect as a nation to let these sick folks die, if this decision is based only on economics, how much does it cost US taxpayers for each death? Hospitalization, ongoing medical care and a respectful disposition of the remains surely is much less cost effective than treating these unhappy and unfortunate people in the first place. Early intervention and regular treatment is the answer, not censure and condemnation that only prolongs their suffering.

  60. Hepatitis C is COMPLETELY curable with high dose sodium ascorbate 8,000-10,000mg 3× per day combined with N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 1000mg 2× per day. I know two people already who have done this with success…

  61. I feel lucky that being an Indian, i got free treatment in 2015 & now i see the treatment costs, not even upper middle class can afford it. The prices in USA are triple that! Smh

  62. It’s so sad being from West Virginia and seeing this. Yeah some of these people aren’t the smartest or make the best decisions but I’ve visited 27 states and NONE of them are as nice as the people from West Virginia. I’m glad I moved out because I have so many better work opportunities here in NC. But I hope one day my old home will get the help it needs.

  63. Sorry doctor, but i iam the one who choosed to be addict, because my life sucks and is boring…
    thats why i have seen movies with actors doing drugs like heroin, and it interessed me so much !! whoaa !! there is a solution to be happy, and you can choose when, and be happy every day ! i was so sad en depressed at his time, 12 years ago…so i began and after all theses years of doing opiates, i am addict
    obviously, but it was a choice….

    when i started i knew exactly that i will be addict and i accepted it… that's sad, but maybe if there was no opiates and no heroin i would have committed suicide for years…or maybe not, and i would be today
    the happiest man in the world, without never doing drugs
    …can't know…

  64. There is no point in active heroin users being treated for hep c. The body cannot develop immunity to it. It's very common for junkies to get treatment, continue using heroin and catch hep c again. There is no limit to how many times you can catch it. In fact there are different strains so you can catch hep c … While having hep c.

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